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Complaints & Reviews

peeling leather couch

I purchased a whole leather living room set from ashley home store in frisco on february 19, 2007. I also...

rip off!

Please be aware of Ashley Furniture and their business practices. I canceled my order in what I thought to be time where the furniture in no way could have been manufactured - though they said it was and was on its way though they offered no proof of that. So anyways - I said yes to the store credit whereas they wanted it to be for the whole purchase amount - including warranty, delivery and sales tax. After a call into a NYS agency - merchandise credit is on merchandise and not on services or sales tax (esp because it was never "collected"). So, we agreed to a true merchandise credit. Well, after much-to-do between Ashley and the credit card agency used for the gazzilion months of no interest, it all was messed up - so Ashley said "screw her" and did the restocking fee of 20%. I am not sure what rocket scientist did the math but where they got their 20% from I can't figure it out because no matter what way I do it, my math and their does not equal. So after so more investigation - again the 20% is only on merchandise. A call to the store confirms that 20% restocking is on merchandise only and not on warranties, delivery, or sales tax. So... if you are one of those who opt for the restock fee (because like me I don't EVER want to do business with this company again!) - check the math. Fight back - they are trying to get more money out of you. File your BBB complaint - I am astonished as to how many of these I have read online and yet look at the BBB website and find only a handful of complaints filed against this company. For one, I would like to see this business out of NY as they have shady business practices, poor workmanship, and even poorer "customer service".

slow & incomplete delivery!

We bought a kitchen desk (secretary & hutch) on Sept 10, 2007 at the Winston-Salem store and were told it would arrive in three weeks. Several calls and four delivery dates later and we finally received the item on December 29, 2007. They changed the delivery time three times the day of delivery and took from another customer's order to make ours whole because part of it was missing or damaged. I suspect they had done this with our order and had filled other customer's orders for Christmas with ours, hence the reason for the delays. When the item finally arrived, we asked the delivery folks if it didn't fasten together for safety sake and they said definitely NO. When they had left, we found the assembly instructions in a drawer with four screws but the brackets to attach the desk to the hutch were missing. We called the delivery driver back and they insisted that these brackets didn't exist. Even the store manager at the store made the same claim. I offered to send him a copy of the instructions and diagram send with the furniture showing the missing clamps for the back of the piece. It will probably be months before we ever see these missing parts if we ever get them! Do not buy from this company! If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

  • Ch
    Chuck H. Jan 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am the store manager in question from the Winston Location and have been at the Winston-Salem AFHS since it opened and I have personally attempted to contact Mr. Hill regarding this posting and have received no response to date. Ashley Furniture of Winston-Salem, NC has a outstanding reputation for our prices, quality and service with all of our Thousands of very satisfied customers.
    Chuck H.
    GM W-S AFHS 336-397-0300

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Poor furniture quality!

I had the misfortune of purchasing a leather reclining sofa and chair from Ashley about 2 months ago. Of...

damaged sofa!

Sofa and love seat were delivered and placed in room immediately by delivery people, and everything looked fine. My wife while cleaning a vent noticed that there was damage on the back corner of the leather sofa. The damage could not be seen from the front or side. The delivery people had to see the torn area. Ashley would not have any responsibility for the damage and said it was not their problem. I had the 5 year protection plan but they said since it was a delivery problem it was not covered under that plan. Shop at a reputable furniture store like Haverty's to avoid this problem.

  • Ta
    tammy02 Feb 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. We request that you consider contacting the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department, so we can assist you and the store in reaching an acceptable resolution.

    Our contact information is as follows:

    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: 1-608-323-6139
    Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
    Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
    Attn: Consumer Affairs
    One Ashley Way
    Arcadia, WI 54612

    You may also consider visiting our website, Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the homepage.

    We are here to help!

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Poor product, service and return policy

I was never informed that ashley furniture store had a no return/refund policy. The sale rep should inform...

bad customer service...

