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+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Mobile) 6 16
+1 800 901 9878(Wireless GoPhone) 4 4
+1 800 288 2020(Digital TV/Internet) 36 44
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Wireless Mobile
Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
Order New Service:
+1 888 333 6651
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+1 877 782 8870
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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Phone Service / billing errors

Since Dec. 2007, we have been charged for long distance calls we did not make. I have had to call At&t every month since trying to correct the issue. Every month we have to do the math to get the amount we owe At&t. Every month new charges were billed to us. I have talked to every...

AT&T Internet / modem rebate not received

I purchased DSL internet service with AT&T 12/07. I was told that I would receive $50 rebate for the cost of the modem that was initially charged to my bill. I was advised to wait for necessary paperwork and to fill it out with info and send in. As of March 2008 I had not received...

AT&T Support Plus / hiring non certified people

Hi, I worked for a year, I was told that nobody had certified and they did not hired even MCSE or Network plus certified people are hired and they messed. Isn't this false practice. Some of them even do not about self repelicating virus. They used remove in normal which used to...

AT&T Internet / not recieving my rebates

It has been over two months and I still have not recieved any thing in the mail about my rebates. Each time i call a representive tell me they have mailed it or it was returned. When i asked them about the address, it was correct. So why was it returned. Game playing. I am so dissapointed...

AT&T $89. 00 Rebate Dsl Gateway / no rebate coupon recieved

It has been 2 months since I have started my "new" AT&T DSL high speed internet. As a first time DSL customer, I was told I would get DSL for $10.00 a month instead of the $20.00 regular price. Along with this, I would also get a rebate coupon for the price of the Gateway hardware which...

AT&T Wireless / customer service

I have 4 phones with AT&T. My phone frequently has dropped calls, poor connections, or no service available. To complain and get support is so time consuming and nothing is resolved. I have overcharges on my bill and again to get it adjusted is so time consuming. There may be a partial or...

At&t / being billed for this???

I dont know and understand why i am being charged for this with the number 18002882020. I am being charged for $13. 49 and for what i dont know. It also should have been canceled since the month of march. Also shouldnt be charged for this for that amount. So please cancel it. Like i said...

Bellsouth (AT&T) / phone services bellsouth

Due to horrible customer service, we switched from Bellsouth telephone to Vonage. Bellsouth refused to release the phone number for two months (I had to call three times to get it released to Vonage). They finally released the number to Vonage but continued to bill me for the two month...

At&t / lies and deceit

I will never use AT&T again, in fact, I never want to hear their names mentioned in my house. For the past 4 months I have lived with their lies and deceit and now for my patience and loyalty, they have rewarded me with a $2354 phone bill, (my monthly average is always around $160.) Back in...

AT&T Universal Card / bad service

I got an AT&T Universal Card in the U.S. way back when it first came out. "No Annual Fee for Life" they said. Great! I moved to Canada in the late 90's and it was still an excellent card to use whenever I traveled back in the States. And it stayed great for me until late 2007/early...

AT&T Internet / gyrating pop-ups 999,999th winner

Completely bogus, highly annoying, can't-get-rid-of: "You're the 999, 999th winner." You push the delete red X, it just comes back (free will?). Annoying, obvious scam -- allowed by and perpetuated on AT&T Yahoo! Also, your unannounced rate increases ... Maybe to cover what you are being sued for?

At&t / I am pissed too

I was really happy when I got this situation settled I paid AT&T $691 through my checking account and thank God I DID. Palisades took it upon themselves to start freezing my bank account and garnish my checks, I took this case to legal services and they helped me a lot to resolve the...

AT&T Wireless / the most dropped calls

I have so many dropped calls at my house that I or any of my friends that have AT&T have to use my land line to make calls or call people back when they call on our cell phones. There is a cell phone tower which is visible from my back yard that does belong to AT&T and we still have...

ATT / unable to disconnect service

I have been attempting to cancel att callvantage for several months with no luck. When you sign up you use a credit card. They "keep" the last four digits as a password. If you attempt to disconnect, they absolutely require this number, no exceptions. Sooo, if you forget these four digit...

At&t / their service has been horrible

I work from home and the phone is an extremely important part of my business. This weekend I had no phone service. ATT customer service told me that I should make sure the problem was not my phone. I told the lady I would go buy a new phone as I did not have an extra one. She said I am...

AT&T Wireless / fraudulent charges!

Approximately six months ago two charges for communication purchases began showing up on my wireless bill. I refused to pay for something I did not authorize or order. I sent in my regular payment with a written request to remove these charges from my wireless bill. AT&T has not responded...

AT&T Wireless / at&t wireless poor customer service

During the past week I attempted to order service with AT&T Wireless. When their credit department was unable to access my credit report I was directed to contact Equifax. I contacted Equifax and determined that my telephone numbers needed updating and this would be completed in 72 hour...

AT&T Mobility / at&t cancellation glitch

In December of 2007 I thought I cancelled my contract with ATT Mobility, as we got very poor coverage in our local area. I asked to port my husband's business number to our new carrier, Alltel. Even though I asked what to do if Alltel was unable to port the number, I was never told I...

AT&T Mobility / waiving early out fee is a fraud!

When I moved from Victor, Colorado, where I'd had no service for the entire two years I lived there, the customer service representative named Shanara told me all I needed to do was fax her my new address and something with my new address on it, like a utility bill, and my early out...

AT&T Wireless / massive overbilling by att

I opened my wireless bill to find that I had been charged for over $3000 dollars for wireless internet that no one in my family used. It was charged to my daughter's telephone which did not even have a functional viewing screen. This charge came to me 3 months after I had the internet...

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