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illegal/unethical practices, predatory lending

First, let me say that Countrywide's criminal and unethical practices need to be stopped and all of u...

Fraud Dept.

The fraud dept. at FIA Card Services aka Bank Of America is crazy. They closed an account over a year and a half ago due to fraudulent activity and opened me a new account. They said all the fraud charges were taken care of and I signed an affidavit. The newer account was closed in Nov 2007 due to divorce and was paid in full in the settlement. In Feb. 2008 I received a statement for $218 owed due to charges that had been found on the original account. It was from a Best Western in Europe and I have never even been to Europe. I have signed affidavits, talked on the phone for hours (mostly to people with an accent from another country) only to be told the issue is resolved then a month later the nightmare comes back in the mail. Today I faxed them 15 pages of items i had received, filled out, etc... from them. I sent it 2 times and sent the affidavit 5 times plus I am mailing it. This has been one of the worse experiences ever!!! They are sooooo screwed up. I wish I had never heard of them! Beware, stay away, close your account while you can!!!

  • Me
    MELISSA BALLEW Mar 26, 2009

    My family has been a victom of Idenity theft! Two diffrent accounts were opened up in mine and my husbands names. We followed all the protacals to resolve this problem and FIA services denied our claim saying we profited form it. The person's investagating our complaints has NEVER EVER talked to me or my husband! My husband is a Chief ADA and has been for 27 years and if they are doing this to us, then they will do it to ANYONE! My husband is the LAW and these people WILL NOT CALL US BACK TO EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WHY WE WERE DENIED!!! We got a letter and I've called my husband has called and nothing! Then yesterday I opened my mail-box and there was the BILL man I was pissed and then on top of that the interest rate was 27%!

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late fees

I paid my credit card bill on saturday the 2nd. It was due on sunday the 3rd. I got hit with a late fee which...

Money being held hostage

I have had a Savingslink savings account with Countrywide Bank for two years. Bank of America has now taken over since purchasing Countrywide. For most of this time, the money just sat there earning a decent interest rate.

Recently, I have found better deals and decided to withdraw my money. Since this is a virtual bank, one way to do so is to link this account to an existing checking account at a bricks and mortar bank. I set up the link to my Wamu account and confirmed the small test deposits in my Wamu account. I even tried transferring a small amount first to confirm everything is working fine.

I decided to withdraw the bulk of my funds and initiated the transfer all according to the bank’s rules. One screen even confirmed that my transfer was within the daily maximum limit allowed.

Couple of days later, I received an email stating my transfer was declined and my transfer ability was suspended. I should contact customer service for more assistance.

Knowing that there is no documentation of a phone call, I like to test their customer service by email. I logged into my account and sent them a pointed inquiry as to why they had taken this action of declining my transfer and revoking my transfer ability.

I received a response two days later. The response was rather cryptic and did not answer both of my questions. Their response was “when this happens, transfer is suspended.” I sent them another email asking why “this happens, ” referring to the declined transfer. I am waiting for a response.

One of the phone numbers left in the email is to their Loss Prevention department. Undoubtedly, they believe I am a thief who has stolen my account access information and am trying to steal my money. When I transferred the smaller amount, they apparently didn’t care about a ‘thief’ taking that little amount.

In actuality, I believe this is their way of preventing large sums of deposits from leaving the bank. They will just say that they trying to prevent theft. They don’t care about inconveniencing their customers. They don’t want their customers to get access to their money. They only care about their own needs. As far as I am concerned, my money is being held hostage until I can prove I am not a thief.

My whole purpose with electronic banking is for convenience and funds accessibility. Their policies are contrary to my purpose even though they appear to provide the means to serve my purpose.

They took my money

Well like other people, this company its nothing but lies! They took $415 from my credit card they tell me that with that money i was going to lock teh rate .etc etc... I tell the them that if in case i didn't get approve would they refund my money and they tell me YES!! Well they didn't approve my loan and guess what; now either Sergio Lopez or his manager Will Cervantes have give me a call.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. If someone knows what can i do, i really appreciate if you can send me an email.

