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K Sep 05, 2018 Review updated:

There is not enough space to detail all that went wrong with this rental agreement so I will keep the details brief. We had a death in the family and were not sure how long it would take to sort out the estate. We booked for 4 months and received a quote for $1757.85 usd. We picked up the car on may 25th and thought we were all good. A month later I received a call from an avis rep stating the car had been sold and I would have to bring it back to the airport for an exchange. I was also told not to forget to fill the gas tank. What? "we will make it worth your while" the rep said. I drove 50 minutes back to the airport on a monday and exchanged a blue elantra for a black accent. I'm not an idiot and knew they down-graded me. I was too annoyed with having to drive back to the airport to ask why. Later that week I took my 8 and 5 year old grand kids to the zoo. It was 34c when we came out and discovered the a/c in the car did not work. We were hot and I was furious. I called the avis 1800 and was told I would have to bring it back to the airport. "oh and don't forget to fill the car up or will we have to charge you", really? No, I wasn't doing that. We drove to an avis location in calgary and the guy told us he had no cars to give us but found another location that did have a vehicle for us. He told us it was about 25 minutes away but it was much closer than the airport. Also told us to fill up the vehicle again! 2 1/2 hours later, because the vehicle wasn't ready, we picked up yet another car. Less than a month later I again received a call from an avis rep to tell me the car needed to come back to the airport for an exchange. By then we decided we could not deal with this anymore and dropped the car off 8/27/18. We were told we would not incur any charges for dropping it off early. We have now paid $1935.70 usd to date and even brought it back a month early. What would we have been charged if we kept it for another month? The quote we received when we booked was only $1757.85. Why are you over charging your customers? Please process a refund of some sort or I will dispute some of these charges with my credit card company.


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