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T Mar 19, 2019 Review updated:

I keep receiving emails stating that someone has made a purchase from my amazon account . Its states that the order is $250...

The Account number is [protected]

Delivery is Feb 3 in gift card to [protected]

Please get to the bottom of this because I'm not sure how someone can use yurt account when its suppose to be safe and secured... this is totally unacceptable.

Tammy Smith


  • SubSquirrel Mar 19, 2019

    Your credit card number was stolen and they bought gift cards with it.

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  • SubSquirrel Mar 20, 2019

    Their customer service is top notch

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  • SubSquirrel Mar 20, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! I once got upset over a minor issue and emailed Jeff Bezos. I received a response from his office and the woman handled my issue quickly. But their support works hard to satisfy you. They realize customers are important and making us happy means more sales. Their prices are competitive and they match lower prices by the competition.

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  • Ri
    Richard Walz Oct 30, 2019

    Amazon has incorrectly charged my Amazon gift card for purchases I had made and tried to pay for with one of my credit cards. This has happened eleven (11) times since I got my Amazon gift card back in late 2017 for a total of $307.05. Each order shows that I paid with my credit card (last 4 #s), the receipt notes that I paid with my credit card (last 4 #s), but my credit cards do not show a charge. My Amazon gift card does show the unauthorized purchase and I do get my purchase delivered. What gives? Maybe had found a way to save the credit card fees by using their gift cards instead of my credit card and none would be the wiser? I was holding the gift card back for a special purchase for my wife that would not show up on our credit card before I could give it to her. I spent over an hour and a half with an Amazon representative's supervisor and came away with nothing regarding the unauthorized charge to the Amazon gift card.

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