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American Home Shieldhot water heater

I have had a work order for 5 days the contractor they contract with can't get to me for another 5 days and when I called to ask for another contractor I was told no one else in my area! This is insane I am near Sacramento, Ca! Every time I called placed on hold for 45 minutes to talk to someone in the Philippines!!! WORST COSTUMER SERVICE EVER! So basically I am out the cost of a new water heater since I called another plumber and he came out bc I NEED HOT WATER! AHS is so frustrating to deal with! Had multiple issues with my dryer and they sent out SEars who ordered parts for a gas dryer when we have electric... they would not re-assign me another company! It's like AHS just does not care!

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    American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]garbage disposal

    May 24, 2019
    I requested service for my 25 year-old garbage disposal which had stopped grinding several times and required the wench to re-start it. Sometimes using the wrench did not make the disposal work. I made the service call when this happened.

    The plumber arrived, used the wrench and the disposal worked. After checking with your coverage department, he was told that the replacement is not covered because the disposal was working at the time he tried it. I explained it was only working intermittently and that it would seize up again. When Im explains this to an agent on the phone, I was told that it would have to stop working again and I would have to go through the whole process again for a 25-year-old device that was not operating properly.

    I've been a customer for many years and I'm a real estate agent that has recommended AHS to clients many times. I've never had any issues.

    My contract covers "all components and parts" of a garage disposal and does not indicate that an old malfunctioning device is NOT covered.

    I would like the garbage disposal replaced ASAP in accordance with my agreement and hope you are willing to resolve this unfortunate matter at this level.


    Dave Wood
    client # [protected]

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      American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]horrible service experience - no fix provided for over one month

      Toilet clog issue - pending for ~1 month. The vendor has not been able to fix it, and did not create a correct report. We had this issue with the toilet getting clogged. Logged a complaint, and a technician (CAL-HOME CONSTRUCTION) came after ~5 days. He said that looks like there is a problem with the main pipe and it needs a flush out /jet cleaning - which they do not do. He told that he will pass on the feedback and perhaps someone else would come to fix it. 1-2 weeks passed, no follow-up, and the toilet again clogged. I did the cleanup - and while we were following up, it happened the third time again. Ugh - it was really dirty. Although the service request was open, AHS did not bother to even find/follow-up what happened. When we called them and they said they sent the same technician/vendor again, after 3-4 days. I asked why same technician/vendor when he himself has said he cannot fix it. After a couple of follow-ups again i was told that we have to go with the same company as they have not filed the report that this needs jet cleaning. Ok- but whose fault was that?Above all, they said that since you toilet is working fine now we cannot order jet cleaning (so, in a nutshell wait for your toilet to get clogged, live in that dirty situation and wait for your technician to come, otherwise we cannot fix the problem)... I am one month past the situation. Have two kids, one dog, my parents living in this house, and we are only able to use one toilet for past one month. And have to go this dreadful clogging issue thrice... Waiting for the same technician to come, and hopefully file a correct report this time!! AHS does not bothers about your situation - they will not care about following up for the work order unless you call them multiple times. After all its our duty to keep bugging them to solve our issue... not theirs. They just charge the yearly premium... Sorry, but very frustrated :( Worst home warranty company, we ever had!!!

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        • Me
          Mesfin Yinesu May 23, 2019
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          The worst service I ever had. My AC has been down for almost a month in Lawrenceville, GA during hot summer

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        American Home Shieldbilling with no explanation

        435 Lakeview Unit 47, 93546
        Expires 05/28/19

        On 03/05/19, I was charged $37.92. When I called in for an explanation, I was told there was no explanation and I would have to fax a copy of my credit card statement to you. How is it that you can charge me, but not be able to see the charge on my account? This makes no sense!

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          American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]failure to honor contract/agreement

          I have been a customer since Aug 2018 - recently I had an electrical problem with my Hottub - and called and requested service ( yes, this was included in my agreement)

          I am very disappointed with American Home Shield - it has been more than a week and they have tried to send contractors to me that have no experience (or desire) to accept the work request...yesterday I escalated to "Raymond #[protected]"
          and was promised a resolution -

          when I called today I was informed the request and escalation was cancelled - upon requesting the reason - I spoke with a supervisor "JD # 8017103". JD gave me 5 different excuses within the span of our 45min phone call...
          #1 previous contractor said I had a portable hottub (Incorrect)
          #2 - I didn't have hottub on my membership (incorrect)
          #3 - I had requested a whirlpool contractor (incorrect)
          #4 - my hottub was outside (incorrect)
          #5 - I refused to accept their contractor.

