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broken item

Received a damaged item contact Amazon immediately. Requested amazon resend item that was broken. Representative was very nice and stated discard the broken Item and new item would sent. Days later received an email from amazon stating that I needed to return the damaged item or get penalized with the cost of the item.7/15/19 Called amazon and stated that I was told to discard the damaged item. Joseph (rep) told me he resolved the item in the computer. I should not have received that email. 7/19 received notice from amazon that the cost of the item was deducted from my account. "Very upset!" Called amazon AGAIN spoke to Carlos (rep) Carlos states that he resolved the issue and that Joseph, the previous rep didn't have the authority to resolve the item. So he lied to get me off the phone. 7/22 problem NOT Fixed asked to speak to a supervisor Gaby. Gaby said she fixed the problem... is the problem resolved? Who knows! Amazon stole the money from my bank account. WTF is going on with amazon? This should not have happened. Poor training and liars!!!

carrier service and amazon's response

I placed an order on 7/21, with Amazon indicating the item would be delivered on 7/22. Upon checking the tracking status it indicated the item left Amazon's Baltimore Facility at 3:25 am and was delivered at 5:54 a.m. by the USPS, which was incorrect. It was delivered to the Post Office at that time. I contacted the Post Office who shared that for the last 2 weeks the carrier delivering the package from Amazon's Baltimore Facility to the Post Office is incorrectly scanning the item as "delivered" instead of "arrived at postal facility". I contacted Amazon to communicate that their carrier is incorrectly scanning the item and that customers think their item is delivered when it is not. I spoke to an Amazon representative and a supervisor. The only thing they could tell me is that the package is in route and should arrive by end of day 7/23. They had no idea how to resolve the root problem: communicate to the carrier facility in Baltimore they are scanning incorrectly leaving customers to think a package is lost or misdelivered. A waste of over 45 minutes trying to use Amazon chat and Amazon's phone support to get them to understand the issue. I suspect that by scanning it as "delivered" that facility is able to report inflated delivery metrics. The Post Office has no way to correct it on their end. I simply want the Baltimore Amazon Facility to correct their scanning practices.


2 deliveries in one prime day order marked delivered, both not here, one with photo of wrong address. Called yesterday on the already 2 days late one that's marked delivered yesterday was told to wait a few days? On a delivery that's already 2 days late? 2 missing&late, 1 late. A former prime memb [protected]. Joined for july only. Big mistake. Not worth the aggravation trying to save a few dollars. Once upon a time I shouted from the rooftop what a great place/find you were, how great your customer service, policies, products... Your enjoying the fruits of your earlier reputation for sure, but those too eventually come to an end. You wouldn't be the first giant to fall. Please reconsider your delivery policies. If prime member orders are not delivered to the right address on the promised date, roll out the mea culpas like you used to. It means everything. Amazing what an automatic gift card, credit, treat will do.

duplicated order for a sunlounger

On 17th June I ordered a sunlounger for my daughter who was recovering from surgery. The order was duplicated and one was returned and this was confirmed by Amazon., but no credit was issued.
I have now received a statement of my account and I see that I was charged twice for this item.
Please will you pass a credit for £120 for the one returned.
Thank you.
James Hawley

  • SubSquirrel Jul 18, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Did you call them?

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horrible customer service

On June 14, 2019 I placed an Amazon Prime order (Amazon order #[protected]) for 30 "Moscow Mule" gift...

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"paypal *chinatera" payment sent to [protected]

01 jul 2019 14:14:16 gmt+02:00 Transaction id: 70568818fg836942g Hello jane krog, You sent a payment of...


I have sent 2 emails to your company advising that I do not want to receive monthly supplies of these capsules but you still insist on charging me for the same. On the 12th may I paid $30.30 for a free sample of the capsules. However, when I spoke to my dr about them I was advised not to take them because of all the medications I am on and I advised you I did not want to continue receiving them.
On the 11 june an amount of $76.52 was taken out of my account by your company, money which I had not authorised, having already advised you I did not want to continue, I only wanted to try the free sample. Also I have not even opened the bottle, having taken the advice of my dr.
Marion melling. Maid. [protected]

  • Lo
    LoseTheBackPain Jul 31, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Hi Marion,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. We have searched and were unable to find any communication from you to us. However we wanted to let you know we have now cancelled your subscription as you requested. If you would like to check this with us please contact us via this link and please use it for all future communications so that we can help you with any concerns.

