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AT&Tat&t service sucks! billing me for cancellation when I am within my 30 days to switch.

Just got a bill from at&t where they are billing me for cancellation of service.

I got line from at&t on 12/21/07 and switched to verizon on 1/17/08 therefore I am within my 30 days. The customer service said they dont know if I am within my 30 days, I have to call another number [protected]) on monday to ask them to verify if I am within my 30 days. This is just a run around and a scam by at&t to get money out of unsuspecting customers. Why cant at&t get a better system to link all their departments.

And thats not the only issue, I switched to verizon basically of bad customer service in the span of 3 weeks with at&t. I returned the phone I ordered due to some issues with it and when I wanted to get a replacement, I couldn't get one because their system says I still have a phone. Hello!!! I have the rma# with me and it says they have already received it. Basically I had to tell the customer service person the rma# and so she can log it. And since she has already logged it, she still couldn't get me a phone... Cause... The system still says I have a phone... What a crap!!!

All the 4-5 customer service people I spoke to in that 3 weeks were all so without common sense and so hard to talk to. Where do they get their people.

And in the first 2 days that I was with verizon, I had such excellent service. So why cant at&t get better people and better systems.


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    Peekofwar Jun 08, 2014


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    shmarkus Feb 18, 2014
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    Sorry, but I have little sympathy for the AT&T employees who posted their tales of woe about working there. Find another job. If you are not qualified to do anything else, go to school and further your education or learn a trade.

    I placed an simple order two weeks ago, and it is still not completed. Two sales reps gave me incorrect information. AT&T canceled my order 3 times. My existing landline and internet service were erroneously shut off. Two supervisors did not return my calls. One sales rep put me on hold and never got back on the line. The in-store Manager screwed up a manual order and did not know how to make my cell a hotspot nor how the Unite device works. I was able to reach one professional who actually knew how to troubleshoot the Unite. That is one out of 12 people I dealt with in 2 weeks.

    AT&T consists of incompetent, poorly trained employees. Horrendous beyond belief customer "service."

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    Catmom Dec 05, 2013
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    Update: Well, no longer working for ATT. I just could not handle all the metrics and they wanted me to rush through the calls instead of actually helping the customer. In fact, on my last call, a customer was so grateful that I stayed with her and was actually taking the time to solve her problem instead of rushing the call and having the problem unsolved. She called another agent before but was rushed through and the problem did not get resolved so she called again. I did everything that I could to solve it even though it took a little longer and she kept saying " Don't go" . It's okay though. The same day I lost that job, I had a lot of freelance writing opportunities pop up. Now I am writing articles for various clients and I couldn't be any happier.

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    Catmom Oct 18, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I need to chime in here and say that I totally agree with, and can relate to Hello My Name is. The post is a very accurate description of what we go through every day as CSRs for this company.
    - We are given marginal training on several systems which are needlessly over complicated.
    - Some of these systems have glitches or are slow
    - We have to work 3-5 programs all at the same time and we have to navigate those systems while maintaining an AHT (Average Handle Time) of no more than 6 minutes per customer.
    *other things mentioned by Hello My Name Is

