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I have had my gold card for 9 years. I have always paid my balances, even through a bad period, 6 years ago, when I let other cards balances be delinquent due to medical bills.

The one thing I always appreciated with AMEX was their awesome customer service. The about 3 years ago, I noticed they had begun outsourcing customer service and billing questions to a call center in India. There were more instances of what I would term poor communication: speaking with a rep in India, being assured that a payment would post... and then finding out it had not.

I never had a pre-set credit limit, and always paid off my card every month. However, about a year ago I had a family emergency and was unable to pay off the entire $2500.00 balance in one month. I called customer service, and they helped me set up a three-month pay off plan. I followed through, and did not miss a payment.

It wasn't until the last four months, that I ever again carried over a balance, but they never complained.

Then last week I paid off the entire balance to zero. I was thrilled that I was finally caught up.

Yesterday, a small charge with was denied. Curious, I called AMEX. The rep told me that my card had been canceled. I asked why in the world would they cancel my card when I had just paid them in full last week. I even talked to them on the phone last Friday to make sure my online payment went through.

The rep told me he didn't know, but that if I wanted my card "re-instated" I would have to pay $45.00.

I told him that was perfectly ridiculous and asked to speak to a supervisor. The rep cut me off.

I called back again, and then, after telling the same story to another rep, she said she would transfer me to a supervisor.

I waited for 30 minutes (timed it on my cell) until a person reading from a script (obviously not in the US), with a very heavy accent, told me that because I had something unfavorable in my credit report from the past, which was noted by a credit reporting agency, my card had been canceled.

She then offered to reinstate the card for a charge of $25.00.

When I asked to speak to her supervisor, I was told that he would not be able to do anything else for me. I told her to go ahead and transfer me anyway. She then cut me off.

At first I was mad. Then I felt hurt. I have used this card ethically for 9 years, and always paid my bills. My credit score is not perfect, it is 658.

But I have been striving to make it better every year.

My sense is that AMEX will be doing this to hundreds of us Americans over the coming months, and as they lay-off thousands of employees, those trying to communicate with them will be waiting for hours on the phone, and never be able to resolve problems.

I, like many Americans, needed my credit card for making reservations for business travel, shopping at Costco, and purchasing business supplies.

We are going to see greater repercussions; other businesses rely on us using our credit cards online, and during holidays. It will be interesting to see what happens to this "house of interconnected cards" as the months roll on.

We taxpayers may have bailed out the banks, but the banks are holding us up with threats of cancellations, higher fees, and trumped up charges.

Beware of American Express. With my husband's advice, I took the scissors to the gold card last night, and I look forward to a class action suit against them!

Update by Valerie
Nov 15, 2008 8:35 am EST

I have been an American Express customer for over 2 years. When I first opened my card my credit limit was $5000. I have been using the card regularly for the past few years and have NEVER made a late payment. My most recent credit limit WAS 18, 200. My balance stayed around 15, 000 to 16, 000. Obviously American Express was making some real nice money off of me. Just recently I got a nice commission bonus at work and decided to pay off the entire balance. When American Express got my payment they immediately dropped my credit limit to $1900!

When I called to investigate I spoke with Mrs. MacDonald in the credit decrease department. She told me that Experian sends American Express a summary of my credit report every 30 days. The most recent report caused American Express to drop my credit line. When I called Experian they were outraged that American Express told me that. The reality was that American Express ordered a full credit report and decided that based on my credit history (which has not changed) that they were going to drop my credit line. This woman Mrs. MacDonald lied to me on a recorded call and 'tried' to mislead me to believe that Experian had suggested to American Express to drop my credit line. AMERICAN EXPRESS LIES TO VALUED CUSTOMERS!

Update by Valerie
Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

I have been, I mean I was a card holder since 2004. A card member in good standing I might add. Then one day I got a check offer from Citibank (my other credit card) offering me a fixed APR on the life of the balance transfer. Even though I had a low APR at American Express the Citibank offer was lower.