    We wanted to explain, as part of the free trial, you will receive a $59 product (for free, you pay a small S/H fee, and you will never be billed for that first bottle)

    In order to complete that free trial order, we provide you with our Terms and Conditions in a clear and conspicuous way, so much so, you need to click on our checkbox, agreeing to the terms and authorizing the HBI to bill your card, only then are you able to submit the complete your order button.

    The terms of the offer are reiterated in your confirmation email and in the physical letter which is included in your first shipment.

    We no longer use corporate emails for customer support related issues, several years ago we transitioned to a ticket system, which is safer, faster and more reliable. Please use this link to ask your questions or state your comments:

    Contacting us by email or posting on an external Complaints Board are not the most efficient ways of communicating with us. We provide several easy ways to contact our company, allowing you to cancel or modify your subscription. The following methods include phone, fax, postal mail, support ticket, and self-cancel option in your MyAccount. These options are presented to you in a clear and conspicuous way making contact with our company or changes fast, easy and hassle-free.

    If you have any other questions or concerns I’m including our link to our contact us page so you can choose the best option for you to communicate with us.

    If you would like to review our 90 Day Return Policy please see link below:

    We advise you do not leave your email address or account details on any public site but contact us only via the links given please.

    Thank you Best Wishes,
    Eva Klein
    Customer Service Loyalty Manager
    The Healthy Back Institute

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unauthorized charges

I have been charged 12.99 a month since Christmas.its states that it's for amazon prime and I'm not even a member! I like to find how to get these charges stoped I haven't bought nothing since 2018. I have tried to call the numbers the person I spoke to states that I have to buy a google play card to even cancel a account that I don't even have This makes me want to not ever order from amazon

unauthorized charges

To AMAZON: I have two unauthorized charges on my Visa account reflecting Amazon Prime/ I am not aware of this reference. One charge was for $13.90 on May 19, 2019, and another charge in the amount of $127.33 on June 11, 2019. I have not ordered anything from on those dates. Please confirm that I will be reimbursed for these charges. Thank you.

the size of the t-shirt I ordered and received is not the size I ordered. it doesn't fit at all.

I ordered two t-shirts from Amazon, at the same time and received them in the mail today. I ordered both t-shirts in a women's X-Large size. One of them is a women's size, X-Large and fits perfect. The other t-shirt I ordered is a t-shirt which I love but is NOT a women's size X-Large - it seems like a child's X-Large t-shirt. I paid a full price for this t-shirt and will NEVER be able to wear it. With all the consumer merchandising business Amazon does on a regular day and that I have done successfully with Amazon over the years, I never expected this to happen.

split shipments

I am a self-published Australian author with KDP Amazon. I order my author copies in groups of 25. For some...

unauthorized charge

without any transactiion from amazon i got sms from my bank account balance deducted. i need action and refund to my account as soon as possible.i didnt purchaseany item from my card but deduct from my accoubt 48 usd i need action
my contact number +[protected]
email id:[protected]
PoS International Purchase
By: **004;mada
At: AMZN Mktp US
Country: America
From: ***0110
Amount: USD 47.29
Date: 06/07/2019 11:43

I do not have an account with you but have charges on my credit card

I have never ordered anything from your company. I don't have an account with you. My credit card account is showing charges that I don't know what they are. The amount is $14.22 on 6/26/29; $9.99 on 6/19/19 and $12.50 on 6/26/19. I need to know who has ordered using my name and their account should be billed.
I need a refund to my account. thanks. My email is lisa.[protected] . My is Lisa Hubbard.


I ended my Prime Membership after almost 10 years of being a loyal customer. Amazon's inability to create a...

treadmill delivery

I have been a very loyal and very active customer of Amazon, however when things do go wrong there seems no other real recourse than to make a complaint here.

I ordered a treadmill and paid the extra to have delivered to a different room. When the XPO delivery team turned up I explained that it was going to a different room and they immediately started saying things like they wouldn't do it, the route is too difficult, and they clearly weren't interested. So much so that one of the guys sat down and started smoking a cigarette right in my face.

