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AmeriGas Complaints & Reviews

Amerigas / Withholding information on "billable" charges

volcano on Jan 24, 2017
I had phoned them on 12/22/2016 about smelling propane. A service person came out and checked for leaks, found the source, and I agreed to have them fill the tank with 100 gallons. About a week later, I received a bill for the gas. I payed it via credit card over the phone. The representative said...

Amerigas / Tank refill

Melissa C Turner on Dec 9, 2016
This is absolutely the worst company i have EVER had to deal with. The first time i have gotten propane filled with them it took 3 weeks to even come to the house because i needed a safety check and they were that booked. Then they said they would deliver 3 days later. Nobody showed. After...

Amerigas / No communication/locked tank/no propane=no heat

klc74 on Dec 2, 2016
On November 23, 2016 my husband (a career army veteran of 20 years) called Amerigas to kindly ask them to fill our tank as it was at 10%. They required us to pay the full amount which we did with no complaint over the phone and the funds were immediately drawn from our account. The woman...

Amerigas / Horrid customer service

Schwansonian Townsend on Jun 2, 2016
"Thank you for calling Amerigas, where customer service and safety are our number one priority"... is the on hold message that you hear. It could not be further from the truth. I am a tenant in a house, I moved in on Feb on this year and I have had to put out nearly $2000 since. First a bogu...

Amerigas / Gas Delivery

Reviewer58168 on Nov 28, 2015
We rent tanks from Amerigas, so can't get filled by another company. We called on a Friday to get gas the next week-we were originally they would need until the next Monday, but my husband explained we needed it by the weekend and were told it WOULD be delivered by Friday at the...

Amerigas / Charging me $150 extra to fill my propane tank BEFORE Thanksgiving

Reviewer15356 on Nov 23, 2015
11/23/15 Work up to realize we had no gas for our stove. Called our local (Beaufort County, South Carolina) AmeriGas provider to fill our tank, , and was told they would be out next week! We are hosting Thanksgiving for 15 people THIS WEEK...Representative claimed they would have to charge...

Amerigas / charge to pick up their equipment

Gail Watson on May 14, 2015
I did not get propane from this company for over 2 years. Each time I called and asked for a propane price it was different because I didn't use a lot. I asked if they sell me the tank so I could get propane from the lowest priced company. They would not sell the tank to me. So I told...

Pro Flame Amerigas / propane tank rental increased from $40 yearly to $150 monthly when i refused fill

Amy Engelhardt on Apr 22, 2015
Got a great deal on first fill, yearly rental of tank was $40. once empty they would not partially fill. they would only fill for $400! At minimum wage there was no way. went back to 5 gallon tanks, told them to take thier tank. Six weeks later i get a 'rental bill' for $150...

Amerigas--bottled propane / They won't refund my money

LaDonna Mooney on Feb 18, 2015
I overpaid my budget account by $236. Additionally, when I cancelled service, Amerigas picked up their propane tanks and said they would refund me for the amount of propane that was left in the tanks. Both tanks were 3/4 full (~75 gals in each) for a total of 150 gallons of recovered...

Amerigas / Unfair Business Practice/Over Charging

Caain on Feb 3, 2015
On 2 Feb 15, Amerigas, Sierra Vista, AZ was charging $3.88 a gal for propane!!! Barrnetts, Sierra Vista, AZ was charging $2.85 a gallon!!! GM Propane in Huachuca City, AZ was charging $2.25. I verified the price per gallon by calling and Amerigas was verified on my BILL!! Propane companie...

Amerigas / 20 lb cylinder

rick and sally on Feb 3, 2015
We have been using a gravity fed heater for years with a 20 lb cylinder which really isnt 20 lbs but I will come back to that. I exchanged the tank 1/28/2015 which when I exchange them I take 2 at a time. Came home from work that night and hooked it up because it was chilly. Which...

Amerigas / Over pricing / price gouging

Boom jawdak on Aug 14, 2014
DO NOT USE AMERIGAS! They over charge an average of a dollar to a dollar fifty per gallon above other dealers in the area. We were stuck using them because they bought out our previous propane outfit and jacked prices. Took us quite a while to find a tank we could purchase so we could dump...

Amerigas Westport MASS / Billing

jscott13 on Mar 23, 2014
I was thrown to them as a customer promised my contract I bought into would be honored. I have not seen any of my bills within the agreed range of gallon price and they wont call my husband back on his cell to square it away. Also they said our program wasn't available with them. I...

Amerigas/propane / fraudulent billing

horsesmnbvc on Mar 15, 2014
Amerigas took over Ceninial Propane co. of which I had been a customer for 25 years, and I had never had reason to complain. After Amerigas became my propane provider I have had nothing but problems. They have delivered propane only one time. The driver over filled my tank and the ga...

Amerigas / Price Gouging

Larry Brinegar on Jan 2, 2014
propane tank filled 12/19/2013 amerigas owns tank! $4.48 per gallon Price Gouging!!! Have friends with lease tanks. $2.89-- $2.99--$3.29 called amerigas they didn't seem to care, called national headquarters, recieved call from manager in my area, she says price do to propane shortage in...

Amerigas / Betrayal

formeremployeeAmeriGas on Sep 6, 2013
I am searching for other former employees that have been betrayed by AmeriGas and their so called letter of why an employee left. I filled it out and everything I said in it got back to my former boss and everyone I worked with there. So much for their "confidentiality". Please email me and let me know if you have had similar incidents.

Amerigas / Unprofessionalism

BB1968 on Feb 13, 2013
I have applied for and been chosen as "one of three" candidates for a position within the company. That was over a month ago and when I try to call the manager, all I get is voice mail. According to the Norfolk office as of two weeks ago, the position still had not been filled. I expected...

Amerigas / Worst Company I have ever worked for.....

gasgirl2012 on Jan 6, 2013
This is the worst company I have worked for in my whole life. We have gone through so many Managers in the past 10 yrs. it's not funny. Still to this day, it's out of control, even for an experienced Manager. The CRR's are on a new computer system & they have no idea what...

Amerigas / Non code installation

Robert Bonsignore on Sep 22, 2012
It has taken Amerigas 2 years to install my new propane system. They sent unlicensed workers who did not install up to code. The local building inspector was so horrified at the work, he called in the state inspector. The Amerigas manager advised the inspectors it was not Amerigas'...

Amerigas / Propane Gas Crooks

Joe15839 on Mar 7, 2012
Beware of AMERIGAS! They will rip you off. Early winter they filled my tank and charged me $5.03 per gallon. I complained and they dropped to $2.60 per gallon. They Just did a refill which I did not ask for and charged $5.23 PER GALLON. I called two other companies and the price was $2.44...

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