  • Rt
    rterris Aug 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a mortgage with Countrywide. I always pay my mortgage on time before the 16th of the month grace period. In November I paid my mortgage online 3 days before the 16th and was charged $6.00. I wrote to them and received no reply. In December I paid my mortgage 5 days before the 16th and was charged $3 extra. I wrote to them again and their excuse was that I choose to pay online and that because I choose to pay online I will be charged these fees. I am paid bi-weekly and for that reason cannot always pay by the 1st. I have called them to pay by phone and there is a significant fee for that. If i pay by snail mail the payment would probably be late and I would be charged a late fee. The internet is the only way for me. I feel this is very unfair and would like other people to know this before doing businesswith them. It is a small fee but does add up over time. In this time of financial hardship for alot of people, it's too bad that banks choose to gouge people

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advertising fraud

This is now the fifth company I have listed my timeshare with and been scammed. I know, why did I do it...

$30,000 lost because of bank of america

On 07/08/08 I went to the bank of America for wire transfer to Turkey. The amount was $30, 000. Jill Townsend...

unauthorized draft

FIA Cardservices (Bank of America) offered me a settlement agreement for my past due credit account, but...

over draft charges

When you do an over draft Bank of American will reshuffle all the amount for the last 3 days by largest to...

money fraud

Will someone please contact me if there is a class action lawsuit filed against Bank of America for the way...

scam charges

I opened a checking and savings account with Bank of America in 2005.I had direct deposit of my pension...

Harassment of my son in the Navy

My son has been receiving harassing phone calls from these inept collectors and it is causing him to stress out. He was incorrectly charged while he was in boot camp ( he's in the Navy) and his account went into further debt through no fault of his own. He had called and made arrangements with them before he left for boot camp!

Now FIA card services has sent his account to a collection agency which is threatening him and calling him continuously. I resent the fact that he is being hounded by this agency while he is trying to do his job in the Navy. He was once again incorrectly charged and is now further in debt because they deducted funds on the wrong date. They are threatening to sue him. I say screw them, let them sue. He's already in collections because of their idiocy.

  • Li
    Lili Jul 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My son has been receiving harassing phone calls from these inept collectors and it is causing him to stress out. He was incorrectly charged while he was in boot camp ( he's in the Navy) and his account went into further debt through no fault of his own. He had called and made arrangements with them before he left for boot camp!

    Now FIA card services has sent his account to a collection agency which is threatening him and calling him continuously. I resent the fact that he is being hounded by this agency while he is trying to do his job in the Navy. He was once again incorrectly charged and is now further in debt because they deducted funds on the wrong date. They are threatening to sue him. I say screw them, let them sue. He's already in collections because of their idiocy.

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  • Ne
    Nelson Logan Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I nominate FIA Card Services as the most inhumane company in existence.

    My son has been a patient in a New Jersey mental hospital for 30 years -- sentenced NGRI (Not Guilty Reson Insanity) for a violent crime. He will likely spend the remainder of his life in confinement.

    My son ran up some charge card debt in spite of the fact that his address was clearly that of a mental hospital.

    Good Old Greedy Bank of America even phoned my son at a hospital ward PAYphone in May 2007 and offered a man who has not been employed since 1979 a loan of $20, 000. My son is on high dosage of anti-psychotic drugs that reduce anxiety to the point that he is not fully functional -- so when offered the loan over the Payphone, he accepted.

    Now the harassment squad at FIA Card Services is calling multiple times daily with very belittling words addressed to my son in spite of my letter to FIA Card Services explaining my son's situation. This harrassment will likely cause the doctors to incrase the dosage of anti-psychotic drugs and thereby increase the already debilitating side effects.