I went through the steps of transferring the balance and made an error. I added a few more hundred than I thought I had. Citibank pulled the check, American Express froze my account and fined me $38. Understandable.

That day that the confusion occurred I made a large payment to unfreeze the account. As I understood what was a mistake was a mistake that I created. But as a good customer I paid immediately the amount due and more.

The next statement I noticed that my APR for American Express went from 9% to 28%! I calmly called the company and asked for a reduction. After 4 different people and perhaps an hour on hold I was told that a COMPUTER reevaluated my account and none of the HUMANS could do anything about it.

So good standing and credit rating aside if you do make a mistake be prepared for an APR increase regardless of anything. It's so sad to know that machines are now dictating the relationships that banks have with their customers. I will never use American Express again and I will make sure as many people know about this as possible. It's disappointing because I thought I had a good relationship with Amex.

Oh and I plan on getting that money out asap since the APR is also applying to my current balance!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 29, 2017 6:01 pm EDT

AMEX is the worst CC company ever in the world! Beware! Do not ever apply for any AMEX CC- you will eventually be burnt!
They cancelled my 3 cards, they cancelled my Dad's amex, my wife's Amex. You will never be given a logical explanation as to why they cancelled your account. One other thing; if you reach to $2, 000, 00 of balance on the card they automatically suspend your account untill you provide them with your tax return. The ANEX cards are designed for small to large business corporations and filthy rich people!

Dec 30, 2008 11:32 am EST

Hi I am Saurabh and this is a letter that was sent by me to the SBI Credit card department. This contains my bad experience with this bank. i have been victimised for showing being honest to the bank and the debt taken. Kindly go through the following:

American Express Bank

Subject: Surrender of Credit Card No.[protected]

Dear Sir,

This is in regards to the conversation I had with your Customer Care Executive, who confirmed me that I am liable to pay an amount of Rs.15000 (approx.) to your bank.
Which includes Credit Card’s costing (Rs.2500), which was earlier told to be free of cost.

I would also like to tell you that in the previous days, I was been harassed by your recovery agent on phone, the person tend to nasty on phone which included abusive words also. The confirmation of which can be done by conversation’s recording
That I have made.
I shall inform you that I was eligible enough to take your services to a full stretch after this evidence, and bring it in the eyes of law. Its not that I was not willing to repay the money, but was not in a position to do so.

Also, I was been cheated in respect to the Card limit. It was told to me that the Card limit is Rs.50000, but this was changed to 13000 without a prior intimidation to me.
I am really disappointed with the lethargic and careless services being provided to your customers.

Finally, I must inform you that the actual amount that I am supposed to pay is Rs.8100 only, on which your Bank has levied card costing (I was told its free of cost) and some other charges that are fictional to me.
To which I am attaching a cheque that contains the amount that I am actually supposed to pay i.e. Rs 8100, further to which I am surrendering my card also.

Hope you work better at least in this respect.

Thanks & Regards,

Saurabh Kumar Ashish

E-84, Ground Floor,
Mob: [protected]

Apr 26, 2012 10:09 pm EDT

They have awful customer service. They took me on hold for 30 minutes first time. Second time was almost the same. Only on third call they answered me after 20 minutes of calling. And it took 5 minutes to rebook flight.

Aug 24, 2009 6:08 pm EDT

Recieved an e mail from Delta airlines that our old visa with NW no longer good for airmiles and had to switch to American Express for skymiles. Did this. Tried a balance trancsfer which took wells fargo a month to process. In the meantime I inquired about making a payment. told I had to wait until a statement was mailed. As soon as it was recieved i returned a check promptly. In the meantime I was reported to the credit bureau for $50 over limit (due to the interest charge which info was not avail to me) .This lowered my excellent credit score and affected my mortgage refi interest. I in good faith did what I was told and waited for a statement and was not allowed to make a first payment until then..I do not recommend getting American Express and Delta goofed. Very few merchants honor AE anyway.

