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my order

My Complaint with American Frieght is this: This is my second purchase from them. My first purchase went well...


We bought a whole front room full of furniture just over a year ago. About 3 months ago the arm of one of the rocker recliners broke. We took the chair back as it was our understanding that it had a life time warranty. But in talking with the manager, we were rudely told that I should never have leaned on the arms of the chair to get out of the chair. That it was only CARDBOARD!!. And that it was not covered under the warranty.
If we had been told that there was only cardboard in the arms of the chair we would NEVER had bought it. We were told that everything but stuffing and cloth was covered by the warranty. It's not like we abused the chair..we are not obese or rough on the kids at home either.
The manager was VERY rude and told us he would do nothing for us.
POOR quality furniture...
LIED to when told about he warranty.
HORRIBLE customer service. The manager was VERY rude.
Want to warn customers NEVER to buy from them!!!

refusing refund and non delievery of paid furniture

Purchased livingroom set on 02-01-2010 its march 8 2010 no furniture no refund after being promissed delivery on 02-15-2010 refund asked for on 03-04-2010 sales manager stated that my refund will be posted to my account in 72hours 5 days later no money contacted store again on 03-08-2010 adam [manager very unsure of what to say about refund asked to speak to someone in authority no one thyere also tried to contact regional manager [joel from corporate office twenty times or more no reply all I want is my money retured with intrest if for nothing else I can produce reciept of purchase and refund from company will look into legal action against company if necessarya phone call from here will be gladly appreciated

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    san2011 Apr 14, 2011


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    san2011 Apr 14, 2011

    now i need to find the next step bout to write to the company since calln and speaking to them want help next source go over there head they gonna have to do something

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cheap furniture/customer service

Usually I dont not blog, good or bad, but I just wanted to say that I purchased a queen bedroom suite from...

they do not stand behind their furniture

I went into American Freight December of 2008 and purchased 7, 000.00 worth of furniture and paid cash. When...

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kevin james (unseasoned manager)

Two days ago I returned to this store because I had a good experience. Employees were helpful and courteous during my first visit two months ago even though I was browsing and making price and product comparisons to other stores. I spent several hundred dollars. Bought a queen size matress, box spring, rails and during the same visit I also bought two accessories (lamps). The lamps did not cost very much about $20.00. I also bought two that were already assembled and on display with the assistance from a kind, productive, energetic and respectful salesman. I was very satisfied so I returned to the store again within twenty-four hours to buy one more lamp a little more than an hour before closing. I saw it on display the same as I had before. I politely asked a man who claims to be Kevin James, "Is a salesperson working the floor?" I didn't want to interupts him at the register because he was inputting invoice data into the computer for another customer to print out for customer signature. My thought was he could alert another staff that I needed assistance. Instead he proceeded to tell me that I could not have the lamp on display and that he told the salesman not to ever sell display lamps again. To go in the back and get an unassembled lamp in the box because it was "against corporate policy" for me to purchase and leave the store with this item on display. From a human resource standpoint he did not need to tell me that a salesman I thought provided excellent service was basically counseled and admonished (possibly written up). Here is Mr. James now berating the salesperson to me in a disrespectful tone telling me, "It's not me. It's corporate!" I thought, "Why do I need to know about personnel actions that should be confidential and not shared with customers?" This experience had to do with one customer who had previously left very happy and already got several referral customers ready to buy. In fact when I spent several hundred dollars I had brought a friend who said he was going to bring his wife back to the store. I tried to reason with Mr. James that he might be flexible enough by not telling me in a sarcastic way that if they allowed display items to be purchased they would have to do extra work. He said to me, "It only takes 5 minutes to put together!" Instead of being a professional and diffusing the situation he made me feel like he was trying to insult my intelligence in front of other staff and customers too. I guess he figured my several hundred dollars did not count and maybe he was not going to waste his time to do an invoice one hour before closing for a twenty-dollar lamp to an over 50 year old man. The store had less than a hand full of customers on the floor. It would have been simply and easy for him to let me purchase the lamp and be on my way. I suggested to him that he assign staff to put lamps together in the morning and he proceeded to tell me they don't have time..."Do you know how many things we have to do already?" I asked for owner information and his name. Before he gave me his information he said in I guess what he thought was "the buck stops here" attitude" by saying to me, "I'm the manager!" I said, "I am Director of Security where I work so what does that have to do with anything concerning my request?" I am now searching for the same lamp elsewhere even though I live within close proximity of this store. I regret allowing this manager (?) to elevate my blood pressure. I left disgusted due to his disrespectful arogant tone. There was no excuse for him to treat me the way he did. Interestingly as we were talking a worker (moving helper) stood by as if I am suppose to get intimidated or simply be an observer. I am cool with that. Mr. James need not attribute this to the end of a long day. Now reader, you go figure. I am obvisously disappointed in the treatment towards me and the violation of my need to know as a customer what consequences happened to the original saleman who is simply trying to make a living and satisfy customers. I am certain Mr. James knows who I am if this comes to his attention.

scam artist

I talked with shannon district manager for american freight, she is a very nice lady who cares, I have even spoke with her boss mike out of california in regards to that shady manager they have working for them in marietta ga.