    My son does not even receive Medicare disability pension because during the Clinton administration there was a change made that declared that persons judged NGRI could not longer receive Medicare disability pension payments. Incidentally, he does still have Medicare Part B but the Social Security Admininistration (unlike the Bank of America and FIA Services) has declared that my son is without any means to pay the premiums for Medicare Part B and apparently Social Security has a system which pays the premiums for such an indigent person,

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  • Av
    Avalon Jan 29, 2009

    If your son was serving active duty during the time that his account became delinquent or over the limit there is a clause that all creditor must honor “The Sailors and Soldiers Relief Act”. Which is a law that would force the bank to go back to the date of active duty and change the interest rate to a fixed rate of 5.9 percent and waive any late fees or over limit fees that occurred during that time.

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fraud and scam

I have a Bank of America account. I deal with the bank nearly always by the Internet or telephone as I travel often. Awhile back I ordered a CD that paid 5% interest. I knew roughly the date when the CD would mature, but not exactly when, as the bank didn't include details of it in my bank statements. I received a letter from the bank that my Cd had matured and the bank had rolled it over to another CD paying only 1.59%. I hadn't asked the bank to roll the CD over, they do it without asking.

I could see on the Internet that the Bank of America was at this time offering interest rates of 2.5% on CD's. I applied online for another CD with the higher interest rate. Knowing that if I changed the CD that the bank had given me within 10 days there wouldn't be a penalty.

After a wait of several days the bank emailed me that I couldn't apply for a new CD online, but had to contact my personal bank for one. Seems the online offers are for attracting new customers. I contacted my representative by email asking for the CD to be changed for one with the going interest rate. There wasn't a response from her, I inquired again a few days later and was told that I had exceeded the time limit and would be penalized three months interest if I changed CD's.

My sister, who also has a Bank of America account, had the same experience. The bank must save a lot of money by paying less than the current interest rate. Another thing about the Bank of America is their horrible computerized telephone system. It's very difficult to get to speak to a human, and when you do they never know anything and can't help. They say they need to transfer me to another person to help. I plead with them not to put me back on the telephone computer system, but they mostly do.

I really dislike this bank and am searching for a better one.

  • Valerie Jun 16, 2008

    For nearly 30 years, I maintained what financial institutions call 'excellent credit'. I've borrowed and satisfied close to a half-million dollars in various loans. Never defaulted on a single one. Always made payments on time. In 2003, I started a small business and then the following year, purchased a house. The credit was good enough to take out a 90K (unsecured!) mortgage loan in my name alone. As a result, Bank of America, suddenly and without explanation or prior notice, raised my 9% APR to 26% on two credit cards having a combined balance of cloe to 30K outstanding. I had always paid more than the minimum monthly payment until the minimum went from averaging around $350/mo to a combined whopping $800/mo. and RISING!

    For the record, I am a long-term customer of Bank of America. Carrying everything from savings and checking (business and personal) accounts to investments, Certificates and major credit cards.

    Last year, I applied for and was turned down by Bank of America for four different home-equity-type loans, even though I have sufficient equity in my home, to consolidate bills and lower my monthly payments after expenses relating to the illness and subsequent death of my mother, followed by a rash of necessary home repairs necessitated using up the last of my savings (cash-flow insulation.) and I am now faced with the following options: bankruptcy, giving up my business, yanking my daughter out of college and/or possibly losing or being forced to sell my home.

    Is this fair or even legal business?

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  • Valerie Aug 15, 2008

    In January 2008 my mortgage increased $347 due to a shortfall in escrow. With the slow down in the economy it became difficult to cover this increase and I fell behind. Bank of America will not accept partial payments which I sent and thought showed good intent to pay on the account. The balance was paid at a local branch of Bank of America and I did not receive credit for that amount for two months.

    Then in May 2008 I arrived at an agreement with a representative in the customer service department to spread the increase over two years instead of one year. This gentleman, Bill, indicated the new rate would roll back to January 2008. I received a new payment book for the agreed amount and made my next two payments using the payment coupons. At the time this agreement was made I requested a letter of confirmation but all I received was the new payment booklet that indicated the change of the monthly amount.

