Arbysemployee attitude

went thru drive thru of Arby's #7571 in Rocky Mount, NC at 8:55pm. Ordered 4- 2 for $6 gyros and a mozzarella stix and an onion ring at $1.99 each. Was told that themanager said I had to order a regular priced item in order to get the onion rings for $1.99. I told her to tell her manager that the coupon did not state that. I was told to drive around. When I get to the window Verenae asks to see my coupon, therefore I assumed she was the manager. I then saw the manager behind her tell her I was right after seeing the coupon. She then came back to the window and asked if I could pull over so she could get the next person. I asked why I was pulling over and she said c ause they were short of help. I asked her didn't she need to get my payment first and she stated she didn't know I had not paid cause she didn 't take my order????. She then closes the window again and comes back and tells me that my total is $12 and some change. I tell her the total is not right and she says, "Yes it is right." Once again she closes the window and comes back and says $17.59. I sarcastically told her that I was sorry, hinting she owed me an apology because I was right. She did not get the hint. When I pull over, I see there are 4 more vehicles already pulled over. This store is known for being notoriously slow. When I look at my receipt I noticed that I was charged $2.49 for the onion rings, not the $1.99 stated on the coupon. I go inside and ask the manager if he can credit my card as I was ovbercharged. She then stated that the onion rings were not listed on the coupon for $1.99. I told her to go look at the coupon which she and the manager did. When they saw once again that I was right neither apologized. The manager just issued a refund. I then began to tell him everything that had happened and that this was the second time that this employee had challenged me and was wrong yet could not apologize. She then began mumbling and told one of her coworkers that she was so ready to go home, etc. She then began talking to the mgr. and he told herf to go in the back and calm down. When the mgr. Shamon Williams got my order ready he apologized for everything and gave me a We Make It Right coupon for a free meal. On top of Vernaes atitude problem, when I get home I see that the coupon he gave me expired on 2/28/2019. Because of the altercation the family dog ended up eating 2 of the gyros and my son the other 2 as I n o longer had an appetite. Get it together Arby's. I need you to make it right.

Jun 29, 2019

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