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American Express Travel Related Services Company Customer Service


American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

American Express Customer Relations 02-04-40 4315 S 2700 W
Salt Lake City
United States - 84184-0440

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 954 0559(Domestic)
4 0
+1 801 449 4019(International)
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American Express Travel Related Services Company Complaints & Reviews

American Express Travel Related Services Company / platinum card replacement

Snehlata Champakalakshmi on Jan 5, 2019

I received a message on January 31 that there was a fraudulent charge on my card which would have to be replaced . I was told the replacement would arrive on January 4, contrary to the overnight promise . The person I spoke to was rude and unhelpful and refused repeatedly to connect me to...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / complain

RAJU72 on Nov 28, 2018

Hi Sir I purchased American Express GlobalTravel card for 4000$ while I was travelling to USA. Card expiry date was 08/16. My cards having balance of around 300$ . I tried to withdraw amount before expiry date of my card but it was showing 0 dollar. I called customer care but they told since...

American Express / discrimination

Latin Discrimination on Nov 13, 2018

This has to be the most discriminatory company I have ever seen, just because my name is Luis Sanchez and a Latino Man it does not mean that you company can treat Latinos like second class citizens. GoDaddy is charging for services I have not used for many years yet this company has backed...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / expired gift certificates

Gene Read on Oct 30, 2018

I mailed to American Express 2 expired gift cards for $25 each. I was told that they would mail me replacements. Instead they send me a form asking for a copy of a utility bill plus a copy of a government issued photo I.D. and if they didn't receive this information within 10 business day...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / perfect credit/25 year member amex cancelled

amexcancelledme on Oct 5, 2018

I have been with AMEX for 25 years and have never missed a payment. I have a 775 credit score and my wife has 820 and ournet worth is over $10 million. I've not even has much as a driving ticket in 10 years and extremely rare to dispute a charge. Today they called me and cancelled us after...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / my card

PKenny on May 31, 2018

I signed up for an Amex card for the delta points I spent the 3K in the 3 months but am now being told I was declined! I am furious I have been cheated and I will not let this go. They are telling me that this was declined after they gave me the card with the instructions to spend three...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / customer service, zero help!

BK19 on May 10, 2018

Zero customer service, worst experience of any credit card company. Amex was once a good company, now they are just an off shore call center who can only spew what the computer screen in front of them tells them. No one can actually do anything. Refuse to call me back. No us based service...

American Express / credit card/ my account was closed without my permission

Katie34 on Apr 11, 2018

I tried to make a purchase and was told there was an error and I will need a different form of payment. I thought the person was lying and trying to steal my credit card info because I know my account is in good standing. She told me to contact the credit card company. Found out my account...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / american express - car hire mileage [ref: 180222-004261]

NicoleBernoff on Feb 24, 2018

Dear American Express, I do not have any indication or correspondence indicating the pricing or limitation of free km for my recent car booking through AMEX travel. I was made aware by Europecar at the time of car collection, that there would be additional charges (post 300km) for my car...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / trip id: 2471-8267; return flight

nshv on Jan 23, 2018

North Star High Voltage asserts that on January 14th, 2018 American Express Travel was negligent in its handling of the return flight arrangements for the above referenced Trip ID. To summarize, your company's service fell woefully short of reasonable expectations in the following ways: 1. ...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / amex travel

LorenaAcevedo on Jan 15, 2018

2608-4583 BOOKING REFERENCE MY flight got cxld and after calling the airlines BA and AA they said since I booked with Amex Travel they had to rebook me and when I called Amex Travel they said they could not help me... that they would be calling just like I would... didn't offer any kind of...

American Express / Awful employees

Myra Matthews on Nov 24, 2017

Their representatives are awful, not helpful and get their money for nothing. They don't deserve to be there and they ruin the company reputation. Instead of providing some kind of help, some of them tend to just hang up on people in the middle of a conversation. Some of them continue talking...

American Express Credit Card / unauthorized credit card charges

JCMasada on Oct 26, 2017

American Express is the worst credit card company. They charged my credit card without my authorization. I have spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees and is telling me I'm responsible for paying for it. Stay away from American Express. If they come near your wallet, throw your wallet...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / credit card

Vincehrc on Sep 20, 2017

I have been an American Express Card holder for 49 years. With all the business activity, international travel, national travel, etc. Amex has made 10, 000 of thousands of dollars off me over the past 49 years. It is with great regret that I am terminating my relationship with Amex. I...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / I am complaining about a trip that was booked over the phone with amex travel

Pissef off on Sep 6, 2017

I booked a trip over the phone with Amex travel 9 months ago from 12/22/16-12/27/16. It was supposed to be in Montego Bay Jamaica. In stead I was booked in a hotel in Runaway Bay Jamaica. 100 miles from the party I was suppose to be attending. The hotel the Royal Decameron was below...

American Express Canada / credit cards - unfair and deceptive business practices - lack of loyalty

Marcos C. on Aug 23, 2017

My recommendation - Do not EVER apply for an American Express Card. I had a credit card with them for almost 10 years, never a single payment late, always paid in FULL every month and with no explanation, with a perfect credit, they said their system prompt them for an 'audit'...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / fraud department - lack of consumer support

Susan Swete on Aug 15, 2017

I have had my American Express Card for nearly twenty years, have used it for close to a half million in purchases and have never so much as been late on a payment. Several months ago there was a small, unauthorized charge on my card -- I advised it was not my charge and it was removed...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / collision insurance on rental car

colincox on Aug 11, 2017

We rented a car in Rome and paid $25.00 for collision insurance. Because we had this insurance, we told AutoEurope at the airport that we did not need any other insurance. On returning the car, they found a small dent and we said we are covered. We then heard from AMEX that they do not...

American Express Travel Related Services Company / delay in recognition of a charge

Dale F. Weeks on Jul 14, 2017

On Tuesday, July 11th I approved a charge of $1436.46 for an upcoming flight via the Japanese Travel Bureau. As of Friday, July 14th (3 days later) only the $35 merchant fee was actually charged to my account, the other balance has not shown up as yet. That seems an excessive delay. When I...

American Express / american express sent final bill of my deceased father to a collection agency without even sending it to his mailing address for payment.

GSkinner on May 8, 2017

My father passed away at the end of March. Per legal advice, we cancelled his two credit cards - one of which was an American Express. His American Express bills were paid each month for years by automatic withdrawal from his checking account and American Express would mail a copy of the...