Aspen DentalI am complaining about a letter I received from aspen dental after 2 months of returning there ill fitting dentures

G Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

I have a complaint against Aspen Dental, Between my husband and my self we have spent thousands of dollars @ the Oxford Alabama office. I had teeth pulled in Jan 30th of 2017 and was told my bottom teeth were still good, but they hurt me all of the time. I finally had my bottom teeth pulled Aug, 30th and after that I had to have oral surgery done several times. On upper and lower. Finally when I got my permanent Comfidents they never fit right and I had made @ least 50 trips to that office within 1 1/2 yr. When I had made my last visit the office manager came in and told me that DR. G said that they couldn`t make me happy. That`s not what I was told in the very beginning that no matter what they had to do they would make my dentures right. The dentist didn`t have BALLS enough to even tell me that he couldn`t make me happy . So Thank God I got my money back and went to a different Dentist and I am much happier that I have dentures that fit my mouth. I wouldn`t recommend Aspen Dental to anybody. They are a scam. They get you in there with there first free visit and cleaning, then the dentist comes in and says you several fillings. BUYER BEWARE.


  • BoycottAspen Sep 03, 2018

    I am so sorry for your pain, but this is yet another Aspen Dental horror story.
    If you want someone to talk to please contact
    We at B.A.D. are here for our fellow Aspen Dental Victims. Best Regards.

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  • Ru
    Ruth Hoopes Jun 10, 2019

    I had my teeth pulled including my perfect fully good teeth for dentures and ended up getting osteomylitis, a hospital visit for surgery and then 8weeks of home nursing. Lost part of my jaw. Am now dealing with poor fitting dentures, teeth break off, constantly regluing and have trouble talking to where people ask me to repeat what I just said. To make a horror story worse, the dentist paid me back with a little extra to help with my 75, 000.00 in medical bills, , and I signed a letter that I would not sue this practice, . An then sends me a w-2 with monies paid like an employee so that I would have to pay taxes. This is not legal is it. I have 2 more broken teeth, so am going in today for repairs and some questions. Bet I get the run around or some story that is not in my favor. This was the worst experience I have ever had.!!!

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  • De
    desperatelost Jul 26, 2019

    @Ruth Hoopes So sad. Obviously the dentist knew everything he was responsible for and covered himself, allowing you to think he was helping you out. No integrity, no code. But hey, I wouldn't give up. You were played.

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  • De
    desperatelost Jul 26, 2019