Oct 11, 2013 7:06 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Dear AMEX,

I do not appreciate you blocking my credit limit for no reason, why would you check on my credit without any reason and lower it.
An agent confirmed I could make another transaction of $3000 but now with the new restriction I can barely spend few more hundreds.

Is it because Jason got into an argument with me? I am very disappointed and have taken out the card from my wallet.
I have already reached out to CHASE - Sapphire and gotten approved. I shall start building credit with them instead.

For now, I plan to stop using your card and pay off the full debt over time and cancel the card eventually.
I do not have a problem sharing my latest paychecks or other financial documents but this is not the way to ask for it.

If you do not put my card back to the way it was, I am sorry to say but I have no choice and say goodbye.
I will miss using AMEX but don't want to play this game of egos with Jason or any other representative who does not care how a customer feels end of the day. Just saying you care is not enough, actions speak louder.

May 20, 2011 8:32 pm EDT

I paid my account off which was over 4K and thought I was paid in full however there was a bill in-transit of $49.15. They sent me a letter cancelling the account without reason or any money due on the account. I got a call from a collection agency say I was three months behind and owed $110.29. The difference was in penalties and interest.
I called American Express ask where did this charge come from on a cancelled account. They said we cannot tell you it has all been turned over to a collection agency and they have the records. They refused to talk to me and I ask for a supervisor to call me as one was not available and they said one would in 48 hours, none did.

Bottom line I call agency they said they only got the money due and they could not tell me anything American Express had too. This left me in the well known circle. I finally called after the 48 hours and got Philip, a supervisor, and he was very rude and just said you did not pay on time you owe the fee so just pay it. He said the agency could reduce the charge but as it had all been turn over to them he could not see any part of the account. I told him that was not true and both he and I knew it. He just kept saying the charge was this and I had to pay it or stay in collection.

I understood the cancelation due to two properties we have in fraud law suits which show on our credit report They will come off when they finalize the suit but after 30 years with American Express and a good payer they did not even call to ask why, they just cancelled two of our cards which were paid off.

The customer service was terrible from American Express and great from the collection agency they said do not expect the supervisor to call and they completely understood me.

I had to pay a debt I think was outrageous and believe me when the two properties come off of our credit report we will never do business with American Express again.

Dec 08, 2012 2:59 pm EST

CLEVERBRIDGE AG KOELN, Stuart, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Unauthorized charge
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Posted: 2012-12-08 by Julieta Seur García
Unauthorized charge

I just found a charge on my American Express Gold Card for an amount of 31.40 which I did not authorize. Such charge appears dated on November 2nd 2012, as Cleverbridge AG Koeln and, I do not know who this company is and I also do not want their service. I want this money back into my account immediately... I am careful about where I enter my account information so it concerns me how you got my information...

Jun 05, 2012 5:01 am EDT

I have been a cardholder for about 25 years. I have always paid my bill in full every month. In I had financial difficulties for the first time in my life. My AMEX statement was $5, 000...I sent them $1, 000 and called them immediately to let them know I would get it settled ASAP. They asked me to commit to paying them $350 a month. I said I would...but told them that my intentions were to pay them much sooner. They insisted that I agree to have the $350 a month automatically drafted from my checking account...and I refused. Over the next 100 days I paid them in paid their outrageous late fees of about $700...and did not use the card any more during this period. As soon as the bill was paid in full...they cancelled my account and took away 175, 000 rewards points without any warning to me. I called them to discuss the situation...jumped through a million hoops...wrote letters...etc...and they have absolutely refused to return my points or reactivate my account. I know they have a right to do business with whomever they choose...but morally speaking...I think they are low class. I am 42 years old...have always paid my bills on time if not early...have maintained a 790-810 credit score...and the first time I have a problem they treated me like a career criminal. I am not asking anyone to pat me on the back for doing what I am supposed to do...but I don't think this was any way to treat someone who has been a good customer for so long.

