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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Uverse / Aggressive marketing by at&t uverse

problems with AT&T on Nov 9, 2014
An interest in overseeing the expense and learning about options for home phone service sparked and investigation. I was alive when we had party-lines and operators worked on switchboards. Life was slow and simple and honest. I feel tired and overwhelmed from being bombarded by gadgets and...

AT&T Uverse / Not honoring promotion

corellana on Oct 16, 2014
I had a previous promotion which was going to expire on 09/09/2014. So on or about august 29, 2014, I called at&t customer service, to require about other promotions being offered. At that time, I was offered a promotion of $126/month for u-verse tv u300 and u-verse high speed internet -...

AT&T Services Truck Driver / Hazardous / reckless driving

kirKaui on Oct 9, 2014
Encountered an AT&T truck driver on my way to work this morning (around 7am) who was either a horrible driver or really enjoys using his AT&T truck (photo attached) to mess with other drivers. I was driving behind him in the right lane since we exited I5 onto Gilman Drive. When we got to...

AT&T Home Phone / A bill for non-service

T Scanlin on Sep 30, 2014
Account # 847 235 2627 2357 On July 30, 2014, AT&T was to have installed a home phone line. No one showed up that day or ever and a phone line never worked. However, I received an invoice for installation and service. I have spent a total of about 7 hours waiting, talking, chatting being...

AT&T Long Distance International / Extreme static and poor connections

J Duffy on Sep 23, 2014
We have AT&T international for our long distance service for calling the Philippines. The service is very poor with consistently bad connections and third parties breaking into my wife's conversations with her sister in Mindanao. We have complained about this to At&t before with no...

AT&T / No level of competence in services

NoRecourse on Sep 22, 2014
This is a new low even for AT&T. I used their online chat for support on questions for the much in demand iPhone 6. I was only asking a question but the representative just went and cancelled my phone order that I spent a lot of effort to place in early! He never bothered to confirm first...

AT&T U Verse / Signal quality

Balch Springs TX on Sep 15, 2014
We had at&t for a year now and we have never gotten a full month of good signal quality. To date, we have had 20 techs come to our address and replace all and everything to be told what i always have known. The problem is outside of the house underground and the only ones who can fix it...

ATT / Will not help

walter asbell on Sep 9, 2014
It took over 6 weeks to get my home phone and my cell phone. The manger that's works there does not like any one you was in vietnam said we were all baby killers and then said I told him I would kill him I never said that I still do not have a phone that works but they said its my...

AT&T / U - Verse Bundle / Bait and switch

PaulER on Sep 9, 2014
I originally had Dish with a reasonable deal, but I was not aware of it. When my contract was over with Dish, AT&T made a promise to me as a customer they would not live up to. I started with U-200 plan and found it was not what they claimed it to be. After contacting them I was told I...

Internet AT&T / Installation service

BIGRIGG on Sep 4, 2014
I am a customer of AT & T company, an employee of this company technician did an internet installation in my home, there was a negligence not to put a ground. In recent days, there were storms in Houston, TX that caused that will damage my computer through the modem. The adjuster of...

AT&T Home Phone Service / Repair service

ridgerabbit on Sep 3, 2014
Ever since last January, my daughters phone has went out every two months. I called it in the middle of May. Three missed appointments and a visit from the district manager it was fixed again. Less than two months later, it was out again. Was told it would be 16 days till it was fixed...

AT&T Home Line / Service over year final bill , credit damaged

Jerry Goedde on Aug 31, 2014
I had land-line installed over year ago, continued service problems and billing rates changes, service changes I did not make complaints to owners where live internet compromise's and moved temp. 3 mths had service disconnected at time tried to go to wireless orderd was told del of...

AT&T / Phone not working

nicole wells on Aug 29, 2014
wow, yall's service really suck. i think yall should have to give us a free month with all this crap yall are doing. my phone wont work for 2 hours at a time EVERY SINGLE DAY because all the ### yall are doing to the towers. yall need to fix it. you could possibly piss someone off and...

AT&T Uverse / Non responsive

Irate x-customer on Aug 22, 2014
I have made multiple requests for the past year and a half to be removed from their "mailing list" and now they have resorted to sending mail addressed to my deceased mother! I have requested they remove my address not just my name from their mailing lists to no avail. I would appreciate...

AT&T / Installer

Louis Barnett on Aug 21, 2014
Report from our receptionist: 8/21/2014 12:35PM: A service tech carrying several boxes from AT&T rang the buzzer for access to lobby. When I let him in and asked if I could help him, he said he was here to install some parts. I asked him if he had a contact name and he said Stephen Alexander...

AT&T Connectech / Fraudulent business practices

aaaaaattttfraud on Aug 20, 2014
Do not buy at&t internet services because they have fraudulent business practices. They claim to be at&t but when there is a total billing error related to non - service of at&t connectech, at&t does not claim responsibility. On may 10, i inquired on the internet about at&t uverse tv, but...

AT&T / Over charges (Payments)

Robert Delancey on Jul 31, 2014
To whom this may concern, july 30, 2014 I robert delancey is disputinfg the charges of $360. 90 from at&t because i do not owe them that, i have been with at&t for some years and constantly had to call them about over charges on my bill, i have recently terminated they services because they...

AT&T Uverse / Violation of contract

DMPL on Jul 16, 2014
June 19h started multiple services phone, internet, cable. Phone working less than 1/2 the time, both incoming and outgoing calls. Phone repaired On Wed. got a phone call on home phone from someone whom of which used our old home phone number without issue.(thenly nmber they knew) On...

AT&T Cellular Service / Cell phone insurance - slamming

David L Hensley on Jul 3, 2014
Customer beware: when you buy a smart phone from at&t, check your phone bill every month! We were slammed with un-requested cell phone insurance which was disguised on the phone bill among all of the taxes and junk fees (They even broke the charge into two different amounts to help...

AT&T / Door to door sales liars

UC1Man on Jun 29, 2014
AT&T sales people (I don't think they work for AT&T) all seem to be big liars. Last year a young gal told me she was checking my internet speed with her cell phone. I have a totally hard wired system and when she flashed me her phone she had one of those "check your internet speed"...

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