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Harvey Norman reviews & complaints

Harvey Norman complaints 526

Jan 23, 2022

Harvey Norman - Blank promise and poor attitude by sales representative

To whom to be concerned,

I would like to express my unsatisfaction of Sales representative Ms June which work at Harvey Norman Sunway Pyramid.

I bought a washing machine on 02 Jan 2022 and they mentioned able to arrange delivery after 10 Jan 2022, this is the main reason i agree to make payment to place order because they promised able to deliver after 10 jan 2022, order confirmation stated delivery date on 13 Jan 2022, but goods never deliver to me on 13 Jan 2022. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE to let customer waiting but at the end my washing machine never deliver to me. Another NOT ACCEPTABLE issue is Ms June never inform me in advance about delay of deliver of my washing machine.

I called to Ms June ([protected]) on 14 jan 2022 to follow up on my delivery but she said she is onleave and will ask her colleague to come back to me. On 15 Jan 2022, another sales representative from citta mall update me on my order, she mentioned my order only available after CNY (february), i called again to Ms June on 16 Jan 2022 but she never pick up my call, i tried again to call her but i found out she hang off my call and switch off her phone, after that i cant contact her anymore...

This is really ridiculous behavior as a sales representative, really unacceptable! We as a consumer that put our trust on Harvey Norman and place our order to you, now how is your sales representative treat us? FYI, i yet receive any call from Ms June to update on my washing machine status since she hang out my call. 

Desired outcome: Please get back to me on my order delivery date!!!

Harvey Norman - Dalton lou lift chair

Hi there,

One week after we sent the below emails and still no reply ...!

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2022 16:43:34 +0800
From: Serafim Portinha
To: [protected]@harveynorman.com.au

Hi there,

Please forward this email to Gerry Harvey, because he should deal with this case personally and we want to talk to him, regarding how things happened, in particular with the deliver and the pick up of the used or demonstration chair ... very, very strange ...!

Serafim & Maria Portinha

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 15:40:58 +0800
From: Serafim Portinha
To: [protected]@harveynorman.com.au

Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a DALTON LOU LIFT CHAIR from the Harvey Norman store in Osborne Park - WA.

Were surprised that yesterday we had a phone call, confirming that the chair was ready to be delivered, when the salesman told us that the ETA 4-5 weeks ...!

The chair was delivered to us this morning, but when was unpacked and stetted up, we realized that what was delivered to us, is a used or demonstration chair.

Please refer to the attached photos where you can see, dust on wheels, dust on bottom supports, dust on leather - everywhere ... plus also attached to the chair, still the small pieces of leather, for the clients to choose the colour, etc ...

We are very frustrated with this situation and already went to the Osborne Park store to complain about it and asked for our money back.

We are clients of Harvey Norman for a long time and to compensate us for all the trauma involved, apart from the money back, we deserve a brand new chair delivered to us for free.

Please also find attached, copy of our receipt for the purchase of the chair.

Yours sincerely

Serafim & Maria Portinha







Harvey Norman - Customer service

To whom it may concern, I am writing a formal complaint regarding the Harvey Norman Store in Tallaght co. Dublin. In June 2021 I went into this store to purchase new furniture for my new home. I...

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Dec 28, 2021

Harvey Norman - No updates on delivery and no delivery as promised

I purchased a vacuum cleaner on 10th December via their Malaysia website and stated 1 to 7 working days for delivery. However up till now (29th December), no delivery has been made and they are not responding to emails and FB messages even though they are actively promoting on their FB. Understand that Malaysia was affected by flood but my order was made before the flood so it should have already been delivered. Even if they will need more time, they should inform the buyers. Worse company ever, they are large organization but very bad service. Customer service are non responsive.

Desired outcome: Respond to emails & honour the delivery as promised

Harvey Norman - Electrolux refrigerator

We bought many products from Harvey Norman over a period of the last 1.5 years. The Refrigerator, was delivered on 5 November 2021 and it had dents on the door, which we pointed out straight away to...

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Nov 23, 2021

Harvey Norman - Missing delivery and response to my email.

Would you want to place an on-line order at Harvey Norman, Singapore? I placed an order on the 5th of November 2021 for a small toaster oven. Delivery is meant to take 5 to 7 working days. Since...