Aug 23, 2011 9:29 pm EDT

American Express sent me an offer of a "free Kindle" if I charge so much within a certain period of time. WHICH I DID! It would be sent out 10 to 12 weeks after the purchase was made. It has now been 14 weeks and 3 phone calls later and I find out that all that can be done is customer service will sent a complaint to the marketing department and that department has up to 2 billing cycles to look into it. My friends all laughed when I told them I received this offer they said "let me know how that turns out" WOW was I the FOOL! You can bet that my friends will know how it turned out.

Aug 24, 2016 7:28 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I have a charge of $43.19 on my American Express card and have no idea what this software might be. I checked my compurter and have no software on it. Would like to kow what to do next to get a refund from this charge. Thank you.

Aug 17, 2016 3:16 am EDT

I missed two payments for my AMEX account due to extremely late receipts of my customers' receivables. At the same time, I missed a minimum of two or three payments for SEVERAL other credit card companies, banks, leasing companies and suppliers.
EVERY one of the other people we owed money to communicated with us and allowed us to catch up, which we have done. AMEX cancelled our card, sent us to in incompetent collection agency, Iqor/Allied, and spoke abusively and lied to me when I FINALLY found someone that would talk to me in person - that took quite a bit of effort since they cancelled my account - they pretended I did not exist.
AMEX will NOT communicate via email, which is at least incompetent but I believe is so they do not have to be accountable for their promises and communication. AMEX credit policies are abusive and oppressive. AMEX personnel are rude and threatening. The person that finally talked to me also lied about what would happen and their policy of not communicating via email permits them to avoid having a documented audit trail where they might have to actually be accountable for what they say.
I have not included my company name because I am convnced that AMEX will try to hurt me persoannly and hurt my business if any body actually informs them that I have revealed their incompetent, rude, abusive, and oppressive policies ANDpersonnel.
Be cautious of doing business with AMEX. You may end up as sorry you ever did business with them that I am.

Aug 17, 2016 3:15 am EDT

I have been with American Express since 2002- never missed a payment. Suddenly, about a week ago, my Am Ex credit card was declined on couple of ocassions. I didn't think much of it and used other credit cards instead.

Today I received a letter from Am Ex, it seems that without any warning or prior notice, they decided to lower my credit line fro $25, 000 to $500. It so happaned that at a time I had a balance of $470, I'm sure a pure coincident. Luckily at the time I was not away on busines and I didn't have to rely on Am Ex to pay for a hotel, meals etc.

I used to admire Am Ex and think highly of them. Even though their action didn't affect me; however, I realized that I don't want to in any way be dependant on them. I called Am Ex and cancelled my account. I will never again do any business with AmEx.

Jul 05, 2016 5:30 pm EDT

My name is Nancy Dowey. I was mailed two new cards with different numbers. They both have stopped service. Please help! The first is #[protected]. I was informed it was cancelled. I was told to try the old card which I no longer have. I've tried telephoning, but I don't know my pass word etc. etc. My address is 1575 E. Washington Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 91104, telephone #[protected]. Why is it so hard to get an American Express card? Thank you for your attention to this matter. Nancy C. Dowey

Jun 17, 2016 5:02 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I've been a customer of American Express Business and have 3 other Amex cards since 2005. I've never been late on payments and am a great customer. We recently attempted to make a business purchase/transaction that looked "suspicious" to Amex so instead of calling and asking about the transaction they denied it, my husband had to call them to see what happened, and they then informed us that they've cancelled ALL of our cards/accounts. After 13 years of being an amazing customer...

WOW... They wonder why we opened a Chase Account!

Jun 17, 2016 4:39 am EDT

This past Saturday I received a non-specific letter in the mail stating my interest rate would increasing, "due to current economic climate". I have an excellent payment history. They are also raising the late charge from $19 to $29. The letter "helpfully" pointed out that one can avoid late charges by paying on time. I couldn't find any specific information about how much the my card was rising. I phoned and was told to see the back of the letter. There, in tiny print, possible font size negative 8 or something, I saw words printed. I had to find reading glasses to view the minisucule print and learning my rate was rising to just under 16% from almost 11%. The representative couldn't offer my any information, except to repeat the vague wording of the letter and reiterating that everyone's rate was increasing. Let me get this straight, one acts irresonsibly with AMEX credit and your rates rise. One always pays AMEX on time, and . . . your rates rise . . . I guess I'll be using my Discover card, with its single digit interest rate and recite " American Express - Be Sure to Leave Home Without it . . ."

