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Complaints & Reviews

rotting wood in the windows

I spent a small fortune in 2000 with Andersen Windows on a new home built the same year. I just found...


10 years ago I built a custom home with 75 Andersen windows. 26 of them contained removable grilles for easy cleaning. The grilles have snapped repeatedly over the years. Most of the time I have repaired them; however sometimes I need them replaced. Andersen replaced the grilles on demand for the warranty period but made no improvements to the grilles for that 10 yr period. I am now nearly out of warranty time, and despite the replaced grilles being newer than the original window 10 yr warranty, they will no longer replace them and want me to buy them. Maintenance cost (and time!) should be a consideration when purchasing these already pricey windows.


I built a new home in Illinois in 1985. We installed Andersen casement windows in the entire house. These were tripple pane glass with the terratone vinyl cladding. With in a few years, most of the tripple pane glass were full of moisture. Andersen did replace all the bad window panels with their new high performance glass panels. The replacement was free, but the damage to the interior wood trim around the windows had to be repaired/replaced by me, the home owner. Not cheap! I complained to Andersen about this and nothing was done. The HP windows seemed fine, for awhile. The glass began to suck in. My windows looked like the old circus mirrors. Some even filled up with moisture again. Andersen agreed to replace or repair the glass panels. They had their repairmen remove the windows so they could drill a hole in between the glass. This would allow air to enter the space between the glass and the glass was to relax to it's flat, natural position. This worked, but what about the argon that made these windows high performance? The argon is gone! These widows are now just double pane glass. I really got my money's worth. The wood window trim is damaged again, also from removing the stationary panels. My windows are just about to expire their warrenty. The Andersen repairmen were here just yesterday, drilling more vent holes in glass panels that have already been drilled and vented. Apparently the venting fix is short termed. He did agree to replace two panels, labor not included. I have had several other issues with Andersen Windows. The vinyl cladding on the window frames where the sun shines on them, has all come loose and has been repaired by drilling and injecting glue. The cladding has become brittle and cracks, allowing water to get behind it. The casement panels are individual sections that are fasted together to make one window. Andersen uses a plastic "T" strip that inserts between these panels to keep the weather out. The sun/weather causes the plastic T strip to expand and work out of the window gap. This leaves a crack for rain to enter. The bed room window, located on the west side of our home, had this happen. We didn't see it had come out at the top of the window. Everytime it rained, water was channeled down between the glass panels and it rotted ot the wood framing under the window, all the way to the sill plate. This repair cost $3600.00. I would never buy Andersen windows again. They have been good, to a point, about repairing their windows, but they should have just replaced the bad windows to start with, not just have made bandaid repairs that won't last. Andersen needs to do more homework on their window designs.

  • Op
    Optomist1 May 08, 2017

    Slow or no response from Andersen, with six sliders and ten casement windows, I doubt I'll purchase Andersen windows again

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defective storm door

Purchased storm door made by Anderson subsidiary, I believe in Iowa.

Door blistered by handle and turned out to be apparent lead or aluminum blistering all around handle, in less than one year. Unsightly.

Anderson referrred me to the subsidiary in Iowa called EMCO ENTERPRISES. I called them. They did absolutely nothing. They completely failed to honor their warranty which is supposed to last for the lifetime of the owner.

P.S. I'm still alive, but they didn't honor it. Breach of warranty.

I purchased this door at Home Depot...they refer you to Anderson who does nothing but refers you to EMCO Enterprises, who also do nothing to honor the warranty..

Frankly, this storm door is a complete piece of junk and is an embarassment to have on your front entrance.

Anderson and Emco's dismissive attitude toward their warranty is a breach of warranty and a disgrace.

They count on your not suiing them. I may do so nevertheless, I am so incensed.



received in two packages at time of new construction did not open until this spring supplier will not replace free of charge

Last year we ordered an entire new house windows from the supplier that we purchased the entire wood, etc...

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poor customer service and poor quality

I am totally unhappy about how I was being treated regarding my recent warranty service order from Andersen...

