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Complaints & Reviews

couldn't get replacement drawer guide and handle

This place blows I haven’t even made a payment on 5 000 dollars worth of furniture I bought from these yo yos big dresser drawer guide was bent and was hard to open and the handle broke off in my hand, the tech came to my house mar 11 08 it is now July and I still don’t have my 3 dollar drawer guide or handle It only took 3 weeks to get the whole dam dresser! I’ve spoken to many people there in Winston Salem NC. But they just give you the run around.the drawer is still unusable after 4 months, what a bunch of ***. They should have made a phone call and overnighted me the part. Right from the beginning.

  • Fr
    Fred T. Aug 08, 2009

    I have shopped and bought from this store several times and have NEVER had any problem what so ever with any furniture delivered. I love the people and the furniture you cannot beat the quality for the money.

    Fred T.

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  • As
    Ashley frustrated customer Mar 15, 2014

    Run away while you can from Ashley furniture!!! I looked everywhere for bedroom furniture and wound up buying a set from Ashley Furniture in Houston Texas. What a mistake that was. First they push you to buy their extended warranty that they claim can be used after 5 years if you don't use it. LIES. The trouble began on the day they had told be to pick up the furniture, (2 weeks when I made the purchase). They said that it was not available and would be another 2 weeks. I finally picked it up and when I opened it the drawers had been assembled at the factory incorrectly. I called them and the first thing they said, sight unseen, was that I broke them. Really ? 3 out of 6 drawers. After much haggling they agreed to send someone out, guess what they found, they said that it was broken by me. The extended warranty was not applicable. After much more haggling with their so called customer service they acknowledged that it was assembled at the factory incorrectly. They then said they would order the parts. about a month later 2 large boxes show up, . I called them and then a technician showed up about 2 weeks later. after he opened the boxes he determined that all the parts required had not been ordered and that the problem was not a standard repair because it was a factory assembly problem . He would make a report and they would reorder, . After not hearing from them for 2 weeks I called and they were back to, that I broke it. Next step Small claims court.

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they steal your money

I purchased a dining set. I have had 6 table tops in 3 months, all defective. My chairs are starting to crack in the seats. I finally, after arguing for months got them to give me a refund, BUT, they couldn't tell me if my Citibank Ashley credit card would only be credited or if I would receive a check. AND I would not get my delivery charge refunded, because they tried too many time to deliver the table top. THEY HAVE ALL BEEN DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE! Not my problem, So now they are going to send another table top and I was told this is the last time, I have to pick one or the other defect or not. DO NOT DEAL WITH ASHLEY FURNITURE!!!

attention missouri ashley furniture customers

The Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon is trying to alert consumers who have had problems with the COLUMBIA, MO Ashley Furniture store.

It apparently went bankrupt and was sold to the owners of the St Louis stores, and this must have affected many consumers.

If, like me you have been affected, or you are just interested; please click the below link to the Attorney Generals Press Release:

He successfully sued Ashley Furniture regarding the Joplin store which suddenly closed and had them ship $600, 000 worth of their stuff from Wisconsin to consumers in Missouri! Good man - lets support his efforts.

  • Po
    powdermed Sep 15, 2009

    Ashley furniture is crooked as a dogs hind leg. I ordered a couch and love seat. When I received the articles I was really excited. Then the couch started looking worn out and the love seats arm popped if you sat to close. The cushions on both have started to callapse after only 2 months. I called Ashley and asked for them to take it back. They said they had to have a man look at it first. He came and put a piece of wood in the arm on the love seat and ordered what we thought would be all new cushions for the both items. We got the cushions, but we have to take the old worn out looking covers off and put them on new foam rubber. That is not what we were told we would be getting. I called again and Ashley told me they do not give refunds after seven days. I did not know this when I purchased the items. How do I know how the furniture is going look like after 2 months, it should still look like new, not like something that is 5 years old. So the man is coming to look at it again. DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY, I am very unhappy.