    On top of it all, you have my biggest pet peeve. Being a rep and not being honest of what you can actually do for the customer at your level. Let me explain. Some of us, like myself, are very new to the job. We have NO prior customer service experience, NO prior experience with phones, we have very little experience operating ALL of the tools that we use and some of us do not even have smartphones or anything like that. For some of us, this was the only job we could get while in a very crappy economy and desperate situations. Yet, with only very little training and preparation, we are thrown into calls where it is very difficult to get assistance when we are truly stuck. Yet, we are not supposed to say to the customer on the other end, "Please bear with me, I am new.", "I do not know yet; but I will find out for you/find someone that can help you" . We are supposed to act as though we are already experienced and well versed in these programs ect when we actually come off to the customer as a flustered, bumbling, incompetent baffoons!! I HATE THAT!! Believe me!! I love people and I really want to help them and make them happy. But instead, I was pretty much brought to tears the very first few times on the phones because I really didn't know how to handle the calls better. To be honest, I feel like giving up, adding the experience to my resume and jumping ship once I land something else. Not only because of the pressure that we are under, it is also some of the customers who become impatient and blow up in the face of an agent's first day or second day on the flippin job and their hands are tied as far as what they can do!! I'm sorry, if I was a customer and I came across someone who is new on the job, I would rather have them be honest and tell me that they are new and if a task is too much as first or if it is something they are unfamiliar with, I would rather have them say that and get me someone who could help ect. I would be a lot more patient with them. On my second day, I was already screamed at by one person for something what wasn't even our fault!! She was VERY incoherent (maybe too much to drink???) and I was already having equipment problems!! After finally finding out what the hell she was talking about, after her screaming "$200!!! WHERE'S MY MONEY???" right in my ear. I discovered that we did credit her the money, but her bank was taking their sweet time processing the funds. Finally I had enough of the abuse and dumped her on the supervisor. I said "Look, you take care of this. I have having a hard time understanding her and my equipment is going on the fritz! " (which was true).

    As far as the product itself. I do agree with it being pricey. That's why I recommend Tracfone personally. You get your device and card, you activate it online or to a rep (which may have an easier job than us), and you are on your merry way. All you have to do is buy a minutes card when needed. No fuss, no muss.

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  • De
    deliyah Jul 28, 2013

    tell me more about a.t.t !!

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  • Ar
    Art Foster Jul 21, 2011

    Ever since AT&T s' buyout from Alltel here in the NW area, the service has been sporadic with many many dropped calls. At least once a week I have to call their customer service complaining that I keep getting data not connected when tethering or checking emails on my Iphone 3g and still keep getting dropped calls!! I have received so many different reasons why this is happening. I ve been told that they are still working on the system (towers?), its your sim card, its your phone, etc... Ive tried 3 different phones, and no change at all, still poor service. I feel I have been extorted by AT&T from my Alltel changeover comparable smartphone they gave me, and had to ante up to the AT&T contract to be able to tether! Come to find out AT&T did minimize the towers here, for they dont want to pay for the tower space! When they purchased Alltel. Ive been lied to and paying for a dead horse! I will be tasking this to the PSC!! AT&T did deceive and extort me and now have me locked into a contract! Its wrong how they do business!!

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  • He
    Hello My Name is May 10, 2011

    Hello Everyone,

    Point blank...I work for AT&T. Whenever you call [protected] or dial 611..I just may be the person your going to get. Given that fact, I must admit I am on the fence about some of the things being said in this forum. On the one hand I can absolutley name some instances where customers were being royally screwed by AT&T. I will also say that some of the atrocious customers that call in deserve every little vice we can manage in order to ensure that their "customer experience" a LESS satisfactory one.

    I would like to start with the reasons I DO NOT like AT&T. I will be honest they treat their employees poorly. I'm sure you would find "poster child" examples of employees that were treated well that would argue that statement, but the bottom line is a majority of the employees are placed under so much pressure it is unreasonable. We are given marginal training on several systems which are needlessly over complicated. We are then given the lousiest computers which run horribly slow in order to run these software programs, seriously I have seen better computers thrown out in dumpsters. To name a few of these systems...

    Clarify...Where we notate your account and see who is calling, more or less a glorified caller ID system.

    Telegence...The Billing system where we see every single penny given or taken since your contract or "agreement" started with us.

    MyCSP...More or less an index of EVERY SINGLE THING AT&T has to offer, it acts much like Google does and is a search engine. Whenever a CSR (Customer Service Representative) is reading those "expectations" to you, they are reading from MyCSP

    Snooper...Where we reset your phone on the network

    Phoenix...Where we order your equipment

    CCC...Where we refund those mobile purchases you accidentally make such as "Flirt Tips" and "Horiscopes" etc.

    CSR...Where we go into your account and guide you through the website.

    Of course, there are numerous more systems and each system mentioned above is not FULLY explained in and of itself. If I were to name every system we use on those lousy computers and give a full explanation of them all, this already lengthy post would take up WAY too much room. At any rate we have to navigate those systems while maintaining an AHT (Average Handle Time) of no more than 6 minutes per customer. I hear that in some AT&T call centers the attrition rate is 137% every 6 months. This is my first complaint.

