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Bank Of America / bank of america has now made it impossible to report fraud giving carte blanche to fraudsters

EndFraud... on Jan 9, 2017
You call them to report fraud and they tell you that you have to call their fraud reporting number between Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 (as if fraud only happens between Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00), meanwhile people are having a field day using your debit card. Then when you call the fraud number...

Bank Of America Corporation / lies

jasmine walker on Jan 5, 2017
i had interview with this company and was told by the manager at the end of the interview that i got the job and he will be moving forward with me and to expect a call from my recruiter. same day was told the manager changed his mind i never in my whole life was told i got a job and then...

Bank Of America / customer service

Jocelyne Ramirez on Dec 15, 2016
I am very disappointment in the costumer service provided. Talking to a Supervisor was a complete wast of time because they did not even help with the situation. I was charged a fee twice and charged a supposedly fee for protection on fee which was ridiculous and help for nothing !!! Worst...

Bank Of America / restricted orphans court guardianship account

Harris on Nov 19, 2016
I opened an Estate Bank Account in 2013 for my Granddaughter with a court Order restricted bank account for withdrawals only. This account is a Orphans Court Restricted bank account. Recently on 11/4/2016 an unauthorized withdrawal in the amount of 20k was withdrawn from the account...

Bank Of America / scam of someone using your name

Weida Allen on Nov 12, 2016
I received a call stating that they were calling from the bank of America and they told me that they had a check for me. They told me that I had won 5, 000.00 from the publishing clearing house and they would need to deposit it into my back account. They also stated that they would need my...

Bank Of America / false account made by the bank

Susan4 on Nov 3, 2016
No date on BoA notification. No Client number (I am not) For 2 years now I've gotten a letter from BoA "Bank of America Annual Error Resolution Notice" about a charge card that I do not have, and have never had. I've tried calling, multiple times, to the phone number on the letter and they...

Bank Of America / my account was fraud and shown evidence still nothing

jenmal84 on Oct 31, 2016
Bank of America closed my account and sent me to early warning services. Early Warning gave me information to fill out. I did fill out and I did provided facts and evidence to back up what did happen with my account. I received a letter from Bank of America stating that I will stay on...

Bank Of America Corporation / home loan refinance

CandTM on Oct 13, 2016
Around the end of August, I received a card in the mail from BOA soliciting a Home Loan Refinance. As a result, I reached out to BOA as I was interested. The Mortgage Loan officer was awesome. He took our information and explained everything...how the process would go, the estimated amount...

Bank Of America / about my account being closed when I just recently opened it

Joe Mike Max on Aug 23, 2016
I opened my account on 8/19/16 and today is 8/23/16 all I did was just deposited a I think four checks in the 750.00 and one was 700.00 and now they are saying since I deposited money into my account that the checks our no good or suspicious and that they are closing my account and the...

Bank Of America Corporation / loan modification/short sale/pre-foreclosure

Tammy Inman Rainey on Aug 3, 2016
Initially in Dec 2015, my husband and I started dealing with Bank of America to request a loan modification. We were denied, of course, so we were forced to put our home up for sale. During all of this we had job loss, had to relocate for work, and forced to rent. With denial of loan...

Bank Of America / business account closed by risk department

Mrs. NMK on Jun 1, 2016
We opened a business account on May 27th with Bank of America and on May 28th they closed our account. When we called customer service, they would not or could not give us any information. We are a start up company and they did not tell us that the account was closed or will be closing. We...

Bank Of America / business checking account closed

Mrs. NMK on Jun 1, 2016
We opened a business account on May 27th with Bank of America and on May 28th they closed our account. When call customer service, they would not or could not give us any information. We are a start up company and they did not us that the account was closed or will be closing. We found out...

Bank Of America / mortgage modification

Patricia Themaras on May 27, 2016
My father and I have been with Bank of America since it's inception and held two mortgages with them for our home. When our Home Equity line of credit reached "end of draw" it was time, after ten years time for them to start add-on the principal to our interest only mortgage. I knew thi...

Bank Of America Corporation / mortgage and foreclosure fraud

Garcia Angela on May 18, 2016
My husband passed and house title was under his name only.I had to send paperwork to have title transfer to my name 3 months before foreclosure, I never recieved letter stating next step to set mortgage assistance. I called many times, I was hung up on! Lied to no further paperwork needed...

Bank Of America / an imposter phone call

Morris Ritchie on Mar 2, 2016
I received a call at my house in San Diego, California on February 29, 2016 at 1:49 p.m. from the phone number (352) 547-1676, which is from somewhere in Florida. The person, a man, represented himself as an agent with the IRS and informed me that the IRS was taking legal action against u...

Bank Of America / mortgage servicing

JG Wehr on Feb 17, 2016
On 6/21/2013 Bank of America committed identity theft, theft, and fraud while processing the HAMP modification they offered us. Our account was illegally sold in an acquisition sale to NationStar Mortgage on 8/31/2013. Due to the nature of the sale BofA needs to meet with us in person to discuss a resolution. Details of complaint are uploaded below

Bank Of America / not informing me of hidden fees and unknown merchant charges

Gabriel1985 on Jan 22, 2016
My name is Gabriel A. Oliver Vazquez, I've beed defrauded by this bank in numerous occasions with hidden fees on transactions in which they never inform me and I know nothing about. Got charged 2 times an amount of $35.00 in this month alone because a unknown merchant kept charging my...

Bank Of America / excessive overdraft charges and extended overdraft charges

Phyllis M Grayson on Jan 21, 2016
ON JANUARY 11, A ACH for auto insurance was presented to my account I allowed the draft to be returned by not covering the funds and accepting the overdraft fee of $36. My pay roll was deposited on the 14th and once again the ACH came through for coverage. There was not enough to cover the...

Bank Of America / scam about winning $3.5 million dollars.

Reviewer57017 on Jan 19, 2016
Two men called today telling us that we had won $3.5 million dollars as a second place prize in a contest. The money was supposed to be being held by Bank of America. The names given us by those who called were Mike Jenson and a Mr. Lewis. They called us from 1 876 463-7305 and...

Bank Of America Corporation / cashiers check return

Rayman3495 on Dec 26, 2015
On Dec 2015 I deposited a $2300.00 teller check to my saving account in bank of America located on chain bridge road in McLean Vi and as soon as deposited I saw the money is in my account accessible to spend, after 5 day's I checked my account and I saw that the money is in my account so I...

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