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bad quality

After reading all of the reviews here about Ashley Furniture, I am very thankful that I never bought furniture from there. I never realized that Ashley sells the lesser known brand names of furniture as opposed to the more reputable brands like La-Z-Boy.

I remember when I was shopping for recliners I took a peak at the furniture at Ashley Furniture and right away, I thought it was crap. In my judgment, it's cheap quality.

OK, now I have to think of 22 more words to add to my reviews. Ashley Furniture stinks - what else can I really say?

  • Bo
    bond Jan 23, 2009

    I purchased a microfiber reclining couch in February of 2008, within 4 months we noted that the left and right side seating cushions had sunk about 2 inches leaving the middle section much higher, also the back support part has no support left, a technician came out and said it wasn't a defect but normal wear called "body impressions" have never heard of such rubbish, I had previously had a couch for 26 years with no "body impressions" they refused to take it back and refund my money, a technician is now going to come out and re-stuff the couch with probably more low quality cushioning!

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  • Ea
    EABaldomero Jul 12, 2014

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS STORE. QUALITY AND SERVICE UNACCEPTABLE. We purchased a bedroom set together with couch which turns into a pullout bed. We got a couch but without the pull-out bed feature. We called them to have it replaced and they told us that we should have checked on the delivery day before signing the receipt. I let it go, thinking perhaps it was our fault for not checking everything. A year and a half after the purchase, our bed frame cracked! We paid 2k++ for a quality so bad. I feel cheated and frustrated letting our hard-earned money go to waste with such an awful purchase. I was hoping for at least the bed frame to last for more than 3 years. I called their customer service and they were of no help at all. They redirected me to the 3rd party company which services the extended warranty since Ashley only gives 1 year warranty for the furniture we bought (how convenient since from experience, their products last for a couple of months after your warranty expires. My recommendation for shoppers out there, find a reputable store which sells products which give you your money's worth. - so disappointed in this store.

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i'm mad

Bought with cash $1240.00 a new leather loveseat and when they called to say it was here I was so excited. My...

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they screw customers with hidden fees

Ashley furniture is eager to sell to people on credit. They make it sound easy, terms, etc. however when it is time to pay it is the most inconvenient payment process besides walking to the store and counting 300.00 in pennies. The stores won’t accept payments. There is no payment centre. There is no website on which to pay. You have 2 choices. mail a check, which they will tell you takes about 3 weeks to process; or, pay over the phone- which costs 15.00 EACH TIME. This is absurd, since the payment on my purchase was 18.00 a month. 15.00 To pay an 18.00 payment! And if you mail your check, which is guaranteed to be late-they charge 39.00 late fee! Talk about a rock or a hard place! This is why I will never shop there again. There is no reason to so brazenly screw customers that create the business in the first place!

  • Jo
    Jon Self Jul 10, 2008

    Betty, I agree with you completely. I've been paying on some furniture I bought from Ashley's for about 2 years now. All my other bills I pay online. I'm sure they do this because they can hook people with easy credit, knowing they'll make profit from phone payments and late fees. However...I've since learned to set my checking account to make payments for me. They're automatic payments that are sent as electronic checks. Its a free service from my bank. I recommend you look into's saved me so much money in late fees and phone payments.

    - J

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I was very excited about purchasing my first set of leather furniture, only quickly to be sickened by the realization that I had been ripped off!

Within just a few months the colour began peeling off. After calling the company I purchased it from repeatedly, taking pictures and great heartache.

They finally swapped the sofa and loveseat out.

This was only after I was able to speak with someone else (not the original salesman/owner) who was somewhat honest. He admitted they had "gotten a bad lot". This set is doing the same.

Living with a nightmare again in Georgia!