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

Amex reduced my credit limit =( - I've been an American Express card member for 10 years. I find out this month that they have reduced my credit! I am still making the same amout of money, and I have the same balance on my card. I know the economy is supposed to be bad, but what did I do to deserve this?!

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

I had an experience similar to another visitor this site, Lonnie Morrison who wrote "My attempt to cancel an American Express card." I had the exact same experience.

I was even threatened with a negative credit report if I did cancel the card. I still have the card even though I do not use it. I did cancel all additional cards associated with my card, i.e. wife's card.

I too tried to cancel just before the annual fee was due.

I am going to cancel the card I just need to pick a time when I am in a calm place and can deal with their poor business practices.

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

Please note that I will no longer be using your services or charging anything to your credit card. Because I was laid up sick in bed for 10 days, I was late making my whopping $15 payment. As a result, you are charging me a $35 late fee & increasing my APR by 106%. This is after 15+ years of being a “Card carrying member”. No wonder people & businesses are running from you guys in droves & going to MasterCard & Visa. I no doubt am doing the same.

Now, I can’t say anything bad about your customer service representatives because I never actually spoke with anyone. “To better service my request”, you have decided to go with an automated phone system. After numerous automated menus & requests to enter my credit card #, I finally had to simply hang up. I’m still trying to figure out how this better serves me. Trust me when I say this, and I’m one of many customers that feel the same way- you’re not “better servicing my request”.

I know that I am not one of your bigger customers, and losing me won’t do anything to your bottom line. Heck, you’ll make up my missed business on whatever poor schlub you rope in to signing up for your card when you give them a free t- shirt at your kiosk at the airport.

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

I have always paid on time and have the card for about a year. I went to use it the other day and it declined which shocked me since I have a very low balance and well away from my credit limit. I called in to tell them my card was damaged since the magnetic strip on the back had many scratches which I thought was the problem. I had already checked online to make sure there wasnt nothing fraudelent going on and everything looked good with my balance. I called customer service and pushed the option that finally I found that said something about a damaged card. I waited for near 15 minutes before I talked to a human. The lady on the phone seemed very nice and said she would issue a replacement card. She put me on hold and came back on and said she would have to transfer me to the credit department before she could issue a new card and I asked why and she again said she would have to transfer me to the credit department and I said OK. Another 15 minutes went by and I finally hung up. I went online again and the account looked good. I didnt think much about it and would call back in a few days when I had time to waist an hour of my time on perma-hold. Two days later I received a letter in the mail stating my account had been closed due to "the short peiod of time you have been a cusomer with American Express"! I was outraged, I have never been late and have a small balance on the card. I am outraged and will be writing a formal letter to them. I will never do business with this company again. I have seen many complaints on the net lately very similiar to mine. I am not waisting my time calling customer service I will write a formal letter and make sure I send several of them with different attention to on them. Again I dont care if they offer to keep me or not they can take their card and business and shove it up their ###! I have never had a credit card company do anything remotely like this.

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

when applying for my buisness amex cards i was easily approved or so i thought they activated my cards with a high line of credit then sent my accounts to their incompetant idenity protection team more less a bunch of high school drop outs with speach problems they asked for all kinds of information to be faxed which i did then they asked for more info to be faxed which seemed abnormal they said 3 days to review the faxes it took over a week the more i would ask questions the more they would be rude customer service is the worst ive ever dealt with i guess when u hire incompetant morrons to handle important accounts so now they closed my account without ever contacting me so now i have the pleasure of calling merchant services and no longer accepting those incompitant morrons at any of my restaurants car rental aggencies and car dealerships as discraseful as they are i dont understand how they can say american express when it should be morron express