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Harvey Norman - Disregard for customer and staff safety

I visited Harvey Norman in Joondalup Thursday at 5pm. Whilst walking passed a display shelf, I caught my arm on a plastic price tag rail. My skin was lodged in the plastic and my arm was cut and bleeding. I approached a staff member, (whom I was later advised represented Management) Initially this person showed no regard what so ever to my concerns and I felt she was being dismissive. My concerns was for the safety children, as the sharp object was at eye height. Upon approaching another staff member, who demonstrated the professional image one would expect from such an organisation. The dangerous item was removed. should. I was happy with this outcome. My wife had cause to return to the shop today and was quite disturbed to see that the sharp object has been reinstalled in exactly the same position. This blatant disrespect for Customer Safety is totally avoidable and in my opinion deliberate and stubborn.

Desired outcome: Implement a Continual Improvement Policy. Not Continual degradation of Safety

Nov 12, 2021

Harvey Norman - V8 Supercar Series

Attn Marketing Manager

The attached letter was sent to your marketing department initially in March 2021.

Monthly inquiries were sent with no response at all!

I sent a Complaint two months ago, but this too has been ignored!

Can anyone assist me?




I have been a V8 Supercar fan for many years,

In fact, even before it became known as Supercars way back when Colin Bond and Craig Lowndes were competing.

I had always kept up with the Supercar series, however this year, I was unable to due to severe medical conditions.

You see, I had a Brain Tumor operation, and unfortunately it put me entirely out of action.

I lost interest in almost everything.

For that reason, I have been unable to see much of the rounds earlier in the season r.

I have hanging on my walls here, a lot of great memories, and that was what kept me going for the past year!

Now that I am on my way to recovery, I was wondering if you had any posters, DVD, race programs or any memorabilia at all that you could send me to invigorate me for the forthcoming season.

My address is:

Mr Al Rankin, 90 Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, 0630, New Zealand

I hope you had an awesome day



Desired outcome: Receive anything!

Harvey Norman - Bedding

I have purchased a bed set from Harvey norman because it was in stock and they said they'll deliver with the next day ! The cancelled first delivery time then scheduled to another day, before delivery they called up and said that the box of the bed was damaged that's why they're unable to send it with the box which we didn't accept as we paid for a brand new one and more happy to have out 5-6K bed to have box so they ended up calling different city and it was delivered right from there.As soon as we opened it the bed head was damaged also bed frame was completely wrong size ( queen size instead of king size ) we let them know that this was happening and they sent a person to our house about 6pm and he just handed some woods which was again not what we wanted so he saw the bed head and accepted that it been damaged and he's happy to order a brand new bed head for us and meantime we can use this one until other ones arrives and he said he will order brand new bed frame as well and he left . They delivered bed frame next couple of days after and it was rapped around something like blankets behind the Ute and was not safe at all so we didn't accept it at all so the manager called my husband and shouting on him and behaving badly about why we didn't accept the bed frame ?! They said it was brand new but it didn't had a box anyway so it was display one ! We called head office and they couldn't help anyway and said that the manager wants to order a new one and has no Idea when they will be delivered ( at least 3 months) so we asked head office to cancel our order and pickup the wrong size bed from our house which they don't want to cancel it and I told them I'll take further option and they didn't care so here I am now .

Desired outcome: I want a completely brand new bed set in the box by couple of days or cancelling my order

Harvey Norman - Service+product

I brought Smeg Freestanding oven, rangehood and fridge on one transaction and paid cash on 10/09/21 during covid lockdaown period.Goods dileverd on 30/09/21.After few days while we are waiting for an electrician we open the range good and noticed one filter was bent and damaged.So I call Harvey norman Thomastown branch to tell what we found and they organized 3rd party company to come and have a look.Then my plumber and elcrician came over to install the appliances found oven not working even when conected to power.So I call Harvy norman branch again and waited more days for 3rd party company to come and replace the clock on the oven then start working.After another 2 more days later we about to cook something in the oven noticed scratch mark across the back wall in side the oven.Again I contacted Harvy noman and report the problem.Once again call the 3rd party company to come and have a look and replaced the parts effected.I PAID cash for these good.I belive the Harvey norman send me defectiv goods so contact the manger at Harvey norman Thomastown branch and told the whole incident and he asked me to send all the photos I have but its almost 3 weeks nobody contact me .I am realy disappoited and frustrated.