  • Lo
    LOUISIANA70737 Feb 27, 2010


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defective furniture

On September 12 of 2006 we bought from this store some furniture. We did not get all the furniture when the...

refused to change delivery date & had to fight to return item

I paid $3000 cash for furniture at the Ashley store on IH 10 in San Antonio. I thought they were great as I am from New England & not familiar with the store until the money was in their hands. I set a delivery date for mid April as I was not sure when I could get into the apartment I was renting and needed to have the rest of my things shipped from New England. I was told by the salesperson that that date could be changed. When I was told that I could have the apartment soon after April 1, I called and was told the delivery date could not be changed and had to sleep on the floor for two weeks. Delivery included a recliner that I was not able to close and when I called to return it I was forced to call the store 4 times and get feisty to be able to return the chair. They offered to send a service technician to look at the chair, but it would have been after the 14 days and if the chair was deemed fine by the technician, I had no recourse, just a chair I could not use as a recliner as I could not close it. The other option was to pay $99 for them to pick it up or rent my own truck to return the chair before my 14 days were up. I opted for the latter and am now out $150 for the truck rental/fuel. They generated a credit memo, but I will have to fight with them to get my cash back to spend it elsewhere. I will not ever buy anything else from Ashley Furniture!!!

Ashley Home Furniture

I ordered furniture, was told it would be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks...I will be lucky to have it in double...

dont ever deal with them

I purchased a couch, loveseat, and chair as well as a set of 3 tables on Feb. 5 and it was paid in full (otherwise they wouldn’t order it) and I was told 2-3 weeks. Ok then every time I called to see if it was being loaded on a certain day, they would tell it a different date. they wouldn’t refund my money, and they lied about delivery time and time again, it took over 3 months to finally get my stuff. Then when I get it the couch and loveseat and chair you can see staples in it. The tables were scratched, and say made in china.

Then as if that wasn’t bad enough the delivery was just Ashley style too. They were not there when stated would be and then they unload my stuff in the rain... with nothing to cover it...

I would not refer anyone there...

  • Mk
    mk Nov 29, 2008

    Unless a store actually manufactures their own furniture "on-site, " it can often be very difficult to estimate shipping and arrival time. Most furniture sold today by the big brands is now made overseas. In the days when you ordered a sofa that was made in north-east Mississippi or Hickory, NC., delivery times were much more controllable because the furniture could be made to order and shipped out by a truck in a relatively short amount of time- typically within 3-5 weeks. Now that most of these companies are nothing more than "middle men" or "marketing companies" between the actual manufacturers overseas and the retail stores here in the United States, inventory flow and delivery issues are now beyond the immediate control of the retail store owner and even the "brand" marketing company.

    Having been on both sides of the fence as a manufacturer's representative AND a retail store owner, I feel for both sides of the issue. If I receive 95% of my inventory within 3 to 5 weeks, I feel comfortable telling a customer that they SHOULD receive their furniture within that time frame. Now look at the 5% of the time that furniture does not come in. What is the issue?

    I can guarantee the retailer doesn't want to keep you waiting. He/she doesn't want you calling every day to see where your furniture is. The retailer genuinely wants to get your furniture delivered and get you satisfied, but conditions beyond his/her control can create an unfortunate situation for everyone. Let's assume that you order a sofa that is just flying off the floor at every XYZ chain furniture store. All 200 stores have sold 5 this month and they only have 500 sitting in a warehouse. Because the majority of this furniture is made overseas, there will be a time delay in getting it to you. The "manufacturer" must purchase at least 500 more from the factory overseas. This takes time. The overseas manufacturer may be set up to produce "Style A" for the next 3 weeks, then they'll start remaking the "Style B" that you ordered. Then they box them up and put them in containers. The containers sit at the factory for a few days to be taken to the overseas port. They sit in the shipyard for a few days waiting to be loaded. Now we're at a month. Boats don't travel at the speed of sound, and they typically don't make a Bee line for California. Just like a UPS truck doesn't carry one package straight to your door, container ships may or may not make stops to other ports along the way.

