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Guardsman Complaints & Reviews

Guardsman / burnsville sofa #sku 351445551 espresso 97x38x39 " h

Jan 04, 2019

The complaint I have is that the sofa springs are not setting properly. When someone sits on the sofa and gets up it makes a noise. I removed the pillow so I could see what was going on and I see that the springs look as if they have released themselves from sofa bottom. This sofa ha...

Guardsman / furniture cleaning under contract

Oct 27, 2018

This was the worst experience I've ever encountered with this company. The technician double parked his car, rushed in my door complaining about the lack of parking in my area, he couldn't even wait for the running water to fill up the container he was using to clean the furniture. He wa...

Guardsman / furniture repair

Oct 08, 2018

Eighteen months ago I purchased high-end quality furniture from Ethan Allen. It was suggested that I also purchase Guardsman Protection plan which was not cheap. Recently I noticed that there were two pieces of furniture that were damaged. (I spend six months in Florida and noticed the...

Guardsman / furniture protection plan

Dec 08, 2017

I purchased a sectional from Kittles in IN two years ago. When I purchased the sectional I also purchased the guardsman furniture protection plan. About 4 months ago I noticed that the corner of the sectional had begun to sink and a one of the cushions had been torn. So I began the claim...

Guardsman / furniture "gold plan"

Aug 14, 2017

I cannot be more disgusted with the way that Guardsman does business.I purchased the insurance from Haverty's for my bedroom suit. I scratched the footboard with a laundry basket and submitted a claim on April 22. I thought that the process was cumbersome because of the requirements to...

Guardsman / Warranty

Jan 26, 2017

Like others have said, this company is a joke. The warranty is worthless. lost power on a reclining sofa. Filed my claim right away online. Sent the paperwork the following day. Guardsman simply claims they never got the paperwork. All info is on the online claim, but they say they have to...

Guardsman/Haverty's / Protection plan

Jan 20, 2017

I spent $300 on the gold protection plan. Big mistake!!! After the workman came to my home and told me the springs were defective I had to follow up with gaurdsman 3 more times. They told me they would be sending me the parts and that someone would be out to repair my sofa. After 30 days of...

Guardsman / Guardsman 5 year scam protection plan

Jan 19, 2017

Business Information Business ID: 0000000200 Name: Jennifer Convertibles Address: 335 Crossways Park Drive City: Woodbury State/County: NY Zip/Postal Code: 11797 Business Phone Number: (516) 496-1900 The consumer indicated that they WOULD speak to the media about this complaint. Complaint...

Guardsman / Failure to honor Extended Warranty

Oct 05, 2015

On 6/07/14, I purchased a living room suite of furniture from Jerome's furniture. At that time we also purchased the Guardsman Extended Warranty. On 8/16/15 I reported to Jerome's that I noticed a loud sound whenever I used the power recliner to recline. They sent out a...

Guardsman / Poor service

Sep 03, 2015

The entire claim reporting system is designed to delay, frustrate and ultimately deny claims so that they don't have to fulfill their contracts. They enforce a minimum number of days to report yet take 3 times that number of days to process a claim. They purposely don't list an...

Guardsman / Guardsman Warranty

Sep 08, 2014

CONSUMERS BEWARE!!! Guardsman Warranty is a BIG SCAM!!! This company needs to be stopped from further ripping off consumers. HELP, They never intending to honor the warranty! We purchased the warranty for our mechanical beds. We noticed over the weekend the remote doesn't work. We...

Guardsman / Worthless Policy

Aug 28, 2014

I purchased a 5 year Guardsman Platinum Plan for garden furniture from Fortunoff 3 years ago. I just had to put in a claim, and they refuse to honor my claim, because amongst all that small print, somewhere it says you must claim within 5 days, I was 3 days late. I have no doubt there i...