Harvey Norman - false advertisement

I paid for 2 Apple Iphones and had clearly specified the date they were required by, prior to purchase, It was promised the delivery date of my purchase was to be on 24th september, 2021

The order was placed and paid for on 18 Sept 2021 on that basis,

I had not heard anything from a Harvey Norman rep on the date mentioned so I called to chase up my order,

I have had numerous calls and conversations with rude, arrogant staff members with false and misleading information and still no products or delivery dates have been issued,

Reason for the purchase with Harvey Norman was due to confirmation of having the products on the promised and advertised dates,

It is now the 28th October 2021 and still no products.

Therefore the time frame that has elapsed is unethical.

Desired outcome: Products to be delivered within 7 days or full compensation for the loss of time

Oct 22, 2021

Harvey Norman - Sunbeam 1.7L 2400W Kettle (KE3560)

Purchased 05/05/2020. Started leaking water from base August 2021. Warranty for 12 months only. More severe every time it was used.
Plastic/silicone seal between heating element and power accessed through the side was leaking into the power module (unsafe). There is no way to recompress the seal as it is a fixed size and there is no way to increase pressure to it (the three screws that clamp it are bottomed out). IMHO it is another built in Chinese redundancy. Buyer beware. I have replaced it with another brand that has the heating element below and isolated from the inner stainless steel chamber. It has an insulated outer skin in white plastic (cool with no contact with water). Same price as the Sunbeam. It's a Bellini 1.5L.

Harvey Norman - Simpson washing machine 11kg fault

To: Harvey Norman 84 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool VIC 3280 From: Ross Johnstone 64 Lava Street Warrnambool Vic 3280 ATT: Abby RE: Simpson Washing Machine Model SWT1154DCWA Fault. Dear Abby, I...

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Harvey Norman - Carpet installation

Good morning
Harvey Norman's auto reply emails are implying that this area is current functioning and that customers can expect replies with 48 hours. I have written several emails with no reply at all.

Please let me know if this has been addressed. My solicitor has advised me to write again and wait for seven working days for the reply, and to cleared state what is the outcome I expect.

Considering the carpet was problematic from the installation day, which I have personally been to the shop (Fyshwick) and called several times during installation requesting support, as it was evident that the installation was being done below any quality standards, please note that nobody from the Fyshwick shop ever attended the site.

Now the carpet is all peeling off from the corners, joints area badly done and also coming undone, the stairs (envelop) are all undone. The Fyshwick shop manager (Tony) has inspected the site and at first couldn't see anything wrong with this trying to convince me that this install is normal. Other carpet professionals don't share Tony's opinion, neither do I. Please see attached pictures. Tony says that it all can be fixed, but in reality I don't believe it can as carpet is peeling off due to being cut too short, the ends cannot be fixed under the skirting boards.

I have asked Tony, who has already inspected the site, for a solution where we could meet in the middle, perhaps refund half of the money I have paid for this. However, Tony has not replied and has previously insisted that it can be fixed. I believe that Harvey Norman should have provided me with the support when I have asked, during installation. The house was rented and before the tenant moved out he complained that the carpet was coming undone. Now I need to correct Harvey Norman's mistake by replacing a brand new carpet (two years old), which has warranty of 20 years.

Harvey Normans inability to revolve this with a reasonable time frame is costing me money, as I cannot rent the place again with this problem. I must fix the floors before renting it out. Harvey Norman should at a minimum remove the faulty carpet ASAP leaving the site clean, or refund me the money I have paid.

I will wait your reply, but after seven working days I will need to escalate this.


Desired outcome: Refund the money I have paid, or at least remove this badly installed carpet so i can get on with my life.


Harvey Norman - Sessions

I have been waiting over 19 hours for Harvey Norman messanger chat line to connect me to a representative. I have tried calling, but get told to go online. It seems as I am unimportant. I have tried...

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Harvey Norman - The staff from Harvey Norman Marion South Australia

Without prejudice in good faith I made a purchase of Haier 7, 5 kg washing machine entrusting my credit card details to James : the w/machine was $495 Plus Extended Warranty $139 Plus Delivery $59 Total $693. James "created" the invoice, which did not have those charges mentioned. Especially that I do have a total Warranty for this product of 60 months! I called James, expressed my concerns and James was very quickly suggesting canceling the purchase!? I called 8375 7777 Marion HN store and spoke to Lara who did not give me the address to HN Head Office and also quickly suggested canceling the purchase! I got impression that I was cheated and misinformed! I will never trust Harvey Norman again! I will have to share this scandalous experience with all my friends, associates and family members! I will inform Australian Authorities about it and submit "the invoice" James created!