    Once the container is in port, many things can happen to slow things up again. Remember the dock worker's strike in Ca. a few years ago? Containers sat unmoved for weeks! Because of our current fear of terrorism, paperwork and inspections can slow things down. Once the containers ARE unloaded from the ship, they then have to travel to the "manufacturer's" warehouse. Ashley, for example, has warehouses in California, Arcadia, Wisconsin, Ecru, Mississippi, and a few other locations. It takes time to get the containers from the port, through trucking terminals and railroad terminals and delivered to the warehouse.

    Once at the warehouse, your "style B" sofa will sit in huge racks along with orders for dozens of other stores. No retailer nor "manufacturer" can absorb the cost of shipping ONE item via truck to the store, so retailers must "Build" trucks- that is to say that they will try to consolidate multiple orders on one truck to spread the shipping costs among multiple orders. If you want a $200 sofa shipped by itself, the freight will probably be about $150. No retailer will stay in business eating this cost, however, they may be able to ship 10 sofas and 30 cocktail tables for $500 total.

    So your furniture was out of stock at the manufacturer's warehouse, had to be ordered from China, traveled overseas on a boat, by rail and truck to a warehouse 600 miles away, and now has to make it to your local retail store.

    Look at our economy right now. People are not buying furniture, so there is another complication: building truckloads or LTL (less than truckload) to take advantage of volume shipping. If your retailer has sold 3 sofas this week and maybe a few odds and ends, he's not going to lose the money to go ahead and have 5 or 6 pieces shipped. Your sofa MAY be sitting in a warehouse, but it's not going to budge until a specific freight rate is reached.

    Through my experience and as I stated earlier, 95% of transactions go very smoothly. When things are going well, they're usually great, but the 5% of the time when a customer orders items which are out of stock, the retailer NOR the marketing company (manufacturer) have a guaranteed delivery date. Storms, hurricanes, strikes, equipment failures, quantity on order, and a variety of other factors beyond the retailer's control can GREATLY affect your furniture's arrival time.

    Having sold to over 200 retailers as a manufacturer's representative, I haven't run in to a single one that "wants" to hold on to your money and keep you irritated. Now from a retailer's perspective: when a customer calls 2 or 3 times a week to find out where their furniture is, the best thing a retailer can do is ESTIMATE an arrival date based on past experience. There is not a GPS locator on your sofa. The retailer can't say "oh, it's in Wichita Falls at a 7-11 and Bruno is refueling and getting a should be here tomorrow." At best, they can find out IF the warehouse has any coming in, what the warehouse' ETA is, and guess how long it will take to turn it around, build a truck and get it to your local store.

    A retailer has enough trouble dealing with sales reps, ad reps, rules, regulations, government, payroll, and the 10, 000 other things that make a store work than to concentrate on lying to you and making you wait.

    I place the blame on the American buying public. Everyone wants a $2, 000 look for $199. Everyone wants to make $15 or more an hour. How can a domestic manufacturer pay workers $15 an hour, provide benefits, match 401k's, pay employment tax, paid vacation, family leave, meet OSHA requirements, deal with frivolous lawsuits, pay 941 taxes, dividends to shareholders, buy raw materials from other domestic manufacturers and manufacture a quality sofa that will retail for $199???? The answer is that they probably can't.

    If we could hold on to our manufacturing jobs domestically, you could probably get your furniture much quicker, but the American public, for the most part, is unwilling to pay $699 for a sofa made from quality materials when you can buy a "made in China" sofa for $199. They may look the same on the outside, but on the inside, they are entirely different.

    Many of these so called "manufacturers" that have their merchandise built overseas do so because of substantially lower overhead (not just wages- but also taxes and regulations). They make items that LOOK nice, but are generally much lower quality. I refer to it as "disposable furniture." You may get 3 or 4 years out of it, but that's probably about it.

    **I am not making any claims about policies or procedures at particular companies. Examples given are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only.