So we get the XPO supervisor on the phone and after many calls she tells me they will take the treadmill out of the box bit by bit and put it in the room. However when I tell them this the two millennials start complaining again and I have to hand my own phone over to them so they can discuss it with XPO again.

I finally get tired of all this and I tell them just to put it in the garage and I will get friends round to help me at a later date. But now of course I can't test that the treadmill even works until I get it to it's location. This was a terrible experience with two individuals that clearly had no intention of doing the base minimum that they could get away with.

I am now considering my purchasing policies as I clearly shouldn't order anything from Amazon that can't be delivered by UPS or Fedex.

I would like my delivery money back ... but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

non-delivery of issues

Since November 2018, after the landlord installed the Parcel Pending locker system, Amazon Logistics stopped delivering packages to my apartment. Even though I opted out from using the Parcel Pending locker system, Amazon Logistics continued to leave the packages on the floor in near Parcel Pending lockers, deliver them to the resident services office, or simply leave unattended. I complained to Amazon and asked Amazon Logistics to deliver to my apartment because I am unable to lift and heavy packages, but Amazon Logistics continued not to deliver packages to my apartment. I called Amazon customer service and Amazon Logistics customer services many times but no one wanted to investigate.

I also spoke to Amazon Logistics driver who was dropping the packages to the Parcel Pending lockers and asked him why he was delivering to the lockers rather than to residents' apartments. He stated that he was following his managers' directions and if I had questions I need to call Amazon customer service.

Despite the fact that I called Amazon many times, Amazon customer service and Amazon Logistics customer service failed to investigate the situation and failed to offer a solution while Amazon Logistics failed to deliver to my apartment. On June 21, 2019, after I asked for a refund for a package that once again was lost. Amazon closed my account.

diamond paintings not received.

ID #2HT33915WN000421G
Paid $10.00
Invoice #PB201906020511429248

I ordered 3 fo $10.00 diamond painting kits on June 10, 2019. With my PayPal account. I received a payment confirmation email on the 10th also.
The producer numbers are: 180207, 251059 and 125409. To date I have not heard or received anything. Please advice or refund my payment asap.

Thank you
Toni Teubert

damaged items

Dear Sir/Madam: My name is Tony Bobet. I live at 1710 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York City 10473, Apt# 5-G...

can not refund item that amazon received from me

This is probably the worst shopping experience ever.
I ordered a big box of items from Amazon and one of the items was wrong. I ordered Marshall Mid ANC for $199 and got Marshall Major II that is much cheaper.
Of course, I wanted to return it, I set up a UPS pickup, got a tracking code and went to work. While I was at work, I saw in the UPS tracking info that my package was shipped. When I got home, I realized that the package is still there and nobody came for it.
The next day I called UPS and Amazon and explained what happened. Amazone support gave me another tracking number and in a couple of days, my package was actually shipped. I saw in UPS info that my package was delivered, closed the tracking page and started to wait for the refund.
Approximately next week I got around $80 from amazon (not $199). I tried to contact the support 3 times and they just said that I returned a speaker which actually was in the order but which I never returned!
The last time I was talking to the support, they just disconnected.
I feel like I was robbed by the amazon and will never use it again.

  • SubSquirrel Jul 01, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Call your credit card company and dispute the charges. Call Amazon and talk to a supervisor. They will work with you to fix this.

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amazon logistics driver - order # [protected]

On June 26th as I was speaking to landscapers in my yard, we heard someone yell out asking my house #. He started yelling that I needed to have my house number marked. I pointed out to him that house is marked with the street number. He replied that I needed to install a mailbox at the end of my driveway to make my home easier to find. I told him I would not be installing a mailbox for him or anyone. I told him that I have been an amazon prime customer for somewhere over 10 years and will not be installing a mailbox for him. I asked his name - he refused to give it to me. I took a photo of his license plate. AT that point he turned around and put his finger toward my face yelling"you get a mailbox at the end of your driveway or the next time I have packages for you they are going straight back to the warehouse". Hearing him yell, the landscapers came running and said we are calling the police. He left at that point. When I complained to Amazon they said they would provide a driver feedback form. Big Deal! I said I wanted at least a partial refund of my membership as I clearly cannot purchase from them any longer since this guy told me wont deliver. Amazon refused telling me I had made too many purchases under my current membership...what are they thinking???