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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / Cell phone bill bait and switch

the central scrutinizer on Nov 17, 2015
last month I contacted att to pay the phone bill and have them remove my wife's phone and various other services as she has passed and no longer needs them . while speaking to the rep on the phone I inquired as to how much my total bill would be for just one phone and was told it...

AT&T / U verse and internet

Reviewer27373 on Nov 16, 2015
Lied about contract and price. Said one price. Call in every month for adjustment. Said if you have a contract on your internet only (not the tv service) this will be the price. Lied. Called in and now they say I have a contract on my TV. I am sick of these people and will not ever get service of any kind from these con artist.

AT&T / U-verse tv / directv unfair and costly practices

Russell Kobert on Nov 9, 2015
During our initial installation process of U-verse internet on 25 August 2015, we mentioned to the the technician that we originally requested U-verse TV but were informed during sign-up at the Snellville, GA store that this was unavailable. The AT&T technician stated that this was not the...

AT&T / Wireless

Big Billy222 on Nov 6, 2015
It's simple. I pay a lot every month for AT&T wireless service. When I called to complain that I get virtually no services at my house, I was told that I could pay $149 for a micro cell which runs off of my Comcast high speed internet. Really, I must use my Comcast service in order to...

Vesta AT&T / Unauthorized deduction.

elicec on Nov 6, 2015
I purchased AT&T zim card in Montclair and we agreed to pay monthly in the amount of $60 only. I heard from my daughter that she's paying in cash. I notice that it is automatically deducting from my debit card. But e last Sept. they deduct $10 plus the $60 for the monthly. For the month of...

AT&T / Rewards card

bobylhaj on Nov 3, 2015
This is crazy! I can tell that At&t values customer satisfaction the least ! I started my contract with At&t (U-verse) early August and I was supposed to receive 250$ Visa gift card. After about 3 months I noticed that I have not yet received anything! I called them and they told me that...

AT&T / Customer service

Reviewer44798 on Nov 1, 2015
I contacted ATT Oct 1 about my MYFI using data exorbitantly. After 2 hours on the phone with someone who did not speak very good english, have very good customer service skills, parroted the problem and wouldn't answer my questions, and finally acquiesced and got a supervisor. At the...

AT&T / DirecTV Bundle

Reviewer96274 on Nov 1, 2015
Wife had to go to AT&T store about my daughter's phone. While there...sales rep.(manager of this store) got my wife interested in the Direct TV. Told her AT&T was going to stop U-verse, shortly. Explained to my wife that we could sign up and try it for 30 days and if we didn't...

AT&T / Mobile service

Reviewer82095 on Oct 28, 2015
Att setup an automatic withdrawal without my consent. When questioned about it, the customer service representative told me it was an error and cancelled it. Low and behold the money was taken from my account the next day. I then received a message the very next day that I was re-enrolled...

AT&T / Very bad rude call center rep

anwigg on Oct 24, 2015
I called in to see why my phone service was not restored. The representative jamel williams was trying to upsale me. I told him I wouldn't get approved for a credit check, this rude guy ran my report anyway, after I asked him not too! He asked me for my social said he had to verify my...

AT&T / U-verse billing

Reviewer38298 on Oct 23, 2015
I added U-Verse to my home system which had att telephone and internet. When I first contacted AT&T to add the U-Verse to my home I was told that my bill would be $105.00 plus tax. Sept. I received a bill from att for $337.46 to my surprise. I called att and spoke with The agent Grace on...

AT&T / Activating a new phone

stonzee on Oct 23, 2015
I ordered an upgraded phone using the Next plan. I attempted to activate I check the account and the Next contract had been applied to my old phone. And whenever I try to activate it I get a message that there are no available numbers on my account. I tried talking to AT&T but was transferred to the Billing Dept. Seriously!!

AT&T / U-verse internet and phone

Reviewer47055 on Oct 22, 2015
My DSL mysteriously went down just as I got a call the caller ID said AT&T the voice told me that they had stopped my DSL & had to upgrade to U-Verse. They sent a tech who brought the with no battery & further installed it incorrectly, made several holes in my walls clear thru to the...

AT&T / Digital life security system

Reviewer48745 on Oct 21, 2015
On Oct 5, ATT installed a security system, I had received additional equipment as a gift, so decided to return 3 sensors expecting a credit, I was told no by Broadway a supervisor, so I asked to have them returned, he said no again, so I told him that I sent them in if I cannot get a...

AT&T Uverse / Possible spoofed svc call: free text: message to call 8667385658 regarding uverse service and phone change

Jim Stigers on Oct 17, 2015
My mobile phone rcvd a text, supposedly a Free Text: with message regarding Uverse service and phone change scheduled for 20 Oct, that they needed more information and a call from me to resolve it I then called 8667385658, and experienced the longest delayed service tech calls that we have...

AT&T / Bundling of wireless and directv

Reviewer67990 on Oct 16, 2015
I went to AT&T store to make sure my son had access to our account so he could use the insurance to replace his phone. When we were there the customer service representative talked us into bundling cell phones and Direct TV by stating that we would get a wireless receiver and watch tv in...

AT&T / I made a post on at&t facebook page

On oct. 12, 2015 i posted a message on at&t facebook page..Still awaiting a reply from linda b social media specialist and steve b social media manager--made another post today oct. 15, 2015 requesting a reply--i am hurting within because i have been an at&t customer for 15 or more...

AT&T / Reward card

Reviewer64785 on Oct 15, 2015
I recently moved to a new home and decided to give Uverse a try. I researched offers on-line and then called with questions so that I could make a decision. I decided to purchase the bundle(tv, internet and phone). The reward that was offered was a $300 card. Also I was told I could...

AT&T / Digital life alarm box - issue

Reviewer43207 on Oct 8, 2015
My alarm box keep beeping an it said DLC disconnected an I call them to send someone to come out an fix it they told me what to do an it still going off they told me they will put me on standby because they didn't have no one in my area. It is going on three days they just don't care after they sign you up.

AT&T / Direct connect tech support subscription

Day after sub and tech support, got call - caller id displayed att number - 877-303-2243 - that is the number answered by ATT-DC tech! Said follow up on previous nights service show a problem. They had my name, knew my phone number and that I had service the night before - over 5 hour...

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