AT&Tterrible customer service

M Feb 07, 2020

On February 1, 2020 I called att with quetions on why my wireless service had increased. We upgraded my daughter's wireless in November paid cash for the Iphone X. Yet my bill had increased. Twice in November 2019 two different Techs came out to repair my landline because when it rains the land line has very loud noise and you can not talk or hear. Each time I was ensured it was repaired. Today is Febraury 6, 2020 still evertime it rains my landline does the exact same thing and I take care of my 80 yr old mother along with working full time and we need the landline for her. My DSL goes in and out Techs have been coming out also, each time we are asured it is repaired. Saturday Feb. 1, 2020 I was on the phone for over an hour or more dealing with your customer service telling me they can not help me let me transfer you, then transferring me here and there to no pervail. I am so exhausted so tired yet no compensation for any of this. I don't know what else to do. I called what I thought was a coporate number you had listed and the same thing operators assuring me they could help me then tell me to hold so they could transfer to the right person. They transferred me so many times or place me on hold becasue(as they stated) you have a bundle and someone else had to help me. ATT don't care about me for real. I been with ATT over 30yrs when they was Bellsouth. I need some help because your service treated me bad in refernce to placing on hold then come transfer someone else and that is not working for me. I am so dissapointed. And I have not paid my bill becasue I feel I need to be compensated I am exhausted and just drained from your bad service. Malinda Baynard [protected] Prattville, AL [protected], wireless [protected], wireless [protected]. [protected]

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