          So, needless to say - I am a very unhappy customer and do not recommend them

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            American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]contract violent

            American home shield complaint

            1. I have been with ahs customer for over 20 years for my home warranty
            2. The current contract agreement dated 01/25/1019 - please review regarding specific air conditioning/cooler agreement

            Covered states:

            Ducted electric wall air conditioning system - water evaporative cooler system - cost related to freon recapture - ducted electric central air conditioning system including: condenser, metering devices (i.E. Thermal expansion valves); furnace transition; evaporator coils and drain lines; air handling transition; secondary drain pan and lines; and refrigerant lines are covered.

            Your representative told me they would pay only for the evaporator coil.

            We contacted another air conditioning service in my area and their professional opinion advised me that most of the parts supplied should be covered.
            I am aware that freon is not covered.

            Consequently I feel my bill was paid for the associated parts which were overpaid and I request a return of $534.00 for drain pan, master seal and safety switch which is in the covered in agreement.

            Please return this money!

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              American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]pool system

              I added ahs for our home appliances. Their sales department informed us that they have a separate plan for pools & spa's. They never asked any specific questions. We called out for an electrical issue with the system. Ahs then calls us and says they do not cover for salt water systems. I was surprised that they were quick to sell me a policy without asking what type of system I had. A lot of people in south florida has salt water systems - you would think this would be an important question to ask the consumer. Ahs refuses to refund my service fee saying they have to pay the technician. Yes, they should pay the technician for his service but not at my expense when you didn't do your due diligence when selling the policy. After debating with the sales department, they had the audacity to say they will refund my policy amount and i'm lucky they didn't pro rate it! Pro rate for something they could not cover? Come on ahs!! You know that a bunch of bs!
              Now, I am out my service fee, a down pool system and have to pay hundreds out of pocket to service my system. Ahs, train and educate your sales people; consumers beware!!!

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                American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]samsung dishwasher

                I reported problem with my samsung dishwasher on 3/28. Ahs set up the appointment for the repair with sears.
                Service tech came out & stated 2-parts would be needed. Sears ordered parts & I had to wait until parts came & 7-days later (4/10) service tech returned to find 1-part not 2-parts. He called his superior (sears) and was told 1 of the parts no longer was made & that ams had been notified & they would be in contact with me about replacing the dishwasher. He advised I not wait on ams to call me but it would be better if I called them.
                I have been calling ams since 4/10 & each time I am called, I am told "we need the diagnosis from the service tech (sears) before we can approve dishwasher being replaced. Mind you, I have called every day & I have been given the same message. Now why doesn't someone take the position that the performance of the service representative should be addressed with sears, if that is in fact the situation.
                However, I have called sears and have been told that the diagnosis was emailed to ams.
                Sears & american home shield are blaming each the meantime I have a 6-year old samsung purchased from sears (6-years ago) that is no good.
                As of today, I still do not know what ahs is going to do. Can not get a straight answer!!!

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                  American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]horrible service

                  We had just moved into our home last July and discovered that our A/C only worked in one half of the house. We called AHS, paid the $75, and had one of their contractors come look at our ducting. After his inspection, he said there was nothing they could do. Surprised, my husband and I were dissapointed and didn't accept that. So we called a company on our own for a free estimate and that company gave us some suggestions on what we could do and said it would be $3600. So we called AHS again (which took alot of time to get someone on the phone to get a second opinion), and then the second contractor came out. Immediately, this guy looked at our attic entry and said he would not go in there. Secondly, he lied to his company and to AHS saying that it was no accessible. We've had electricians, my husband and other people go in there so we were upset and didn't understand why this new guy had a problem. So there went our "2nd Opinion" opportunity. When we called AHS to let them know how weird this guy was, they just added them to our do not use vendor list. Frustrated, we gave up hope of getting our A/C fixed until my husband found someone on Home Advisers who could help us. This was a great choice, because not only did he re-do all of our partially "crushed" ducting for $1800 he also checked our A/C unit, added dampers, got air flowing through vents that weren't, and raised a vent in the living room so it would have better air flow. Now our house is livable, but to no help to AHS. If this weren't enough, we had a hot water issue recently and had to replace it, but because there were a few minor things not to code, they guy they sent out wouldn't fix it for us. Again, we ended up calling someone from home advisers to come look at it and he was able to retrofit our hot water tank and replace it with a new one. The only thing AHS gave us money for was the tank. We are fed up with AHS and do not recommend them to anyone. My husbands uncle owns 14 Keller Williams and we let him know to not have his agents refer anyone to AHS anymore. We bought a two-year plan, paid in advance, and we will not be renewing. Ever.