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

I made a Marriott hotel reservation with American Express Travel using American Express points for part of the cost. The reservation was proceessed incorrectly, putting me in a lower grade room than I paid for. When I call American Express Travel they will not cancel the reservation and correct the problem. They tell me they "have called the hotel" and it is corrected. Yet, on the Marriott website the incorrect reservation is still present. Marriott tells me that the reservation came from Travelocity (American Express apparently made my reservation through Travelocity without telling me; I was given the impression that the reservation was being made directly with Marriott). Marriott says the reservation stands as entered, and they will not change it; only American Express Travel. I have spent hours with different "call center" employees who will not help me. I have paid over $700 extra for a more expensive room, and I am not getting it. I find no way to get any response from American Express Travel.

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

I have had the Amex Gold card for over a year.
By my instructions they took the money owed them from my bank account. Not a problem.
I saw to it online that they did get paid in full every month.
Heres the problem. They canceled the card and owe me 32, 000 points that they say if I renew the account [balance *Zero*] that they will give me my points back.
But I'm sure they will have a new fee of over $100. for joining.
I'm like "give me my points and I will give them to a Charity but don't just cut me off as you have done.
Who in the Gov can I complain to?
At least Visa complaints [I never have had] are taken care of at my Bank.

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

Spent over an hour Monday night trying to book a plane ticket with AMEX points and their website kept timing out! Then kept trying to sell me travel insurance and asking for more info. Could never book the ticket and had no computer access until tonight (Wed.) at 11pm. Tried again and booked correct flights at price of $725 but when I tried to pay with points it locked my account and wouldn't let me book. Called 800# listed which sent me to Manilla. Security person said he couldn't reset password (so why was this the number given on my error message?) but could switch me to travel dept. and they could book flight for me and reset password. On hold so long that when agent picked up at 12:03am the flight was now up to $842 since flight went up at midnight. and he wanted to charge me a $25 phone fee. He told me to book without points and pay for ticket on my computer since I already had it up and then customer service could convert to points and give me refund. Tried to do that but it timed out. Said there was nothing else he could do (Thank you customer NO service!). I Insisted on speaking to supervisor and she (Kay) could not have been more helpful. She offered to book ticket for me and wave fee but by now ticket was over $1000 and I would not have enough points (when AMEX Customer service screws you they do it big time). Kay was patient and able to find alternative flights for less so while I am upset I didn't get my preferred flight times she booked it and charged it to my card. I am now keeping my fingers crossed that the Rewards desk will pull the points tomorrow and give me a credit to my account for the ticket. If this works out then AMEX needs more people like Kay and fewer men reciting the script "I am so sorry about that mam!"

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT

American Express is trying to collect money we owe. They have called and left a message saying they were the hospital we use for emergency services. We called the 800 number they left on our message machine and the person who answered asked what number we were calling from. (borrowed phone) This did not sound right so we called the regular hospital number and they had NO KNOWLEDGE of the 800 number we were given as theirs.

What can be done when AmEx lies like this in trying to collect a debt? Call the cops and report this as possible 'identity theft' scam? Is there a federal agency that will look into it? Credit card companies are not covered by the Federal Fair Debt Collection act but it would seem to me that misrepresentation like this is fraud and should be treated as such by the cops. Should we contact them and file some kind or report?

Jun 15, 2016 7:51 am EDT

American Express "helped" me when I could not pay in full and set me up on payments, with written agreement that it would not affect my credit.
After 8/12's of the agreement, they report me as cancelled card and write offf debt, even though I have met all terms of agreement, keep paying (one payment left) and they indicate on my credit report that they will keep it there until 2016!
They will not even talk with me when I call, they refer me to their legal dept in florida, who even neglected to respond to my attorney.
After expense, personal credit debacles, and now my business is being affected, I contacted a local TV station consumer reporter who aired a story on my plight.
American Express asked her not to air it when contacted, and she indicated that they should contact me and get it resolved, but they never have.
The story aired last night (1/6/10, and I have heard from others with similar stories.
American Express has ruined my personal and business life, and just ingores any attempt to fix it.
Please contact your local TV stations, ask them to do stories about your issues, and perhaps American Express will realize we are all real people and their actions affect all of us.

