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AT&T Customer Service

AT&T Inc.

575 Morosgo Dr., NE Rm 14f67
United States - 30324-3300

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 288 2020(Customer Service)
46 71
+1 888 333 6651(Order New Wireless Service)
1 1
+1 877 782 8870(Check Wireless Order Status)
3 1
+1 314 925 6925(Support For Travel Abroad)
1 1
+1 800 901 9878(AT&T PrepaidSM)
7 9
+1 844 827 7057(Order New U-Verse TV Service)
1 1
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Internet Service)
1 2
+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Customer Service)
15 34
+1 866 294 3464(ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
3 1
+1 866 435 3264(Dial-Up Billing & Payments)
1 1
+1 877 990 0041(Order New Fixed Wireless Internet Service English)
1 1
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Digital Phone Service)
1 2
+1 866 975 0050(AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone)
1 1
+1 855 288 2727(Digital Life)
2 1

AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / internet service, customer service

leedunk on May 24, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a complaint about your internet and most of your support people, especially the ones associated with the internet. In the middle of February, 2018, I contacted one of your representatives about a TV and Internet connection. I spoke to Josh. He gave me a quote of $96.11...

AT&T / customer service

Francis Schneider on May 24, 2018

I called toll free number to complain about billing and and easy pay services — was talking to angry customer agent — about adjusting bill and getting a paper bill — it has happened before and almost feels like a scam to me — when this happens once it could be a mistake but 3-4 times it...

ATT Uverse / customer service

David Neumann on May 23, 2018

I cancelled u verse 26 feb 2018, returned equipment the next day (they knew equipment was en route because it was scanned as such at ups). March 13th my bank account was charged for services not available. I knew I would be prorated for unused prepaid services... But why would I be charged...

AT&T / residential internet service set up

Shellee Fecht on May 21, 2018

On Sunday, 5/13/18, I assisted my college age son in setting up internet service for his new rental home. I did internet chat about the best package as he doesn't watch TV but needs unlimited internet access. I ordered the Internet 100 package & was told I had to call the toll free number...

AT&T / installation tech never showed up to appointment, horrible customer service when trying to find out when they will get here.

LNRussell89 on May 19, 2018

I used to have AT&T about 8 years ago. I had all sorts of issues with them including charging me too much every month and me having to call them to get the correct bill amount. I finally decided to give them a try again since it's been so long and things change. Boy was I wrong in the...

AT&T / prepaid cell phone purchase

Kathy Poynter on May 11, 2018

I found an offer on AT&T's website for a prepaid cell phone. I was getting it for my 7 year old grandson. I went through 7 different customer service reps. I kept asking for a supervisor and was told I didn't need to talk to one, they could help me. I first ordered the phone on the...

AT & T / customer service

bridges2learn on May 11, 2018

I have been contacting At & T about a request for a refund for 3 weeks. I have been perfectly pleasant and they have disconnected me, guaranteed mangers call me back, guarantee an email determining the judgement in the case number, and have been rude and unprofessional. I was with the...

A T And T / incorrect billing

katoandsam on May 9, 2018

ATT has been billing my business for years for service that we have not used in 10 years. My company has many bills and this slipped under the radar and was always paid The phone # is 484-695-0382 The account # is 464063353369 I called and spoke with your person named PSKGX59 He was not...

ATT Uverse / internet and u-verse billing

ATT Ripped Me Off on May 2, 2018

ATT changes my bill all the time and I've had to call repeatedly to have them stop it. In March I called and spoke with a rep to cancel my service. They talked me into staying another 12 months for the same total bill price (around $130/month). Of course, this month, the discounts dropped...

AT&T / internet service/customer service

Straayer on Apr 30, 2018

The worst company I have ever dealt with! No wonder they have one start out of five. Actually, they should be in the minus category ! Avoid this company at all costs!!! My internet was fine until for no reason a technician came and replace the "pedestal " done by the road. Now, no internet or...

ATT Uverse / uverse tv

Shay12 on Apr 29, 2018

I have had it with this horrible signal! At least once a day I have to reset the modem due to signal drop. I have to reset no less than 3 times before it works. I live in Marietta Ga, not the backwoods. We are paying premium money...we have no other choice for carriers since the...

AT&T / iphone x bogo promotion scam

Amethyst D on Apr 28, 2018

On March 24, 2018 I entered an AT&T Authorized Dealer Store to purchase a new phone. The employee told me about a current promotion where if I purchased one IPhone X another IPhone X would be given to me at no charge. It was a BOGO promotion. I had him verify everything because I wanted to...

AT&T Wireless Service / cell signal at home

54Yoshis on Apr 26, 2018

I contacted an agent for help with signal issues, but the agents hands were tied regarding this issue of poor signal at my house. I mean, it's not like he could authorize a new tower or booster close to my home. That being said, the agent was very polite and expressed understanding of my...

ATT Uverse / transfer of service

acc21 on Apr 26, 2018

I have spoken with at least FIVE agents and the problem still isn't fixed. Before moving, I made an appointment to have my service transferred. It seemed so easy. Well this has been the worst mess ever!!! How in the world can a communications company NOT communicate with a technician to do...

ATT / wireless

Does ATT exist? on Apr 25, 2018

I spent endless hours to resolve errors on my wireless bill to no avail since I am getting nowhere by phone I am sending this complaint. On December 12 I called AT&T to terminate my Internet home service AT&T instead provided proposed Suspending my service on this line I later called AT&T...

AT&T / high speed internet/directv

barbara Geoffroy on Apr 24, 2018

I contacted A T & T on April 20, 2018 to discuss my plan with them. They told me that they would give me a deal on upgrading my DSL to high speed internet and DirecTV. I agreed and made an appointment with the customer service person to do the installation after 5 pm as I work for a...

AT&T / telecommunications product

dabywong on Apr 22, 2018

At&t is the most worst telecommunication public services I have ever ever has connect or used. Discrimination mexican against chinese, non approved charges cost in front of the customer that said no charge but they send you an invoice with huge amount of charges. (american chinese and...

ATT Uverse / fraudulent account

Terrycchef on Apr 18, 2018

I just pulled my credit report to find that ATT has allowed someone to open an account in my name at a fraudulent address. Despite the fact that I have had 7 yr fraud alerts on all of my credit reports for over 2 years. And I haven't even lived in the country for 8 years. Then sent the...

AT&T/Direct TV / refunding my $7 charged to my credit card

PRT109 on Apr 14, 2018

On March 7th we went to the AT&T store at 3057 RT 50 to inquire about switching to AT&T and Direct TV. A $7 charge was put on my credit card for the to come out and check if I would be able to get TV reception. An appointment was made for 3/9/19 between 8 and 12 and Direct TV never showed...

AT&T in Ocala employee Dione allen / mobile phones


Dione allen set up me and my husband's phones thru her account because she said it'd be way cheaper since she was an employee which would have been nice except a year later she demanded them back which we returned sunday and we transferred our phone numbers to metro because they...