Ashley Furniture delivers more than just furniture. Back in June my husband and I purchased around $5,000...

delivery failures

I ordered furniture for delivery around the first week of November 2007. They set the delivery date for November 23 between 1-5:30. No problem except it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (just bad timing for me). There is no movement of the delivery time - whatever the magical computer says is what it will be and you just have to take it. So that same magical computer told the customer care people to call me twice to confirm this delivery time. -which both times I confirmed. The afternoon of the 22nd I get a call from Ashley stating that not all of my pieces had arrived and would be delievered at a later date.

Items ordered: Sofa, loveseat, recliner, two end tables, coffee table, dining room table, and 6 chairs - total $3,900.00+
Items Received on "promise" date: Sofa and loveseat.

New delievery date was set for December 5th - 2 weeks later. I got a call this weekend (Dec 1) to confirm my delivery and setup a time between 8-12. I agreed - cleared my work schedule and made arrangements to be at the house. Yesterday - Dec 3 - another confirm call and again I confirmed the date.

And now we come to today - the dreaded day before delivery. Aparently their magical computer system for scheduling does not really know ANYTHING. Because again I get a call that NONE - not some - NONE of the remaining pieces have arrived. How is that companies like UPS and FedEx know EXACTLY where my stuff is from point A -> Z but Ashley cannot lay claim to their own inventory! Needless to say they want to push is out to Dec 14th. Which I assume will be the next possible delivery attempt. I have a call in to customer care - I hope to hear something shortly. The beauty of the Ashley Furniture buying experience is that the Magic Computer knows everything and you can NEVER get to a person who holds responsibility or can make change. They always lean on that computer as the cause of and answer too all of the problems. Good Luck - I hope to eat at my table before Christmas. My recommendation - go somewhere else!

exchange or refund policy!

On Nov. 17,2007, purchased a simmons mattress set from ashley furniture for 1091.00. The sales rep never...

Resolved Terrible service!

This is my first experience with Ashley Furniture. I visited and purchased a dining room set on August, 26...

not upholding warranty.

I have had my furniture for less than a year. It is falling apart. I have made several attempts to resolve this issue with Ashley Furniture to no avail. I am holding a public protest at the ashley Furniture store in Mesquite, Texas on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving). If anyone wants to join us, please feel free to come by. Thanks.

  • As
    Ashley Furniture Dec 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ashley Furniture HomeStores has picked up Ms. Ballard's merchandise and did process the refund back to the card the merchandise was purchased with. Unfortunately, Ms. Ballard called after the refund was sent to let us know the account number was not valid. Ms. Ballard was told to contact her credit card company with the old and new account numbers and they will be able to trace the refund and apply it to the correct account. Ashley Furniture HomeStore can provide a copy of the refund slip, but it is up to the credit card company and the consumer to have the refund posted to the correct account.

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company treats their employees with no respect

I am friends with an employee of Ashley furniture and when construction began on our new house, the decision...

pick up times

I just read all the complaints on Ashley Furniture. I bought Libray latters which all were in good shape. My problem was when I need to reschedule the date I could pick them up. I was told that if I did not pick them up on the date given, they would send them back and I would have to reorder. I was only looking at a couple of days difference and not asking them to keep the merchandise any longer than that. When we loaded the furniture, there was no personnel to help. As you know, they are very heavy and it was just two women lifting the 3 boxes.

worst furniture ever!

We purchased a couch that has built in recliners from Ashley in Greenwood, In. Total cost with warranty was 1400.00. It is only me and my husband and we both work long hours so we rarely use the couch. Upon settling into our new home (having the couch for less than a full year), we noticed it was falling apart. Seams were unraveling, the recliner mechanisms were failing making it difficult to close, casters were falling off the ottoman, buttons falling off, staples not properly placed were shredding the backs of the seat cushions, the spring fell in the middle section to the floor, the arms are lose, and so on. We attempted to contact the company to fix it. The did not return the calls, we tried to use the warranty-that company would not honor it. We went into the store to speak with the manager and demand money back for selling us the non-existent warranty- He refused and offered to send out their service team at cost to us! We the called the corporate company to complain and they contacted the store and demanded them to send out an tech. He took one look at the couch and said it was trash. He then ordered all new parts and said when they came in he would rebuild the couch in our living room. That was last December! Now I have couch parts and a trashy couch littering up my living room and I am still having to pay the rest of the 1400.00 off for a couch that I will have to turn around and replace.

