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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / Rude employee

Careta on Mar 6, 2016
On march 4, 2016 between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm a friend and I entered the at&t store at 5635-1 san jose blvd #323 in jacksonville, fl. When we entered, the attendant was serving a couple, the only other customers in the store. He appropriately greeted us and said he would be with us in a few...

AT&T / Landline home phone / internet

Jiaa on Mar 6, 2016
Hi to all @ complaintboard.com This is about a home phone and a internet service received at my apartment from AT&T. I am AT&T's customer since October 2014 and I pay my bills fully and by the due dates through my bank's online bill pay. Never defaulted on any bills so far. The reason for...

AT&T / At&t u-verse bundle

jim.spring on Feb 27, 2016
Ripped off by AT&T. They usually us my phone number to identify me, which 440-842-2313. I am retired, on a fixed income. So December 2015, I realized there were some services in my U-verse bundle I wasn't using. I wasn't watching the premium channels very much, plus I had 2 receivers that...

AT&T / Uverse - equipment return to have taken off my bill in collections

Vickyd on Feb 25, 2016
At and T has refused to take back there equipment which they billed me for stating after 14 calendar days if not returned it remains yours and you have to pay for it. I told them I had never been told any information regarding this policy, and what use do I have for the equipment. I...

AT&T / Prepaid service—vesta

Reviewer55585 on Feb 20, 2016
They allow unauthorized charges. If you use them once, you are stuck (for life). Be careful with them. They think that if you use them one time, you want to stay with them. They do not discontinue your service when you request and continue to charge you and then refuse to give your money...

AT&T / U verse

Reviewer76666 on Feb 3, 2016
I have U-verse Internet. When the internet stopped working I was told I had to open a new account in order for it to work and a technician would have to come and "install" despite the fact there was no equipment change. Internet started working again later that night. Now I am billed...

AT&T / Uverse - All of it

Nessia Allen on Jan 26, 2016
Have continuous service calls due to equipment not working, had 5 technicians out in December, 2015. 2016 starting out with yet another service call. Billing department has lied and bills goes up almost every month. The bill is suppose to be the same for a specified period of time, but...

AT&T / U Verse

Reviewer65533 on Jan 25, 2016
Called AT&T sales service on 12/2/2015 and checked the promotions and sales rep gave a monthly service fee of $42/- for 45mbps speed with waived installation fee(99) and waived equipment fee(7/month). Got suspension notice on Jan 11th that if 120.01 is not paid by Jan 11th service will be...

AT&T / Telephone contract

Reviewer57208 on Jan 21, 2016
I purchased a telephone for a Christmas gift this past year. The telephone came with a free Android pad. It was a high pressure sell and I was not advised of a fourteen day period to cancel any devices that are activated. In fact, I was advised that I could deactivate a device at anytime...

AT&T / U Verse

Reviewer93481 on Jan 20, 2016
01/18/2016 my daughter contacted me stated that their Internet service was disconnected, I pulled up her billing statement on line and payment was current and due 01/21/2016. I called customer service, and was advised that on 01/16/16 an ATT customer service rep Matthew Breasden had placed...

AT&T / Cell phone

Reviewer42453 on Jan 19, 2016
I added a cell phone to my U-verse acct. The cell phone arrived with a temporary number I took the cell phone to the humble at &t store to get a my number ported over. The rep. In the store called their support team who instead of porting the number over cancelled the temp line, open a new...

Wireless AT&T / Secret charges

Reviewer85281 on Jan 15, 2016
You randomly chose to add $91 dollars to my bill. Saying there is a 2year contract fee...why on God's green earth would I pay you money for your entering me into slavery to you for 2 years? I have been a loyal ATT customer for over 50 years and feel that I have been treated like crap. I...

AT&T / U Verse technician

Reviewer37099 on Jan 9, 2016
Lo estuve esperando al tecnico desde las 830am asta las 1230pm y nunca fue a mi casa a tocar ni me ablo estava afuera por 30min y luego me mandaron un tex que no pudo entrar a mi propiedad. Fue mentira yo sali 3 veses afuera y el estava ablando por telefono por media hora. Y yo estoy...

AT&T / Uverse - gigapower

ttum on Jan 7, 2016
ATT installing new GigaPower services in San Antonio Texas. Not using existing ATT right of way. They chose to route thru peoples yard. Basically told property owners we don't care and not only tore up lawns but hogged all the right of way in front and back of the homes so other...

AT&T / Wireless

Reviewer14308 on Jan 6, 2016
Getting your cell phone unlocked by AT&T is a complete hassle. I have recently purchased two new phones from them & wanted to give my other smart phone to my mother (who had a cheap phone from Consumer Cellular) because the one she had was broken. After recharging & reprogramming my old...

AT&T / Uverse - billing and customer service

Patricia Sykes on Jan 6, 2016
12/10/15 After 5 attempts of correcting my father-in-laws bill that was consistently $50 overcharged each month (going into the store each time to correct), we finally gave up and told them we were cancelling the service. In doing so, they proceeded to call the corporate office and tried...

AT&T / AT&T Wireless

AngeliaR on Dec 21, 2015
I made an online payment arrangement with AT&T. I recently changed banks from Frost to Bank of America. Due to being with AT&T or so long I had a feeling something would go wrong so I even called back to verify that they take the payment from the proper account and of course they did not...

AT and T / Billing

dogbert88 on Dec 19, 2015
I bought an iPhone and an iPad mini in Sep. I was told, in response to my specific question, that I could pay off the balance on the iPad online after my first bill. I did so with a credit card in October. The following month, the installment plan was 'reestablished' and my account balance...

AT&T / Direct tv and at&t phone lines - the worst customer service

neveragain att on Dec 14, 2015
In Nov they called with a special deal to combine the business line, Direct TV and they included a cell phone. They set up the account under a residential account after telling them twice it was a business account. They never installed nothing and the cell phone was sent back. A month...

AT&T / Rollover minutes

Reviewer38837 on Dec 13, 2015
Confused? When exactly did ro min. Start expiring? I've been with att since they were motorola and then cingular now att. Back then their commercials ads were "rollovers" never expire! I too downgraded from 750 to 450 with over 5000 ro mins. They took all of them! Until i pitched a fit and...

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