    Then I received a letter they wanted more money over and above the amount on the payment coupon. I wrote them twice detailing what I have paid and what was due based on the agreement made in May. (I request such a break down from them but never received it.) After reading another posting on this site it appears that one person does not know what another person has done at Bank of America. My figures show I owe $60.62 plus the current month at the new rate.

    I cannot understand why it is so difficult to deal with this bank. Do they really want to put homes in foreclosure when peoples with loans with them are making an effort to pay a reasonable monthly rate? One never speaks to the same person twice so this leads to further confusion.

    My original mortgage was through a different bank and the loan was taken over by Bank of America. Bank of America was not my choice as a mortgage company and I would not recommend them to anyone for any kind of transactions after seeing how customers are treated.

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  • Rb
    rbolling Jan 05, 2009

    I agree with everything you have said I, a business owner have had many problems with Bank of America from deposits not beening posted to charge fees to my accounts, transactions posted then returning to a pending status, how can that happen the bank reps. (customer service) dont even know. I, have files a complaint with the FTC, but there has to be more than just one to get the ball rolling, so you need to file a complaint asap the phone # is 1-877-382-4357 the only problem is they don't regulate the banking institutions. So anyone that has had problems with Bank of America call the FTC...


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  • St
    Stephie Feb 20, 2009

    BofA used to be the best bank, In the last 3 years they have stolen money from us also. my husband and I are both on Social Security, our money was direct deposited into the accounts and we made large deposits when we took out loans on our home. I have been with bank of America since I was 2 years old. My mother worked there for several years. When I called to have several charges investigated, they told me that they would do so, and I used to be able to rely on that. They returned the money to my account and then took it back out with no warning, then they charged me more nsf charges, besides the ones that were in question, they sent me paperwork to fill out and we did so and sent it in. We received a letter stating that it would take 90 days to complete the investigation, then a few days ( not weeks or months) later is when they reversed everything again. They keep letting fraudulent companies try to run our card numbers and keep tacking on nsf fees and then they tell me they can't reverse them unless money is actually taken from the account, because they don't keep a record of whose trying to get money from our account unless the money was actually taken. Aside from the fact that we are paid by the Federal Government, this has to be illegal to even charge a fee for something that no one got. I would understand it if it were bad checks, but they don't even try to find out who is fraudulently attacking our accounts, how are we supposed to stop these companies if we don't even know who they are? For all I know, bank of america is doing this to us themselves. I am writing this in response and sympathy to all the complaints I have read tonight. I am going to see if there is a class action law suit against bank of America and if I find one, I will post the information. The person who posted the complaint I am responding to, they did the same thing to one of their own bank managers, right before they started shuffling all the employees around. She had to get a loan somewhere else to pay off her bofa cards and then she cancelled the accounts and shredded the cards. This is so sad that they are hurting so many people financially in our worst hours.

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  • He
    Henry Krinkle 2 Jun 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i think everyone wants to bail out of bank of america.i know i do.

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  • He
    Henry Krinkle 2 Jun 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they've changed here.new people.new rules.

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  • Ah
    ahenckel Jun 08, 2011

    Bank of america's service of our loan, originally through Greenpoint, then through countrywide, and now with BOA is of the poorest quality of customer care whatsoever. They are too big to even get their files and facts straight. There are so many people working there that no one takes responsibility for anything whatsoever, and they don't even meet internal checklists or promises they make during the recorded sessions we spend time in trying to resolve financial issues. They mis apply funds, then promise to fix the problems and don't. We applied for modification and they lost the paperwork, and as a result have mis applied funds and reported us late for months on end, charging us for additional fees. In the last 4 attempts at resolution, Bank of America has been unable to follow through, after we are re-assured over the phone that the repairs will be made. We again requested to apply for a modification program, and were finally told that the reason they just dropped the last process was due to the "investor" changing their mind on participating in the program on our loan. What an insane amount of wasted time and inefficiency. I am planning on moving my loan elsewhere and boycotting all business transactions with Bank of America. They are too big to care. They route you to umpteen different departments who have differing and in-correct records. They tell you whatever they think you want to hear to get you off the phone, then do whatever they please. Poor form Bank of America. Shame on you. After loaning out monies which didn't exist at all anyway, you scam poor Americans out of the money they Earned through real action and hard work. Bank of selfishness, bank of profit, Bank against Americans. Boooooooooooo..boooooooooo..