    Another customer based gripe I have is this...
    I have had customers call in that have always had lousy service in their homes, I check the history and see that they have called in numerous times. I do the troubleshooting we are instructed to do via MyCSP and still no positive results. At this point you would think we should give this customer something other than a lousy $25.00 "Goodwill Credit" right? Like maybe we should GIVE this customer the Microcell 3G for free considering how much money they have spent with us right? WRONG!!! AT&T does not allow us to do this, and I think that is horrible business practice on AT&T's part. Sure, sometimes a 3G manages to slip through the cracks and land in a customer's lap...not often enough though.

    I have also seen it with my own eyes...One customer was charged a $5.00 late fee for paying a bill that was a few cents short...not even a full dollar!!!. I will admit that "$25.00 Goodwill credit" came in handy that night lol. And yes I absolutley gave it to him he had paid his bill promptly for almost 3 years. At any rate I could not believe that AT&T had the audacity to do this to this man.

    I had another woman call in who was elderly, she had purchased the Apple iPhone 3g...She was told by the store rep that we would extend her 30 day "buyer's remorse" period so that she could decide whether or not she wanted the phone. The call was on a weekend and the store was closed and lo and behold she was not able to return the phone and was thus stuck with it. If I were a religious person I would have seen my priest that following Sunday.

    I often have customers call in wanting to know if we can "track their phones" when they loose them, sort of like off of some science fiction movie. I would like to take the time to set the record straight on this one ok? YES the technology does exist to do this, with or without your consent. AT&T is capable of doing this in and of itself, we sell it to customers as a feature known as "Family Map". BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT unless you have family map ALREADY installed on your phone BEFORE you loose it, we would not be able to track the phone simply because we are not given access to software programs that would allow us to track the phone.

    So yes I do have many gripes about AT&T's business practices. I won't lie I also urge people to go with Verizon whenever I am off the clock and talking casually. WHY? Because it is not that I particularly think Verizon is better, I am sure a Verizon CSR would say many of the same things I am saying. I simply have no company loyalty considering what I have witnessed happen to both employees and "valued customers"

    Now for the "valued customers" that honestly should never have been given a phone...
    You're out there, we know it and you know it...let me begin by saying this. When you call in wanting a credit, don't get belligerent with us, it is within our power to give or not to give credits as we see fit, in fact more times than not unless MyCSP says we are required to give you a credit you WILL NOT get one if you treat us like dirt. It is more or less dependent on one and only one thing, our mood and our perception of the way you are treating us.

    Expanding on CSR abuse, never mind the fact that "Your call may be recorded for quality purposes" and any one of us could potentially press legal charges against you if we had the inclination to do so for abuse...consider are abusing someone who is staring at all of the information they would need to become you online and in a virtual world. Credit card numbers, physical addresses, names of family members, telephone numbers, credit histories, social security numbers, full names, e-mail addresses. So stop and think for a moment next time someone asks you to tell them YOUR social security number to them for verification purposes...they must be looking at it in order to know whether or not you gave them the correct SSN right? DUH!!! Consider this a friendly reminder next time you call in with a bad mood. I'm not saying that I would do this, but I'm not everyone now am I?

    Moving on...when you want to escalate to a supervisor because you don't like the answer we are giving you, why do you honestly think the supervisor is going to give you a different answer? In fact we usually enjoy listening in on the conversation as the supervisor hands you your a*s while you politely go from "You m*th****ck*r" to "Yes Sir/Ma'am"

    For the technical problems on your phone, and this is for the good the bad and the ugly...Please have the phone available AND call from a different phone other than the one having the issues!!! I mean honestly, there isn't a thing in the world we can do for you if you call in from Indiana and your brother has the phone in California. You are our eyes, ears, and fingers when we are troubleshooting your phones.