Andersen Windows And Doors


We built a new home in 2002 using Andersen 400, green, vinyl clad, double hung windows. We recently noticed large openings, some in excess of 1/4", in the corners both top and bottom on the exterior frames where the vinyl appears to have opened up (pics attached). This has occurred on all 29 series 400 windows. A neighbor who has Andersen green, vinyl clad windows recently showed me where many of his frames are "spongy" at the bottom from apparent rotting. The windows also started fading right away (after I was assured by Andersen that they wouldn't). After 9 years the fading is significant. Their solution was they would paint them. I bought vinyl clad so I wouldn't have to paint, so I have delayed any decision. Anyway, these problems are not good signs for "maintenance-free" windows. I contacted Andersen by email and we'll see how long it takes to get the right attention. Anyone out there with similar problems??


Serious Problems With Andersen Double Hung Vinyl Clad Windows
  • Da
    davidwidow Nov 28, 2013

    I have Andersen double hung widows and have an insect problem. Cluster flies are getting through the screen!! Worse, they are coming in via the widow!!! I have put up plastic to seal the widow off to see if the source are the widows. After several days, there were many flies trapped between the plastic on the interior of the house widow and the inside of the widow. Andersen sent a rep out to see about my situation. He took the widow apart and we found many dead flies trapped inside the vertical vinyl slots. He said, " I have never seen anything like this."
    His report to Andersen was that the widows are functioning properly. Andersen claims all sorts of thinks. The widows were not installed correctly, the flies are coming in from another source. ( That is why I isolated 3 widows on the interior of the house to test this out). Our conversation was over 2 hours long. I explained my heat loss idea that attracted the flies. YES, IF THE FLIES ARE COMING IN, THERE ARE AIR LEAKS!!! The flies are coming in on the sides of the screen edges and then going into the vertical channels the widows open with and I think through a 1/4" gap at the top of the widow's vinyl. (see picture on previous complaint). They refused to give me the detailed plans of the vinyl structure that I planned to use to make the repair easier. I did send pictures to an email address that did not work which they gave me!!! They promised to call me when the report came in. I called several times and they did not call me as promised. I had to find out the news my phoning them. There is much more to this event but, I do not want to write a book. I feel that the widows are over designed(or poorly) and made of cheap vinyl that will rot out in the weather. I still remember olds 1920 houses with double hung widows that did not have this problem. The were wooden framed. I have a 1922 house, also that has double hung widows that does not have insects coming in.

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  • Ma
    mak123 Oct 12, 2015

    We installed Replacement by Andersen two years ago and now have a cluster fly problem inside. They sent someone out last fall who caulked but the problem is returning again this fall. We didn't have this problem before the installation of these windows.

    -1 Votes
  • Ma
    Matthew Roetter Jul 16, 2018

    I am a Fenestration Expert Witness and class action work consultant. Please view my website at

    Matthew Roetter, Pres.
    Roetter Window and Door Company, Inc.
    Email [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chad Kallioinen Nov 05, 2018

    I have the same 400 series, green, double hung vinyl windows. Installed in 2006. Severe separation and ice build up inside. The wood is ruined on all units and after being called a liar and blamed repeatedly over the last 12 years, my warranty has lapsed and now I'll be forced to replace all my windows. I am a single father with a 5 year old girl and can't afford to fix 12 year old windows. I complained from day one and was shuffled back and forth by Andersen. Even sent out a rep to insult me after 9 years of compaining, stating that my house was above the recommended 17% humidity level. Anyone from Michigan knows that that is impossible even in the winters. In my research overy the years I found out my windows were manufactured in Minnesota in January of 06'. Since there wasn't a class action suit available to join in Michigan like there was in New York, and Minnesota, I wasn't able to do anything about it. I'm afraid I will be forced to take the money my now decease parent's intended for my daughters college fund and fix windows covered with black mold and ice. If you are reading this and are thinking of purchasing Andersen windows for your home or new build, please reconsider and call or text me for pictures and more information. My name is Chad and my number is 906-869-0944. Don't get stuck like we did. I should be enjoying the home I built for my family, not regretting it. Andersen should be ashamed and embarrassed but they just don't care about the little guy.