  • Ri
    Rick Goza Dec 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sounds about right... my sofa is falling apart and the "elite" warranty company said they won't cover it because its normal "wear"...

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  • An
    Angry gal28 Mar 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought a new sofa in january of 2010. didn't get it until the end of february 2010. in may 2010 the right side reclining mechinism broke. we couldn't get it to go down. we literally had to shimmy off of it, stand in front, push it straight in and then push it down to get it to close.

    i called the # the sales lady gave me for the warrenty. they asked me who was sitting on it when it broke. i told them my husband. then they asked me how much he weighs. i told them 320lbs. they said that because he was over weight, that it wasn't covered by the warrenty.

    then in september the seat on the left side broke. i was literally sitting on a lean because the board broke. i called them back. they asked me who was sitting on it. i said me. then they ask me how much i weigh. i say 267lbs. then she asks me how OFTEN i sit on the couch. i told her that i'm disabled and sit on it most of the day because of my back. then she told me that i exceeded the NORMAL use warrenty of the sofa and it wasn't covered.

    then just two weeks before the anniversary of the safa purchase, the middle cushion came apart from the frame. i didn't notice it until 2 days later when my 2 year old got her foot trapped between the steel frame while she was sleeping. it took us 20 minutes to free her foot. so i called them a third time. they inform mr that because i didn't report it when it happened that it wasn't covered.

    i tried to explain to them that i haven't even had this couch for a year and it was broken in 3 places. they then inform me that because the place i got it from is going out of businees that they can't help me. i tell the lady that all warrenties are still in effect even if the store goes out of business because the warrenty is with ashley. she laughed at me and said " good luck with that!"

    ashley is the worst furniture ever. and they don't care that we the customers pay so much for furniture that we are convinced into getting because the sales people tell us we have such a great warrenty. it's all bogus!!! i would give this couch to a homeless person, that's how bad it is. and i've only had it for one year and 10 days!!!

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poor service and arrogant customer service

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased a bedroom suite and 2 recliners from Ashley Furniture on June 17, 2007. At purchase time, it was promised to me that I would have my furniture delivered by July 28, 2007. I thought this was an extremely long timeline to receive my furniture, but agreed with it due to the history that I have with Ashley Furniture. It is now August 9th, and I still have not received my furniture. After calling the warehouse several times, my husband has had the phone slammed in his face, a very rude customer service representative (Nicole), and an arrogant "manager" (Brock?) that was unwilling to help the situation any, just to name a few incidents.

After no resolution and frustration from the warehouse, my husband and I went to the Ashley Furniture store that we purchased our furniture from and talked with the manager on Saturday night, August 4. He was unable to help us that night and promised to call us with some resolution. We have been playing cat and mouse over the phone with Amanda and Rick Doyle and still (August 9) no resolution or help from Ashley.

I have purchased at least $25,000 worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture over the last 5 years. Since this incident, I have made the decision to never purchase from Ashley again. On Monday, I plan to seek legal counsel and contact the Better Business Bureau for advice, and hopefully, then, I can get this issue resolved.

  • Me
    Mee Dom Aug 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Will Not Deliver On Time, Bad Customer Service, Never Return Calls.

    We also bought a lot of furniture from Ashley in Murfreesboro all at once and we're not delivered on time. It was canceled two times. We contacted the store several times and asked to talk to the manager but as always "the manager is not available". It's always lunch time or break time for the manager. And Johnnie Hunter, the Regional Manager, will give you a call back. Guess what? He never does. Does he even exist?

    We contacted our credit card issuer and luckily got our money back. Then closed our account so that they can no longer charge anything else to it.

    We WILL NEVER EVER step our feet into this place again. Never in my life have ever received such a bad service. Do yourself a favor and stay away also. Tell your friends and family as well.

