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uverse account

I called last month and spoke to a supervisor at AT&T and was advised going forward my bill would 236.90. I received my bill this month and it is 260.17 the customer service rep that I spoke with said it was due to taxes and fees. Taxes and Fees are $23.27. Your customer service people have no knowledge of billing and how to resolve problems. They tell you anything to get you off the phone.
Deborah A Smith


I had a Richard Thomas call me today. My girl who answered the phone said he stated he was from Comcast in...


Hi everyone,

Coming here to ask for your help and suggestions on what you think should be my next steps. This is probably the most dishonest company I had business with in the past years.

Last February I called AT&T to discuss my wireless plan and complain about the so called "connection fee" ($20/month just to connect my smartphone to my plan, like I could use my plan in any other way). After being transferred to the Loyalty department and discussing with them I was offered an upgrade from my iPhone 7 to the new iPhone XR at a discounted price ($349 if I remember well) and asked to call back on the closure of my billing cycle to change for an unlimited plan. I asked and the agent clearly stated that from then onwards I'd pay a lower amount vs what I was paying at that time.

Fast forward, they have INCREASED my connection fee to $40/month, my plan was not changed and now I'm locked for 2 years in the contract because of the discounted phone. Which btw there's almost nothing discounted there, because on top of the $349 already paid I have these extra $20/month disguised as connection fee for the 2 years of the contract, so another $240 on the price.

Spoke to the Loyalty department yesterday and they say there's nothing I can do about it, I requested them to pull the recording of my call with the Loyalty department and they say that's not possible also, informed also that if I change providers I'll have to pay the early termination fees (around $300). On top of it to unblock my phone it would take about 2 months, since they say I have to pay my early termination fees (about 1-2 cycles after I leave) and then request it to be unblocked.

So my questions to you:
- Any suggestions on how to proceed from here?
- Does anyone know how to accelerate the unblocking of the phone once I transfer to another provider?

And my suggestions: don't EVER do business with AT&T!


mobile phone service

I have been an ATT customer for 17 years.
I have two lines and an apple watch currently.
I have two ATT next phones.
One phone was due to be returned.
I returned the wrong phone.
Instead of sending back the mistakenly sent phone ATT did the following:
1. Kept the mistaken phone
2. Asked for the correct phone.
3. Returned the correct phone and told me it was too late to return it.
4. Asked for the correct phone again and provided shipping
5. Returned the correct phone again and said it was too late to return it.
6. Asked for the correct phone AGAIN
7. Returned the correct phone and told me it was too late to return it AGAIN
8. Asked for the correct phone again and provided shipping AGAIN
9. Returned the correct phone again and said it was too late to return it AGAIN
And then charged me for the correct phone but kept the wrong phone.
Promised me two $25 credits for my trouble but did not give them to me.
Promised me credits for the correct phone.
Did not give them.
Cut off my service.
Charged me a restoral fee.
They keep telling they have opened a case for my issues.
ATT STILL HAS MY OTHER PHONE .. FOR THREE MONTHS. And ATT is charging me for the phone.
It has been three months of a total clown show.
I have been with ATT for 17 years, paid their ridiculous rates, been loyal even though ATT has always been a total disaster.
Now I am fed up and I am not going to take it anymore.
I am going to write a compelling and detailed account of every stupid thing that has happened and post it to every social media service in the world.
I am going to do a paid media campaign with your idiotic shenanigans.
I am going to get on television to tell everyone what ATT will do in place of doing the right thing.

dead zone with no cellular service in an area where at&t states there is cellular service!

We were informed that we would have cellular service at our new residence, 391 Crowe Drive, Highlands NC 28741 When we arrived there was no service within the entire neighborhood and had to drive 2 miles in either direction to put us in a service area. When we spoke with an AT&T representative about the problem being the reason we could not expand our package to include TV and Internet, he stated we could sign up for the expanded service and then we'd probably receive a signal at this location! Sorry, but we pay too much not to have phone service, and the problem needs to be corrected!

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wireless service

I would like a refund for everything. This phone costs too much money for me to keep having trouble. I have been having problems since I got this phone. I ordered it offline in February. I just would like my money back; you all can get the phones back and cancel everything I'll find me another phone service. I have to keep turning it off and on in order for it to work.


As an active employee service was 10.00 per month. After recently retiring I received a short message from att saying that my status had changed and will be reflected . No other notice was given... no other options were suggested...no opportunity was allowed to decide on packages or charges...just the next months bill was over 200.00!!! UNACCEPTABLE! After over an hour on the phone I found that a regular customer could get a better price than a retired employee? Really?? I cancelled my service after many years with directv.

over charging

We were moving mother from the third floor of an assisted living apartment to the first floor. The move wa...


