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AT&T Uversedoor to door sales tactic

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Sitting down having dinner with my young son last night and a man claiming to be from AT&T Uverse came knocking at the door. He asked is I had anyone previously come talk to me about the new fiber optic line that AT&T had placed in my neighborhood, going on to talk about getting digital cable. Gave me the creeps so gut feel lead me to say I wasn't interested and shut the door. My neighbor called me a few minutes later saying the same guy gave her the same sales speech and then went about asking her a ton of personal her husband called the cops. Is this normal for a reputable company like AT&T to send folks door to door late at night (nearly 8pm) in an area of the country when it's 10 degrees at night and no-one in their right mind is going to entertain ANY conversation at the door? Was this guy trying to get into peoples homes???


  • Vi
    vicki brigman Jul 24, 2019
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    I awoke to a knock on my front door by an AT&T fiber solicitor. When I pointed to my 'No Solicitor' sign; he asked if I knew the definition of solicitor because he was not a solicitor. I found this person rude and he kept talking after I said I was not interested and to have a nice day. He was still yakking when I closed the door. How can I get on the do not disturb list from AT&T? This has been the 4th incident! I use AT&T for wireless and that is all I care to have. Dealing with this solicitor made me want to change service providers.

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  • At
    AT Lexington, NC Aug 03, 2018
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    I had 2 people wearing lime green vests with AT&T badges and I-pads at my door this morning. My dogs were barking like crazy so I couldn't hear what they were saying. I did not open or un-lock my storm door. They completely ignored the sign in my yard saying "no solicitation". In this day in age, companies should stay away from home solicitation practices. They may or may not been actual agents for the company or even a third party representative, but I for one will never take part in this sort of sale tactic.
    AT from Lexington, NC

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  • Mi
    Mike Abbott May 23, 2016
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    I had the same problems, overly aggressive, and hanging up on me when they were just told NO by me and thought theyd try the wife who also had told them no. So hey started call and hang up harassment. When I finally go a supervisor on the phone or so he says he was- the calls stopped, then we started receiving junk mail ...Wanting us to "bundle our Phone with Direct TV" from ATT. These hang up calls went on for months sometimes 3-4 times a day. As for your assertion "LQuick" that we should invite you all in for dinner and just politely say no" thats absurd. Thats the problem you dont take NO for a answer..Ive heard that same ol lie your telling now as parable for years on how to be nice to sales freaking grandmother told me that bs story for Gods sake about saying Im not buying your service but come in and kick with me awhile if the sales pitch would stop there..SMH. How about this instead-you take NO for answer and dont force people to call police or be rude. I have always beenn civil until they start not taking NO for a answer. You start harassing hang up calls, repeated calls after being told no, not wanting to leave my property when told no...then you leave me no choice, your harasser or a trespasser at that point. As for comparing yourself to Washington soldiers at valley forge well thats plain idiocy. Just take no for a answer and move along

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  • Je
    Jerry Moon Mar 29, 2016
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    Today, we had 2 men ring the doorbell to our house. They stated that there has been a lot of complaints against AT&T. Then, they wanted to know if we had AT&T Internet service. Next, they wanted to see if we had any problems they could fix "on the spot." We rejected them and they went to my neighbors house. I called the police and AT&T. The police arrived while I was still on the phone speaking with a foreign person that couldn't understand English. Therefore, I ceased communicating with AT&T. I worked through the police department and reported them to San Antonio news. The police made the men leave my neighborhood and San Antonio news wants the story. The 2 men offered my neighbor a discount on her AT&T service, made a phone call, completed paperwork, and the police arrived. The men were not driving marked company vehicles.