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the vinyl clad has separated and opened up at top and bottom corners

We built a new home in 2002 using Andersen green vinyl clad, double hung windows. The windows started fading right away (after I was assured by Andersen that they wouldn't). After 9 years the fading is significant. Their solution was they would paint them. I bought vinyl clad so I wouldn't have to paint, so I have delayed any decision. Today we were washing the exterior of the windows and noticed large openings in excess of 1/4" in the corners, both top and bottom, on the exterior frames, where the vinyl appears to have opened up (pics attached). This has occurred on many of my windows. A neighbor who has Andersen green, vinyl clad windows recently showed me where many of his frames are "spongy" at the bottom from apparent rotting. Anyway, this is not a good sign for a "maintenance-free" window. I contacted Andersen by email today and will call on Monday.

the vinyl clad has separated and opened up at top and bottom corners
the vinyl clad has separated and opened up at top and bottom corners

Andersen Double Hung Vinyl Clad Windows
  • An
    Andersen Windows Apr 13, 2011

    My name is Wendy and I am a representative of Andersen Windows. I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to your windows. Please contact me @ 651-264-5963 and I will help you get this issue resolved. Thank you.

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  • Pi
    Pickwickrick Jun 24, 2011

    Hi, We built our new home in 2005 and our forest green colored anderson windows started fading a year after we had built and we have been going around and around with anderson and they also recommend they will paint them. When talking to the painter they sent out to my house he stated they have been painting alot of these windows because where ever they purchased there plastic for the cladding the manufacturer forgot to put in UV stabelizer into the product. If Anderson knew of a defect they should of pulled it off the market . I spent almost 30, 000 on windows for what I thought was supposed to be the best window on the market boy was I wrong.

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  • 2s
    2Steves Oct 10, 2011

    I also purchased the Forest green Windows and have experienced the fading.They 1st painted them with a Lifetime coating 4 years ago and they faded again, They repainted again this year and will not commit to stand behind the windows and doors aftewr the 10 year warrenty on none glass products. I am A Builder and will never install another Anderson product in any home that I build. I am fortunate though that these windows are in my home as I would replace them if it was a customers as I stand behind my work. Anderson apparently does not. In the future when they fade again I will have my Attorney file suit to have them replaced.
    Steve In Pa.

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  • Lc
    L.C. Upton Feb 20, 2014

    We also purchased Forest Green Anderson WIndows in 2005. ALL of the frames have faded and look terrible. After several years and many conversations with Anderson, they decided to paint them for us. Paint does not stick on vinyl. Even I know that! Their large casement windows frames are bowing, the mechanism is broken. The rep who came to look at the window and sliders tried to fix the slider and made it open but now it leaks. Don't they have a warrantee?

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revise prior complaint submission

I wish to revise my submission of earlier today. After Emailing CEO of Andersen Windows, Mr. James Humphrey...

1 comment Leonardtown Home & Garden

poor customer service

Andersen Windows care nothing for it's customers. As far as they are concerned our role relative to them is to give them as much money as we can in order to have the experience of being thoroughly ripped off by their combination of corporate arrogance and disdain for their customers. Before you consider buying Andersen products read my horror story at
Thanks, Que Bronson

  • Bi
    BigBrownEyes Apr 14, 2010

    Is it true that they made the top of the line windows and the most expensive too??

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  • Ho
    Homeowner in MD Nov 23, 2010

    We ordered and received replacement window sashes from Anderson, via Home Depot. Upon receipt we were surprised and dismayed to find they lacked necessary hardware (screws, lift cups) and we had to order this separately. This process was started in Sept. We have now been told that Andersen does not have the hardware in stock (for their own windows!), and so there will be indefinite further delay. We called Andersen and spoke with Customer Service rep, Dave. His whole attitude was arrogant, he really could not have cared less. We will never, ever deal with an Andersen product again. We have just bought an 18th century second home in CT that will need all windows replaced, THEY WILL NOT BE ANDERSEN.

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  • Ar
    Are you sure Mar 02, 2011

    The Andersen Window company has always sold everything seperately, since 1904. The Home Depot Associate should have told you that everything Andersen Window sells come seperate, before HD reordered the sashes. This is whats called as not qualifing the customer, and having no knowledge of the products they sell. Don't blame Andersen Windows for HD Associate short comings. I have sold Andersen Windows through several lumber yards since 1990, and the #1 rule is, Andersen Sells everything seperate, leaving the customer the choice to choose what style of hardware or what color of hardware they want to match their home. Your complaint is petty and most wood window companies don't include hardware on reordered sashes. Plus, the Andersen Sashes were bored for you, taking out the guess work of where the hardware needs to go.