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                    • Su
                      su Haynes Apr 23, 2019
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      AHS has the worst customer service ever! We purchased our home in February 2019 which came with the AHS service. Ok great we hoped that we never had to use it. In April, our GE refridgerator mother board went out, luckily we have a second fridge . So we put in a service request online on a Friday evening. According to AHS website they have services 24/7. The next morning we do not hear anything back from AHS about when a technician would be out to us. So I had to call them to find out. Of course the call center is overseas. They advise me that the contractor they had for this particular service call does not work on the weekend. Why did I have to call them to find this out instead of someone from the company calling me to let me know that hey we will try to find someone for you to fix your problem immediately. What if I was the average family that only had one fridge? I suppose all my food would be in the trash by now. Then on top of it all the rep tells me with her heavy accent, "oh let me cater to you and find another company." WTF, you cater to me?? umm last I checked I am the customer that paid for this so called warranty service, so I'm the one that is keeping a job for you because without customers you would not have a job. Here we are on the 3rd day and still no fridge. I even contacted the contractor that was fixing our issue. They submitted their paperwork to request for the parts to be ordered on the same day that they came out, but apparently AHS have to be the ones to order the parts and would not allow their contractors to order what they need, which wouldve been easier and quicker. After calling AHS for the third time to find out where the parts were, they lied to me and said oh we just got the request for the part a couple of hours ago, which is another lie because I spoke with the customer service at the contractors office, they were the ones that called AHS to inquire about the parts two hours prior and AHS refused to give them a tracking number as to where the part is. I would not recommend AHS to anyone that is purchasing a home for their home warranty it is not worth the hassle

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                    American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]communication and cancellation

                    I was with AHS on a rental property I owned for 12 years why? I do not know. I guess I just wanted piece of mind. Which is ridiculous on my part since they only covered a washer in the 12 years! Well when I went to cancel on 3/25/2019 not only were the off shore company taking the calls hard to understand but they lied to me. They told me my credit card information was deleted and I would not be charged again! But they still charged me again! So I called and when I finally got very frustrated I asked for a supervisor. They tried to give me the song and dance of they bill after the month of service and not the month before service. I demanded a refund and he told me I would get a refund within 14 days. I said kindly give me a confirmation # of that he said he could not. I demanded a supervisor and he hung up on me. After calling back and requesting a supervisor again they put me on hold!
                    Do not do business with these crooks!

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                      American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]ac unit installation

                      I have recently found out that my AC unit was installed improperly from another plumbing company who comes out to do maintenance checks ups. As I am no longer with American Home Shield (home warranty company). I am very upset and overwhelmed as I am coming out of pocket for repairs that should have been done properly my Safaree Air Conditioning Company that was used by American Home Shield to replace my old unit. They were supposed to mount it on a new stand, seal around my unit. I had to install a sediment trap which is a new code requirement. Along with other problems that have been brought to my attention. I wish AHS would be held responsible for the contractor they hire to do the poor patch up jobs they do.

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                        Mar 24, 2019

                        American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] — fridge has a water leak inside and fixing parts for temporary for a few years now

                        I have been paying to fix this fridge's water leak for a few times, $100 each visit, and each items to fix...

                        American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]service request of 1/29/2019

                        On 1/29/2019 I had a pipe leak behind my washer and I called AHS. They sent out the sloppiest, most inefficient plumbing company I have ever had to deal with, ANYWHERE PLUMBING. The plumber had to cut the wall in order to get to the leak and of course, he first called in to be sure that it was covered by AHS, which it was.

                        They fixed the leak. Today is 3/15/2019 and I have called AHS at least twice regarding the HOLE IN THE WALL BEHIND MY WASHER and have not had resolution of this problem YET.

