Ausdruck Storedenies to get the returned item to refund

G Jul 15, 2019

Order ID:PO#[protected]

I bought a machine for DHgate company Ausdruck Store and after 2 weeks a tecnhical problem has been arrised. They immediatelly send me a new handle part which I waited for a month and it was broken. The seller agreed to send the machine back to them in order to get a refund. I paid shipping cost 90 euro and he claimes that I did something (without giving details of information) wrong and that the parcel is stuck on clearance office in Shanghai. The DHgate team informed that he probably has been requested to pay clearance fees. He has stopped the communication and not repsonding to my messages nor to DHgate team.

The problem is that DHgate spend my time telling me that they are going to help me. A lie. Up to now the parcel is stuck on clearance office of Shanghai, the seller had asked me to to write on the parcel that it costs 120 dollar, in order no to pay clearance fee. The clearance office has suspected the parcel and holds it and the officers have contacted him and he refuses to cooperate. All of his action are his fault: the machine which broker 2 weeks after buying, the broken new handle, the guidlines for shipping the parcel and the fact tha the parcel is on Shanghai airport for a month and a half.

The DHgate spends my time telling me nonsenses that I am a value customer and hey are going to help. But they have Ausdruck Store as a business partner, they have gave him stars and recommends their stuff. So they are a part of a fraud. They have told me that they have punished seller but they never send evidence. They are clearly fooling me.

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