Aspen Dental Green Bay Wisconsinupper denture

C Sep 27, 2019

I needed an upper denture. I was fitted with one and had a couple minor sores. The dentist on duty proceeded to shave half of the gum on the right side down and I lost all suction. Only a very minimal sliver needed to be taken off. I made numerous complaints about this dentist and her actions that day. I was told she was half owner and all they could do for me is repeated softlines. I complained at every visit... Which were numerous. I got my final dentures which were loose and only got worse. They agreed to make me a new hard line and they are hideous. Im supposed to have the natural lite and these weight about as much as 2 dentures. My mouth is filled with excessive material and they are very uncomfortable. To top it off my top teeth dont line up with my bottom teeth and its embarrassing. They say there is nothing further they can do. They have nothing but excuses. Its been a nightmare!

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