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Bank of America Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Bank Of America Corporation / edd debit card

S. L. Clemons on Aug 30, 2017
Subject: EDD Prepaid Debit Card Dear California State Senator's and Assembly Members.. As some of you may know! I am a former California State employee of the California State Senate and the California State Assembly. I am currently on Unemployment Insurance. I have a major issue with the...

Bank Of America Corporation / business banking

Hamid75 on Aug 29, 2017
I have business accounts with Bank of America. I did a payment to company 10 days ago at a branck in Dallas.", TX. The company did get the payment which is 25, 169.75 and the branch didn't do anything they destroyed my business I want to speak with some one look like no one cares about...

Bank of America / allowing checking & savings account fraud, then debit to my account without my consent

BOA Victim in Seattle on Aug 25, 2017
I filed a claim of fraud in regard to withdrawals from my checking & savings accounts which were not made by me. I filled out all the required BOA forms and filed a police report. BOA temporarily credited the charges to my account. Then their "Fraud" department reviewed my claim and...

Bank of America / interest fee even if you close your bank credit card

Manuel Cervantes on Aug 23, 2017
Bank of America - I closed my Credit Card and fully paid the balance of $566.58 on 07.31.17... Then my Sept statement just came in and the Bank is still charging me $2.96 as interest fee on my closed account... This is totally a scam to the consumers... Per their Bank disclosure memo, it...

Bank Of America Corporation / the case is complicated, give a second chance to sarah choi

Richard Choi on Aug 20, 2017
Sarah Choi, Bank of America employee, a team leader in computer programing, Charlotte NC (Down town). She is my sister, I am her brother (Hoi King, Choi). I have mental illness, I regrets the things that I did to her, it is relationship problem and I forgive her already. Please consider...

Bank Of America Corporation / pointless

Jane Eaton on Aug 18, 2017
My credit card was closed and I contacted customer service to figure out why. I was redirected many times from one employee to another one and it seemed like they didn't know how to do their job. 7 times I repeated my problem and got really tired of it. Eventually, they transferred me to...

Bank Of America Corporation / your employee sarah choi is under investigation by homeland security

Richard Choi on Aug 16, 2017
Sarah Choi might be the main person involved in Hoi King, Choi's case of Neutralization Certificate and birth certificate missing. Reason could be making real pass-port for illegal Chinese immigrant. Sarah Choi, (Oi King, Choi in Chinese translation) Bank of America employee (down town...

Bank Of America Corporation / drunken brawl

Sarah Hambleton on Aug 15, 2017
A drunken brawl occurred outside my window at 12:30 am A woman was screaming and a man was banging his fist or his foot into his truck I went outside and was accosted by the drunk women when I told them I would call the police. The night manager was sitting smoking a cigarette with a man...

Bank Of America Corporation / bank of america account no. 381023612987 with new jersey branch

Ravi Shankar on Jun 23, 2017
Hello, Please refer to the account no. 381023612987 of M/s Sterling Paper and Pulp Inc being maintained with New Jersey Branch. I'm Ravishankar B and President of the said Company. The account was established by Mr. Shanmvkhan Sree Kumar Passport No. G5839808 holding valid US VISA. I have...

Bank Of America Corporation / horrible loan officer

Daniellefc on Jun 20, 2017
I had just got turned down from a mortgage company because I didn't have 2 years of working history at my part time job. After being turned down I was curious and I called Bank of America since I have been baking with them for almost 17 years to get their feedback and see if they work with...

Bank Of America Corporation / college checking account closed for no reason

Daniel Go on Jun 16, 2017
On June 11, I opened a college checking account (a checking account for students with no monthly fee) with a check of ~$290. On June 12, my account had $175 (the other funds should have come within the next day or two). My birthday is on June 16, so my sister told me to buy whatever I...

Bank Of America Corporation / bank fraud /someone depositing bad checks...

wtf321 on Jun 8, 2017
In & around May 2017, A woman named Eboni Burntwell-Brown deposited a check in Bank of America Branch in Middletown NY 10940. The amount was for $4250. I was with her the day she received the check in the mail. She had me do diligence on the check & we called the bank it was supposedly...

Bank Of America Corporation / claims department, and bank service

Rachelle2017 on May 18, 2017
On March 30, 2017 I made a fraud claim against my account for uber charges I did not make in California. I have never been to California at all and I did not make these charges. Well I made the claim over the phone sitting in the bank. Apparently after I made the claim the next day 2 other...

Bank Of America Corporation / someone tried to get a platinum mastercard in my name

cclarence48 on May 15, 2017
Bank of America Reference #4048792916 I call ask about this they told me to ca ill the credit bureau, I told them I had a credit freeze on my report and how could they have check my credit, than they said they would transfer me to some who could help this went on for an hour, the last...

Bank Of America Corporation / seized money from my account

Jenn in CT on May 3, 2017
I received & deposited a Wells Fargo bank check in my account on 4/24. Four days after the deposit on 4/28, Bank of America went into my account & seized my money. As monitoring my transactions on 5/2, I noticed $ missing from my account in the amount of $250. I called customer service...

Bank Of America Corporation / banking and customer service

Carriesimmons on Apr 22, 2017
My expert has been nothing but horrible for myself to the 0oint I switched banks. Now their ripping off my friend who is a disabled, veteran and senior citizen. The repeatedly fail to send text alerts, then move money for .10 cents charging him 12 dollars and some odd cents for moving...

Bank Of America Corporation / fees

Pat Souza on Apr 4, 2017
I have had a savings account with ATM card for 7 years. More recently for the past 12 months I have not used their card nor made any deposits or withdrawals from this account. But apparently they have been deducting a $5 dollar maintenance/service fee from my account every month. Plus my...

Bank of America NA / short sale process

LLHinFLA on Mar 27, 2017
My home has been in the short sale process for a year now, with 4 contracts. All buyers have walked away because of the length of the process by Bank of America to handle efficiently and in a timely manner. Repeated waiting on forms that should be easily done with a checklist. I was day...

Bank Of America Corporation / unethical behavior

Linda C. Ramirez on Mar 25, 2017
There was Hurricane Matthew that hit Palm Coast, Fl. on October 7, 20016 and my home has suffered a lot of damage. My homeowner's insurance paid me approximately $76, 000+ in three separate checks for the damages I incurred. I held on to the checks for two weeks and finally tried to...

Bank Of America Corporation / non service and other issues

mary jane xyz on Mar 24, 2017
Hi, I started my account with the Maplewood Bank, in 1975. As the banks merged, I stayed as a customer. This year, has been so horrible dealing with Bank of America. I have several complaints. I will work my way backwards. The dates are estimated, because I did not write things down...

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