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Bank Of America / broker working for bank of america running scams

Kathy Dianne Osborne on Feb 25, 2015
on feb 05 2015 I Kathy Osborne deposited the cash amount of 2400 dollars into Hamid Latif checking account in Jacksonville Arkansas he is a broker for the bank of America checking account number 381039757564 account address is New Jersey. I was instructed to put this cash deposit into thi...

Bank Of America / installment loan modification

Henry in Tex on Feb 24, 2015
B of A assumed an installment loan, with a principal balance of approx. 15k. The original amount of the loan was 24k, and we had made 48 of your the 108 payments. Bank of America statements show that it assumed 24k and changed the terms to a revolving line of credit, which added an...

Bank Of America / customer un-service

GKP on Feb 21, 2015
Hello, I am no longer in USA from last 1 year. One day while checking my accounts I realized Bank of america charging me monthly fee from many months. I did not like it at all and contacted them. My money was deducted for many months but refund was provided for just 1 month. Adding to...

Bank Of America / charged 39.99 a month for shopping discounts

cheryl318 on Dec 3, 2014
I called my bank of america card at 18662134074 to check balance but kept being directed to speak to a representative because I was chosen to receive 100$ on my card for shopping at major stores such as walmart target home goods etc I said ok but I just want to know my balance he asked me...

Bank Of America Mortgage Dept / incompetent employee

chefbj2002 on Oct 23, 2014
We began shopping for a home loan for our new home purchase 2 months ago. We were told the whole process would take 5 weeks and given a decent interest rate from one lender, but then Carolyn Riddleberger from Bank of America promised us she could do better. She assured us of a lower...

Bank Of America / poor service

bankofamericabites on Sep 23, 2014
My wife and I recently went to the Bank of America branch in Murphy, TX on FM 544. I want to file a formal complaint against the Assistant manager, Anayeli Cigarroa, and the branch manager. They refused to provide quality customer service and were both quite rude. Anayeli Cigarroa i...

Bank Of America Home Loans / loan modification

Glenn Hanson on Jul 6, 2014
I have been requesting a home loan modification since 2011. I was told by bank of America to contact an agency locally that could help me obtain the proper paperwork to do so as well as help me fill it out and make sure that I had all required documents to send in for the request. I did so...

Bank Of America / mishandling account and this mishandling has effective my credit

yvonne m watson on Jun 28, 2014
I was diagnosed with breast cancer sep 2013. My home loan is with bank of america. I contacted them to see if they could forgive my loan payment for six months. I completed all kind of forms and dealt with representatives from co. n caroline, simi valley asking for the same information. i...

Bank Of America / home loan modification / foreclosed

boa_NOT_TODAY on Jun 4, 2014
I have been working with bob baer w / boa. I filled out every single packet they sent, every single piece of paper, and i have recording after recording of him agreeing over and over to our loan modifications. We in fact ask him on the phone over and over to repeat that he is agreeing to...

Bank Of America / home loan modification scam

starblueeyes on Apr 20, 2014
January 2014 I applied for a home loan modification with Bank Of America to try to get my mortgage payments lowered. I got behind on my bills and I knew I would NOT qualify to refinance. They had me fax, mail, and fax documents while the entire time they were assuring me that things look...

Bank Of America / partial land release

JohnTerri on Mar 31, 2014
I have been attempting to obtain a partial land release. We have 40 acres and want to sell 35 of the farm land. We have an equity loan with Bank of America and need them to authorize a release and tell us what requirements we must meet to do so. Our primary mortgage holder (Citicorp) ha...

Bank Of America / make home affordable program

sjarcher on Mar 28, 2014
We applied for the making home affordable program. What a night mare. We applied over 2 1/2 years ago, still at step one. We have sent the paperwork the same paperwork over and over again. Won't let us talk to a supervisor. We have some case worker that calls every 7 days to say it i...

Bank Of America / unscrupulous business practices

Bob Suchyta on Mar 14, 2014
We had a pipe burst the Sunday before Thanksgiving, 2013. AAA handled the insurance end, and was so poor that we had to hire a public adjuster to force them to pay for the damages. Of course, as holder of our mortgage (originally through Countrywide), BofA was listed as co-payees on the check...

Bank Of America Mortgage / fraud / credit tampering

We gave back our house in Sept. 2008 rec'd our Deed of Lieu in 2012 when Bank of America sold the house to a Bank in New York in Feb. 2012 never telling us of the sale; we found out when we went to Kingman, AZ, treasury's office and paid for the copy showing the house was sold...

Bank Of America Credit Card / credit card declined

Cecil Frost on Feb 13, 2014
I live in North Carolina. My card was declined in Tennessee (an adjacent state) because BOA decided I was "out of my area". I called and told BOA that I was going to be traveling cross-country and in Mexico. They agreed to let me out of my playpen. On the 6th day in Mexico my card wa...

Bank Of America / international wire transfer

BofAripoff on Jan 22, 2014
Bank of America steals money from every international wire transfer they process for their account holders. The way the scam works is that they do not conduct international wire transfers in dollars. They convert the dollars into the foreign currency at a very unfavorable rate for the...

Bank Of America / closed my account

josiep33 on Dec 22, 2013
on 12/17/2012 deposited a ck for my sale of hottub. just to be sure i waited for it to clear to release my item. when it did not clear i called the bank they told me the check was fake and closed my account. They did not give me the funds so I asked if I could open a new one since I contacted...

Bank Of America / identity theft internal employee theft other employees covering up the fraud

Traci C on Dec 3, 2013
I started conducting business with the Middletown, Ri branch in August. Since then I have had thousands on top of thousands of dollars stolen in fake ACH debits, deposits that have gone missing erroneous withdrawls and more. I have brought this to the attention of the executive offices and...

Bank Of America / hold payments out/don't apply to account

Tiper on Nov 14, 2013
Ever since Bank of America took over Countrywide they have been holding our payments out and now say we are 26 payments behind. I have proof we are not that far behind. The statements they send show something called miscellaneous in which they refuse to explain. All my payments are showing...

Bank Of America / foreclosure of mortgage

Cybrkat on Oct 2, 2013
In Sept 2011, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He owned a 40 thousand dollar rental property in Conyers, Georgia since 2005. He was always current with his mortgage. Shortly after the purchase the taxes went way up and the property made no profit. He still paid the mortgage. In...

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