Bank Of America$10,000 cashed in counterfeit check, no hold - boa transfers $10,000 from money market to cover their lost funds.


Concerning a joint account withe my daughter. Check was deposited in thee amount of $4, 900 at west lake park branch. Money was withdrawn in the amount of $4, 900 at the and olive banking center. Second check in amount of $4, 900 was deposited to same account at south lake union branch. Money was withdrawn in the amount of $4, 900 again at dexter horton branch. All transactions occurring on 6/29/12 in four different seattle branches within a matter of hours. Both checks were returned to bank as counterfeit. When funds were not available in joint savings account (Daughter/primary holder) bank of america transferred $9, 800.00 from my personal individual money market account to recoup lost funds on bank of americas behalf. Daughter was taken advantage of by predators in a scam to acquire funds. Used her to process deposits and withdrawls of fraudulent checks. I am told I am a "platinum privilege customer" with a good relationship with the bank and given special treatment. Ie: no hold is put on any checks deposited in my accounts linked to my name. All these transactions were made by my daughter on her account, my signature appears on none of these transactions. But because bank of america can go into teeir system and see theat I am a platinum premium customer, she was able to deposit and withdrawl fraudulent checks in thee amount of $9, 800 on tee same day. Suspicious activity was not noted by two separate tellers in two separate banks. I was not informed, notified, or called of such irregular activity. District manager of seattle states that because I am a platinum privilege customer the "right of offset" states money will be transferred from any of my accounts able to recoup the loss of money to bank of america. The joint account is not linked in the system to the money market as overdraft protection, but the money was transferred regardless.
My daughter is not a platinum client.. Yet boa honored her "special" privilege.. On my behalf ??? No hold on a counterfeit check.. And $10, 000 in cash. . Don't you think you would clear a counterfeit check before you let $10, 000 cash walk out the door...
I do not want to be a platinum privilege client... I feel more like platinum robbed !

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