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American Home Shield Et. AL.incompetence and consumer fraud

On April 30, 2009 the kitchen sink backed up. I called American Home Shield for service. They sent out Air Pro Master (Plumbing License #64853). The "technician" said there was no clean-out (there was) so he tried to snake the drain from underneath the sink, he broke the pipe then left after collecting $60.00 for a service fee.
I called American Home Shield to get the pipe repaired. They sent out Union Plumbing (License #43524-A) who came out and cosmetically repaired the pipe on May 1, 2009.

On May 2, 2009 I noticed water seeping from the exterior wall where the pipe was located. I called American Home Shield. They said they were waiting for an estimate from Union Plumbing. On May 7, 2009 Jeremiah from American Home Shield called me and said they would fix the pipe but I would have to pay $470.00 to have a clean-out installed.
I explained that there was a clean-out there and offered to send a picture of the existing clean-out, they said they did not want to see the picture and could only go by what the technician from Union Plumbing said. I said fine, I need my drain fixed so I would pay for it. American Home Shield said someone would be in contact with me to set up an appointment to complete the repair.

Ideal Services (License Numbers 66194, 52151A, 68097) called and said American Home Shield had assigned the job to them and someone would be at my house by 6:00 PM on Friday May 8, 2009. They never showed up.
I called American Home Shield on the evening of Friday May 8, 2009, they said someone would be out on Monday May 11, 2009. The plumber from Ideal Services finally showed up on Monday May 11, 2009. He said there was no clean-out, I showed him the clean-out. He said it was not up to code and it would cost $400.00 to install a new one. I said fine, I just need to use my kitchen.
The plumber returned on Tuesday May 12, 2009. He proceeded to knock a hole in my exterior wall and completely broke off the pipe and existing clean-out. He said he would return on Thursday May 14, 2009 to finish the job.
In the meantime I called the City of Las Vegas Development Services Center to inquire about the Plumbing Code. The inspector told me that the only requirement is that the clean-out be accessible without opening a wall, which it was.

On Wednesday May 13, 2009 I received a call from Matthew of American Home Shield who stated that they were going to send me a check for $1, 365.00 and that I would have to find my own plumber, and that was all they would do.

I called Ideal Services on Wednesday May 13, 2009 to confirm the appointment for Thursday May 14, 2009, they said I was "good to go" and they would be at my house to complete the repair on Thursday May 14, 2009. By 10:30 AM no one had showed up. I called Ideal Services who said since I had taken the cash out from American Home Shield the job would cost at least $1, 200.00 and they did not want to complete the work and suggested I call another plumber.
As of May 14, 2009 I have hole in the wall of my house, I cannot use my kitchen and the best estimate I have gotten for the repair is a minimum of $1300.00 which does not include repairing the wall.


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    chrisnicchris Jan 21, 2010

    I've used AHS for over 15 years, both, as a tenant and a homeowner. There is a definite problem with the customer service department agents (each time you speak to a different representative, you get a different answer) on staff and there are, unfortunately, "crooked" service providers out to "scam" the consumer and make a quick buck!!! A service call was placed on Jan. 3rd for water leaks; Randy from Plumbing Unlimited (So. Cal) was dispatched to the home; I'm contacted on Jan. 5th by AHS, stating that before the repairs can be made, the water pressure regulator needs to be replaced and this is not covered under the policy - the estimate is $165.00 ; I tell AHS that I'll authorize the repair; I'm informed that the plumber will be contacted to proceed with the regulator replacement and complete the water leak repairs; Randy receives his $60 co-pay; Tenant contacts me on Jan. 12, to inform me that nothing has been done and that he's tried calling Randy to remind him that he needs a receipt for the $60; Randy does not return my tenant's calls; Randy's business card has a non-working number on it (VERY PROFESSIONAL); I, finally, find a cell number for Randy and ask him why nothing has been done; he states he has not been able to reach me for the authorization to replace the regulator; I tell him that AHS contacted me on Jan. 5th and that I gave the authorization then...if they contacted him on my behalf to authorize the repair, I have obviously been contacted! I ask him to email me the estimate and that I would reply and he would then have record of my authorization. A WEEK LATER, Jan. 20, I receive an email from Randy with the subject line that reads "second email"...this was the FIRST email I received from him - the estimate for $225! AHS had notified me it was $165. I call AHS and speak with Tony, who states that the agent I spoke with on the 5th was never able to call the plumber to authorize the repair because it was not covered under the policy. Why was I not told this on Jan. 5th?? I ask Tony if I could go with an outside company to have the regulator replaced because I did not want Randy (the pro) to do the work. Tony informs me that because it is not a covered item, I can call any company I choose. I call Roto Rooter, who comes out the same day - checks the water pressure and sees that the water pressure is well within NORMAL RANGE!!! His read was 60 psi, normal range is between 55psi and 65 psi. He left paperwork, stating that the regulator did not need replacement. Jan. 21st, I speak to, Volanda, to inform her of Roto Rooter's findings; she says she cannot accept an outside company's findings! Here we go, round and round! The first plumber has received $60, the water leaks have not been repaired, my water regulator does not need replacement...CLEARLY, Randy "the plumber" is a 'con' and "padding" the repair request to make extra money!!! I am extremely disappointed with AHS. I question the manner in which plumbers are vetted to ensure that their loyal customers are not being defrauded!! I am definitely leaving AHS as soon as this policy expires!! I guess over 15 years of loyalty is unaccounted for at AHS.

