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American Express Travel Related Services Company Complaints & Reviews

American Express Travel Related Services Company / amex travel

LorenaAcevedo on Jan 15, 2018
2608-4583 BOOKING REFERENCE MY flight got cxld and after calling the airlines BA and AA they said since I booked with Amex Travel they had to rebook me and when I called Amex Travel they said they could not help me... that they would be calling just like I would... didn't offer any kind of...

American Express / Awful employees

Myra Matthews on Nov 24, 2017
Their representatives are awful, not helpful and get their money for nothing. They don't deserve to be there and they ruin the company reputation. Instead of providing some kind of help, some of them tend to just hang up on people in the middle of a conversation. Some of them continue talking...

American Express Credit Card / unauthorized credit card charges

JCMasada on Oct 26, 2017
American Express is the worst credit card company. They charged my credit card without my authorization. I have spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees and is telling me I'm responsible for paying for it. Stay away from American Express. If they come near your wallet, throw your wallet...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / credit card

Vincehrc on Sep 20, 2017
I have been an American Express Card holder for 49 years. With all the business activity, international travel, national travel, etc. Amex has made 10, 000 of thousands of dollars off me over the past 49 years. It is with great regret that I am terminating my relationship with Amex. I...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / I am complaining about a trip that was booked over the phone with amex travel

Pissef off on Sep 6, 2017
I booked a trip over the phone with Amex travel 9 months ago from 12/22/16-12/27/16. It was supposed to be in Montego Bay Jamaica. In stead I was booked in a hotel in Runaway Bay Jamaica. 100 miles from the party I was suppose to be attending. The hotel the Royal Decameron was below...

American Express Canada / credit cards - unfair and deceptive business practices - lack of loyalty

Marcos C. on Aug 23, 2017
My recommendation - Do not EVER apply for an American Express Card. I had a credit card with them for almost 10 years, never a single payment late, always paid in FULL every month and with no explanation, with a perfect credit, they said their system prompt them for an 'audit'...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / fraud department - lack of consumer support

Susan Swete on Aug 15, 2017
I have had my American Express Card for nearly twenty years, have used it for close to a half million in purchases and have never so much as been late on a payment. Several months ago there was a small, unauthorized charge on my card -- I advised it was not my charge and it was removed...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / collision insurance on rental car

colincox on Aug 11, 2017
We rented a car in Rome and paid $25.00 for collision insurance. Because we had this insurance, we told AutoEurope at the airport that we did not need any other insurance. On returning the car, they found a small dent and we said we are covered. We then heard from AMEX that they do not...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / delay in recognition of a charge

Dale F. Weeks on Jul 14, 2017
On Tuesday, July 11th I approved a charge of $1436.46 for an upcoming flight via the Japanese Travel Bureau. As of Friday, July 14th (3 days later) only the $35 merchant fee was actually charged to my account, the other balance has not shown up as yet. That seems an excessive delay. When I...

American Express / american express sent final bill of my deceased father to a collection agency without even sending it to his mailing address for payment.

GSkinner on May 8, 2017
My father passed away at the end of March. Per legal advice, we cancelled his two credit cards - one of which was an American Express. His American Express bills were paid each month for years by automatic withdrawal from his checking account and American Express would mail a copy of the...

American Express / Interest payment

Lindaft1 on May 4, 2017
My Delta American Express was paid by phone on 4/22, 4 days late as for some reason my one line payment did not go through. I always pay by bills in full and never carry a balance. Also twice in the last year I never received my bill and ended up paying late for that reason and this is the...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / american express not sending back our overpayment

rvchat on Apr 20, 2017
4/3/2017 amex was sent overpayment thousands more than we owed them 4/20/2017 they refuse to help return the funds, have removed it from the card account (credit) and refusing to return us these funds. I have called 25 times -- different response each time, different person. They have no...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / travel reservations

Rosest on Apr 17, 2017
I was in the process of booking a domestic flight (Delta Airlines) and tried to find the airfare rules. Are you kidding me? On the phone for 30 minutes and 4 agents. No one could show me where to find this information on the AmEx Travel site. Ridiculous! And they want a fee as a travel...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / unknown third party services instead of reputable customer service

P H Jackson on Apr 14, 2017
Date: 04/14/2017 Complaint: I made a mistake in my booking with AMEX Travel immediately, after I clicked the submit button. I called AMEX Travel and they called the hotel, then to return to say it could not be changed and it was final. I talked to the rep and told her that I was viewing...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / amex/delta card

Philip B. on Apr 13, 2017
Get an offer for 60, 000 miles from AMEX for Delta? Don't count on it. After spending hours on multiple calls and being told various deadlines ranging from 2 days to 8 weeks. I was finally told by American express that they would not honor the 60, 000 mile promotional that they sent me...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / travel

Dr. Mc on Mar 9, 2017
I needed to talk to a supervisor about adjusting my hotel reservation (something that can't be done online according to Amex-I have to speak with someone)and they put me on hold twice for 16 minutes and then 18 minutes and the second person I spoke with told me it could be hours before a...

American Express / bluebird debit card

Emily Thomas on Jan 17, 2017
I was recently in miami, florida on vacation for christmas. While at the beach, someone broke into our rental car and stole my drivers license, bluebird card, suntrust debit visa and my merrick bank visa as well as two of my boyfriend's credit/debit cards. So while our family was at the...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / refund check received

mumbalena on Dec 13, 2016
In November 2016 I received a letter from American Express with an attached check for $603.77. I do not know what this is for and do not know whether to cash the check or not. The AMEX account is now closed. It was connected to Costco and last year Citibank took over the Costco credit cards. I...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / corporate card membership points cancellation

Guru Kateel on Dec 11, 2016
Hi, I had a american express Corporate Card for 5 years and i had paid a yearly fee of $90 every year to enroll in their membership points as my company did not participate in membership points. When i left my company, my company cancelled the credit card. After a month, when i logged into...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / travel

nbdc on Dec 8, 2016
I just wanted to say how HUGE a disappointment your department has been. We had to pay twice for plane tickets from Europe to New York. Apparently in the eyes of Amex it is ok to assume that we understand the in's and out's of travel but NOT ok to assume that we don't know what you're...

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