I am so very sick of shady sales men and substandard customer service! Do not shop at american freight in marietta ga... These guys are goones, straight up crooks!!! Go to another furniture store, pay a little more if you must! If you shop at american freight furniture you will be very sorry! I am! Pllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee read all of the complaints!!! Stay away from the marietta store they tried to steal my money!!! I am now awaiting my 843.22 to be returned! And 100.00 dollar check to be mailed!!! Thes fools has almost 1000.00 of mine tied up b/c of that damn maurice hill the store manager in marietta! He is crooked thats my opinion, I will let everyone know do not shop there!!! Please dont!!!

  • Og
    oglesby2011 Aug 17, 2011

    Amerian freight is the worse ever been since feb 2011 and still havent recieve my headboard i do want it and still will fight for it i spent too much with this company to be dealing with this. I went to the store talk to them and talk to a district lady and i have wrote and sent my pictures to headquarters. i will be calling headquarters back i refuse to give up this is sad smh they need to be shut down. The delievery ppl lying said they delievery it but they didnt..


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sales man maurice hill pocketed my money

I went into the store on 1.15.2010, I knew what I wanted I had already searched online, sales man maurice...

will not honor warranty

We purchased a King Koil Mattress Feb. 17, 2009 from American Freight. At the time of purchase the salesman...

confused: not a ripoff company

After I purchase pricey items for myself, I always try to look up the company that I chose to go with and see how others liked or disliked there experience with company. My daughter just got excepted into fsu and we needed to furnish her entire house. We shopped around and came across a new jacksonville furniture store named american freight. The salespeople were very inviting and helpful upon entering. As I told them we were just looking they left us alone for a couple of minutes to look around after explaining how the company worked and options for purchase.After a couple of minutes the salesperson came back to help us with any of the questions we had. He was very helpful and understood that we had not decided on what or when we needed any furniture. He then called another product rep over that pretty much explained the same thing but asked where my daughter was going to school. I told him fsu and he then explained that there was a store in tallahassee and he used to work there and we had the option to get it delivered out of that warehouse, so we didn't have to move it ourself or just pick it up there in town. He explained one of the benefits for us is that if for any reason anything were wrong with any of the furniture upon delivery or pick up we would be able to get it fixed there in tallahassee instead of having issue with having to bring it back to jacksonville. I was nervous at first because we didn't need furniture for two weeks and didn't understand how differant stores worked. If they had same items, ect. He assured me that the furniture would be available fir pick up or delivery. Although I was nervous, I decided to make the purchase and give it a chance. The manager also gave me the manager in tallahassee name and number and told me to feel free to contact either manager if I had any questions or if dates changed. I called tallahassee manager ahead of time to make sure items were available as promised and he again assured me everything would be fine. We decided to pick up the furniture instead of getting it delivered and we had no issues with any of our items. We went on a saturday, that I would amagine has to be busy for them judging by the amount of people that was in the store. We did wait for around 30 minutes to get loaded up but we understood due to the amount of people getting their furniture.The manager was very apologetic for the wait.It made my daughters first furniture purchase enjoyable and I would suggest buying furniture from either of these locations. I actually called to thank the jacksonville manager also for helping us because I was nervous about this company that was new to the area. I only have great things to say about my purchase. I noticed a lot of complaints were from other areas of the us, but again I had none of these issues with my purchase.

  • This was obviously written by the manager at the Jacksonville store to try to save face on the horrible customer service.
    I had bought a sofa and love seat from this store. When it was delivered it was totally the wrong color. It was supposed to be chocolate brown and it was grey. I told the delivery men this and they said no it was what I ordered showing me the delivery slip. I told them it was supposed to be brown not grey. They basically told me I was S.O.L., at which point I told them to take it back and they said no they were not permitted to take anything back and turned away and left. I tried calling the store all weekend and nobody ever answered the phone. I finally drove down to the store and the Salesmen I bought it from said they must have had it tagged wrong and said he would take care of it, they were out of stock on the brown and would deliver it when it came in. Three weeks went by and no word on the correct set, again I tried calling and no one ever answered the phone!!! So again I drove down there, and found out the salesmen I dealt with no longer worked there and they knew nothing about my problem and basically called me a lier who was trying to return used furniture and there was nothing they could do. At that point I just gave-up, which they probably figure must people will do. At that point my time invested in this was not worth it. I was suckered in like so many other people and ended up over paying for something that I found out later that I could have bought at the Ashley store for the same price and with better quality. I have had many friends who have had similar experiences and not one person I know has had one positive thing to say about them. Please Beware...

