Bank Of Americabusiness account

Aug 06, 2018

I opened a personal account at BofA then later opened a business account. I had a savings. My business is a global business deals with companies and clients from around the world and in the United States.
On the second day after receiving my atm card it was frozen. I couldn't get any money then I had to answer stupid questions in the name of security. I just got the card. In a short time later my accounts were frozen with 44, 000.00 told they can shut down an account whenever they want per customer service. The service at the branch was pretty cold. I didn't find I was welcomed as a client of trust. I followed all of the requirements of accounts. Anything that was done was by the banker at the bank. I always go into the bank so I am not at error for anything. I was given the run around, bullied by customer service even after I sent a letter to the corporate office and OCC. I finally received the money and continued on with my business but I should have sued for bully tactics in business to just go away. They should have been forced to pay interest for every day they held my business money. To top it off I help with orphanages and an orphanage was waiting for some of that money. So way to go BOFA stupidity in your tactics of procedures before treatment of respect to your client. In my opinion and experience from BofA.

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