Arby's Restaurant Grouprude service

K Nov 17, 2017

Arbys #1865, 11/17/17 11:18am

I have visited this Arbys before and each time I use the drive thru, every time I visit I have been treated very rudely by the person at the window, they are always carrying on a conversation with another employee while not paying any attention to me. Every time I ask for additional sauce or BBQ sauce to by added to my order they never comply so I have to hold up the line while I check my order and them honk my horn to get their attention, then they act like I'm putting them out by asking them to comply with my original request. I like the food but hate the service at this location, I also use Burger King, Sonic and Taco Bell during my lunch hour. this was their last chance, I will not be returning to this Arbys again!!! I work at a large office and hear the same complaints about this Arbys from fellow working that will also not be returning to this Arbys, there are plenty of fast food places within a quarter of a mile from this Arbys to choose from. If I'm going to spend my money I would like to be treated like they care about the service they give me.

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