    To wrap all of this up, I do realize AT&T needs to revamp a lot of the things it does, and I do realize there are some CSRs out there that should be lined up against the nearest wall and shot. It is also true that some of the customers we have are cowards that probably threw rocks at the animals that were in cages when they visited the zoo as children, because that's more or less what they are doing when they mistreat a CSR that they can't even see.

    Finally before I go I would like to remind any and all of the readers here whether they are customers, AT&T affiliates, or just some old Joe Bob suffering from insomnia...that since no threats were made in this post I am not liable for speaking the truth, freedom of speech is a precious gift that we enjoy in America and no contract I have signed with AT&T trumps that.

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  • Aa
    aalan Feb 07, 2011

    hi, this is my request to all those atnt customers who switch their phone services to dsl direct or dry loop...please remember the answer to the "offline security question" on your internet account or at least your "primary user id" and save yourselves and as well as us from the ensuing trouble.

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  • Aa
    aalan Feb 07, 2011

    hi, i am an tech support agent working with atnt since past few months, and i have got a number of calls from customers facing similar issues.I have felt helpless in many situations where i feel that the customer deserves better service and he has to pay the price for some mistake he hasn't made.I hate giving fake apologies on the phone.I know there is something that can be done.I as tech support can't do anything about issues which are handled by customer service agents.I don't what's the atnt policy of making money but i do feel a lot of trouble can be avoided if all the departments are well mapped.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Lew Jan 29, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Att customer service always with att since 2004 just because i love the iphone but not att service, drops call and customer service worse than any one else...yea verizon here i come... spending more than 450 a month just for att bill, i think i deserve better customer service and a better service really SUCKS

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  • Ma
    master_mind413 Nov 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    There service does suck I cant stand it, my Internet was supposed to be hooked up on Nov 12th it is now NOV 14th

    the required me to purchase a modem im not allowed to use the one I already have from att it costs me a $100 it was taken out of my account withing 14 seconds but it takes 2 weeks for me to get it in the mail

    nov 12 between 1-3 in the afternoon 3:35 comes around I go to set it up I get a red light I call them im on hold for about 45 min then a guy comes on line he tells me that they actually have until 12 midnight before it has to be connected because that is actually the end of there work day

    12:01 midnight comes around i go to hook it up I get a red light, I call them up this time im on hold for 1 hour and 15 min a guy comes on the phone and then tells me it was a mistake on wiring they would have some one out to fix it within 24 hours

    24 hours goes by i go to hook it up and get a red light I call them back on hold for about 30 min this time they tell me it was a mistake on there part that they were trying to send the dsl signal to my cell phone "which is a Nextel ( sprint) " and not even a land line phone, I tell him that some guys came by about 2 weeks before and were running some lines at the pole which never got finished and are still tied to the pole about 3 houses down so he runs a test to see if there was a signal reaching the box

    there is a problem with the lines sir

    after all this since it is a sunday they are closed

    monday Im seriously thinking about calling and telling them to just cancel the whole thing, only problem is im sure I will not get my money back for the 100 dollar modem

    beware of at&t no matter what they will screw you

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  • Da
    dave_111 Jan 22, 2010

    I t sucks to the core. The premier service also is horrible. They charged me twice for the iphone - once i got the 3g and within one week I returned it for 3gs..since they introduced it. They charged me 600$ for the new phone saying we will credit your 400$ back once we get the old phone back. Now, the real thing comes in - one month goes, i call them up they say they haven't received the phone. Second month goes they say they haven't received the phone. Each time I am on phone for more than 60 mins and then I get transferred to their manager. Finally I told them that I have UPS receipt showing the phone was delivered to the address given to me; they looked into system saying yeah it is a mis management on our side...this that..After that I get credits in chunk of 200$ and then 100$ because later on they changed their plans for 3g to 3gs transferring customers. Anyways, each time I have called them up I have never got a good answer. Now my account is locked out due to password attempts - they kept me on hold for 40 mins with on and off saying do this that when they have no clue on what they are asking a user to do. Anyways, bottom line I would have not touched att if it was not for iphone. Also, i second on the 3g coverage it is hardly anywhere 'coz my google maps will take forever to load once i'm out of city. not to mention unlimited dropped calls ..whenever whereever.

