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Scam and cheating

Refinanced in early 2008 with Countrywide Mortgage.Countrywide did not accept appraisal from appraiser, home...

b.o.a. closed my credit card account

I have had a credit card with Bank of America/MBNA since 1997. And, I have used my credit card account for...

holding funds

here is the content of a letter I sent to customer service at B of A concerning a "hold" they have on check I deposited a week ago. This is a scam being run by B of A. What they do is withhold deposits for the full legal time they can withhold them to get the advantage of your money for a period of time. Meanwhile, you can't pay the bills. The spirit of the law is to protect from phony deposits from disreputable sources. I can only say that the source of this deposit is in better shape than BofA-and BofA knows it.

I would ask you to immediately release the rest of the funds from a deposit I made a week ago. The check was from a a major insurance company, as reputable a source as any. (if the source was suspect I would possibly understand). The only possible justification for holding back the money-which is causing us huge problems-is that Bank of America is stealing-holding the money hostage so they can use it for the full legal time they are allowed to do so. If done on a massive scale this could benefit the company, at the expense of the deposit holders.This is disgraceful behavior. I know you have stated you will release it Monday. Release it today.

  • 11
    11th Gate Feb 06, 2009

    Why isn't everyone outraged over this! Bank of America has done the same dirty little tricks to me, and I have been robbed of hundreds of dollars by them since they bought out LaSalle Bank in April of 2008. B of A WILL lose a whole population of customers b/c they are greedy pigs. I disdain most banking policies - they are created to take, take, take and not much else. However, nobody has balls the size of Bank of America, don't you think? They just helped themselves to how many billions of dollars in taxpayer money for their so-called "bailout"? They sicken me. Something has to be done in this country to stop this blatant robbery of the common people. You just don't know how I would love to have Bank of America's Executives to myself, alone in a room just once. NO CONSCIENCEs! NO ACCOUNTABILITY! WORST BANK EVER!

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  • Pe
    person who hates stupidity Mar 01, 2010

    This is a capitalist society what do you expect? Businesses want to make money so they have policies that lead to that end. If Bank of America did not make money then you wouldn't want to bank with them. What do you think pays for the tellers, branches, security, website, debit cards and the convenient ATM machines that are located just about anywhere? If the bank didn't have money making policies then you never would have entered one to begin with. I have banked with B of A for 7 years and the only money they have ever made off of me has been through using my money while they have it to the best of their ability. From a business standpoint why would they want to change this policy if it is lawful and makes them money without bothering a large number of their customers?. I am happy to allow them to take advantage of my money for the smal time they have it so long as I gain the security and convenience that banking with a large bank provides.

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  • Ju
    JustinJj Mar 08, 2011

    Same [censor] done to me deposited my $500.00 check.. Hard earned from working 80 hours and I get to see that I don't get to use my money until 5 days after depositing. Closing my account once this is all over with I'm done with you BoA screw off.

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bait and switch fraud

This mega bank is playing bait and switch with CD rates.

We asked to move a CD to the interest rate that was advertised on their web-site, when the CD matured and I was assured by their Customer Service dept. over the phone, that would be done, twice!

But, after it was too late to move the CD, as it had passed it's 10 day 'grace' period, up comes a response on their obscure customer service page that "Sorry, that can't be done".

  • Em
    EMer2715 Sep 06, 2012

    Lesson to be learned. Never do any banking transactions over the phone.

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This is the last letter I sent to Bank of America. As of Sep. 2, 2008, this is still not...

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They gave my info to a 3rd party

Through my bank, Huntington National Bank, I applied for a Master Card. FIA processed the application, turned me down and still has not sent a decline letter.

What they did do was illegally send the letter to an address I had more than ten years ago and no longer use! FIA claims the address was on the hand-written application. WRONG! The app was generated on a bank pc that had only current info on it! I though it was illegal to send personal info to an UN-authorized third party, but FIA says otherwise. When I find out the culprit, I will file charges with the feds.

excessive overdraft charges

My son has an account with Bank of America. He is new to the Banking business. He thought he had more in the bank than he did. He used his ATM card for a small purchase of $6.89. The following day a purchase of $ 7.66. Atm card no problems right? no he was charged 2 overdraft fees of $35.00 each. My complaint is when does the Bank stop allowing you to overdraw your account? Are they out to collect as many fees as they can? Would they allow you to come into the bank and withdraw money that wasn't there? At what point do they look out for you when you overlook something and put a stop before you incur numerous fees? I also have an account with BOA and have never activated or used ay of my ATM cards because of this reason.I just keep enough money in to keep it open so if I need to cash a check or anything I can But my banking loyalties belong to Wells Fargo even though I bank from afar due to there are no Wells Fargo Banks in they city I live in or close by for that matter. Think twice before trusting BOA as they apparently are looking out for the bottom line not you.