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  • Lq
    LQuick Nov 01, 2015

    I accidently ran across this complaint site while doing research. Instead of being hostile to these sales representatives people should understand a few things that you should do first. 1. Check their IDENTIFICATION. Door to Door sales reps for any major multi-billion dollar company like Comcast, Charter, Cox Time Warner and AT&T Direct T.V. have a lot to lose if something bad happens at someones house because the company didn't do a background check to make sure this person is an upstanding citizen and not a criminal. Most cities require permits which means the local police due a background check on top of the one the contractor company does. Door to door reps who work for a contractor making a commission on sales at 100% and no salary are a special breed of people and some of the most loving and friendly people you will ever meet! Why? Well because that is just the nature of a person who wants to put themselves at risk of constant REJECTION day after day to bring you a better value than you could get on your own. We come to your house uninvited! Would it make financial sense to an individual (or a major corporation) to come uninvited to your home, your domain, your place of refuge, thinking that you are all mentally challenged and can't tell a better value for something that you use everyday? The truth is that most of the time that sales person has a better value to offer you if you would take a few minutes to listen instead of judging that person or condemning them for doing a job that is not only the very foundation of this great nation but the main reason of its very existence. America was discovered by a salesman, and named after a salesman. Then we were populated by a salesman. Sir Walter Raleigh sold coffee house to coffee house in London selling those ignorant, fearful, superstitious people on the ideal that they should leave their secure home of England and come to America where they would have religious freedom and a chance to become land owners. We were freed by a salesman. George Washington. We work on 100% commission and you call door to door salesmen and women fools, desperate, and hard up? Well what about those soldiers who knew they may not get paid and knew that if they lost that they would be hung as traitors. Only one third of the colonists really wanted independence and ALL of them knew that England had the most powerful army and navy in the world. Sales people are important, they make the difference because they inform you of your choices. If they knock on your door you should be especially proud of them that they take a chance on you not knowing if you are going to be a good or bad citizen when you answer the door. They have no ideal what has happened in your life that day and time, and they can't see through your walls to determine if today is a good day to knock on your door or not. Sales people are sincere, because they rely on you for one third of their sales REFERRALS. So please stop stereotyping door to door salespersons because at the end of the day you may think that you are satisfied with your current provider, but you may just be like everyone walking the earth and not know until you know (what he has to offer).
    And to the guy who said that someone knocked on his door when it was 10 degree outside, why not do like that kind man did to me when I was 225 miles from my home and working in Mishawaka, IN. and it was so cold that I even questioned my own mental state for being out there, he invited me into his home door way and said "I don't intend to buy your service, but you need to come in here and get warm because your boss shouldn't have you out here working when it's this cold. Does anyone know how good that made me feel about people? It reinforced my belief that I should love everyone because everyone deserves to be loved. Even us bothersome door to door salespeople. And for those of you who wonder why we do it. Well I don't know why you go to your job, but the life style, the ability to determine my own worth, have the time to enjoy it and the love I get in return when I help people get more for less and make their home entertainment even better than it was before they simply answered a few questions to see if I could help them or not is why I do this. Sales is not something I do to you, it's something I do for you. God Bless America. Without salespeople we would just be another Cuba.


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  • Er
    Eriboy09 Jun 29, 2015

    Sundaytimes10 explained it in the most accurate way. AT&T hires several marketing firms to sell their services and the salesman income are solely commission so best believe they're not going home broke. They don't just go to every single door, they have a lead sheet that indicates which services you have with AT&T and try to get you on the fiber lines because it's much better service for the same price or less.