My service has been crappy anytime it rained, snowed or the wind blew. Every channel would flicker in and out or totally freeze. Once the storm or weather was done it would return to normal. We recently had a wind storm with gusts up to 75mph. During the storm we lost a few channels and was receiving the 771 error code. I called the day after the storm to see what I needed to do to fix it. It was only affecting my living room tv. All other tvs in the house were working just fine. So the lady on the phone had me restart the box and a couple other things that did not fix the issue and then tells me that my cable is shot and I need a tech person to come out and fix/replace it. Tells me first that I need to either pay a 1 time 99 tech fee or pay a $9 a month protection plan. I asked what for, I was told that I owned the cable and had to pay for them to fix it because it wasn't AT&T's equipment. She proceeded to tell me that when I had direct tv installed that I paid for the cable and the remotes. So I agreed to the $9 a month fee and told her I would be cancelling the protection next month. I did not have $100 to pay a one time fee and am glad I didn't for the 5 mins it took to fix my issue. She proceeded to set up a time to have a tech come out, she gave me Monday or Thursday during the day. I explained that we all work during the day and that no one is available to come sit at my house for 4 hours or take off work to sit around. Told her I was done at 3 and could be home by 3:30 if the tech could wait until then. She told me she couldn't guarantee that and that they would call me before they came out and if I wasn't available I would have to reschedule. So Thursday morning I called and rescheduled my appointment as I knew I wouldn't be able to make it between 12 and 4 and the gentleman offered me the option of Friday morning or Saturday afternoon. I asked why I wasn't given this option to begin with for a Saturday cause I wouldn't have had to cancel. He said he was unsure cause they offer Saturday's for people who can't do it during the week. So Saturday arrives and my tech guy showed up a half an hour early which was great!! He came in and was very professional, took a look at what was going on and informed me that it wasn't my cable line it was actually my antenna that needed to be adjusted and fixed. He went outside and got on my roof and within about 5 to 10 mins he was back inside and put my channels back on and everything was fixed. Since he has been out I realized that this has been broken for awhile because for months I was losing channels, any amount of weather disrupted my service and this has been going on for over 6 months. And since he fixed whatever was broke we have had no issues during any kind of weather and we had severe rain and win again Saturday night. So my complaint is that 1. I was not offered a Saturday option for a tech to come out and was pretty much told to either stay home from my job or find someone to sit at my house for 4 hours cause there was nothing else she could do. 2. That I was forced to sign up and pay for the monthly protection service to have a tech come out to fix equipment that I don't even own. 3. I don't understand why I would buy cable and remotes when this service was installed, but the rest of the equipment is Direct Tvs? And why I'd get charged for anything faulty with any of the equipment? I pay a monthly fee to have a service and if it's broke I shouldn't have to pay to have it fixed. Which in this instance it clearly was the weather that caused the damage and had been broke for sometime and I have complained about that fact when I have called and complained about the rise in my price for service and nothing was offered or done then. For both my service and my price. Thank you in advance for handling this matter and correcting the situation. I pay a lot for a service that hadn't been working properly for months and when I call to get it fixed I'm not given the best options to rectify it and it ends up costing me more money. That is not great customer service and I have had numerous issues since ATT&T took over direct tv. I've been a customer for a long time but am looking at other options if things keep happening. Thank you again.

poor customer service

I called att in january around the 16th and told the csr danello that I was calling because my promo deal was ending in february and wanted to know what my options were. I also pointed out the the phone bill for a land line (it was 14.76) was not being used and I wanted it cancelled. I told the rep that I had not had a land line in 6 months and I was paying for a service I did not use. I didnt even look at the february bill I just paid it. Thats my fault. I picked up the march bill which is now even higher. My phone bill is now $42.02- I called today and spoke to annie in customer service who says there is no indication in the notes that I cancelled the phone line. I speak to her supervisor - same answer. They transfer me to the loyalty department and tell me that they can refund. I speak to louis in loyalty department who says the same - no notes saying I cancelled. I said somebody check the recorded call and see that I did request the cancellation. He said he cant do that. I speak to his supervisor - alex_ who says I can give you a 25.00 credit. I said that is nice but not fair. I cancelled this service. Why is the customer the bad guy when your employee does not do his job and use notes or follow through??? I am very unhappy with att today. My husband worked for att for 30 years and this is just wrong and not good business. I will eat the feb phone bill - for 24.08- thats my fault for not reading the bill. But really, I want the $42.02 refunded on the march bill. Please. I also have wireless thru att. I have been a customer for 40 years. Surely, something can be done to help me.

at&t u verse billing

I has tried for several weeks to resolve a future problem, I had a promotion that was to end on February 15, 2019 on my U Verse TV service, I had made several calls to get a better pricing on my service, I was told each time I called to call back on a different date to get a better price. I finally called on the ending date of the promotion (2/15/2019) I was told there was no promotions avaiable, so I canceled my service and went to Dish Network. I ws told since I canceled on the end of my billing cycle, I would have no further bills relating to U Verse TV. On today, I received an E-Mail saying I was past due on my account and that I owed $148.69 for TV service I no longer have.