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  • Bo
    bolo Jun 21, 2012

    This is true, the sales people will tell you that you have customer satisfaction guaranty but will not provide the terms of that guaranty because its "private". They also claim to record phone conversations to decide who makes mistakes in ordering but will not allow you to hear them if there is a mistake.

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  • Did not follow through with guarantee and installation of defective glass in casement windows. One of their district managers told the local Anderson rep to take our new glass sashes out of the warehouse and just drop them off where ever they could at our house without even providing for them to be put in. This company is a joke. We even visited their plant and they were all kisses and hugs, then after you buy the windows they change. Why would a multi/million $ company supposedly with the #1 window in the country treat customers so badly? Feel free the email me and I will tell you the entire story. J & J Naef

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  • Be
    bemp Mar 05, 2018

    I had a sales rep from the local Andersen Window come out to answer several questions I had, and give a quote for casement window replacements. Well, two sales reps came to my home with a double-hung "salesman sample"...not the casement sample as I had specifically requested. I asked why didn't they bring the casement sample. Their reply was, "Well, there's really no difference between the two windows!" Yes, they actually said this. I guess these two clowns must of thought I would buy their dog & pony show. These bozos were immediately shown the door. With all the hype of "best in the business" windows, why Andersen would hire these two losers is beyond me.

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poor installation

I paid for tile, Cathy Andersen provided a sub-contractor named Benny to lay the tile. Three different times I requested her inspection of poor installation, Three time she set an appointment and three times she failed to show up. I paid for additional tile that she ordered and found that even though we had to wait for a matching color lot, the tile did not match what had already been installed. The tile, when finished, is not level and the corners stick up, making it easy to stumble. I was also overcharged one or two cases on the additional purchase. I would never recommend Andersen for tile work, even though the carpet was installed by a different sub-contractor and done properly.

  • Ro
    Roland Tabor Feb 28, 2011

    I have used Andersen Flooring in my home and in my parents home and have had nothing but a wonderful experience!!
    We also, 2 years later, had tile installed in our Master bath which again, was WONDERFUL. They answered all our questions and meet us where we needed to be in our budget. Would highly recommend!!!

    Roland Tabor
    Haslet, Texas

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scam and cheating

I recently installed a special order Andersen storm door of the vented type and after the first rain it leaks. Funny how that works it let the water in around the glass, but after it ran down the inside of the door, the door sweep wouldn't let it out. I had almost an inch of water built up between my entry door and my storm door. When I email Andersen customer service they replied that their vented doors do leak! Had I known what crap they sell, I would have stuck with a Larsen vented storm door it has not leaked yet in 3 yrs. Although I must admit the Larsen door with its double closers is hard for little children to open, but at least it acts like the STORM door it is.

Learn from my mistake and do not buy Andersen, and at least consider Larsen at a comparable price there is no comparable quality!!!

defective windows

As homeowner I purchased 41 Andersen windows and 16 Frenchwood patio doors for a new home that was completed in mid 1999. Within a month of occupancy, I informed Andersen that some of the windows were out of tolerance so that the Andersen screens could not be installed. I also informed Andersen that the method for fastneing the hardwood grilles to the patio doors was faulty. Andersen representative, Lance Chevalier, inspected these defects and agreed to pay the replacement costs for new windows, and refund the cost of the patio door grilles. These promises were never kept.

In early 2004 Andersen was informed that the exterior vinyl was delaminating from the patio doors, and spots had developed between the glass of an octagon window. Mr.Chevalier sent Andersen workmen to replace the vinyl with aluminum on 6 of the doors, and applied caulking to the delaminated vinyl seams of the other 10 doors by running it high on the glass with his finger.

The repair was considered crude and unprofessional.

Subsequently a verbal agreement was reached wherein Andersen would replace the defective windows, refund the cost of the grilles, and replace the delainated vinyl with aluminum on 12 of the 16 doors. Mr. Chevalier sent a release which was not in accordance with the verbal agrement. Andersen sent a revised release in mid August 2005.

In mid Spetember 2005 Andersen changed the terms of the revised release and delivered 12 new patio doors to be installed by Andersen workers the following day. Andersen was advised that the installation of the doors prior to applying interior finish and replacing only 12 ofthe 16 defective doors was unacceptable. Andersen's installation instructions are for finishing patio doors prior to installation.