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bait and switch on home loan

I too am a victim of the bait and switch tactic that Countrywide Home Loans used. I had very good credit when...

scam and fraud

If you go to the website for the Attny General for the state of California you will see the full attachment...

sale of timeshare





I am sorry for the typos rewrote it thought important!

I sos not believe that thatperson did not get his refund, let's ask point blank
Lance, did you get your refund ? so if you did than you should eritw comerhing more and let everyone know the status! I cannot believe thisvompany would bot have listened to you ansd reied ineveryway to help too!
God bless!

  • Gr
    grace Jun 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • La
    lance bachelder Jun 24, 2008

    I is hepy u sail you rimeshare. I do git me refunz tday. I not no how you no i git me refunz but ank u. I not lie be4 i tel u all my storie in toetel truf. I hope u undystadz tis i tink i may hav makz tiepoes? LANCE BACHELDER [email protected]

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  • La
    lance bachelder Jun 24, 2008

    I am happy you sold your timeshare. I was mislead and told it was sold before I used this company. I did get a refund after fighting for 3 months to get it back after no one every contacted me after I paid the money. Jeniffer came through and is the only honest person that I spoke to in all those months. I never wanted to speak bad of anyone but after being mislead and taken I was PISSED. Good luck to all that were mislead like myself. Keep fighting and maybe justice will come your way like it did for me. [email protected] Lance Bachelder

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  • La
    lance bachelder Jul 27, 2008

    Please becareful all they are still scamming people I am up to 30 people that have contacted me with the same lies I was told so be careful everyone they are still scamming. If you are told your timeshare is sold and send them the upfront fee they are lying. Keep reading here and be smart keep your hard earned money or it will disappear just like the people that have contacted you telling you your property is sold after they get their commissions. I am a lucky one for getting a refund but many others are fighting to get their money back. BEWARE...Lance Bachelder

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  • Fp
    F.Price Aug 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received at least 5 calls today advising that they have an offer for my property because the one like mine fell through so they contacted me to see if I was willing to sell. I agreed to sell; however was not willing to pay any upfront fees without having a valid contract with a buyer - since they said they had one. They were asking for $2497 upfront telling me that was a $1000 discount from their normal price. I gave them my fax number to fax a contract - thinking it would be between me & the identified buyer but it turned out to be a contract to advertise. I told them I had to run to a meeting, review the contract & finish reviewing the complaints for their company. They said they would call me back but probably won't since I hinted that I was on to them...so thanks to everyone for the heads up !

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  • La
    lance bachelder Jan 30, 2009

    Becareful everyone. I haven't gotten 8 calls since the new year started and COUNTRYWIDE TIMESHARES SCAM COMPANY is still up to their old tricks. 5 calling me asking how I got my money back and 3 thanking me for speaking out against this company. I havent written in months but the company is still ripping of many people so WATCH OUT! I wish everyone would read this and take this warning seriously. I now hear that the fee is up to $1850.00, $500.00 more than than they fooled me for. Never EVER send this company a dime and anyone that comes across this warning you are a lucky one. If you fall for their lies your money is GONE. If your are still DUMB enough to send them your money after reading this why dont you send me some money too because it isnt coming back...lol... Use your heads people NO ONE is buying timeshares in this world and they are praying on trusting people to keep their money rolling in with lies and trickery. Lance Bachelder

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Misleading payment due dates on credit cards

Bank of America credit cards have their system set so that sometimes due dates fall on non-business days, for example Saturdays and Sundays. However, they will not accept payments on non-business days, which means they will not accept payments on the due date, and your payment is therefore due earlier than the statement due date.