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    chris las vegas Jul 11, 2009

    file your complaint with and you will get paid by AHS. I did and it was totally worth it. I got the entire cost of the repair over 2000.00. The company that came out and claimed improper installation got nothing but their deductible. I took my check from AHS and paid the honest guy that I called to give me an honest estimte.

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    jamerican shield Jun 20, 2009

    I live in the Aatlanta, Georgia area, and I am a customer of AMERICAN HOME SHIELD . On June 16, 2009 my air condition went out. I called in a serivce request and was given a company's name and phone number, (Peidmont Mech INC [protected]) and was told they would be contacting me to set-up an appointment. I NEVE'R heard from them, finallyI started calling them over into the next day, just to keep getting a buzzy from their phone. I called AMERICAN SHIELD back and was given another company's name and nubmer, I waited and waited for them to call, so finally I CALLED them also.(K&W HEATING AND AIR [protected]). I was told that they might be able to come out on Sat. morning June 20, but he needed to get back to me to let me know for sure. I waited and waited and by late afternoon and temperatures in the upper 90's, I called him back, he told me that he would be here on Sat. morning. This morning June 20th, I called back to confrim he would be here, he stated to me that he had one call before me in Lithonia, GA which is about 30 min. from where I am. He stated that the appointment out there was at 10:00 and that he would be here by 10:30 or a little after. When I hang-up a flag went up, how could he go out there and do a job without knowing what was wrong and be here that quickly ? HE arrived here around 10:45. The first thing he said to me was he hope that my problems was not as bad as everybodies else were, and I said to him that I knew what was wrong because for the past two summers, I have had to call American Shield to come out and fix my air coniditon and were told both times that there was a leak in the line, but it was so small they could not locate it, so they would put the freon in the line and tell me that should last for the summer, and just call back if I needed more. One of the serviceman that came out stated, .. when asked why didn't they just take the time and fix it, because this was costing a service charge each time they came out ...said that he was going to be honest with me, so he said that American Shield did not want to pay them for those kind of jobs, because it took them a long time to track down a leak in a system like mine, because it was such a tiny leak. That they would not approve the payment for what it would cost. I called the company and reminded them of what their contact stated and promised the consumer and of course the customer service person deined that they had ever told any of their contractor anything like that and that they stood behind their contract. (but more on that later) Now back today...after the serviceman made the statement about his findings with everybody else, he wanted to check the heating unit down stairs so I went with him.(I normally leave them to their work) but because of a past problem with their contractor I wanted to see what he was going to do. I guess because I was right there he took a quick look and wanted to know where the outside unit was...I told him it was on the back of the house, which required him to go out the front and walk around the house, in the meantime I went to the window above the unit and open it (before he got around there) so that I could observe him. The first thing he did was start taking pictures I thought this odd, so I reached in the drawer next to me and got my camera and started taking pictures of him. (he never notice me watching him) ...I notice he never used his meter to check the unit at all. He got down and took the panel off the side of the unit I watched as he pulled some wires out and then took some wire cutter out of his pocket and cut it, I still didnot say anything because I thought that he was ready to replace it or hook something up to check the unit, but instead he replaced the panel and picked up his tool and started to walk back around (never checking anything on the unit) When I saw he was finish and had started to walk back around the house ... I asked him what the was the problem? He jumped because he was not aware of my present above him. He said it was the motor and that he didnot think my insurance would fix it, but his company could, ... but I would have to pay for it. I INFORMED HIM THAT I HAD SEEN EVERYTHING HE HAD AND HADNOT DONE AND THAT NOT ONLY WAS I NOT GOING TO PAY HIS COMPANY TO DO THE WORK, I WAS NOT GOING TO PAY A SERVICE FEE. Now for the reason I felt the need to watch him. Last year I had a pipe to rust out so I called, they sent a company out here and right away the serviceman tell me that the reason the pipe had rusted was due to it not being installed correctly...