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bad quality, poorer service

I bought a bedroom set from them. I received the set damaged in many places, obviously from the delivery. Called store, took few days before they called back. Offered repair, but can you imagine buying thousands in furniture just to have a guy painting and repairing what you paid as new furniture? I went to the store, talked to manager about returning merchandise because obviously was of poor quality. I was treated as somebody trying to steal, he was extremely rude and finally I told them to pick up the merchandise. I even had to pay a restocking fee. Just be careful, there are other stores with way much better quality furniture for almost same prices. Look around and don't buy from this store.

  • Lo
    LOTD = SCAM Nov 02, 2008

    Furniture for the most part is imported from China. There can be damage in the box. ALL furniture retailers have to touch up & repair product before & after delivery. Having a tech come out to repairyour product in many cases is better than the product out of the box. You perope who think the product shoulde 100% pon delivery arliving in a dream land. My favorite are people like you who come into a store & demand the product be exchanged. Wake up sister. The new product may have the same issues. No matter what price you pay these issues happen. How about you let the tech do his/her job? Also, when you call the sales person or manager & start ### about things it's not going to help your case. Most of the time you will get the run around becasue you are acting like such an ###. Nice & calm gets you much more service!!!

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  • Co
    Connoisseur G Jan 18, 2010

    Wow, there you have it, folks! I was looking for the phone number to the store so I could buy a table from them but now I see the reason why I should buy it somewhere else. With comments like the above, I will never buy from this store!!!

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the diningroom table cracked

I bought an Ashley country dining room table and 6chairs from JR furniture 1month ago. The table was missing some stain, so a technician came out and fixed it within a week. Then a week later the table developed a crack and the finish started peeling off. Again I called JR furniture and said I wanted a new table. They said they would send out the technician. A week later I still hadn't heard anything, so I called again and spoke to the sales person who sold me that table. No problem...we'll order a new table for you. Then 3days later the manager called and they have to send a technician out to evaluate the table. The technician came and 'fixed' the table. Needless to say it is not fixed to my satisfaction and now we have noticed that the table does not come together tightly in the middle. The wood has obviously expanded. I'm still fighting with JR furniture for a replacement table.

do they think we're stupid

I purchased a bed and mattress set from Ashley furniture on April 2 2008. I was told it would be delivered in two weeks. Well two weeks later I called them only to be told it will be instead of two weeks, two months. Customer service was very rude and the store of purchase did not seem to realize there was a problem or anything else for that matter. The store manager and sales ***. Had different information and the customer service person told me something else? I would not recommend buying anything from Ashley furniture, I wont be. Mad in Mississippi.

horrible bed!

We had our new Simmons Beautyrest Millennium - Veneto King size bed delivered to us on 3-1-08. Only a month after sleeping on it, there is ALREADY a "hole" where we sleep! We complained immediately to Ashley Furniture. Our options are to exchange the bed for a different bed in their showroom (we do not care for the other choices in their store), or pay a restocking fee of $500.00! What a complete rip off! Here we think we are buying a top-of-the-line bed, willing to spend $2300.00 on our investment, and this the customer service they provide! Absolutely no "Hey, I'm terribly sorry this happened. We'll make it right for $2300.00!" We feel like the store should stand behind what they sell to people! Yes, we could contact Simmons for a different mattress. But, after some research, I've found that we are not the only people who have had this problem with this particular mattress. We do not want a replacement - we'd need them every few months! This is so disappointing. We work hard for our money. The economy is bad right now. Here we thought we were making a good decision, and there is absolutely no follow through with customer satisfaction!

Thad & Jean Carley.

  • Ta
    tammy02 Apr 23, 2008

    The Carley's post was submitted to the Head of Customer Care for the Manhattan, KS HomeStore. It has been brought to Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. attention that the HomeStore allowed the Carley's to return their mattress and receive a refund after a months worth of use.

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  • Ga
    garytbanta Dec 28, 2011

    dont buy a bed from ashley furniture

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ashley furniture fraud

These guys are rip-offs!!! The couch set that came to our house is not the same one that we sat on the showroom floor. These guys need to be sued for their bait/switch tactics. Is there a class-action lawsuit that I can join??? All buyers beware!!!