Specifically, a payment must be made by 3:30 p.m. EST or it will be credited to the next business day. Let's take a fictional example. Your statement says "Due June 13". Let's say June 13 is a Friday. You go online June 13 at 8:30 p.m. to make your payment. Too bad, it's already late, it won't be made until Monday, June 16th.

Or, let's say you go to your local BoA and make your payment at 3:40 p.m. on the 13th. Again, you are too late. Even though you are IN their bank ON the due date, it is considered to be made on Monday the 16th.

Now, obviously, you COULD have payed them on time on a Friday. Let's take another example. Let's say your statement says "Due June 15" and June 15 was a Sunday. You CAN NOT pay them on a Sunday. You can't pay them online, or on the phone, or in person, or by mail. There is no way. You can't pay them on Saturday, June 14th, either. So your payment is ACTUALLY due on Friday June 13th. But there is NO indication of this written anywhere on your statement.

So, again, if the payment is due June 15th, Sunday, and you walk INSIDE the Bank of America on Saturday morning the 14th and make your payment the day BEFORE it is due, it is STILL considered late, even though the employee is looking right at you and can look at the calendar and KNOWS you aren't making a late payment.

Then they will charge you a $39 late charge, and possibly raise your interest rate. This has happened to me! I've tried to discuss this and get the late fee removed, etc. and it's like talking to a brick wall. It's their "policy". I find this to be fraudulent. After all, in this age of computers, they can certainly accept payments on the weekend. The computer knows what day the payment was made, and the time down to the millisecond! They could certainly accept my payment made in person inside their bank on a Saturday, and they could also accept online payments on weekends dates if they so chose. I know that I can pay American Express online anytime, 24/7. I could log on Sunday at 11:50 p.m. and make that payment and they would consider it paid on time.

At the very least, they could change their due date system to not issue any payment Due Dates for non-business days. So if, due to rotation, it would be due on a Saturday or Sunday, it would either bump it forward to Friday's date as the stated due date (which is really true anyway) OR they could be courteous and bump it back to Monday. I could accept this, but not this sneaky cheating method of payments being "due" on days when they will not accept my payments.

I do not recommend Bank of America to anyone, for ANY of their services. I've had bad experiences with their savings, checking/debit AND online banking as well as credit cards. The only advice I have is to stay far, far away!

  • Zx
    zx Oct 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BOA is ###.

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  • Sh
    ShameonBOA Aug 20, 2009

    I have the very same complaint. It is ridiculous, they are the only credit card I have that I've had this problem with. I even did an analysis for one year and found that almost half of the due dates fell on a Sat or Sun, or holiday, AND that the number of days in the billing cycle were DIFFERENT from one cycle to the next, almost as if they were intentionally and STRATEGICALLY changing the number of billing days in the cycle so that the due date would fall on a weekend with hopes that you would not pay it on time, just so they could charge you a late fee and raise your interest rate. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Le
    Lennart Sep 02, 2009

    US Bank uses the same system since many years ago. Other banks do to. And to make matters worse, many other businesses are beginning to adopt this trick as well. It must be a lucrative scheme, so the band-wagon is filling up.

    This is really something that should be made illegal. The Banking and Commerce Commitee should act to stop this unethical practice and make it illegal.

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Time share sales scam

SCAM, LIES, MEET NEW PEOPLE. Once you give them your money you never can contact anyone you trusted. Keep...

they have stolen my money

I opened a checking & savings account 2 weeks ago. Deposited over $5, 000 to open the account of my money. I received 2 transfers of funds from a company I do work for that also happens to have BofA. Those went through just fine. On the 3rd transfer, they suspected it was fraudulent and put a -$888, 888.88 negative balance on my account and all my checks started bouncing like a blonde’s boobs on Baywatch. (lol).

