Aramarkharrased by ana ruiz


I worked at the Q Center for Aramark as a custodial worker for 16 years. Until a new manager took the place of our old manager this year. Her name is Ana Ruiz. She never liked me, from the beginning, so the minute she became my boss, she harrased me infront of everyone. I told this to the human resources there, Barbara, she didn’t blink once and didn’t care.
They treat several other employees horribly there and no one listens.
I had no choice but to quit. Daily I was being harrased & belittled by Ana Ruiz, she is a horrible person and Aramark did nothing. How can they allow a manager to act this way? It is un-professional. It was literally like being in grade school and being bullied. She is not professional at all!
I hope something is done. Thank you for listening.


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    coreese May 04, 2014

    yes i go through the same thing i have reported my harassment and nothing gets done a verbal warning and then things just get worse ARAMARK DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES JUST THEIR MONEY AND PRODUCTION

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