I think that AT&T values new customers over existing customer, and has no regards for those have been with AT&T for several years. This is to inform AT&T that I will not pay that charges for service not used.

AT&T is on the verge of losing all my business and I will fight the charges with any means I have. Including Small Claims Court.

If you wish to discuss my concerns, you can contact me at [protected]

service rick cullen is the worst!

My calls keep dropping in my home phone Ive had 3 technicians come out an not fix issue the second technician Mario came out an assumed my 6 pound chihuahua was going to bite him because he was bitten by a dog before an wanted to spark a argument about it she wasn't bothering him but I put her outside he asked what the problem was I told him he assumed I had the wires plugged into the modem the wrong way I told him no because a triangle pops up where the Wi-Fi symbol is on my computer with the exclamation point with the triangle in it I walked out of the room he was like whatever [censored] I tried to contact the president of atat an I got rick Cullen whom after I explained everything to I asked about my credit he had the nerve to ask for what like I told him as a customer what I went threw he was basically saying why should we?


AT&T sucks. That's all I need to say. The customer service sucks. The entire company is a joke. I switched over from a very reliable cable company, one that I never had any problems with when it came to customer service or technical help. That company even sent a technician over last year to help during the Super Bowl. Well, I was roped in to getting AT&T. Since I've had it, there has been one technical problem after another. I called them today, once again, they did the same thing they've done about five times since I got it. Same result...nothing. Latest is what happened today. I spoke to a technician, she went through everything to get the issue resolved. Nothing. I asked to talk to her supervisor. I was told they weren't available. They would call me back in about an hour. Two hours later, nothing. I called them and asked to speak to a supervisor first thing. I was told they were busy. I spent another hour on the phone trying to speak to someone. For anyone who has or is thinking of getting any AT&T service don't. Get rid of it or don't switch to it. The company is pathetic. I was told to post here and I would receive an answer. Knowing what I know now, I sincerely doubt that this crap company will ever get back.


I live in a new development and I need internet for my business. I have been waiting for installation for 2 weeks they don't show up for appointments, I finally got a woman, who I could undrstand, to explain to me they had tech problems with the fiber, 4 appointments missed, I'm very upset terrible co to deal with, call me at6168906695 also they installed direct tv and left the wiring looking like a tumbleweed, take a little pride .

from kitsy burt

On Monday 1/21/19 I reported my home phone and internet were out, I work from home and this problem was an...

memory call/message link

This is service similar to voice mail that was set up for us by atandt could be 20! Years ago? This is for...


nhl center ice

These companies are undeserving of even a single star.

I responded to a website for at&t/direct tv for the nhl center ice in october. I added the service and was told that the price was $9.95 a month. Here is what the website said,

Nhl® center ice® on directv. Catch every slap-shot, check, and goal this season.
Nhl® center ice® (ch. 769-787) gives you up to 40 out-of-market games a week for the 2018-19 season. From the first face-off to the final stretch of the season, you'll feel the excitement of the game as you watch all your favorite teams and players. Plus, you also get nhl network™ during the season at no additional charge.
View nhl center ice schedule

Nhl center ice 2018
$27.49 /mo. For 4 months
$109.96 in 1 payment
Activate now

See attached photo for verification.

Clearly, the site says [protected] season. When I received my bill the service was $39.99 which my wife and I thought was for the first 4 months of service. No problem. Then we received the following months bill and they charges another $39.99.

After 4 phone calls, half a dozen people and hours of my time wasted I was told that I authorized them to charge me 4 payments of $39.99 which I did not do. Then I was told that the rates reflected on this website are for people who signed up after january 1st. Nowhere on this site does it say that. They made me so mad that I have canceled the service but was still forced to pay the $39.99. I call that theft. Do not trust anything the at&t or direct tv customer service people tell you. I'm contemplating canceling the entire service over this and just use netflix and amazon prime.

Neither at&t or direct tv can be trusted, so buyer beware!

nhl center ice

AT&T and Direct TV

refund of account credit of $2397.99

I have attempted for at least 3 weeks to get a refund of an overpayment I made to you, in error, on November...


direct tv

1/7/2019- I'm so frustrated with Direct TV service, reception, everything. Screen freezes constantly, recorded programs have no sound with choppy picture quality. I have spent hours and hours with their customer service and their technical support. Speaking to different reps and their supervisors. They all apologize, but do nothing! They once said that we should get warranty for the equipment for another $8.99/mo so each time they can come fix the problem! It's not just $8.99/mo that bothers me, but the fact that it's just too much hassle to call them each time, spend an hour on the phone and schedule the service! I cannot believe that people still get their service!! We were cable company customers for years and had none of those issues that we have with Direct TV. Unfortunately, they know that we are in contract with them for another year or so and they are taking advantage of us. They know that we basically cannot do anything! Please, please do your homework before getting their service!

direct tv
direct tv
direct tv


leaning pole been that way for 5 years

Please redirect info to proper dept for Akron Ohio. So have a leaning pole number on pole 86529 O.B.T.CO...

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