So I call them and they tell me they suspected a fraudulent transfer?!? From a guy who logged into his account and entered specific pass phrases to get into his account and transferred the money. Meanwhile, he's done this 2 times before with HIGHER amounts with no problem.

So now, Bank of unAmerica has stolen all my money and held it hostage until this other guy calls them and clears this up.

I thought we have rights in the country. The right to bend over.

  • La
    L-A-W Apr 13, 2011

    I will NEVER bank with bank of AA CRIME (A meric a scrabbled) again. I discourage anyone to bank with them. Years ago the bank accepted an out of state, stolen check in anothers' name, deposited with my stolen ATM card, at a banks location I never used. I had no knowledge of the check, as my signature was not on it, and most banks' 'policy' is to place a ten day hold on any out of state check. My disability income was immediately used when it was automatically deposited to offset the daily increasing negative balance of nearly $3, 000.00 in overdraft, ISF fees and late fees. I had to borrow money from my father to pay the monthly rental, & utilities, etc. My account was closed by the bank, and nearly $2, 000.00 I had in a savings for longer than three years, was not returned to me. I wrote the Vice President District Manager & the states' Comptroller of Currency. I contacted the FDIC and the results are nothing done. I filed a claim against the bank in small claims court, appeared with the out of state, unsigned check that I still do have, show papers of my non-returned savings account monies, and the judgment is in the banks favor. The justice this country favor ONLY criminal actions.

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This company is a joke!! They contacted us regarding selling our timeshare in Florida (Mystic Dunes) in Feb '08. The person we spoke to was Kate at ext. 3003. She had said they had a buyer for our property that was offering $23, 500. This sounded too good to be true but my wife insisted we hear what they say. I told them I needed a couple of days to think about it. She called several times after and left messages on our answering machine that they had an immediate and confirmed buyer and all we needed to do was pay the fee and our deal would be started. I called her back and after negotiating with her and her "supervisor" we agreed on $500 for them to start the process with the understanding that if the deal fell through we would receive a full refund. Well after several weeks and not hearing or seeing anything I called again and again and was never able to get a hold of "Kate". I did manage to speak to her once but she was so frazzled that she pushed me off on some other guy. His name was "Sean Thomas" and his extension was 3012. Sean was supposedly handling the escrow portion of our transaction. He said that everything should have been back and gave some big apology and said he would "look into it". After another week he called after I threatened to take them to court saying that there was a mistake on the title report and they needed to submit it again. So another week goes by and he called to say that the closing documents went out and I should receive them in 2 days. 2 days and nothing so I called. He said he would send them again, nothing still. So I called again and all of the sudden he's gone. No longer works for the company. The receptionist said he got called back to the National Guard. So I asked for a supervisor and got a "Frank Johnson" this time. He was very apologetic and explained no one knew "Sean" was being recalled. He tried to say that "Sean" left a lot of open files that didn't move off his desk. Now is when it gets good! He said "Sean" never did anything with our file and that the "buyer" cancelled the deal a month ago! A month ago????? He again apologized and said that he was working with the "President/Owner" of the company and was authorized to make things right. He said we could either receive a full refund or he would relist our property with their "platinum service" which puts us on some stock exchange type ticker and gives us the highest level of exposure. I told him I wasn't interested and I wanted the refund. He agreed to my request and said he would need the final sign off my the owner which would take about 2 days and then the refund would be processed. That was over a month ago. I have since tried calling the company and "Kate", "Sean" and "Frank" no longer work for the company. I was told I need to speak to "Jessica" who is a supervisor but have never been able to speak to her. I was then give "Jennifer" at extension 237 who supposedly handles refunds. I tried calling her and left messages for a week until I finally sat on hold and waited for her for an hour! After I spoke to her she said the best she could do is give me $200 back. I told her that was not what I was told and would not accept it. She tried pulling the usual "you signed a contract" and I told her to go back and look at what I signed and faxed.

