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billing, never received a paper statement

AT&T has not complied to my request of a paper statement and I do not pay bills over the internet. We are in...

chat service

Just got off the chat service (Oct. 8, 18; 9:30pm) to get a detailed bill for my wireless service (the new bill format is not acceptable for my employer to process reimbursements). The chat agent was arrogant, rude, sarcastic and outright lying that he checked on the community forum and there were no complaints about the new billing format. I'm reconsidering why I stayed with AT&T for 15 years. If this is how your customer service folks treat the consumers, it speaks volumes about how the company cares about customers. Pl. see the chat script attached. I'm seriously upset and wanted to take it to social media and see if others feel the same way.


My name is Romayra E. Warner. My wireless number is [protected]. Two weeks ago I received a text message...

internet services turned off

I have reiterated my story to so many associates over the past year that it is challenging to have hope that...

worst company ever I hope your headquearters burns with everyone in it

worst costumer service ever, ive never exerience such such bad service in my intire life is a shame, ive wasted 9 hrs of my life to solve a problem that is not even my fault and no one in any department knows how to fix it. im sure that to work for you guys your requierment is to be a [censored]ing idiot plus drop out in elementary 0 [censored]ing clue of how to solve an issue for a client thats being with you guys for 10 years no one manager gets involved to help, im sure all their doing its sucking eachothers [censored]ing [censored] cause thats the treatment that you get when you call your costumer service you guys [censored]ing suck soo bad im sure it will go bankrupt in the near future because of the incomptent staff that helps on the phone, i wish the [censored]ing headquarters burns and everyone in it so you guys can maybe have elon musk build you some robots that im sure that it will be better tht anyone in that facility, [censored] you guys time 1000x
ps . im not paying that remaning $445 in my account until i get a break down of my whole intire bill in my face you guys can contact me to [protected] or [protected]@gmail.com or contact your employee amoy roberts id#ar9472

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wireless service

Wireless service-I had an issue with my phone and service. I called last week to resolve it. I was given a...

unauthorised credit card charges by vesta at&t

Recently I was charged 32 USD on my multi-currency credit card which I had got from my country. I bought the sim around two months back and am a student here. I making separate payments for at&t phone charges and yet some company called Vesta At&T has deducted 32 dollars from my card without letting me know or my permission.
I want to know how do i get my money back and how do i stop such payments.
I did not expect this AT&T. This is completely unacceptable.


I bought prepaid to use while I was in the usa. Before leaving the country I turned it off. Being back in...


direct tv/directv now

I received a letter from Credence Collection regarding my AT&T Direct TV account last week after receiving...

merge account with ex-husband/smart limits access

For approximately 1 year I have been trying to get at&t to remove my ex-husbands acct info from my sign on. I...

customer service complaint

I visited the AT& T store at 13089 Peyton Drive Suite a, in Chino, Hills, California. I spoke with a customer...

international charges

Hello, I have been complaining about International long distance charges on my wireless phone from last 4...

all services

5/18/18 Called ATT to discuss my bill because the amount from April to May went from $238.87 in April to $...

customer service in fairfield ca, solano mall

Yesterday (9/22/18) I went to the agent in Solano Mall, I asked about my wife's phone why iy was freezing and...

customer service

I took delivery on an ATT trimline land line phone a week or two ago and upon receiving it immediately realized it wasn't what I needed because it does not have caller ID--my mistake.
I then called a phone number for (what I thought was) the local ATT office in Leominster, MA, and was told by the young woman who answered the call that I should bring the phone (in its unopened box) to the Leominster office for reimbursement. She specified that "It's better that you drop it off at one of our offices so it won't "get lost in the mail."
I delivered the phone to the Leominster office last week and was told by the lip-studded clerk that "we cannot accept anything ordered online."

Yesterday evening I called ATT for some sort of resolution to this iditocic runaround and, after a lengthy wait, got yet another yet another runaround--"somebody will call you in the next day or so..."

What is the problem here??? I simply want to return a phone--in its original unopend packaging--for credit.

