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Do not respect their garantie

bought a loveseat worth 4000$ no padding when you sit on it, its like sitting on a peace of wood . complained many times and keep getting the run around .people that work at Palliser are real low lives .
they have no backbone . so let GOD give them all what they deserve .
do not buy anything from Palliser trust us its garbage like the people or should I say idiots that work there. am just trying to save you money .time. and the unforgettable experience of life time from the scums of the earth.
the white one is what they show you.
and the black garbage is what we got.

Do not respect their garantie
Do not respect their garantie

leather sofa and chair

Purchased from Salt Creek
Upon delivery the arms of the chair and sofa were twisted and did not lay properly. The back was missing stuffing and the arms do not fit snuggly. I do not know how it got past Quality Control.
Now the mechanism is making a scrubbing noise.
The technician was here over 2 months ago and still my new furniture is not REPAIRED.
Thd store will not take it back as it is a custom purchase. So disappointed in both of these so called family owned companies!
Do not buy Palliser!

leather sofa and chair
leather sofa and chair
leather sofa and chair

leather sectional cost $4,000

We bought a leather sectional from the palliser company less than 5 years ago. It's in a room we rarely use. A couple years ago I was noticing where you sit the impressions from...

miami sectional very poor quality

I ordered this sectional 5/28/18 and was delivered 10/18. It was explained that the fabric was on backorder. Although the delay was exceptional, I waited. The piece was delivered and I loved it. It fit my space, had a vibrant color and I loved the style. I noticed immediately however, the back cushion had a scrunchy, straw like sound to it. Within the month I noticed the back cushion was packing down unevenly and the fabric was puckering. Let me say this sofa get light wear, old lady kind of wear. So, by month five I was alarmed at how the seat cushions had compacted and now at only seven months, I am sitting in holes, hard holes. I have written a letter to the company and so far have had no response.

miami sectional very poor quality
miami sectional very poor quality

palmiam 70319-07-ab. and 70319- 35-ab.

619411 Purchased a Palliser Miami sectional on Oct 16 /2011. A year and a few months of owning the product, Material on the seat cushions started delaminating. Had both seat cushion...

2 piece sectional

I brought a 2 piece sectional in May from Hom furniture in Minnesota. I custom order. Paid almost $4000.00 dollars. Palliser delivered it in July. I've had it for for almost 3...


I bought a new Palliser love seat from better shade on Jan .24 2018 the love seat fabric is to lose which or under stuffed and it causes wrinkles when you sit on it i was told there is nothing wrong with it when you get up just smooth it with your hands this is a new love seat not 10 years old they will not repair it or give a refund i have pictures of it

Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd.leather couch and loveseat

We ordered our Palliser couch and loveseat on March 5, 2017 from We paid over $4000 including the extended warranty from the store. The furniture arrived in the summer and although we don't spend too much time sitting on it, the seats started sinking deeply as if there was no support. In September and again in November Palliser sent a poorly skilled technician to repair the couch. Now it's worse than before and we can't get any support from Palliser or the Leathershoppes. I wish they would just take this garbage back and refund the money. Why should anyone spend this much money for something that is so poorly made and has such poor service? Please stay away from this company they make garbage products and charge a fortune for it.

We asked to have a professional repair person come and fix the sofa since the individual the company initially used was not competent. Leathershoppes and Palliser both refused to address our concern, instead they accepted the report of the incompetent repair person who wasted two whole days of our lives because he didn't know how to do the repair in the first place.

I am glad to speak to anyone about how poor the quality of the product we received is as well as how poor Palliser and Leathershoppes customer support is.


Extremely bad quality of material - it peels off so fast all over the sectional.
I bought an expensive sectional from their dealer here in NJ and it started to peel of so I contacted the manufacture and they kindly sent me the replacement piece. I spent another $250 to reupholster part of my sectional and now this new pieces is chipping all over it as well as the rest of the sectional. The dealer is out the business already.
I am extremely upset. The manufacture offers to buy a new piece at the manufacture price, but won't I end up with the same low quality but spend more?
Would love to get back me money or a new sectional but instead I am offered to pay them more!

Once again, not recommend. Very disappointing quality.