    We bought from Rooms To Go and everything as good as can be. We had several defects and they came right out and replaced it within a week. I would recommend them.

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  • Hi
    highonthelittleguy Sep 16, 2007

    I highly doubt that you have had to wait this long for your furniture. $25,000 in five years? Holy crap, do you own mansions or something? I know you are just bad mouthing ashley furniture, there is no way you have had that bad of experience with them. I am sure they told you exactly how long it would be before your furniture would get to you. Ashley usually only takes on average a month to get. Get a life, grow up and tell the truth for once in your life!!

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  • Br
    Brent Feb 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ashley Furniture is the worst company I have ever dealt with also.

    Most people make one purchase there and they're done dealing with this deplorable company.

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  • De
    Debbie Apr 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ashley's customer service IS horrible. Do they not realize there are other furniture stores in town? Duh. I bought a simple queen bed and nightstand. They charged me incorrectly for the mattress, which was on sale. I caught the mistake right away but the girls in the Murfreesboro store were clueless about how to issue a simple 67. credit onto my debit card. Not one of them had the "special code" to use on the register. They took 9 days to get the credit to post. HA! And then I asked if they could give me a 10% discount or something on my next purchase, for all the trouble, and guess what those Einsteins said? NO!! How stupid can you be????? I dealt with Amanda, Susan, and every other girl in that store. Dont go there, they have no people or sales skills whatsoever!

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  • Co
    Cory S Sep 27, 2009

    Hi, I'm Cory - I worked at Ashley Furniture and was fired when I was owed a raise. The warehouse manager mentioned, Brock, only started in mid 2006 and had no previous experience.
    Only 3 people applied for the job.
    The store manager, Eric Sanchez, made a false report that I stole something and I was fired.
    Later, when caught lying on the phone by an attorney for the Dept of Labor, the store was fined, and Eric was fired. July 2006.
    As far as furniture being late, its not made in the store or in the warehouse in LaVergne. It is only assembled and delivered from there. Its made in Taiwan and Vietnam and shipments don't come in regularly. When I started work there, in the summer of 2005, they had a backlog of around 800 incomplete orders/deliveries, yet cut everyone's hours to the point of an unlivable wage and then I transferred to the store. One two week pay period consisted of 20 hours and 12 hours.

    Despite their claims to the contrary, Ashley furniture is foreign and shipped by a company called Millennium in Georgia, and though some of their furniture is "exclusive", Millennium also does business under another name and works for World Market/Costco.

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  • Co
    Cory S Sep 27, 2009

    On somewhat related side note, it should be known that as of early 2006, regional manager Johnny Hunter had been charged at least four times by female employees of sexual harassment. Since the owners of the franchise he works for are a wealthy gay couple that simply inherited one their father's hotel fortune, it seems they are not exactly cut out to run a business, just had the money to franchise one. Their first store is in Carbondale, IL so beware of that one too, and all three in Tennessee and a fifth one I can't recall (but its also in Illinois somewhere).

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cancel order

I placed an order for a couch/loveseat that was ordered through interest free financing and received credit...

beware anything made of wood from these guys!

I bought an entire living room set and a king size mattress from them about a year and a half ago. Everything has been great, haven't had too many problems until recently. A while back,I noticed a hole in my coffee table. There was a pile of fine dust piled up just outside of this tiny hole.

I figured it was some kind of bug,sprayed it with bathroom cleaner and waited. A few days later, same thing,more dust coming out of this hole.

Sprayed it with some more potent stuff and it went away. I kept checking once a month for more holes but couldn't find any. Well, now I am moving and on a very detailed inspection,there are many of these holes. All "active" as they keep having these dust pile build up. I finally do an online search and find out its what they call a powderpost beetle. Seems they live in wood in a larvae stage for several years and the only way you know that you have them is when they "wake up" they start making these exit holes to push out the powdered excrement from them eating your furniture. So basically, I bought these bugs when I bought the furniture. The college websites say they talk 1 to 3 years to hatch. Imagine that, I am smack dab in the middle of that window. Of coarse now I am calling Ashley's asking them what they are gonna do about it. They are saying "well, how do we know these bugs didn't get in there from your home?" Well, my house is built on a prairie where no such things exist naturaly,and none of my other wood furniture exhibit these signs.