  • GG11 May 24, 2009

    Very similar situation happened to me several times over the years with BOA!!!

    I was going through chemo and didn't know my balance had dropped below by less than ONE DOLLAR and I accrued almost $300 in over-draft fees because they continued to pay bills going out.

    It was awful and didn't help while fighting for my life!

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checking account scam

Beware old customer or new customer: Bank of america is doing what is called a research fee which charge...

bad service

Countrywide Home Loan's Full Spectrum Lending division is a disgrace to an increasingly disgusting mortgage business.

Last April, my wife and I decided to refinance our home. So, we made a few calls and settled on Countrywide's Full Spectrum Lending because we liked the agent we dealt with. His name was John Donaghue, and he suggested getting an interest only loan because we were only staying in our house another year or two and we wouldn't be paying off much principal balance anyway. This way we could save more money. I checked into it, and he was right - the money we could save by paying off an interest only payment was dramatically higher than the money we could save paying off a 30-year fixed.

So, we went with it. John Donaghue was able to lower our monthly payment by an astonishing $500 a month! We were so happy! So, we signed the paper work.

Imagine my surprise four months later when we looked at our principal balance and it was FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE than what it was after refinancing.

Now, I admit, we did not thoroughly examine the contracts. And that is a mistake we will NEVER make again. Because if we had thoroughly read the contract, we would have seen that the reason our payment was so low was because John Donaghue roped us into a negative amoritization loan. Which basically means that we pay only PARTIAL interest and the rest of the interest is getting added to our principal balance every month.

So, we were saving $500 a month in payments, but $600 a month was being added to our principal balance! I admit, we should have picked that up when signing the contract, but shouldn't Mr. Donaghue have TOLD US THAT WHEN HE WAS TELLING US ABOUT THE DAMN CONTRACT?!?!?!? What kind of company allows their sales force to do that kind of crap?

So, we had to refinance again. We're back to where we started and have had to pay closing costs twice in the past year. Not good times.

I wish the story ended there. But, on Christmas Eve we found out that our new mortgage company (Allied Home Mortgage) had sold our mortgage to another firm. Take a wild guess who they sold it to!

You guessed it - COUNTRYWIDE!

So, now we're dealing with this deceitful company again and we have no recourse, but to bend over and take it from them. (Not unless we want to refinance yet again)

To make a long story short, Countrywide Home Loans and Full Spectrum Lending are two companies that you should avoid at all costs.

unauthorized debit

Bank of America uses incorrect dates for transactions. Here is the scenerio...on the evening of August 14 I went to bed, knowing that my paycheck from work would be direct deposited at midnight on August 15th. I told my husband that if he was up later that he could go ahead and pay our cell phone bill online when he saw that my paycheck was direct deposited. He kept checking the online account to see when my paycheck was deposited. He finally saw it deposited into my account at 1:45am (Eastern Time). So he then pays our cell phone bill right after he saw that my paycheck had been credited to my account. Well the following day, the 16th of August I noticed an overdraft fee of 35.00. I immediately called the bank to find out why this incorrect fee was posted to my account. The customer service person said that I payed my cell phone bill on the 14th, BEFORE my paycheck was deposited. I told him that my husband stayed up and payed it at 1:45 am right after he saw my paycheck was deposited. I even offered to prove it by taking my cell phone statement into a Bank of America branch to prove that the bill was paid online on the 15th. The customer service rep told me that this would only prove when my cell phone company RECEIVED the payment. He just kept saying over and over that the debit was made on the 14th when in fact it was made on the 15th. I have given up trying to get them to credit the fee back to my account after four emails to customer service and just canned responses received in response to my emails. If anyone is starting a class action lawsuit then I am in!!!

overdraft fees

How is it that Bank of America can charge overdraft fees to my account when I have not overdrafted? They have...

illegal/unethical practices, predatory lending

First, let me say that Countrywide's criminal and unethical practices need to be stopped and all of u...

Fraud Dept.

The fraud dept. at FIA Card Services aka Bank Of America is crazy. They closed an account over a year and a half ago due to fraudulent activity and opened me a new account. They said all the fraud charges were taken care of and I signed an affidavit. The newer account was closed in Nov 2007 due to divorce and was paid in full in the settlement. In Feb. 2008 I received a statement for $218 owed due to charges that had been found on the original account. It was from a Best Western in Europe and I have never even been to Europe. I have signed affidavits, talked on the phone for hours (mostly to people with an accent from another country) only to be told the issue is resolved then a month later the nightmare comes back in the mail. Today I faxed them 15 pages of items i had received, filled out, etc... from them. I sent it 2 times and sent the affidavit 5 times plus I am mailing it. This has been one of the worse experiences ever!!! They are sooooo screwed up. I wish I had never heard of them! Beware, stay away, close your account while you can!!!