(Ihave a finished basement so the pipe is inside above a drop ceiling not even exposed)...I have lived in my home for over 31 years and the house is about 37 years old so just how long dose a pipe suppose to last? I was so up-set and then HE tells me that he could fix it but my insurance company probably were not going to pay for it, but he could he fix it and I pay his company $700.Plus . I told him no thanks I would be dealing with my insurance company. I called and was told that they could not fix it because their tech. said it was installed wrong. I informed the customer service of the above information, and asked her to explain normal wear and tear if this did not meet that requirement. She could not explain, I asked for the head qts. phone #. She informed me she was not allowed to give me that after searching on my own I was able to located the number. I called and explained what happen, at first I was told that because I refused to pay the tech. there was nothing she could do...I informed her of a another past problem I had with my refrigerator (a 2003 model) in that case a tech came out and said it was my condenser, I thought that was odd for one no older than that...however, I am not a repair person so I took his word...he (another tech sent by one of their company) SAID to me I hope they will fix this for you because they want us to find some reason to keep them from paying when it's a big ticket item...I told him that he was the second representative from a company they use to tell me that. His response was, "Oh yes mam that how they run their business". I explained to him that I needed my refrigerator really badly since at that time I was keeping my 94 year old mother and could not leave her along for long periods to run back and forth to the he called the insurance company to tell them the problem...I was standing there and apparently they were trying to get him to say that it was due to something other than normal wear and tear, because he kept repeating that it was. They continue to transfer him from one department to another and he kept telling them the same thing...finally he got a go ahead to order the part and fix it. he told me that the part would be back that Wed., but someone else would be out to fix it because he really didnot know how to replace that...ODD...(this was on a Mon.) Wed. came no word, so I called the company late that afternoon and was informed that American Shield had contacted them and told they could not order the part and that they would be getting it from their part department. I CALLED the company to see why I had not been informed of this and when could I expect to get the repair done. I was placed on hold for well over 30 min...when finally she came back just to informed me that they were having a problem locating the part and that it had not even been ordered yet. I explained about having my mother here and that I had already lost all my food and that I was in a bad sorry was all I got. I have a sear's kenmore, so I called sears part store gave them the model number and the lady informed that yes they had the part and the price of it. I then called another part place here gave the same information as well... they too had the part, but I was asked if I was with a company since parts like that could only be sold to a company...I told him no but I had company to do the work...he then asked me what did I know about the company I was using because he said a condender going out on a refrigerator no older than mine was not the norm. He asked me what was it doing to make them think it was the condener? I informed him that it was not cooling and that it was making a clicking sound...His response was "I thought so...He said that he could not be 100% sure but that it sounded like all I needed was a relay switch ( a part less than ten dollars). I called another young man that works in maintence at a nursing home, who is responsible for fixing things their...he came over checked it and informed me the same that he was pretty sure it was the switch. I called American shield and informed them what I had found out and was met with we go by what our tech. tells us...I tried to explain it would cost them less and I could have my refrigerator back and what a hardship all of this was causing... it fell on deaf ears, so I asked her to check and see if they had found the part and that I had located two places that had it...the answer was no they still had not ordered it and no they could not buy from anyone else. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and explain to her, she finally agreed after, I remained her that their contract stated in a reasonable time and by now it was in the fifth day with no end in sight. She then agreed to allow me to rent one up to $100.00, so I had to leave my mother and go tracking around trying to find a rent place(something I knew nothing about because I had never rented anything) I finally got a rented one on th six day. It took another four days before I got a call saying they would be in a couple of days to finish the job. The tech came and in less than ten min. informed it was NOT the condener and that it was the relay switch. It took all but ten min. to be replaced and he too said the switch cost less than ten dollars...well back to when I made the call to the head qts. in trying to get that problem solve I shared with her what had happen with my refrigerator ...she was shocked to hear that they only put a relay switch in refrigerator since their records showed that the company had charged them for the condener. ...WOW she was upset they had been had...I wonder if they EVER THINK ABOUT HOW THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND HOW WE FEEL AFTER THEY HAVE TAKEN OUR MONEY WITH NO INTENTION OF DOING THE RIGHT THING...

    Oh yes I would also like to add that my home is well maintained, I always get yard of month and my home is always added to the home tour.

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