  • Ta
    tammy02 Apr 22, 2008

    The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the store directly for assistance, if you are unable to get assistance from the store, please feel free to contact the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you by contacting the store on your behalf.

    Our contact information is as follows:

    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: 1-608-323-6139
    Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
    Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
    Attn: Consumer Affairs
    One Ashley Way
    Arcadia, WI 54612

    You may also consider visiting our website, Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

    We are here to help!

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  • Lo
    Lorna M. Sep 14, 2010

    I agree, same thing happened to me. Definitely not what I picked from the show room. The set in the showroom did not sink to the floor when you sat on it. The set that arrived at my house you had to pull yourself out of.

    Not to mention how much I paid for/got ripped off. The set is falling apart and I do not abuse my furniture. I have actually had better furniture from a rent to own store. Still have the rent to own set that is in better condition than the set from Ashley's. The rent to own set was bought in 1999, Ashley set bought in 2007.

    So, needless to say, when the subject comes up on buying new furniture with family, friends and collegues I suggest they DO NOT go to Ashley furniture. Bad news travels fast and I can say I will never buy there again. Highly disappointed!!!

    Cincinnati, OH - Sharonville Location

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  • Ki
    KillJoy32670 Dec 20, 2010

    Love the concern by corporate! They know exactly what they are doing. I spent 8k on what appeared to be quality furniture on their floor. What was delivered was complete garbage that is falling apart after 5 months. They should be shut down and sued.

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damaged furniture

I bought a sofa table from Ashley Furniture (Skamers) and it was glued all over the back. I brought it in to get exchanged and they told me that they wouldn't exchange it becouse I didn't file a complaint within 3 days. Not anywhere on the paperwork i recieved says that I had 3 days to claim any damage! there is suppose to be a one year warranty on the product. The manager (King Skamer) at the warehouse said that the glue on the furniture is not covered by warranty and blamed me for the damages. I called corporate and they did absolutley nothing! I talked with the store manager and he told me I can get my money back but with a 30% restocking fee. I have to pay a 30% restocking fee for a damaged piece of furniture! R U KIDDING ME! WHO WILL THEY SELL IT TO! I have reported them to the BBB and if u have had any problems with them I would suggest you do the same. These guys should not get away with ripping people off.

  • Ta
    tammy02 Apr 04, 2008

    The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the store directly for assistance, if you are unable to get assistance from the store, please feel free to contact the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you by contacting the store on your behalf.

    Our contact information is as follows:

    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: 1-608-323-6139
    Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
    Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
    Attn: Consumer Affairs
    One Ashley Way
    Arcadia, WI 54612

    You may also consider visiting our website, Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

    We are here to help!

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  • Ta
    tammy02 Apr 22, 2008

    Unfortunately, if we do not hear from a consumer, we are unable to assist. Should Mr. Morales contact AFI, we will review the information and proceed from there.

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  • Ha
    harish Oct 20, 2011

    I purchased a dining set from Ashley furniture(Elmhurst) on 7/17/11. They delivered a damaged table on 8/13/11, I declined and I had to wait for 2 more weeks only to receive another damaged set. I complained to the stores and they say they cannot refund but will try to send another one after 2 weeks. They point to the sales orders terms & conditions which are not consumer friendly. They are least worried about customer inconvenience. The person taking the complaint even tries to say that I have been declining it without any reason or the dinig set has it as a feature and I didnt look at it properly in the showroom. I clearly said that one corner of the table has its wood chipped out.