Why does this simple act turn into an idiotic, mind-bending, bureaurcratic perfotmance?

I hope to get a serious answer and resolution about this within, say, five days. After which I will turn this matter over to the Consumer Protection Office of the MA Attorney General. I've had dealings with that office before and have had excellent results.

ALL I want from ATT is a return label to allow me to return this item for credit. My Reference # (& customer PO) is 3822577, on a packing slip dated 9/7/2018, shipped from Merchant Expo llc, 80 Micro Drive, Jonestown, PA 17038.

My address is 10 Edgell Avenue, Gardner, MA 01440.

Thnak you.

I hope.

phones not paid off as part of an agreement for a special ran last april, I believe it was.

AT&T ran a special on the 8+ S phones (buy one get one free, plus reward cards back). My wife and I...


On August 18, 2018 I received a call from ATT about my Internet. They persuaded me into switching from Dish TV to Direct and bundle Internet. I was told it would only cost me approximately $80 per mo. After the installation the Direct TV/Uverse is not working properly and they will be out this Monday to fix. I got a bill saying I owe $185.67. I called last week and got the Phillipines and was on hold for an hour. The manager agreed to call me back in 5 hours which she did and got an ATT person on the phone as well. They said the problem was that my bill was not yet combined but my bill for the month will be $83 + tax. Again I got a bill for the $185.67. Again I got the Phillipines and again they had to call me back. THen I called Amercia and they said that there is a $105.00 fee for installation. No one ever told me I would have to pay for installation. I already have Uverse so why would I have to pay that and I got a review of my order from Direct TV and it says "0" installation fee. ATT today told me they emailed my order and the fee was on there. I never received that at all. And the manager that I spoke to last week never told me that either. Thisi s all news to me. I do not feel I should have to pay this installation fee. I was never told by ATT that I would have to pay this. I would never have switched if I had known this. Please help me. I have been an ATT customer for years.

THank you,
Patricia L'Abbe

telephone wire hanging down from the pole into the weeds.

I was mowing on Sept 19, 2019 on a riding lawn mower when I ran over some telephone wire in the weeds. One...


This account, while in my name, was an account for phone, fax, and internet service for my husband's business. He is the owner of a small business of which he is the only employee and for which I handle the books and company service records.

In August, prior to his closing one office and moving to another, I initiated a port of our only phone line, [protected], to wireless. As I explored the options available to us in this move I was told that it would take 24-48 hours to port the number. I chose this option believing it would best serve us as well as offering a limited interruption of our phone service. I was immediately able to make phone calls from this number by cell phone. We were unable to receive calls and anyone calling the business was told they had reached a disconnected number. 48 hours in when the port was not complete I contacted ATT and was told it could take the full week. When it was still not complete I called again and was told it could take into the following week.

It was not possible or feasible for us to allow this to continue. My husband receives all business by phone and we had already lost 1 week of potential business, or 25% of our monthly income. I disconnected the number and got a new phone number which we then placed on all advertising and relayed to our current clients. This was on 8/9/2018. I arranged for a port of our fax number to a different company. The port was completed on 8/17/2018. At that time I called ATT and canceled the internet - which should have been the only service remaining on this account. There was bill due but as the cancellation of these services would have credited back to me what had already been paid on the account and I would not owe what was billed I asked for and was told I would receive a final bill.

In mid September I received a bill which not only billed me in full for the entire range of services on the account through the month of cancellation but also billed me for the full account for service through Oct. 2. When I called ATT I discovered that none of the services had been cancelled - this despite the fact that one of the phone numbers was now being used and billed by another service provider.

I am writing because I have experienced SO many continual problems with ATT. I have 3 accounts with this company and have been a customer of theirs in one iteration or another since I first got phone service in 1978. I have never used another phone provider. However, in 2017 at this exact time of year they accidentally disconnected my husband's business line leading to us having an unplanned service outage lasting almost a week. This happened when I called to disconnect service to an iPad and they disconnected the wrong number. I have spent more hours on the phone with ATT, and consistently received differing information from each person I have spoken to than I can even begin to describe.