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  • Na
    Nancy3205 Jun 01, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Shame on AT&T no wonder America is falling apart. Try and just call and you will speak to someone from another country with terrible communication skills, which is an oxymoron since they are a communication company! Then I tried to do business online which takes for ever to answer all their questions and just when the girl named Jill said she could fix my issues they crashed the Internet, so it was a waste of time! They use to be q great company to work for and they use to give excellent customer service but those days are gone! American companies do not invest in the people of America they hire from other countries and these sales people who may offer or may not offer the truth but they only care about getting their commission check they have no invested intrest in the Company they work for. They don't care if you are a happy customer. I was scammed by an online deal that said I would get a package for $89.00 a month plus a free land line. However, when the technician finished his work and had me log on it said my bill would be $150.00 a month! I asked him about it and I feel he should of been able to answer my question but instead said I would have to call this number he gave me. So I called and was transferd to one person after another and having to tell my story over and over again. I am disabled and have a failed neck fusion and holding the phone to my neck is extremely painful and the last man I talked to who I guess is their retention manager went on and on about how much money I am already saving and like how dare I even complain. That basically I should be grateful for the deal I received! I was appalled by his poor customer service skills and having been in charge of customer service and employee satisfaction for a large health care system for over 25 years I was trained the value of a good customer. One unsatisfied customer will tell over 10 people about their bad experience and will cost your company lost revenue. Word of mouth can destroy or make a company as we trust our friends and family much more than an ad on TV. They think they are so large now buying also Direct TV and having a monopoly on the cable and internet companies. However, as we have seen from history that many large corporations have gone broke and bankrupt in the past years and I believe it is all due to the service they provide. I would rate them a D-. Also, let's not forget that cable TV has tripled in prices over the last ten years so the people at the top are getting paid big bucks all on the backs of the almost gone middle class. We are the ones who have kept these companies in the black and we can also break them! With Netflix and other places like RedBox I see that soon companies like AT&T will be soon only a bad memory. We don't have to put up with them and the only way is to stop using them and only then will they get it that unless they provide customer service excellence we will choose another way to entertain ourselves. The social media is a great place for all of us to post our dissatisfaction with these companies. So keep talking and telling your story and we and only we the consumer can say No more! I am tired of paying my hard earned money on services that seem to forget I am the customer. So Mr. Retention Manager I am the one who pays your paycheck and you better think twice about telling your customers that we should be grateful for their prices. It only takes one second to delete them. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

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  • Po
    Pops Harris Jun 01, 2015

    For the third time since AT&T upgraded their fiber in my community in central Texas, I've answered my door to be greeted by sales people wearing shirts displaying the AT&T logo. For the third time I was disgusted by their sales tactics. I'm happy with my current provider but that statement never dissuaded them. No matter how many times I said I'm not interested and that I didn't want to tell them what I currently pay, they continued to push until I had to ask them to leave my property. Because of these sales tactics on behalf of AT&T, I will NEVER purchase products or services from AT&T.

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  • Jk
    JKmke Mar 07, 2015

    I just experienced the same type of aggressive sales pitch as described above, except on the northwest side of Milwaukee. Two young adults with AT&T Solutions badges rang the doorbell after my one year-old daughter had just gone down for an afternoon nap. Although I respect the right for everyone to make their living, I was displeased to be argued with after kindly explaining my situation and requesting that I not receive unsolicited visits like this one. If these sales calls are legitimate then the reps should be respectful of potential customers and not argue with them. AT&T should take note that this reflects poorly on their company image in the community and not only is not a good way to get business but may even turn people off to the company for future products and services. This is true even if the rep is 3rd party. Like most anyone, a tired parent does not want or need to argue with a sales rep at their door for any reason.

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  • Tj
    TJ Roth May 14, 2014

    I understand that you may think it's a scam, but I can assure you it is not. I work for a 3rd party companty directly contracted to AT&T U-verse just like this.

    Now beware, A lot of people can PRETEND to do anything just to make a buck. This doesn't mean we are. For example, I work for a 3rd party company called Monterey Marketing in Hurst, Tx. We are a legitimate 3rd party company contracted by AT&T to serve the Ft Worth and Dallas areas in Texas. With this in mind, We will NEVER ask for your social, we will never ask for a credit card or payment info. The way we work (IF we don't have company issued iPads with us) is we get some basic information, name, phone numbers, email address, authorized user if you want, etc etc etc. And then we explain to you that we have to call our backoffice, and they'll ask to speak to you, gather some more "personal" information, perform a credit check, You are free to walk away from us, and give them your personal information if you wish. We have no need to hear it and actually prefer not to. We don't write any of it down, anyways.

    But I can assure you, we are legitimate salesmen, and AT&T does contract us out for sales. We do work off of 100% commission, and as far as it goes for me, I don't lie to anyone, especially potential customers. SO no, we are not scammers, we are not liars. We might as well work directly for AT&T, but we don't. We work for 3rd party marketing company that AT&T Contracts solely for the use of their Fiber Optic Network Team sales.

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