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Reviews and Complaints

Arby's verified


My daughter works at this particular Arbys in Marion Ohio and today I had to take my daughter to urgent care because she is very sick. We was at Urgent care for roughly about 2 hrs. My daughter has a viral infection so the Dr took her off work today. I called the store and spoke with Nancy Bienz (Lori). And this woman was very rude and very unprofessional. Yes I called my daughter off of work but she's a minor and I felt I should call under the circumstances. This womenis very rude and treats my daughter very unprofessional she shouldn't bee in no type of management with how she treats people. My daughter has a viral infection and has paperwork from the Dr and the last I knew working around food and being sick is not good because the food could be contaminated my daughter being sick. If something is not done about this woman I will take this story to the news and whoever else I have tio get involved. OSHA will be called because this woman expects sick people to work around food and possibly contaminate the food and make other purple sick.