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  • Ga
    Gaye ann Nov 01, 2009

    ATT is a scandelous company, I have had nothing but problems with them, I have talked o many rep. they try and act as if they have helped you I am being way over charged for just a phone service added wireless which was pnly 35.00 amonth that is not the problem but there service sucks you cannot send e-mail forwarding with many things my sister cannot send any forward messagaes sent to her on, I wrote out a petition to sign against att and she cannot even forward it on for signatures, I talk to someone everyday that is sick of dealing with there crap...Either over charging there services, I pay evrymonth and it it out rages waht they are tring to obtain, I have been a costomer for 10 yrs SBC was good but i had att as a longdistance and they were charging me 50 cents a minute for a 40 mile call and that was not cell phone in a roming area, now there at it again having to call everymonth about a bill...I am not alone talk to your local areas such as resturants and ask, neighbors ask and they will tell you the same scik of att, it makes me sick to see there plans...Just sck and to see companies dealing with them...

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  • Mi
    misskristin5 Oct 27, 2009

    Yeah, they're pretty bad. They sent me a bill AFTER it was already due and then charged me a late fee. I am sure we can all wrap our brains around that problem. Not too complex. Second time it's happened.

    I had to explain this four different times to four different AT&T reps. Finally, the last dude still had no clue what I was talking about. The guy said, "ok, so the bank payment was late?" All I could do was sigh. Then I asked, "well, can you guys just email me instead of sending me paper statements in the mail? Maybe they're getting lost in the mail or something." and the guy says, "So, you want to start getting paper statements in the mail?"
    Very stupid.

    I use them for DSL and I live in TX. Does anyone have any other suggestions for internet service? Preferably a company that sends bills before they want me to pay them.

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  • At
    ATT sucks so much Oct 08, 2009

    My experience with AT&T is one of the worst encounters I've had when dealing with a service provider.
    I have their 1.5mbps dsl service at work which is something that I use for light browsing for making online orders and for entertainment. For a few months I noticed that my bill was around $40 higher, but I just thought it was from long distance and didn't pay much attention. Then I started to get calls from AT&T.

    ATT: "Hello, would you like to upgrade your service to 6.0mbps free for charge for the next 3 months?"
    ME: "No thank you"
    ATT: "6.0mbps can do wonders for your business"
    ME: "No thank you, I'm sorry but I'm busy right now, have a nice day!"
    ATT: "Sir could you verify one more time that you do want the upgrad..."
    *CLICK* (I hang up)

    They called my business literally twice a day for 2 weeks and the calls got more and more annoying and aggressive to the point where I stopped being polite.

    Then I got an email...

    ATT: This is your confirmation email stating that you have upgraded to the 6.0mbps service. Blah blah blah...
    (Then in fine print: "regular charges do apply when the promotional 3 months have passed please call customer service if you wish to opt out of our promotion)

    I look at my old bills to make sure they didn't pull other ### tricks out of their ###, and I notice why my bill was higher the past few months. They had upgraded me to 3.0 from 1.5 without my consent nor any notifications. I called them to confront this and the first representative was very polite.

    REP1: "I'm seeing that the upgrade to the 3.0 happened back in August, I apologize about that sir, let me transfer you to our dsl department and they'll adjust your account and refund the overcharges"

    ME: "Thank you very much, I appreciate it."

    REP2: "Hello, blah blah blah, how can I help you? Oh, I need to transfer you to *inaudible*

    REP3: "Hello, how can I assist you?"

    ME: "My internet service was upgraded without my consent, and I've been billed for it"

    REP3: "Sir you are not being billed for the 6.0"

    ME: "Yes, but my service was upgraded from 1.5 to 3.0"

    REP3: "No, you have always been on the 3.0"

    ME: "No, I've been on 1.5 since forever"

    REP3: "I'm not seeing it"

    ME: "Can I talk to your supervisor?"

    *CLICK* I get hung up on...

    Their customer service is abysmal and they will do sneaky things to steal money from you.
    You should stay away from signing a contract with them if possible.