Jun 03, 2016 8:20 am EDT
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Canceled card with no notice
Complaint Rating:
Company information:
American Express
United States

I have had my amex green card for 2 years and delta skymiles amex for 6 months. I have always paid my balances in

time with out any latepayments in last two years.

AS i went for my marraige in india. i bought necklace worth 4500 dollars. they suspended my account and they want

to verify my information with in 5 days. As i was busy in the marraige, i could not contact them in time and they

cancelled my account. I tried to reach them with in 5days and i was kept on hold for 35 mintues and later they

gave me another number. when i try to reach that number, i was transfered and transfered and i could not contact

them in time. i contacted customer service to reinstate the amount for 10 times. now they want me to pay the

amount in two weeks. i am completely broke as they have cancelled the creditcards.

I waited for 30 minutes (timed it on my cell) until a person reading from a script (obviously not in the US), with

a very heavy accent, told me that because I had something unfavorable in my credit report, my card had been


The rep told me he didn't know, but that if I wanted my card "re-instated"

I told him that was perfectly ridiculous and asked to speak to a supervisor. The rep cut me off.

I called back again, and then, after telling the same story to another rep, she said she would transfer me to a


At first I was mad. Then I felt hurt. I have used this card ethically for 2 years, and always paid my bills. My

credit score is very good, it is 724.

My sense is that AMEX will be doing this to hundreds of us Americans over the coming months, and as they lay-off

thousands of employees, those trying to communicate with them will be waiting for hours on the phone, and never be

able to resolve problems.

I, like many Americans, needed my credit card for making reservations for business travel, shopping at Costco, and

purchasing business supplies because of this sudden credit card suspension, i was not able to book the ticket and

i lost my job.

We are going to see greater repercussions; other businesses rely on us using our credit cards online, and during

holidays. It will be interesting to see what happens to this "house of interconnected cards" as the months roll


We taxpayers may have bailed out the banks, but the banks are holding us up with threats of cancellations, higher

fees, and trumped up charges.

Beware of American Express. I look forward to a class action suit against them!

Apr 07, 2016 8:26 am EDT

My account was suppended for making my payments on time. I have have been a member since 1986 I have never been late, because the charges were higher they put my account on financial review. I spoke to Jeanine Watson in phoenix, very rude, even on of amex employees were listening in and said wow, I feel that this was done because of my age and it is discrimation, which I am filing a complaint I want an apology and everthing restored how it was.

Oct 22, 2015 12:53 pm EDT

An employee withdrew money out of an unauthorized Bank and unauthorization to pay my bill

Sep 16, 2008 9:28 am EDT

Unauthorized charge on my American Express of $24.39. American Express reversed the charges. They have charged me 3 times by now. American Express is unable to prevent them from making more charges to my account without invalidating my card.

Jan 17, 2011 8:28 pm EST

i need them to stop calling.

Jul 31, 2011 10:57 pm EDT

Unauthorized charge of $69.99 on my credit card.

Jul 31, 2010 9:34 pm EDT
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American Express offered a hardship program then closed my accounts.

Mar 21, 2010 6:36 pm EDT

Please, close my account and remove it from credit card bureau

Dec 12, 2009 2:03 am EST

We had dealings with John Harper last year, not a great experience.

Jul 20, 2013 7:55 pm EDT

So you didn't pay on time and didn't agree to the payment arrangements they offered. If you were knowingly paying late, why are late fees wrong? At what point in the scenario of you not paying on time over a 3 month period is it fair, in your opinion, for you to have some penalty for not paying on time?

If you didn't pay a balance in full and let it drag over 100 days, then you went over 100 days past due. If your card was canceled, it was canceled because you went past due for over 100 days on a 5k balance. Yes, it stinks to have that sort of situation... but at what point are you ok with recieving a penalty? Because you're making it very clear that you think the late fees and point loss aren't fair. So what is fair when you go over 100 days past due? Nothing? And you seriously think they're wrong to penalize you?