Palliser Furniturepower recliners - also made in mexico -

After 2 years of normal but careful use, our chairs looked good. All of a sudden a patch of leather peeled off the back of one chair for no apparent reason. I contacted Palliser for advice, they told us to contact the supplier . We did this, provided photos, details, copy of invoice etc. They arranged for a tech to inspect the recliner, he said that it was a common problem and would submit his report to the supplier. The supplier told us to contact Guardsman as we had a 5 year plan with them. Once again we provided all requested information, only to be told that the damage was not covered. In a nutshell, appalling manufacturing from Palliser, and typical insurance provider only interested in taking people's money for zero service. How's that for a $1000 purchase? No more money will be wasted on Palliser or Guardsman.

Palliser Furniture — reclining leather sofa and loveseat

Bought set through Direct Buy online and picked out grade of leather in showroom. A spring collapsed in first three months, now within the year of puchsased where fake leather...

Palliser — poor quality of fabric

Around three years ago I bought a set of Home Theater Reclining Furniture CORTEZ II, the top of their catalog as furniture with a kind of lining that the seller said it was the...

Palliser — sectional

I have a 3700.00 sectional bought from parks furniture. This couch is six months old and hardly gets any use.I weigh 200lbs. The one cushion is already disfigured.Another dealer...

Palliser Furniturelets retailers bully the smaller stores

Please do not patronize this business. We shopped for a couch at the store on LeatherShoppes in Houston and were generally pleased with the experience. The sales representative told us that they would meet or beat competitors' prices. We went to another retailer and received a better price if we paid cash plus they offered free delivery. We called the sales representative at Leather Shoppes and let him know about the other quote we received. He asked which retailer we had gone to and sadly we were honest with him. Later he called us to say he could match their price but we would still have to pay $149 in delivery charges. Before we could even get back to him with a decision we received notice from the other retailer that Leather Shoppes had called the distributor and the other retailer was forbidden to sell us that couch at any price and we must buy it from Leather Shoppes. I can assure you that will never happen. There are plenty of other couches out there and we plan to contact the a Texas Attorney General, as we feel this represents unfair trade practices.

Palliser — very poor quality

Very poor quality! I bought this recliner chair for $750 because it resembled the Stressless Lounger chairs. I was impressed by the comfort at first but within a year it started...

Palliser Furniturebroken chair

Ongoing 6 year issue of the same Palliser Furniture part of the recliner breaking over and over and over. This is the 4th time is needs repair for the exact same Palliser Furniture recliner.
I have been in contact with Palliser Furniture customer service for months and they are not resolving the issue and have not returned my correspondence in over 6 weeks.
Palliser Furniture needs much better customer service.
Palliser Furniture Winnipeg Canada is a company owned by Art Defehr
Palliser Furniture is a family-owned home furnishings manufacturer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Palliser employs approximately 3, 000 people in facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Indonesia.

The company was established in 1944 by Abram Albert DeFehr, a Russian born immigrant to Canada.[1] Palliser manufactures all types of upholstery, stationary, motion, recliners, home theatre, and chairs in leather/vinyl and exclusive fabrics in one of its six factories in North America. Palliser's President & CEO is Art Defehr.

broken chair

  • Pa
    Palliser Furniture Apr 14, 2014

    This issue was resolved by Palliser Customer Service after I created a Facebook page that documented this problem.

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Palliser — poor quality/durability

Purchased a Palliser "Vegas" home theatre set consisting of 3 recliners and 2 "wedges" in May 2007. In 2011 the centre armless recliner developed a rip where the horizontal seat...

Palliserterrible service, wrong product, missing parts

. I ordered a Wynona Sectional, Ottoman/Table, and End Table w/ Cushion on 5/31/12. The sectional arrived in about 6 weeks, which was the only acceptable thing that has happened during this process. The sofa arrived missing the ottoman cushion, 2 different types of feet, and bent threads where the feet attach. I followed up several times to no avail. Finally, I was able to reach out to a manager at Palliser which generated a phone call from Tom Schuckert (Our local rep)…but only after several ignored emails, voicemail messages, and messages left at his office. He offered me 10% off and informed me the end table doesn’t have the option for wooden feet. He then sent me metal feet to replace all the wooden feet on the remainder of the furniture. I hate that I had to settle for metal feet, I wanted wooden. If this wasn’t available, I would have picked a different couch. Now, I’m stuck with what you force fed me because of the clear lack of follow up. To further my aggravation, I have been trying to get my ottoman cushion now for nearly 6 months! The first package that arrived was (2) end table cushions…they didn’t even have the covers on them…yah…just 2 blocks of foam. Then, the second package arrives and it is a slightly larger block of foam…still not the correct one. What the…? I just want my money back and your company can come get the couch. I am done.