                        Does AHS hire people to answer the phone who don't speak English clearly on purpose? I could not get the silly girl to understand that I STILL HAVE THE HOLE IN THE WALL WHICH WAS MADE BY THE PLUMBER AS A RESULT OF THE LEAK. She said that AHS had to wait on the plumber for dimensions, then she comes back on the phone and says they needed a DIAGNOSIS!!?? excuse me? WTF?

                        I want my wall fixed and I want it fixed by a contractor who is efficient and reliable and takes pride in this work.

                        I have been a member for many years and this is horrible service.

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                          Mar 01, 2019

                          American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] — furnace

                          Called about furnance not working Monday the 25th of February they came out and said they need to order a...

                          American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]unethical behavior, lack of customer service.

                          I have called today 2/23/19 three times with a first hold time of 1 hour and 10mins to speak with a supervisor to have a representative say he will call me back, which was a plight to start the call over to change my call time. I had a service request back on 9/6/18 to fix my refrigerator that was not freezing or keeping food cold. The company replaced the board. My daughter came home last and all my food was unthawed in the freezer and warm in the refrigerator she had to throw everything out. I am very dissatisfied with this service at this point they want me to pay another service fee for something that was fixed once already and no one is going to reimburse me for all the food I have loss and have to replace. The representative keeps coming back to the phone to keep trying to call me back I am still holing to speak to a supervisor no for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I unprofessionalism of this company is repulsive.

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                            American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]ahs home warranty

                            After 3 weeks of waiting for a hot water heater replacement in sub-freezing weather, I had to buy and install everything myself. Now, they won't pay a dime and are ignoring the bbb complaint with no just cause. Simply saying, "we are not obligated to pay anything". These weasels stiffed me $530, plus my time, and monthly fees! Class action lawsuit time, please!

                            ahs home warranty

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                              American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]poor service / scam!

                              This is probably the worst service company I've ever had the displeasure to work with! I submitted a claim to replace my leaking water heater. They stated that A&S Mechanical (their contractor) will contact me within 24 hours to schedule service. They never called. I called them the next day and setup an appt for the following morning. The guy never showed up, never called to say he wasn't going to show up, and then wouldn't take my call. He just decided that he wasn't going to do the work. AHS dispatched it to the next contractor. They never call, so I call them later that next day, and they tell me AHS canceled the request and put me into que! (?) After waiting on hold twice for 25 minutes each, because the first time I waited, they picked up and hung up on me, they then tell me they don't know why it was put into que. AHS tells me (fourth day in now) that I have authorization to find my own contractor. I do that, and they deny my contractors price! I call them, they put me on hold for 35 minutes only to tell me they put the request back out to the second contractor they originally sent it to. 5 days later no one has been to my house and my basement is just about flooded! They have no concern for their customers nor their property! Ridiculous!

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                                American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]billing scam

                                American home shield has a automatic renewal and they increased my policy by 25 percent!!! Who attempts to take advantage of a person except a scam? After being on hold for more than 4 hours, an agent asked what he could do to retain my business. We agreed on the original policy amount with a credit for the increased billing on my next automatic billing. Fast forward to my next billing and 25 percent increase was charged to my credit card. After an hour this time waiting on an agent, I was told that I would receive a credit for a couple months (sound familiar to my last call?). I requested a cancellation with a confirmation number. The agent would not provide me with a confirmation number but said that I sould recieve a cancellation email within a couple of days. I anticpate having to be out a tremendous amount of work cancelling my credit card by settting up new automatic bill payments with the ulitities and so forth. You should avoid american home shield like a cancer!!!

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                                  American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]washer

                                  I can't get thru to talk to a service professional
                                  In their authorization department.
                                  My washer was deemed "unrepairable"
                                  By technician. No one is willing to complete this service request.

                                  It's been 2 weeks . We've purchased new, waiting for a settlement to pay towards replacement item,

                                  I've waited on hold an average of one hour a day. I've been placed on hold. 30 minutes later, call goes dead!!

                                  Does this company stand behind any of their claims.??

                                  Next stop BBB!!!

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                                    • Updated by Deborah Dennison · Feb 04, 2019

                                      Where are they located ? I'm in Illinois!
                                      I'm tired of using phone!
                                      I'm knocking on their door!

                                    Jan 15, 2019

                                    American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] — ripoff and payment request

                                    Please contact Debbie Blackerby in the San Antonio office for emails and invoice I submitted. I had two...

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