Arbyssexual assault on a minor

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Sexual assault on a minor Every Sunday morning Keith and Tony are at a store by there Plenty of times I see him touch her on the booty she even have a manager finger as if shes a manager just so the he make her feel important anything is that she's only work two days out of the week and she still in school but she have a manager thing and they don't make sense also the assistant manager Jessica rich plays with her hours so that she can get more assistance from food stamps so she lied to the government I seen it myself you can also ask Richaada about Also is racism in a store the store It's all black peoples at night and all white peoples in the day time Also it's a guy named Ethan there he's 23 years old him and Toni go out and they be in the store kissing and hang out like it's high school I really seen all these thing in this company and maybe y'all can do some about it

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    The Shyam smell like a dead body is in it it’s nasty 🤢


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    9wood Sep 12, 2018

    should make a police report on the issue

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