Anyhow, they are denying any responsibility. What a bunch of crooks. Beware if you buy ANYTHING made of wood from these guys. Its probably full of critters!!! Anything I can do?

  • Ma
    marlene berry May 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I went in to ashley store to look for bedroom and dininig room furniture. after we were shown a few items our saleslady went and got one of the managers after we told her we had looked at rooms to go. he came over with a wod of advertisements and proceeded to tell us if we did not like what you had that we just need to leave or go back to rooms to go. We thought we were at a car lot bringin in a manager. he said he used to work at rtg and that his wife still worked there basicly just because they had good benefits. . As far as my husband and I, we will never step foot in one of your stores again and have told everyone i meet that is looking for furniture to do the same. we were very shocked that someone representing your store would do such a thing. Instead of telling us how much better your furniture might be they told us and put down everyone else, this is not the way to win over a customer. Needless to say we done just that and went back to rooms to go where the sales people were nice and bought our dinning room set. hope you take care of this matter other wise you will not have a store with good sales people or any customers. thanks for listening. Marlene Berry of Fortworth Texas

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Klos Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I bought a house full of furniture from Ashley's a few years ago. When we bought this furniture, they told me that I should purchase the warranty because it was good for 5 years for replacement if it was damaged in any way during that time. AND that if we did not have to "use" the warranty, that after the 5 years, we would receive the money we paid for the warranty back.

    That seemed like a good deal at the time. We have not had to "use" the warranty, and I was expecting to receive a check in a few years for the amount of the warranty we paid them. Well, recently I heard that their warranty was a deal where after 5 years you receive a STORE CREDIT for the amount of the warranty!!! I was LIED to about that at the time. I am FURIOUS about this, as it is just my husband and myself, and we are in our 60's, so WE WON'T NEED ANY ADDITIONAL FURNITURE in 3 years. In fact, WE PROBABLY WON'T NEED ANY ADDITIONAL FURNITURE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!!!

    I don't want a STORE CREDIT... I want a check for the amount of the warranties we bought -- like they said I would get.

    I am not a happy customer of Ashley's, either.

    Sylvia Klos, Mansfield, TX

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  • Ca
    Carlton Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I need the arlington address off of cooper st. I am looking to buy a sleeper sofa.

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defective piece of furniture

Just wanted to share, we have had horrible customer service with the Ashley Furniture store on Woodlane Rd. in Mount Holly/ Eastampton NJ.

We bought a wine cabinet in Jan. and we were able to pick it up the last week of Jan. 2007 and on Mother's Day (just 4 short months later) the insides collapsed-- thank God my son wasn't hurt because there were shattered wine glasses and glass went every where. It could have been worse it the wine bottles had broken! My son was sitting in my lap in the living room when it happened-- it really scared both of us a lot. When we called Ashley Furniture, they never once apologized or asked if my son was injured.

We finally got the piece back today (6/9/2007) after threatening to go to the Better Business Bureau-- so that's what it takes to get someone to fix a defective piece of furniture that almost injured my 2 year old son?! If you have no interest in honoring your warrenty, then don't offer one.

I'm so sick of what it took to get our furniture back: the phone calls, the "we can’t find any record of that purchase", the "well, that department just went home," the "well, we're very busy today and can't help you," and the "just leave your phone number and someone will call you back." (Big surprise, no one EVER called us back— and then to add insult to injury, the store manager, Sam, told us today that he had already checked with the warehouse and knew it was fixed and they “should have called.” My point exactly.

My husband and I just went to get it and they claim they fixed it-- but the way they did it changes the appearance of the front of the cabinet. Plus there's now a big dent in the side/back and the decorative nails are coming out.

What if it had been a larger piece of furniture? (And this was just a wine cabinet! Imagine something bigger! And something we couldn't move back and forth in our station wagon!)

