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American Home Shield [AHS] - Refrigerator lights including temperature light.

3 BOYS APPLIANCE REPAIR came 7-13-23 said they'll come back after 5 days. Called back said waiting for parts. AHS sent and email:

The part for your refrigerator is no longer available but can be rebuilt. AHS does rebuild parts due to the high success rate of the repair. You have the option to take the cost of the repair, which is $309, and put it towards the purchase of a new refrigerator. If you choose to take the cost of the repair, you are required to purchase a new unit first and provide proof of purchase before the reimbursement check will be sent.

I said l need a loner fridge.

Spoke to 5 different personnel including Tina Marshall. They offered $150 for loner. Then increase to $350.00 if opted to take the money but l complain that there's a minimum rent of 3 months at $300.00. AHS said all the rest is my responsibility.

Desired outcome: Fix the fridge at their warranty including rent for fridge while my fridge is being repaired. Or get me a new fridge.

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5:23 pm EDT
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American Home Shield [AHS] - Refrigerator

Recently contacted AHS about my refrigerator. Thus us about the sixth service call. The tech says because it’s old they didn’t have a replacement part for it and that they would replace the refrigerator. However, today I received an email from them offering to latch the issue again for the sixth time saying that have a rebuilding department that could...

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1:03 pm EDT

American Home Shield [AHS] - HVAC Unit

In Texas, we have had over 100 degrees for over two weeks. On June 16th (Friday) we lost our A/C due to a extreme heat waive. Our A/C died and we contacted American Home Shield (AHS) to get it repaired since inside our house was 92 degrees.

They assigned us a local company who we contacted and they said that they couldn't come out to look at it until Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

So we then called two other A/C companies (ARC Rescue Rooter & John Moore A/C).. they both said that they couldn't come out until next week as well.

We then called a local A/C company that we have used years ago (Air Affair) and they said that they could come out the next day to check out the A/C. They came out and said that our A/C unit was finished/destroyed because of the excessive heat and problems associated with that. They also said that they could come out Monday or Tuesday and repair/replace the unit.

We then called for AHS authorization to use our own A/C contractor and they agreed as long as the contractor called them to discuss the problem with them.

They called and the first time the contractor said that he was on the phone for a half hour and then the call was dropped. He called them later and they had an ID number and everything but he gave them my "Nick name.."Bud") and although they found my account, they could not assist him. He then realized later that my Christian first name is"Sheldon". AHS did NOT record anr note any of those calls.

We then had to move to a motel at over $200 a night since we had a dog. We stayed there for 5 days which AHS said that they couldn't reimburse us for.

We then called AHS back and asked if we could use our contractor be he still had to call them to verify what was to be done.

In the meantime, our house was still 92 degrees and we couldn't come back home so the first of the week the contractor came out and replaced our unit.

Our other two bids form ARC and John Moore was $12,500 and $10,000

respectively to replace our AC unit. The Air Affair charged us $6,250 which we had to pay. We psid him and came back home after 5 days in a motel.

Now the AHS is making it very difficult to reimburse us without the contractor contacting them. He did and we sent a proposal invoice and an actual invoice to them by land mail and email. When he called them a few days ago... they said that they didn't get enough information from him> What? Why didn't they ask him the questions that they had then? Now he is upset with me for getting the run around and AHS wants him to call him again or they can't reimburse me. Just not right. Can you help me. I have documentation for everything. Thank you in advance.

Desired outcome: That American Home Shield will honor their warranty and reimburse us for our repair.

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