I cannot make good decisions for our business or for our personal needs when I do not receive correct information from my service provider. I am tired of the errors and the mistakes. I am tired of complaining and receiving no response. I am attaching the letter I sent to ATT last year at this time because it so aptly demonstrates the problems I continue to encounter with this provider and the difficulty that it has caused me.

I would like a response - something - for the difficulty that I experienced last year and for the difficulty experienced this year. I spend in excess of $5000/yr in phone service and it is a given that the errors last year and this year cost my family at least that much if not more of our yearly income. I would just like to know that someone has heard my complaint and is responding.

inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])

I noticed in late June my July 2018 wireless billing statement an unusual increase in charges (doubled amount) and made an inquiry to AT&T customer support. I was informed by the AT&T representative that it appears the charges were from an overseas call through a third party application on my wireless phone. I acknowledged that I do have the third party application (What's App) on my phone and have used it to place IP based calls to a family member overseas on several occasions and provided the dates and times to the representative. Following a 12+ month history review of my cell calls, the representative was able to confirm I had placed calls of like nature before overseas and had not had the charges appear as a standard international call using the AT&T service since the calls were via my ISP. A customer incident ticket was generated (CM [protected]-[protected]) to review and resolve the charge which was made in error since I was using my ISP's service to make the call.

July's bill was paid minus the (errant amount) as I awaited resolution to overcharge issue. I placed a call in Late July with no resolution and again on August 4th where I was hung up on by an overseas ATT&T representative. I immediately began a chat session (attached) with Yury where I was assured this would be resolved and in good faith scheduled a payment 16 days out in order to cancel when the issue was resolved and schedule a normal payment. Following up August 11th on the status a week later, I called and was again disconnected and again established a chat session (attached) with AT&T representative Mary (overseas rep). I could not hear Mary at first because of the loud conversations and sports gaming (Like bets being placed) noise in her background. Eventually we were able to speak and I was informed first it was approved then it was declined and Mary excused herself and transferred me to her supervisor Aubrey which had the same loud background noise. Aubrey reviewed the history and noted that the request needed a higher level of approval and asked for a number to call me directly. I gave her my LAN line number but she was unable to get through so I gave her my AT&T cell number (redacted/deleted from text) and she responded that she could still not get through which was baffling. AT&T can't reach their provided AT&T number through their AT&T service? Aubrey then push the conversation over to the general customer service number which I called earlier and disconnected the chat.

On August 15th I called and spoke with AT&T representative Carlos and there was no change in the status and as an AT&T loyalty reward, credited my account $50.00 with the anticipation the matter would be resolved in the coming week which was appreciated. On August 20th with no response in two months and total loss in confidence in AT&T's commitment to resolve this matter without further damage to my credit rating, I transferred my service to another service provider while awaiting some resolution to my dispute. Today after viewing an email from AT&T requesting payment, I called and spoke with AT&T representative Mick and was informed the request was rejected and the only explanation cited was for invalid data. I asked on what basis was the data invalid and what was needed to make it a valid submission. Also, why was I not informed on the 11th this was rejected? AT&T rep Mick responded that the entry was made to inform me but the individual making the entry did not include any of my contact numbers.

Rep Mick was unable to clarify further to the other questions but also noted an additional prorated charge for additional monies after I had discontinued service prior to the new billing cycle. Mick mentioned that the billing cycle was from the 5th of the current month into the 4th of the next month at which I could not understand why I had previously been charged with a late payment fee at the beginning of last year when the payment due for the billing cycle had changed. Being more disgusted with the entire situation, I thanked Mick for his assistance and verified this was the final bill I would receive from AT&T and hung up.

After nearly 18 years with AT&T I find this incident very disturbing and in my opinion unethical in practice. I would like these erroneous charges removed to include the late charge and the report updated to the three credit reporting agencies removing any negative reports from AT&T.
Thank you.


Lee Sias

inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])
inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])
inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])
inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])
inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])
inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])
inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm [protected]-[protected])