Desired outcome: You can try to restore my faith in HN by offering this deal with 25 % off Total price

Harvey Norman - Arlo 2 seater and l shape couch and arm rest

Bought an arlo two seater and console arm and an l shape couch the recliner stopped working over a year ago waited a year to get it fixed due to part being delayed cause of covid eventually got the part friday it's still not working now couch is stuck half way up and down and we have to walk around it there is 5 people living in the house 2 adults and 3 children this is really an impossible inconvenience and the l shape couch in another spot has broke too I want someone to come look at this at the moment it's not suitable or safe to even sit in I have my receipt and feel like my next step in a solicators this is so unsafe for my small children

Desired outcome: I need some one to come see how unsafe and dangerous this is

Harvey Norman - Online order - customer service

I placed an order online with Harvey Norman Australia over a month ago as a gift for a birthday. I expected there may be a delay in delivery time due to lock downs in Sydney etc however ordered in good time to ensure it should arrive by the birthday.

My order - [protected] was confirmed only by text message 16/08/2021
And a tracking number - HHK500217601000655001 was text message 17/08/2021 - this is incorrect tracking number and the delivery service had no way top find the order from it.

I have called the store multiple times to be told online orders cannot be dealt with by phone and to request a call back from the team. I have done that process - been called and assured a new and correct tracking number will be sent out. This has not happened. I have since requested another call back twice to not hear anything.

I have tried both the wattsap and messenger services multiple times and days to get the response all agents are busy.

It has currently been beyond difficult to get any assistance in this matter and one of the worst experiences I have had from an online order. This was not expected from such a reputable company and I would not recommend people to use based on my experience so far.

I cannot even find an email address to write to as the only one I found - [protected]@harveynorman.com.au came up as undeliverable.

I have no idea if my order has gone through, on it's way, mis delivered etc and no way to contact anyone to ask or even cancel my order.

Francesca Jones

Desired outcome: Harvey Norman to contact me about my order and to add an online orders customer service

Harvey Norman - Breville the Juice Fountain Compact

On the 25th August I Brought and Paid for a Breville Juicer on line click and collect and picked it up at Forster Harvey Norman...

So on the 26th I went on line though Click and Collect I thought, I paid for a Microwave $249 and noticed that $378 was taken out of my account, I rang the Forster Store to see what happened and found out the online people had charged me for another Juicer $129, they said they'd left a message with them to ring me which never happened
I found them online and sent a message no response
I found some compliant numbers for Harvey Norman which went no where than a [protected] wasnt a compliant number BUT Taree store
I sent a Compliant though an EMAIL and it come back though Postmaster as not sent
No one wants to help there pretty good at went things go pear shaped
But the Guy at the Taree store was a little helpful telling me to talk with a Dave from the Forster Store his said he'd follow it up
I so tired of people passing the buck
the people who work in on line need to take RESPONSIBILTY

Desired outcome: I want my $129 back and for this to never to happen again if thats at all possible

Harvey Norman - Maclaren Atom Style Set Stroller - Black

The pram is advertised as airline cabin baggage approved but it is too big and too heavy. We understand that the product page stated check with your airline first, however, we could not do this because there are no collapsed dimensions on the product listing (please see screen shot). How can we check with the airline when there is nothing to refer to. As a result we based our purchase on the the phrase ‘specifically designed to fit overhead cargo storage of planes'.

Upon measurement at home the collapsed size is too big for at least 3 major airlines in Australia. It is also nearly 2kg heavier than advertised on Harvey Norman. As a result we feel this product is misadvertised because it is missing vital information. The collapsed dimensions are more important than the folded out dimensions.

We have been trying to resolve this since 12th August and we are extremely dissatisfied with the service received. I gave made 3 further attempts at contact (15/8/21- email no response, 23/08/21- call back requested, no call received to date. 24/07/21- attempted chat box, no response from agent).

Desired outcome: We would like a full refund as the product is misadvertised.

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