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A&W Restaurants - Customer service

On January 17th, 2023 @700am, I went through the drive through at location 5011 137 ave in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for the 3rd time. I was asked to parked in the waiting stall for my "specialty" order. The past couple time, I did not move to that stall because no one was behind me.

This time, the black lady only gave me seconds before she informed her supervisor or manager that I wasn't moving. The white female (manager or supervisor) made a beeline instantly to me with the look of anger on her face. I did not move right away because I was putting my wallet away. Yet again, as stated before and again today. There was no rush because no one was behind me. I then opened my window because the white woman was at the drive through window. I said, "you could have given me a second to move, but why should I move when no one's behind me." The white woman stated, "we asked you multiple times to move and you haven't, our service time is bad." I replied, "okay, so why am I doing you a favor about your service time, maybe that should be recorded." The white woman said "well maybe we won't make the specialty order anymore", I replied "well if I pull up to the parking spot that give you allows you guys to take your time with my order." She said, "it won't take long". I wanted to reply that hypocritical with her argument but I said alright then. She then gave me a dirty look, rolled her eyes and slammed the window. I used to work at A&W and know that parking space is used for large orders and more chicken needs to be cooked. Not for two bacon and edgers with no yoke, as I was the only one placing an order. The black women came out to deliver the food and I said "I'm definitely reporting this to corporate, tell that woman it's not just white people who can act ignorant who can report cooperating. She apologizes and said" it's our policy", I responded" You can't stand there and lie to me, you did not read all of A&W's policy and procedures." She looked like a deer in the headlights because she definite looked like she got caught in a lie. As I was driving away and rolling up my window, I hear her saying something. I then stopped and said"hey, if you want to continue the conversation and say something say it to my face, speak for yourself and pipe up."

I've been eating at A&W for most of my life, it was my second job in my teen years and lately the Edmonton locations are horrible with customer service. If the frequency of ignorant behavior continues, the number of locations I go to in Edmonton will decrease for sure. I had to file a complaint with another location on 107ave & 109 st last summer. I don't know what it is with these restaurants attached to the petro stores, but the customer service have been terrible.

Desired outcome: Follow up with the employees that customer service is an important part of customers returning. Reviewing when people need to park. A strike against thier name aimed towards demotion or termination.

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, US
Jan 19, 2023 7:26 pm EST

Maybe you should include the whole conversation and no just bits and pieces. You were in the wrong. :)

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