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no delivery

I paid in full for a sofa and loveseat at American Freight in February 2009. I was advised that the set would be stored for me until I needed it. When I went to pick up the sofa set in July I was advised it was not there. I called many times expressing my frustration and asked for a refund but was never told why I could not get one. Each time I called I was told that someone would look in to it and try to get my couches sooner than the month they said it would take to get them.

The gentleman that, I assume, is the store manager, actually used two different names when I called so that I would think I was talking to someone different when I called. He used the name Thad when I called and asked for the manager, and when he called me for any reason he would use the name Elvis. That is extremely unprofessional.

It wasn't until about 3 weeks after this all occurred (and after reading pages and pages of complaints on the Internet), that I went in to the store and demanded a refund since I had not received my sofas that I had paid for in February. I actually had to make a scene and get other customers' attention before they would even begin to discuss providing a refund to me. But, they finally did, and since I paid with a check they issued a refund that would come in 4-6 weeks.

When Thad Elvis called me to advise me that the check was in, I went to the store to pick it up. In line in front of me was another customer that had printed out the stack of complaints he found on the internet and was having the same issue that I had with them.

So, I have received my refund, but I am very upset that a company that frequently misleads customers can stay in business in our area. I hate the fact that there are so many people getting taken advantage of by American Freight.

false imprisonment

Don't ever buy anything from american freight! After several attempts to exchange a defective mattress just...

scam artist a contact to call

I had no idea of all the complaints against this company and the more I read the more they all sound like the...

missing furniture

Ordered bedroom set Feb 4, 2009. Still don't have all the pieces and it was excuse after excuse to get...

sweet dreams bedroom set

I ordered a bedroom set for my daughter.It was delieverd 4/25/09 everything was fine all the boxes were...

bad product, no refund

I went in to buy a bedroom set. I had seen the commericals and decided to give it a try. This was my first...

fraudulent company

First let me say just because a person doesn't experience something personally doesn't mean that it can't happen. When I first walked in the store I was able to browse, and pick out what I wanted before I went to the counter for assistance. Giving credit where credit is due the salesman (Jesse Cols., Oh E. Main St. store) did say that my furniture wouldn't be in until the next week. I paid about seven hundred dollars for my bedroom suite, and upon agreement walked out empty handed.

The next week came, the next week went. In the middle of the second I hadn't heard anything from the store, and called about my merchandise or if I needed to request my money back. Jesse said some but not all of the set had come in he could arrange delivery for what he had (the dresser, chest, and nightstand) to be delivered that day. I said okay but when my other stuff comes in will you guys deliver again without me paying twice. Shocked at hearing him tell me that I had to pick the remainder of my things up or pay another delivery fee when/if it comes in irritated me.

When the delivery guy called my cell phone I didn't understand him, and asked who the caller was. The driver then in a nasty, rude manner yells back at me that I didn't need to know who it was all I needed to know was whether or not I was expecting a delivery or not. He argued on the phone with me for about thirty minutes or more before I hung up, and contacted the store. He was then instructed to call back, and apologize to save the sale.

Long story short I paid for my furniture Feb. 23, 2009 today is Mar. 24, 2009, and I still don't have all of my furniture. I've been contacting the corporate office, and they exist for the sake of the company being able to say they actually have a corporate office. It's income tax season, and no one is perfect so Susan from corporate says in an angelic voice.

So know that seven hundred dollars will cost me double in attorney fees. Time used for court, Channel 6 news, Better Business Bureau, and my local Attorney Generals Office. But in the end good always comes out on top, so I'm sure I'll get my money back for my furniture, and the stress that came with this entire transaction. If you had a great experience with them kudos to you but I will never recommend this store to anyone that I care about or know.

  • Ki
    Kiwi Jun 03, 2009

    The prices were the best in town, I saved enough to buy a new large flat screen tv.

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bull s#! t

Well lets start here I went to American Freight 2/20/2008 to purchase some furniture In spent over 2, 000 I...

no merchandise no refund

I just had a terrible experience with this furniture company (American freight). Not only did they not...

rude cashier

My husband, son and I went to american freight to get a box spring for our bed, the salesman that helped us was really great and sold us one cheap, so we were pretty happy, that is until we went to the register to pay for it, there was nobody in line so we went right up to the register, the cashier asked what we were paying for, she screamed to the back to ask what to ring up, as he was telling her someone came in to pay for something, she just ignored me and took the other lady, we set there for 15 minutes waiting to be cashed out, finally another gentleman came up and cashed us out but the whole thing was that since we were only spending 70.00 and the other customer was spending 1000.00 I guess we didnt matter, I will never go back there again, and I have shopped there in the past alot, we also bought a so called leather couch there before and within 2 months the arms on it were tearing, they may be alot cheaper but the furniture there, in my opinion isnt worth it at all, I would rather pay more and the furniture last a long time than pay less and have to replace shortly after!!!

  • Ki
    Kiwi Jun 03, 2009

    Come to my store and I would not make my $1000 customer wait for you either. Your living in fantasy land, wake up.

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