Amazon.comrefund issues for over billing of sellers account

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I cancelled my sellers account in november 2018 but a few months later noticed my business account balance was lower than it should be. I found that even though my sellers account was cancelled over the phone it kept charging me for three months. I contacted amazon and was told it was a mistake and the three months would be refunded to me. Another month goes by. Charged again.

Call back. Finally someone tells me the reason is that my account itself is still open evn though I opted out of the sellers account program. So now I should close the account right after the next billing cycle and would receive my refund. I get an email saying a refund is being direct deposited and would be available in 5 days. I cancel the account as directed. I wait 10 days, no deposit. Call back, am told that because I cancelled the account they cant direct deposit because they no longer have access to my bank account number (i had to verify the account with the last 4 of the bank account; so thats bs). So now a check would be issued.

Call back after a month with no check. They tell me that i have to wait up to 90 days. I wait a week and call back to confirm the check was sent they say yes but to be patient.

I wait 90 days and call back they tell me the check was never mailed. I flip out politely and I tell them im not waiting another 5 months. Blah blah blah they assure me its coming this time an email will confirm it. 3 days later no email. Call back, same thing. Finally get an email saying its being looked into by merchant services. That was 5 days ago. Next step will he class action lawsuit. I guaruntee Im not the first person this has happened to.

Jun 14, 2019
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  •   Jun 14, 2019

    You need to talk to a supervisor and get the name. Obviously if you cancel your account they can’t issue a direct deposit. Put the account on hold until it is settled.

    Also, write a letter and mail it to Amazon. Detail every call and dollar amount. You’ll have written proof that the matter is unresolved months later. And deny access to your funds by Amazon. Don’t let them charge you again.

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