Just as discussed by every one else, my American Express Card was canceled after only having it for 2 months. AX canceled my card without any notice or any type of discusssion. Prior to the cancellation, I made many gas purchases to travel to work and they were repairs done on my motorcycle. All in all, I racked up $300.00. Which, I paid it off in full upon before the statement was received. Then, I hung myself when I made some more purchases totalling $800.00, and unknown to me I was suddenly my wages were garnished by the State, again. without any notice.
I learned the garnishment was an incorrectly applied. And, made the necessary phone calls and letters to resolve the the garnishment. The refund for the error took about 2 months to get it back. Resolving the matter with the State was not immediate. I called AX to notify them that the payment to my account would be late. However, AX cancelled my card stating that my credit report had collections and garnishments.
AX of course refused to reinstate me but has been sending me statements for the outstanding balance. I delayed paying some of my oher bills to pay down AX. The AX card has $190.00 outstanding to clear. Eventhough, I have almost paid off the card. It is unlikely that I AX will reinstatement me because AX is basing the cancellation on the garnishment and past credit history.
I ask this: Why did AX offer me GREEN and a GOLD card, and approve me for a card, to later cancel me because of past credit history and a garnishment applied in error? Could AX first look at my credit and make a decision based on my report?
Now I have this cancelation status on my credit report. I have late fees applied, eventhough the card is canceled. I think AX is unfair. And from the experience, I think I just pay the $190.00, and cut thier snobbish card, and move on. I would be happy to join a Class Action Law Suit against American Express of cancelation.

Oct 18, 2011 2:22 am EDT

I, too after 12 years with AMEX had my card cancelled. I own my own business and one of my vendors was not paying me on time, therefore, I could not pay my payment on time. I called them each time to apprise them of the issue and was informed that it was okay.Today with a very small balance and a recent $4000 payment and without notice, my account was cancelled. The reason: One NSF. My credit score was in the 700's so there was no other reason. Any suggestions as to what my next steps should be?

Oct 08, 2011 11:22 pm EDT
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After 25 years with American Express I got a letter in the mail today saying my accounts have been closed.
Reason: Fico score! This was my first credit card I ever owned and I always respected it and paid my bills.
I went through some hard times 10 years ago when my husband passed away suddenly and I had 3 children to raise on my own. During this tragic time I always paid my bills to American Express and I have also been able to build my own credit as a widowed mother of 3 children. But I guess after 25 years of being a card holder this company doesnt even look at the fact all my bills are paid on time each month with all my creditors, they only look at my fico score not being perfect. When I called about the cancellation first thing they wanted was for me to make a payment immediately when my payment isnt even due for anyother 7 days. And also my yearly income is very high but that wasnt even considered. Maybe there is some discrimination going on.

Jul 05, 2011 12:12 am EDT

I too had a simular experience with my amex gold card that I just received 8 months ago. Normally I carried anywhere between $500 to $700 balance on a monthly basis used it for just about everything along with some travel and always paid my balance off at the end of the month with no problems. They cancelled my card along with whatever membership reward points that I have accumulated without notice. I found out when I tried to used my card to pay off my cell phone bill and was declined. When I called amex to find out what was going on with my card, I was told that my card was canceled due to a recent low fico score that was reported to them by experian. I was pissed off. I asked the rep "How can you cancel my card based on my payment history with other payment history with you is excellent and that should be your only concern." Needless, to say they didn't see it that way and was told that I have 90 days to raise my fico and have my account reviewed to have it re-established. I have read there contract agreement and did not see that anywhere. I am so pissed with amex and feeling hell with them, I don't need there card, I will apply and use one of the competitor credit cards...they just saved me $75 in annually fee. I see class action!

Jun 15, 2016 7:52 am EDT
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Maybe your credit has changed or maybe their policies have changed. Either way, it is completely within their rights to do this whenever they want.


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