I covered my tail with these guys knowing they might pull something fishy. The contact they sent had "N/A" through just about everything except for the sales price, resort name and my name. I amended the contract on their paper and also outlined the terms of our deal on the cover page of the fax. I also made sure to choose my words wisely when they do their normal "recorded for verification" process that says they didn't give you "the name" of a buy and so they don't get caught for bait and switch. I also made sure to save any phone conversations they left on my machine and also records of all phone calls/faxes.

So after I told her I had all this she got quiet. She said she would need to speak to their "legal team" to see if they can authorize it. She said to give her 24 hours and she would have an answer for me. 24 hours and still nothing. So I called, and called, and called. 7 days calling and not once a return call. I have left message after message for them and I only get the receptionist. The thing I find funny is they have changed their phone greeting and the people who answer. When I first started calling there was 2 grumpy women who always answered. Now it sounds like some teen who needed a job.

Needles to say I am now contacting the State Attorney General for CA, FL and PA (where they are located). I am also contacting the Better Business, Department of Real Estate and my lawyer.

If anyone would like to contact me regarding this feel free to. I set up an email account just for this. [protected]@hotmail.com

  • La
    lance bachelder Jun 16, 2008

    Chris I am in the same boat as you. I am giving this one last person a chance to get things straightened out and the I am going to everyone I can to let everyone know of this company. I to have recorded conversations and messages left by Jason and Morris. The best one I have is of Morris crying telling me he will get fired if I do not send in the fee because he listed my property as availible and the seller is irate if he can not get my property today for his grandson.

    If I do not her from her tomorrow I am writing everyone I can. Good luck with this and you can write me at [email protected] as well. Lance Bachelder

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  • La
    lance bachelder Jun 17, 2008

    Well it is Tuesday now. My fax never got here and the person that was going to get back to me never did again. I really thought I finally found the first honest person in this company, but stupid me for believing. This is the most dishonest company around people. It is a scam or lie from day 1 DO NOT get fooled like me. Keep your credit cards in your wallet and believe nothing you are told. NEVER NEVER NEVER believe this ### or you will be out $1350 like me. I will continue to call this company until I am refunded. They all know my name there and the more new people that come will know me as well. Today I talked to a new receptionist poor girl and told her she should look for a job because her company is a rip off and I will not stop until they go out of business. She sort of laughed a bit but I told her she better get used to hearing every client because everyone is pissed.

    I hope I have helped thosed who wrote me in my e mail [email protected] This company is a total joke and it is good to see more people check out this complaint board than go to their website. Everyone who has been scammed step up and write and keep this a popular site to see so NO ONE else gets ripprd of like us IDIOTS who fell for the pitch from Jason, Sam, MORRIS THE CRYER, Joshua, BRYAN COLE #1 ###!!! These guys have the best scam act going in the land. countrywide SCAMMING timeshares. WATCH OUT!!!

    If I am not refunded today by the latest new refunder who I heard was moved to sales supervisor your name comes out tomorrow!!!

    I would love to hear from anyone who actually had their timeshare sold and actually see proof. Like that Amanda lady who shut up after I called her out. BEWARE!!! Lance Bachelder. Anyone feel free to call me at home if you have any thoughts about using this company. 516 374 3520. I will call you back unlike this SCAM COMPANY. STAY AWAY>BELIEVE ME for your own good! Lance Bachelder

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  • Na
    Naomi Dolezal Jul 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are going thru the same thing. Try doing a complaint to :

    Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Divison of Consumers Services
    2005 Apalachee Parkway
    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    1-800 HELP-FLA

    Countrywide Timeshares is a 'Marketing' company and comes under the above jurisdiction


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  • So
    sonia Cartagena Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    what can we do to stop this people ???
    make them return our money back.

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