    I am totally sick about the whole thing! I'm 2 months into the procedure. #1 They changed my final product, an implant upper denture, to a conventional denture WITHOUT discussing it at any time, in any way. I was proactive and knew my teeth were losing their grip. I went to Aspen, my insurance approved them, to see what options I might have. The dentist brought out a model of the "snap in" implant and stated that he would recommend, pulling my 8 upper teeth, and replacing them with this product. My teeth weren't bad, no cavities etc. so I wanted to think it over. I decided to move forward. An implant seemed much more acceptable to me and gave me the confidence that it was time to do it. I did NOT have to do anything immediately, but, as I said, I knew the inevitable loss eventually would happen and lets face it, I couldn't just wait for them to fall out one by one. Financing, insurance were done up front. Day 1 remove the 8 teeth, stitch and cover with temporary denture. NO PAIN MEDICATION. Was told to take 2 Tylenol and rotate with Ibuprofen (which I am allergic to). That was cruel!! I should have been advised. Day 2, 24hrs later, checked me out, and technician began giving a lot of information about how to wear, use and care for dentures. I stated, well, all of this is worth it, to avoid living with that. She said no, I said yes, she left and returned stating I was right I was getting the implant. #3- 2wks later for soft-liner. Same deal, tech was telling me about the denture, I said no, we just straightened this out. She left returned with mgr and said NO. At this point I have no upper teeth and they have been paid in full. I said lets get this straightened out, she went to her office and explained I could still have it, but Dr. G was no longer with them, and he had been determining how many pins and where, so I would need to see the oral surgeon and pay for the appointment. OK. No appointment was ever made and I was never contacted. I returned to the office to resolve what I was sure was an error. Mgr is defensive, and now states I did not make the appropriate down payment. I had no idea what she was talking about. She repeated I did not pay a deposit for that work. Those words had never been used. I wasn't notified, nothing. Not in my paperwork, or my treatment plan. So, they have been paid in full, by me and I'm not getting what was discussed or agreed upon. I'm having a nervous breakdown over this. They already pulled my teeth. They took away my choice. If a conventional denture was my only option, I would not have moved forward. I'm a 60yr old female, working professional. My speech is hard to understand, I have lost 15 pounds because I can't eat anything. The temporary I am currently wearing, doesn't fit, or work. My lower molars (natural) sit inside this thing and the molars on the denture scrape my cheeks. I cry daily. My current status with regard to my mouth, is consuming my thoughts from the time I get up, all throughout the day until bed. I can't be social, I can't speak clearly without spitting, cant eat anything regular. No biting and only bite size soft chew food. I'm hiding inside and avoiding everyone. These people do not care. It is my position that, they are entirely responsible, have already removed my teeth, took away my right to choose, caused my pain and suffering and should be paid nothing. I should be refunded ALL money, and put a number on took away my teeth- that should pay for ANYTHING I need to complete the correct procedure with another dentist. I would let it go at that, when honestly, they should have a monetary payment to me to attempt to compensate me for all I have been through. I haven't been "injured" physically so medical malpractice isn't appropriate according to an attorney I spoke with. Lol, they took my teeth!!! So I guess they just lied, mislead and manipulated me...contract dispute? I'm so sick, I can't see another attorney yet. Every time I have to go over it, I'm wacked out all over again. But, I plan to consult another dentist, as well as another attorney. I can't even look in the mirror. Right now, I feel I have no choice but to allow them to see me again and in November see what I get. NO CHOICE! Robbed of the last 2 months and enduring until November for the denture. Then my money back guarantee. I will not keep their denture and I want my money back. The office knew all along what was up. I was the only one in the dark. When did we have to start looking at healthcare providers the same way we do a plumber? Is there no ethics or integrity? I feel like a victim.

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  • Tr
    trobb3690 Jul 29, 2019

    Sounds like you need to be part f the class action suit. I am dumbfounded that a lawyer wouldn't help you, but now days they cant afford to take on a case where the person your suing has medical malpractice insurance. They want a open and shut case and will drag it out for ever so that isn't an answer. Going public is a good choice and writing your congressional rep and the insurance commissioner would be a good way to start and have a paper trail of action you've taken to remedy the situation. I have a front tooth missing and the office manager told me that the implant would cost me 1800 out of pocket, instead of the 1300 out of picket they first stated. Note that they will give you verbal quotes for high cost procedures instead of writing them down so you have no paper trail to prove what they said.

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  • De
    desperatelost Aug 03, 2019

    Exactly! I have printouts that don't really tell me anything. I made notes as price was discussed, or I would wonder if I dreamt it. Of course, they have no idea what I'm talking about. Oddly enough, I got an urgent vm from the office yesterday. My next appointment isn't until the 26th. Office was closed and I left a message. I started my complaint with the state board and will follow up with your other suggestions. TY. I'm not crazy, I didn't miss something. Unfortunately, since I can't afford to just move on with a better office, I have to finish this. I have no upper teeth.

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  • Ma
    Martha Ledou Sep 18, 2019

    My daughter went to another dentist to have 3 teeth pulled; he pulled all of her teeth. Long story. Evil man.
    She went to Aspen in North Smithfield, RI for dentures. She was pressured into buying the most expensive dentures in spite of them knowing she is low income. Since she got them in 2017 she has been back to them 6 times to have them repaired or replaced (I advised her to get a printout of all her appointments which she did). I went with her for her last visit after one of the "teeth" had broken off and the dentist tried to gaslight her about how many times she had been in for repairs. She refuses to go back and wants a refund.
    I recently got partial dentures from them that are very uncomfortable and I cannot eat with them in. Aspen has "adjusted" them twice and they are still uncomfortable. I just don't wear them.
    Aspen needs to be stopped.

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