Eileen Cramer

  • De
    Debbie Robins Jul 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too, have had the same response from them in trying to get a replacement glass top for a coffee table... the many phone calls, the many excuses: "you are not in the system," "the manager is out," "the service rep is out," "someone will call you back"... NOT! I was finally able to speak to the customer relations manager today (7/12/2007), Maryann, who DID call me back and was very kind and helpful. We were able to ascertain that the glass top is not orderable as a replacement part. Each and every other part of the table can be ordered for replacement with the exception of the glass.

    The reason I am writing this is that the parts/service rep, Heather, insisted to me that she ordered the part for me on 6/1/07... and even Maryann agreed with me... how could she have ordered a part that is NOT available for replacement???

    Personally, folks, I would recommend that you stay away from purchasing Ashley products due to the fact that the main Ashley Furniture in Arcadia, WI does not deal directly with consumers and all your dealings will be with the various independent dealers which have proved to be a very frustrating process which accomplished nothing in the end anyway.

    And, by the way, it took six months to find out it wasn't available for replacement and it's very coincidental that I, too, began to mention contacting the Better Business Bureau and I did receive a call back... maybe you might want to mention it at the beginning of your transaction with them ;-)

    Atleast, for what it was worth, Eileen got her cabinet back. I, on the other hand, will have to throw my table away since there is not much use for a coffee table without a top...

    Good luck!

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do not patronize ashley furniture!

On 4/9/07 we purchase a living room set and mattresses from The Rockford Ashley Furniture Store In Rockford...

their service really sucks!

On February 27, 2007 I submitted my order to Mark Alan (distributor for Ashley Furniture). I took the liberty to browse through their showroom via internet and printed all merchandise to order (to make it very easy on Mark Alan).

Any ways; they submitted my order to Ashley Furniture on 3/1/07 and acknowledged order on 3/5/07.

I was promised a ship date on an entire living room seat, including end tables, entertainment unit, sofa table etc., and was promised a ship date of 3/26/07.

1. 3/26/07 came and passed no merchandise.
2. Promised a ship date of 4/5/07; again no merchandise.
3. Promised a ship date of 4/26/07; rec'd partial shipment waiting for sofa/loveseat to materialize. Sku#1830038 & 1830035 - new material (Ashley "Alexandria").
4. Promised sofa/loveseat on 5/5 - come and gone.
5. Promised again on 5/12/07 - come and gone.
6. Promsed again on 5/25/07 - come and gone and the distributor had the mfg. on the phone with me indicating a ship date of 6/8/07 they will follow through to make sure that date is met.
7. Original date have it was 3/26/07 and several promises has come and gone.

I informed the distributor to make sure date is met or I will cancel the order and receive a refund. They in turn tired hard to comfort me; and asked if I would like a replacement.

Whey should I replace something and the original merchandise did not materialize. I said, "NO". If I do not receive any merchandise I will cancel my order.

Today is 6/8/07 and the loveseat is on the truck but no sofa! The sofa will be in on 6/13/07 and I have had it with ASHLEY!

They service really sucks and with no information and/or customer service to help solve this problem.

If anyone should spend money they should receive goods... and I've been waiting far too long to be treated in this matter.

I suggest goods 1st then payment... I will not purchase any Ashley Furniture never again... you have lost a valuable customer!

  • Bo
    Bobbie Flowers Jun 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a full bedroom suite, Corona Park, from Ashley Furniture store in Austin, Texas, on south IH35, April 29, 2007. Paid cash up front of $3,606.87. Was told the furniture would be delivered no later than June 19, 2007. 4 weeks later we were notified that deliver was postponed to maybe the week of July 16th. No promises. Made several calls but no one really cared. They had our money and no refund was offered. This was our second purchase from Ashley and the last. The first was a dining room suite 2 years ago and the finish is already starting to chip. No kids in the house to damage the table and chairs. Just bad craftsmanship. Sorry we went back but this will never happen again if we ever get out bedroom suite. Haverty Furniture is just next door and that is where we will going from now on.

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