  • Me
    MELISSA BALLEW Mar 26, 2009

    My family has been a victom of Idenity theft! Two diffrent accounts were opened up in mine and my husbands names. We followed all the protacals to resolve this problem and FIA services denied our claim saying we profited form it. The person's investagating our complaints has NEVER EVER talked to me or my husband! My husband is a Chief ADA and has been for 27 years and if they are doing this to us, then they will do it to ANYONE! My husband is the LAW and these people WILL NOT CALL US BACK TO EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WHY WE WERE DENIED!!! We got a letter and I've called my husband has called and nothing! Then yesterday I opened my mail-box and there was the BILL man I was pissed and then on top of that the interest rate was 27%!

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late fees

I paid my credit card bill on saturday the 2nd. It was due on sunday the 3rd. I got hit with a late fee which...

Money being held hostage

I have had a Savingslink savings account with Countrywide Bank for two years. Bank of America has now taken over since purchasing Countrywide. For most of this time, the money just sat there earning a decent interest rate.

Recently, I have found better deals and decided to withdraw my money. Since this is a virtual bank, one way to do so is to link this account to an existing checking account at a bricks and mortar bank. I set up the link to my Wamu account and confirmed the small test deposits in my Wamu account. I even tried transferring a small amount first to confirm everything is working fine.

I decided to withdraw the bulk of my funds and initiated the transfer all according to the bank’s rules. One screen even confirmed that my transfer was within the daily maximum limit allowed.

Couple of days later, I received an email stating my transfer was declined and my transfer ability was suspended. I should contact customer service for more assistance.

Knowing that there is no documentation of a phone call, I like to test their customer service by email. I logged into my account and sent them a pointed inquiry as to why they had taken this action of declining my transfer and revoking my transfer ability.

I received a response two days later. The response was rather cryptic and did not answer both of my questions. Their response was “when this happens, transfer is suspended.” I sent them another email asking why “this happens, ” referring to the declined transfer. I am waiting for a response.

One of the phone numbers left in the email is to their Loss Prevention department. Undoubtedly, they believe I am a thief who has stolen my account access information and am trying to steal my money. When I transferred the smaller amount, they apparently didn’t care about a ‘thief’ taking that little amount.

In actuality, I believe this is their way of preventing large sums of deposits from leaving the bank. They will just say that they trying to prevent theft. They don’t care about inconveniencing their customers. They don’t want their customers to get access to their money. They only care about their own needs. As far as I am concerned, my money is being held hostage until I can prove I am not a thief.

My whole purpose with electronic banking is for convenience and funds accessibility. Their policies are contrary to my purpose even though they appear to provide the means to serve my purpose.

They took my money

Well like other people, this company its nothing but lies! They took $415 from my credit card they tell me that with that money i was going to lock teh rate .etc etc... I tell the them that if in case i didn't get approve would they refund my money and they tell me YES!! Well they didn't approve my loan and guess what; now either Sergio Lopez or his manager Will Cervantes have give me a call.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. If someone knows what can i do, i really appreciate if you can send me an email.

  • Rt
    rterris Aug 16, 2016

    I have a mortgage with Countrywide. I always pay my mortgage on time before the 16th of the month grace period. In November I paid my mortgage online 3 days before the 16th and was charged $6.00. I wrote to them and received no reply. In December I paid my mortgage 5 days before the 16th and was charged $3 extra. I wrote to them again and their excuse was that I choose to pay online and that because I choose to pay online I will be charged these fees. I am paid bi-weekly and for that reason cannot always pay by the 1st. I have called them to pay by phone and there is a significant fee for that. If i pay by snail mail the payment would probably be late and I would be charged a late fee. The internet is the only way for me. I feel this is very unfair and would like other people to know this before doing businesswith them. It is a small fee but does add up over time. In this time of financial hardship for alot of people, it's too bad that banks choose to gouge people

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advertising fraud

This is now the fifth company I have listed my timeshare with and been scammed. I know, why did I do it...

$30,000 lost because of bank of america

On 07/08/08 I went to the bank of America for wire transfer to Turkey. The amount was $30, 000. Jill Townsend...

unauthorized draft

FIA Cardservices (Bank of America) offered me a settlement agreement for my past due credit account, but...

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