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  • An
    andrew625 Feb 06, 2013

    I recently purchased a sectional couch from ashley furniture on martin luther king blvd.I purchased the couch on january 4th 2013 and was told they would be delivered january 29th.Me and my wife also wanted some throw pillows and the sales rep told us to take them to the girls at the purchase counter.We were treated very rudely when we walked to the counter and asked for heip purchasing the pillows, almost like we inconvinced the girl by wanting to make a purchase.That was the least of our problems, January 28th we get a call saying they do not make that couch anymore.I sold my old couches to make room for the delivery and was having a superbowl party in 5 days.We go down to the store witch is 44 miles round trip to pick out new couches and were told sometimes these things happen.I tell the manager he should compansate us for not callling us sooner, he offers 150.00 store credit but cannot use it towards the new couch and recliner we picked out.So I said fine just get me my couches before feb 3rd, he tells me he can get me the couches but not the recliner.So when its time to check out we get hit with 2 seperate delivery fees since the recliner wasnt ready until feb 5th, I decine that and tell them i will just pick up the recliner.So they discontinue my couch then want to charge me twice since the recliner wasnt ready on the same day as the couches i ordered 1 month ago, then they tell me its a 10.00 extra delivery fee for a sunday delivery.I go to ashley today to pick up the recliner with my son and once again treated rudely by the girl out the counter, she got frusterated because i didnt know where to stand to make my pick up. When the guy brings out the recliner whitch is power operated, i tell him i want to plug it in to make sure it works and he says they dont have any plugs by the pick up door and that is covered for 72 hrs if there is a problem.Well needless to say the recliner has no power and doesnt work, so now im back to ahley 44 miles again to take it back and tried all afternoon to have a manager call me back.Im done and at my witts end with this place, left a message for the manager and told he would call me back...To sum it all up the customer service was appauling, was lied to, traveled 160+ miles back and fourth to make my purchases and take back products and be charged extra money for thier mistakes...I will never shop there again and will tell everyone i know not to shop there...

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think twice before buying!

First let me say that we have purchased many furniture items from Ashley Furniture - kitchen table, bedroom...

unethical service!

We own a new home that has been caught in the downward spiral of the housing bust! To help recoup some of our expenses, we decided to rent it furnished for Super Bowl week. Rents in our area, close to the stadium, were going for 10-15 thousand for the week... furnished!

Ashley Furniture knew exactly what we were doing and also what our time frame was. We purchased an entire home of furniture on October 19, 2007 and given a delivery date of November 24, 2007, not an approximate date! It was a confirmed date that would include a penalty of $39.99 to reschedule. At NO time were we advised that our furniture was 'custom' made and could take longer to arrive.

We could not take pictures for the internet until all furniture was in place. that was about 3 weeks prior to Super Bowl. By then, most visitors already had their reservations made. We were stuck with a fully furnished vacant home. Our 'tentative' new renters have agreed to leave the furniture in the home even though they DO NOT want it. They must now store their things and we will have 'used' furniture at the end of the lease.

We feel deceived by Ashley Furniture in many ways. They are not ethical.

  • Nu
    nutz4apples Apr 03, 2008

    The people there work under fear. Many times they can't do what they should do (I'm talking supervisors) because they are afraid of their higher ups who may very well be dumber than they are. So, it's a culture of lies and stupidity there. The most easily understood concepts of efficiency, fairness, safety, integrity, go right out the window many times. They're more worried about the next quotas and profit charts then they are about your "American made" furniture that is partially from China.

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  • Ja
    jansen Sep 12, 2008

    I think you are wrong. You are placing blame on a company for some very poor business miscalculations on your part! You got stuck b/c you were trying to make a quick buck. and for Nutz's comment, you are nuttier than squirrel turds. Its furniture people! Not your passport back from Uganda.
    There is a reason they are the largest furniture retailer in the US. There will always be outliers (you two). Take responsibility for your own actions. Ethics had nothing to do with the situation

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  • B
    B Nov 24, 2008

    Ashely Furniture is a joke...They don't honor there warranty and have poor quality leather...they make up stories and will not work with you...I'm talking about the store in goodyear, Az...I personally would like to sue them

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beware of ashley furnitures!

