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J Aug 11, 2018 Review updated:

Amazon sends pop up ads to my cell on news sites blocking the news story. There is no means to close the pop up other than closing the entire page.

I answered the questions in the "contest" by answering Bill Gates founded Amazon, Amazon was founded in Russia and finally Amazon was founded in 2014. According to Amazon all 3 were CORRECT.

Amazon's contest must be monitored by Jeff Bezos since he is also devoid of character.

I want this terror attack stopped!!! I did not authorize these ads. My next note will be to several appropriate government agencies.

  • Updated by John Darnall · Aug 11, 2018

    Amazon sends unwanted pop up ads to my cell. These ads block the content of news sites and will not allow closing of the ad without closing the entire page.
    The ad presents a contest. After encountering these ads multiple, irritating times I answered the three questions. Bill Gates founded Amazon, Amazon is based in Russia and Amazon was founded in2014. I was a WINNER, all 3 answers were deemed correct.

    The contest was without character much like Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

    I want these ads stopped!


  • 9w
    9wood Aug 11, 2018

    bill gates started Microsoft ( will paul allen) not amazon
    as for the ads if its a app that's causing it just uninstall it

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