After Andersen's change of the terms of the release concerning the patio doors, their posiiton has been that I should sign the revised release even though it is factually untrue.

  • Te
    TedE51 Nov 21, 2009

    I live in Northern Virginia and bought a house built in 1986 that has two (6 feet tall) Andersen sliding patio windows. The weatherstripping running vertical along the jambs in both of them (three pieces) is worn so I wanted to replace them. That is, three pieces of vinyl adhesive strips for each window. I started this back in July and after multiple phone calls over a period of three months, trying to provide them with all required part identification numbers, dimensions, etc., here we are in November and I still don't have the parts. Their parts people have no clue of their product parts lists. And they toss you around on the phone to others who know even less.

    Andersen lost the information given them in August and it was given to them again in Sept. I was charged $570 for six pieces of vinyl strips that I would have guessed cost no more than $10-20 to manufacture. When they arrived, two pieces were not even my order or for my windows. The remainder were defective and were cut too short despite me providing them with the exact lengths needed. Those were returned. Even though I paid for parts that don't apply to my door, they would not issue me a credit for those items. I was charged for them anyway for their mistake. I wrote two letters to the President and CEO of Andersen and sent a copy to their Customer Relations Manager. They completely ignored my letters. I'm still waiting for a response to my letters of complaint. They have no ethics when it comes to pricing of spare parts and appear to have no quality control and the worst product support I've ever encountered.

    Like any large corporation I figured the upper management was not aware of what's going on in the trenches but they didn't make any attempt at all to investigate this and just swept it under the rug.

    They don't seem to have anyone in the customer service department that knows anything about the products or how to treat a customer. I feel I've been ripped off with excessive price gouging. I could have replaced one whole window set with a new one for the cost of these vinyl strips. I'll never buy an Andersen product and would encourage anyone thinking about it to look for a more reputable supplier. Anyone contemplating having Andersen products in their home should think twice about what's coming down the road when they need service or parts.

    Me? I'll never use them again or recommend them to anyone.

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do not honor warranty!

During the late 1980’s and early 1990s Andersen had a factory quality problem. The vinyl sash frame...

do not operate properly!

Andersen Windows makes some fine products, but electric-powered, venting roof windows is not one of them. I bought four such windows in 1994. The gears of the roto-operators (both the pre- and post-1998) become stripped/dislocated within 5-10 years. In addition, the electric power operators don’t fit well onto the roto-operators and need adjusting every year or two. After twelve years of problems with these windows, I have now given up trying to make them operate properly.

  • Rw
    R Whetstone Jul 03, 2011

    I agree, they are worthless. Min open on their own or will not close.

    0 Votes
  • Many of my Andersen 200/400 doubled hung windows rotting on bottom window sash.

    I've noticed that the last few years my Andersen windows have been rotting on the bottom window sashes some from the inside and most from the outside.

    There should be no reason these windows are rotting after only 14 years of use with regular yearly care.

    0 Votes
  • Ca
    Cartney Ezyk Jun 01, 2019

    Some of my Anderson double-hung windows have rotten wood in the exterior vinyl-clad sills. I plan to pull out as much rotten muck as I can. Then I'll cram as much plumbers putty in the "tube" as possible, leaving about a 1/2" gap at the ends. Finally, I'll seal the ends with Bondo. Comments, please.

    0 Votes
  • Bo
    Bob Wert Jun 25, 2019

    Many of my Anderson windows, only 16 years old, are rotting at the bottom sashes.

    Being a Realtor, I've shown homes with windows 100 years old that are still in better shape!

    I'm was told the bottom window wood sashes cannot be replaced, that I would need all new windows.

    I shouldn't be buying new windows after only 16 years.

    0 Votes
  • St
    Steven_P Jul 29, 2019

    This door has 2 closures and requires considerable effort to open and maintain. Why do these closures have so much resistance? What modifications or changes can be offered? I consider this to be an engineering problem and needs to be addressed. The door was purchased in August 2018 from HD.

    0 Votes
  • Gu
    Guenter Kierblewski Sep 02, 2019

    Our house was built in 1996. I always thought that Anderson and Pella windows are the best windows on the market, but apparently that is not the case.

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