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We ate at Applebee's in Cutler Bay Florida on 8-17-17. My husband was not enjoying his meal and when the waitress finally came by we told her that his meal did not taste good. Immediately she noticed that the kitchen had forgotten to put the sauce on his food. She never offered to replace the meal. We asked for the manager. The manager, "Quinton" came to the table and was very rude. He never apologized. He said that because my husband had eaten part of the meal (he was hungry), he said he would not do anything about it! We spent over $50 (ck# [protected]) on crappy food and then were treated rudely. Never again!


  • SubSquirrel Dec 16, 2017

    The waitress didn’t offer to replace your food and the manager refused a refund?? Were you rude to them? Yell or raise your voice? Demand things? Awfully strange that two people ignored you. And, didn’t your husband notice the food was sauceless?

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  • aja1jenkz Dec 19, 2017

    @SubSquirrel LMAO!! I think the OP was rude to the manager. That's what I think.

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 19, 2017

    @aja1jenkz It seems very unprovoked as it's written here . 'Crappy food' yet your only complaint is no sauce. Was it plain pasta? Beef without au jus? I'd think no sauce would be noticeable right away. The waitress noticed but didn't offer to get some? Did you leave a tip?

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