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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / at&t customer service pentagon city mall

Khan2016 on Aug 23, 2017
My husband using a prepaid line for $45. I was using Tmobile service the suddenly he noticed if he add me on his account then we have to pay $75 monthly. We will save $10. So went today pentagon city mall at&t store to get mine service. The associate name Rashad was so rude and he have...

AT&T / do not believe them

Sonia on Aug 21, 2017
They are liars, I recommend you not to listen and not to believe what they say. They will cheat you, this is their job. I bought a phone with a plan that was advised by their representative. But when I came to the store the price was higher and I had to pay $135 per month. When I contacted...

AT&T / wireless

Leslie3kids on Aug 20, 2017
I used to love AT&T but now I despise it! The customer service has gone down hill and the cost for service has gone up to where I can barely afford the bill. If I had the extra money I would switch in a heartbeat. I have been a loyal customer for many years but now I am just disgusted...

AT&T / dtv promotional deception

Ron Cahalan on Aug 17, 2017
At the end of December 2015, AT&T and DTV ran a promotion offering the NFL Sunday Ticket for 2 years at no cost if you switched from cable TV to DirecTV. We subscribed. All of a sudden last month, we were being billed for an additional $45 for the NFL Sunday Ticket for 2017 season! (It is $45...

AT&T / the sorriest service

Davon on Aug 17, 2017
their service is the worst. TV and internet work bad. The internet is slow, I think if I sent a letter using a pigeon post it would be delivered much faster. I decided to change the provider to another one because I'm fed up with your silly service. I will surely change our family's cell...

AT&T Direct TV / cable

Jessica B Martinez on Aug 15, 2017
In July 2016 I walked into an AT&T store to purchase a new power cord. While I was there the manager told me AT&T had purchased Direct TV and they were transitioning out of UVerse. The manager told me that AT&T was giving an incentive to UVerse customers to switch to Direct TV and offered...

AT&T / wireless

Rui Yang on Aug 12, 2017
1. I terminated service with ATT on 3/18 then received billing cycle for 02/17 - 03/17 which had advance charge for 03/18 - 04/17. Called ATT customer service right away, tried to find out how much my actual balance should be since I only used service for one day 3/18. Was told pay the...

AT&T / bundled service accounting and resolution.

michaeldatt on Aug 11, 2017
I have been on the phone with AT&t probably 6 times for over an hour each time. One support person attempt to resolve a billing issue with Tv and another refuses the agreed on solution. Unbelievable. I called about a billing error and after 30 min. they came back and said the best way to...

AT&T / wireless phone bill

Helene F. on Aug 11, 2017
Purchase new I phone 7 in 2/17, special deal buy one get one free. Alfred Osu the store rep stated I can pay off the 1st phone whenever I want and 2nd "free" phone would be charged and refunded for 3 months. Then no more charges for 2nd phone just want to make sure you don't quit AT&T...

AT&T / I am done with this company

Danielle adams on Aug 11, 2017
Your company has the worst service in the world and absolutely no help when required. I wish I could give you 200 negative stars. I'm upset that I can not upgrade my iPhone by signing up for a 2 year contract. I also can't buy the phone for a cheaper price because I've got a value plan. I...

AT&T DirectV / directv and dsl billing and unwanted programming and charges. fraud!

Astros on Aug 9, 2017
I have been a customer of ATT now for over four years. I have everything with them, wireless, TV, landline and internet. I have been trying to downgrade my programming for over three months now to no avail. I have called numerous times and have been switched from one rep to another and have...

AT&T / store not opened on time

Evan Siverson on Aug 9, 2017
On August 9th, 2017, the AT&T retail store located at 695 Tucker Rd a, Tehachapi, California 93561, was scheduled to open at 9:00am, however, upon arrival to stated location at 10:00am the store was not open and no employees were available. By the time an employee, David, reached the store...

ATT / home phone service - or lack of ut

JulieAnnS on Aug 8, 2017
I signed up at an ATT store for Direct TV, the internet and a home phone. Direct TV came out within a few days and that is working great. The problem is getting my home phone service. I have no cell phone service at my house and have advised ATT of this but they persist in calling me...

AT&T / at&t warranty

Sharjeana on Aug 6, 2017
I am so upset with At&t. I have been with At&t for many years. I have cell phone, cable, and internet with them. I have never been late or missed a payment. I have called At&t everyday for the last 30 days to get my issue resolved. Each time i was promised that it would be fix and was even...

ATT / cell phone

Mikesouth on Aug 6, 2017
ATT didn't give me credits for the second phone yet. When I started taking service from ATT, I was told by ATT staff that I would start getting credits for the second phone after the third bill cycle. But, that has not happened yet. They are still charging me for the socond phone set. Thi...

AT&T Wireless / rude and disrespectful/ lack of service

french lick on Aug 4, 2017
We are seniors and definitely not tech savvy. We went into the att store in Smith Farms in Owasso, okla for help to download pics that my daughter sent on our new I-phone. Chris told me right off that I needed to come to their information class to learn how to do this stuff, that they were...

AT&T u-verse / internet

Jewel Rose on Aug 4, 2017
I am a professional in the customer service industry and have been for 15 years. This is the worst customer service experience I have ever seen or experienced. My husband and I moved to an area that unfortunately for us, AT&T is the only internet service for our area. We have made an...

AT&T DirectV / directv

Bob De on Aug 2, 2017
One year ago an ATT sales person told me the package I wanted to order Mas Ultra would cost $55 a month on a 2 year contract. I compared the package to one offered by Dish, and the sales rep told me told me again...$55 a month for two years. She must have said "$55" 4-5 time during our...

ATT / directv / cell / internet

Brandon Keskitalo on Jul 31, 2017
AT&T violating rights against disabled consumers: On 6/15/2017 I requested cancellation of service for DIRECTV over the phone to an ATT representative, it was clear that I made the service request for cancellation clear and coherent to the representative over the phone. In mid – July about a...

AT&T / mobile phone service

marghar60 on Jul 30, 2017
On July 29th I went to AT and T in College Mall, Bloomington IN to get a local SIMcard for my three week stay in the US. I come from Switzerland at least twice a year and have used At and T for my visits for the last 7 years. I brought my small Nokia phone which I have had since 2010 but...

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