Guardsman / Refusal to honor warranty

Jun 11, 2014

Guardsman is a company that blames the sales associate for lying to you about what they cover. It supposedly covers accidental damage, but it does not. I was lied to, by the sales associate, which I know guardsman supports because every sales associate that has tried to sell the protection...

Guardsman / Warranty refusal

Apr 30, 2014

You must contact the Attorney General of Florida. I was at least offered my $149.99 back and now there's a record of this fraud! When Guardsman refused to cover the accidental rips in my couch, I started searching online what I could do and was shocked to see so many other customer...

Guardsman / SCAM

Mar 22, 2014

The furniture is nice but NEVER buy the extended warranty (Guardsman Warranty). It is a huge scam. They claim it covers everything which is a complete lie. It covers NOTHING. They will not even give you the courtesy call to say your claim is denied, they just email you and are extremely...

Guardsman / Won't Honor Warranty

Jan 14, 2014

Guardsman SCAM Guardsman PO Box 88010 Grand Rapids MI 49518-0010 Complaint Description: They denied claim because they say paper work was not submitted n a timely fashion. So they say they have no obligation to stand up to their warranty. Purchased Guardsman warranty from Garden White...

Guardsman / Refusal to service furniture care

Feb 11, 2013

I purchased a couch at Ethan Allen in 2012 and added the Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan, at their recommendation since I have young children. They told me that Guardsman was very easy to work with and would come out even once a year for cleaning services. My daughter got Crayola brand...

Guardsman / ripoffs, scam

Jan 14, 2013

i too was scammed by Guardsman on 12/29/2012, i purchased 5 yr warranty on 4k worth of furniture from Ashley in Kissimmee, Fl. my niece spilled finger nail polish on the sofa, , sent letter asap within 5 days and uploaded pics, , got email back saying not covered. this type of leather i...

Guardsman / will not honor warranty

Nov 01, 2012

Bought furniture insurance and they took 2 months to come to conclusion they will not honor claim.No customer service.This company is a scam they will not even refund your money.

Guardsman / Furniture Protection Plan

Jul 31, 2012

Had Similar problems as everyone else. When I purchased the protection plan from American, I was told that if I got any stain on the furniture they would come out and clean it immediately if I just call the number. When I did call the number they make you send back to them a form that they...

Guardsman / Furniture Protection Warranty

Jun 26, 2012

In June of 2011, my husband and I went to buy furniture from Mor Furniture in Tempe, AZ. After picking out a nice $1, 200 sectional couch for our family room, we were presented with a protection plan from Guardsman (, which covered a multitude of different possible issue...

Guardsman / voiding of contract

Jun 11, 2012

We recently purchased a bedroom set from Haverty's and also purchased a guardsman furniture insurance plan. We called regarding several small scratches on the top of our dresser, to see if they could be fixed. They sent out a serviceman who took pictures. Yesterday we received a...

Guardsman / Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan

Mar 03, 2012

If a claim is submitted to Guardsman, it has to be within five days of the damage occurring or the claim is rejected. When I asked the reason behind the deadline, one CSR did not know. The next rep. I spoke to explained it was to stop stains from setting in. However it takes them close to...

Guardsman / Scammed protection plan

Feb 09, 2012

have been scammed by guardsman! Jeromes furniture sold me on this 5 year full protection plan from guardsman which is a complete SCAM. I have a leather chaise which part of the seat cushion stitching has came apart on two sections. It's only 1 year and a couple months old. I just got...

Guardsman / Warrantee

Dec 29, 2011

I spent over $300.00 on this joke of a warrantee at Bob's Discount Furniture. It was a feel good moment as I was moving into a new apartment with my girlfriend. They categorize the plan as a "Good Proof 5 Year Warrantee" The only goof is buying the warrantee. The planets have to be...

Guardsman / Claim denied

Dec 10, 2011

What a SCAM! I purchased the 5 year plan for my 9 piece leather sectional couch. There are 2 tears on the back of two of the pieces and one of the nipples that connect the pieces is broken. I have not moved the furniture since it was delivered and installed the end of May 2011. The tear...