To add insult to injury, we are a Palliser retailer. I will be no longer able to speak highly about your products in my show room.

Palliser Furniturewarranty and poor products

We spent over $2500 on a Palliser Theater Dual Chaise Leather Sofa. The leather was sold as top quality and the price reflected it. After 2 years the leather ripped in several places. The sofa was under a 5 year warranty. We contacted the retailer to enforce it. It took 6 months for Palliser to give them a response and they said we abused the sofa. The sofa was only sat on by 2 adults, no children and no pets. How a quality leather sofa can wear and split from two adults sitting on it is impossible. They make their products in Mexico.
Run, from their products. I wish I had read all the complaints about them before I made a purchase. Don't make the same mistake we did. It might look good in the showroom but wait til you get it home.

  • El
    Ellen Fisher May 10, 2016

    We bought to Palliser power chairs with phoenix stone upholstery I thought when I was buying Palliser it would be top quality
    The upholstery starting shredding on the chairs, so last year Pallier supplied the material for the back, seat and top of the arms and we paid to have it upholstered. Now we just got home from Florida and I look at the chairs and the one chair the material is all shredding on the front of the chair which we wouldn't provide material to do last year. Our house temperature during the winter is 65 degrees and our son lives in the side of the house, so is always room temperature never cold to affect the material.
    Also we have had to replace power mechanism on one of the chairs again at our cost
    Ellen Fisher email [email protected]

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Palliser Furniturepoor quality

We have had 2 leather sofa/loveseat/recliner groups from Palliser in the last 10 years and were extremely pleased with the products. They were very well built, the leather was excellent and durable, never chafed or peeled or discoloured. This prompted us to purchase for the 3rd time a new leather sofa-recliner and recliner chair for our new house. The dealer (whom we had bought the previous 2 from) advised us that Palliser had moved their operations to Mexico, that they had not seen any of the latest products, but were confident that they would be of the same quality. Well, I'm here to tell you that the workmanship is substandard at best! The seams are crooked and uneven, the leather is stretched differently, and the cushions are of different heights. We are extremely disappointed in this furniture (paid $5200 for it) and no longer recommend this furniture to anyone. Palliser has lost a loyal repeat customer.

  • Fo
    foxygrandma Sep 05, 2012

    Didn't you examine it at the store?

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  • Ma
    Mark2013 Apr 10, 2013

    I need help...

    I searched several sites but can't find Canadian prices. All USA prices are showing to be cheaper. I am looking to purchase Palliser # 41451 HTS, so I went to Coulters Furniture in Windsor. I bought them and was charged for # 41451 but the info on the chairs is showing #41934 Axis
    2 powered seats curved with LED lights, one acrylic table, silver/stainless cup holders and stainless feet. I was told it was all leather but it's actually Leather w/ vinyl match. Leather colour is (Mondo). I paid $2999.00 for them. I would like to know if I am being overcharged? Am I getting what I paid for?

    I contacted Palliser and got this response...As for the label of product attached - This tells me that the Home Theater seat was made with Roma Grade 1000 leather with a PVC match. If the store told you it was ALL Leather, please contact the store and discuss this concern with them.

    As for your pricing email, we do not have MSRP or Manufacture Suggested Retail Pricing. We only sell our product wholesale to dealers and they set their own retail prices based on the area market.

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  • Le
    Lesley Angelino Dec 26, 2015

    I am having the same problem. I had Palliser couches for years and the quality was great. My two new couches were made in Mexico, They have a green sticker with the Palliser name, hand written! The arms on the leather couch have developed bumps and the other couch already has a hole in the material after 5 months. The cushions are worn down. I wrote to Palliser and was told to contact the store where we purchased the couches.

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Palliserpoor quality furniture

I also purchased a leather Palliser sofa, loveseat & armchair in 2008. When our set was delivered to us 12 weeks later, the seams on the arm of the sofa were also puckered. I immediately called the store that I purchased the set and a complaint was sent to Palliser. I was advised by Palliser that there was nothing they could do, (so much for their warranty). Needless to say I would never buy Palliser furniture again. Poor quality and expensive price tag, not to mention terrible customer service!

Palliser Furniture — leather sofa

We placed an order for 5 special order leather pieces on 10 / 31 / 09. We were told delivery would be 6 - 12 weeks (12 / 5 / 09 - 1 / 23 / 10) . In january 2010, we received an...