I have reported Ashley to BBB; so please do so, if you have similar problems with them. I bought a sofa and loveseat from Ashley for $1140; they delivered it damaged, but my wife did not notice it when she accepted the delivery. One arm of the loveseat was heavily damaged. I was told that we had 48 hours to report a problem and get a replacement. When we noticed the problem after I came in, we immediately reported the problem. They said they could only repair it, but not replace it. They said they would replace only if we did not accept delivery. (Why should we accept something to be repaired, when it was delivered damaged even before we started using it???).

The problem is still not resolved (and ashley don't care) and I am waiting to hear from BBB. Please stay off from ashley, they sell poor stuff!! Go shop somewhere in raymour or other places.

  • Sh
    Sharon Ambrose Jan 25, 2008

    I purchased two leather sofas from Gardiners Furniture in Glen Burnie/Pasadena MD ... they were Ashley products. Both were delivered damaged (one with slits and the other dry-rotted) and replaced within a week ... two days after the replacements arrived my living room carpet has globs of white furniture stuffing all over it. As it turns out the zipper under the arm of the sofa is completely busted and Gardiners Furniture will not replace it again ... this sofa is two days old and I already have a repair complaint. If this is not bad enough I have to wait two weeks for the repair tech to fix the zipper. Everytime I sit a glob of stuffing flies out so I am stuck with furniture that I canot use for the next two weeks ... Thank you Ashley Furniture and Gardiners Furniture!

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  • Pb
    P Beall Apr 02, 2010

    I agree. Buyer beware. Do not buy furniture from Gardiners in Pasadena/Glen Burnie, MD. I purchased a cabinet from them. When the delivery men came, one of the men was downright rude and disrespectful as he entered my home. He complained the piece was too heavy and he was not going to carry it up the stairs and said, "Where else do I want it?" He told me I would have to sign a waiver so that if he damaged my walls or damaged the cabinet it would be my problem. I told him I would not do that. They have no common sense. The independent delivery company that delivers for them told me they would not deliver it and "thanx for shopping at Gardiners." I am amazed that a delivery service can dictate what is sold at Gardiners! I canceled the order and went to Ethan Allen...better furniture and MUCH nicer people. Plus, delivery is free there, not the ridiculous $100 Gardiners was charging me! If you do not live on one level, don't bother to shop there.

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  • Ne
    Needssleepbadly Aug 01, 2012

    My husband and I have recently purchase a Sealy Mattress from Ashley. We had asked the Jolie Firm Pillow top. My husband called the store and told them what we wanted and was told no problem. He was even told that they had it in stock and we could pick it up that day.(Wrong) When I got to the store to pay all of the paperwork was all done to the point that all I needed to do was to sign. I asked the sales lady several times to make sure that we would would be getting the Firm Mattress. She said yes, every time I asked. I was also sold a mattress protector and was told that I need to buy that in order for the warranty to be valid. I was also told that I would not be allowed to take my mattress home that, ALL there mattress are made at the time the customer orders. I was find with that and I asked just to make sure that I was getting a firm. The sale women reassured me that I was purchasing the Firm and had nothing to worry about. I got the mattress last Wednesday, and everything appeared to be OK. My husband and I thought it unusually soft, and ignored it till I said something two days later. It wasn't until he pulled the bed out and we saw the tag that said PLUSH. I immediately called Ashley and got no respect. I informed them that it was an error on there part not mine. They didn't even want to hear it. The manager even got on and was yelling at me. All the while waiting for a phone call from my sales lady. NO call has come to this day. I ended up calling yesterday and got the nice lady who checked me out. She remembered me and even remembered me asking several times for the Firm Mattress. The sales woman still has not called and now a new manager is involved, Again waiting for a call back. I even went so far as to have Sealy call them. I guess I just have to wait. I just cant sleep another night on this mattress. I just wish Ashley would own up to there mistake and resolve this problem. We were not informed of there return policy either, but we were told that we had 25 day comfort period by another salesperson when we were in the store a week prior. I have to update this with the outcome.

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