Guardsman / Customer Service Issues

Sep 09, 2011

I purchased a living room set from Bob's Furniture in March of 2009. Yesterday I attempted to contact the Claim department to enter in a new claim because the leg of my table broke. I followed prompts and was left on hold for an hour until I said forget this. So this morning I call...

Guardsman / terrible customer service!

Jul 06, 2011

I purchased a sectional from Ashley furniture and like many others on here, I also purchased the guardsman elite 5 yr. protection plan. the sales associate made it seem as if I could get my sectional cleaned as often as I needed especially since I have a child under 2! it all sounded great...

Guardsman / Scam

Jun 27, 2011

I would not recommend this product to anyone. Our dining chair was cut at a party on a Saturday night. I reported the incident to Guardsman on Monday:. They sent their rep to look at the damage and denied my claim!. First they said I did not file the claim timely!. When they discovered the...

Guardsman / Not worth it!

Apr 20, 2011

We purchased a guardsman protection plan on our new sofa and loveseat as it covers accidental stains. I DO NOT recommend purchasing this, as they are incredibly difficult to deal with and they do not follow through with their claims. A friend was over and sat on our couch wearing a pair of...

Guardsman / denied claim

Mar 13, 2011

purchased a stressless recliner from WILLIS furniture in va.beach, va. was told by the sales person that we should get the protection plan as this was a $2, 500 chair. said everything would be covered, stains, cuts, etc.. noticed slight scuff on the footstool and wanted to get it...

Guardsman / protection policy scam

Jan 29, 2011

We purchased the Guardsman protection plan with our new sofa. 6 months after purchase, the spring under one of the cusions started to get weak (over about a month, we noticed the cusion gradually sinking down), a nail also protruded from the back (which I sliced my hand on when adjusting...

Guardsman / Bad service


Denied, denied, denied... do not waste your time or money... my impression is guardsman protection is not a company but a scam... 5 year protection plan and have benn denied twice, refuse to honor the contract... i'm going to sue them in the civil court... i am just one of a...

Guardsman / protection service plan is a scam


I paid $200 for service protection for my furniture from Bob's Discount Furniture. When I needed the service for cleaning some pizza sauce and small rips I was denied thesevice because they found I used the sofa too much ???!!!. I think that the service is a scam. They always deny the...

Guardsman / tear in couch


We purchased a protection plan for our leather couch. Found a tear under foot rest. Reported it and it was fixed in a timely manner. Some time later we noticed the tear coming apart where it had been repaired. The area does not get touched due to its location. It gets slight movement when...

Guardsman / Does not stand by their warranty


Guardsman/Valspar certainly doesn't mind taking your money but they will under no circumstances cover any problems with your furniture. I had my sofa for 2 years from Ashley Furniture when the leather started losing pigmentation in several spots. Some areas looked bleached out. I had...

Guardsman / &Fraudulent& Business Practice


Guardsman improperly refuses to repair or replace furniture that is under a Guardsman warranty. Guardsman sells furniture warranties to consumers primarily though third party dealers. These third party dealers are often times furniture stores and other retail outlets. Consumers have...

Guardsman / Cheating and ripping off


My leather sofa got a cut which we didn't notice till the next day. just because we said that we ddin't see when and how the actual rip occurred they coined a term called stress tear and said that it wasn't covered. Haven't seen anybody who is cheating in such a leagal...

Guardsman / Service request


Contacted Guardsman to repair a table under warranty...gave them everything. Reciept from two years ago, paperwork from the table. Was asked what the damage was before they denied me saying I did not get it to them within 5 business days of the occurance...WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? It'...

Guardsman / Warranty


I purchased the Guardsman Elite Furniture Protection Plan for close to $400 to warranty the lawn furniture. I thought I was buying peace of mind. WHAT A MISTAKE! I called on a tear in the welding along the leg of a chair. It states in the warranty that I am protected if the " chair weld...