    By the way, I've done speed tests multiple times after I got my 6.0 "free upgrade" and my download speed has never exceeded 2.0mbps... which is the same as when I was using my 1.5...

    Yeah AT&T is a sham

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  • Ol
    oldorange1 Sep 23, 2009

    SPRINT CELL SERVICE WAS AWESOME !!! Now I have SUCKY AT&T, which is as bad as CINGULAR WAS, which is why I used SPRINT for so long. They are underrated as a cell service provider and are better than verizon too. But I wanted the buttery smooth iPhone, it is a very good device, but not a very good cell phone, and to make it worse, AT&T voice service SUCKS the BIG ONE!!! Even if I have full bars the quality is poor, garbled, missed words and sentences, under-water sounding, especially if you are talking to another network user (not on AT&T), ITS LIKE THEY INTENTIONALLY screw with calls to other service providers.

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  • Lo
    lockman Aug 30, 2009

    I have AT&suck right now and the service is ok. It could be a lot better that is for sure. I only have it because it's my work phone and I don't have to pay for it. But if I had a choice I would go with Verizon or Sprint. I know about the run around stuff. They pulled that on my wife and she went to shut off the service and really let them have it. They do suck, that's all there is to it.

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  • Do
    DonK1960 Jun 27, 2009

    AT&T just plain sucks. Service, customer service is the worse ever!

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  • Fr
    frustrated with at&t Dec 12, 2008

    I just got an iphone (AT&T) as a gift today, but the wifi wasnt working in my own house. so i called my internet services which is also AT&T and asked them what was going on. the DUDE. who barely spoke english told me that i probably didnt do something right and that i needed to call Apple and complain. . . i am very frustrated.

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  • Ad
    Adriana Albors Sep 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree. I got their service and the internet died all the time!! They tried to come out and fix it and this done nothing so before the 30 was up I canceled. I wanted to return the modem so that I could get my money back but did not know where to do this. After being on the phone with them for literally hours, being transfered and on hold and hung up on, they gave me a phone number. I spent over a month calling this number [protected] at different times of the day and always getting a busy signal. When I finally got a hold of them they told me where to send it and I did but they won't give me my $80 back even though they kept the modem. In my books, that's stealing. DO NOT GET AT&T. I will write this on any site I can find.

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  • Je
    Jeff Wyzard May 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AT&T's service and customer service are terrible.

    When I try to use their 3G data service of a morning, I have to connect/hang up several times before I'll get a good fast connection. Their software says its connecting every time with 3 to 4 bars but I run a ping window to my work ISP and it will timeout 1/2 to 3/4 of the time. So if I hangup and reconnect then eventually I'll get a good connection. I switched my phone cell modem to Verizon since I could get a reliable broadband connection every time. So far, their voice network works good.

    Cingular used to be worse than AT&T. When I used to call Cingular, they would put me on hold and pass me off to multiple people. I believe that when I call, sometimes I get the old Cingular customer service people and sometimes a different group. Sometimes they are nice and know what they are doing and other times they are stupid and rude.

    AT&T now says that you can do stuff online but their online systems are having problems all of the time. I have upgraded 3 of my phones this year and each time, their online system will not activate the phones. Their online system says all phones have been activated. I had to call them and explain that their online system would not activate my phone plus so I could listen to their ### about their system normally working. Except every the upgrades were 1 month apart. Their online system only worked for the first upgrade.

    Recently I called to get Insurance on 2 of the phones, I tried calling on a Saturday but got a recording saying their hours were M-F. So Monday I called and she first told me that the phone was eligible since I purchased my phone 31 calendar days from today (Monday). I told her I tried calling on Saturday but they were closed, she told me I was wrong that their office was open. I guess their damn automated system put me to the WRONG customer service office on Saturday.

    Based on my recent response, if their insurance works as well as their customer service then I do not need their insurance because I'd probably never get them to replace/fix it if something happen to my phone.

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  • Jo
    Joe Frost Apr 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My AT&T service sucks! It sucks so bad I have friends offering to purchase me a Verizon phone to use the 8 hours/day I'm working in my office. Did I say my AT&T service sucks!

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