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T Apr 08, 2019 Review updated:

I stopped by Arby's for a little lunch
They young lady gave me my food and no reciept. I asked for my reciept and she like slammed the window walked away and went to register at counter
Came back with my reciept handed me the reciept with a attitude and I said sorry I bothered you she then ignored me and slammed window shut I. My face again

Needless to say that was not called for at all
I just wanted my reciept with out the attitude and the window slamming in your face

Tammy Hester


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    TheManager Apr 08, 2019

    Did she hurt your feelings? I’m sorry. Find a safe space.

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  • SubSquirrel Apr 08, 2019

    Did you ask nicely or was your request “gimme my fuckin’ receipt, bitch”?

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