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Total junk


1. Amana dish washer

2. Amana gas range

3. Amana freezer/fridge

4. Amana microwave that mounts above the range

Problems so far since 2006…(4 year old appliances which we paid big bucks for)

Amana dish washer:

-Door handle broke completely off

- Dishwasher loud as a freight train.

Range oven:

-Replaced all the cast iron grates, burner caps and burner plates on the range top due to paint chipping.

-Had the broiler and oven igniter replaced. (broiler had never been used, not even once!)

-Hinges on oven door replaced.

-Latest issue with the oven, the digital display shuts the oven off at about 350 degrees, after the oven cools down we can restart it, Handy eh!

-The door does not close tight on the oven which causes the face where the burner knobs are to get so hot it would blister your skin. (we have a 3 year old) imagine the danger!

Amana freezer/fridge:

-Door hinges dropped and the door does not shut properly.

-Freezes veggies in the crisper.

Amana microwave that mounts above the range:

-plastic door handle cover melted, that’s right, plastic handle on a microwave that mounts directly above the stove. Had it replaced its melting again? Most likely caused by the failure of the oven door to close properly.

Resolved A&E has crappy service

A&E factory service what a joke!!! I purchased an Amana washing machine back in June, a week after we had the...

Resolved Service non existant

I purchased a portable AMANA Air conditioner for a garage workshop for light summer use about a year and a half ago. I paid $400 for it so I expected it to last. It quit working about 2 months ago. Efforts to locate a service center through AMANA customer service yielded nothing. They could not provide me with a service center that would even look at this AC unit. After several more phone calls to AMANA I gave up. They told me it was out of warranty, too bad. Never will I purchase anything w/ the name AMANA on it again.

Resolved Quality/Service

Since purchasing an over under, Stainless Steel counter depth Amana Refrigerator, model #ABC2037DES in 2004, I have had nothing but trouble. Thermostats failed several times, the defrost coils broke several times, the compressor broke and leaked. It seemed that the problems were elusive because it would take several visits by the technicians to diagnose, get parts and repair the problems. All in all we have had 12 visits from A&E.

I have experienced many days lost from work. It has been extremely inconvenient due to the uncertainty of the time of the factory authorized service technician arrival from A&E Repair. It has been very inconvenient having to transfer food to and use our 10 year old Kenmore, $350 back-up basement refrigerator. For the first year of problems Amana said there was nothing they could do and that some parts were under warranty, some were not. After 2 years of complaining, they finally offered up to $500 towards the purchase of a new refrigerator. I will not buy an Amana product again.

Resolved Washing Machine NAV2330AWW

We bought this washer in June of 2005. We decided on an Amana because it was a well known brand and the price...

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Resolved Scam and cheating

After reading reports of problems similar to mine from Pat and Joel, I felt compelled to write. I purchased my rather expensive, stainless steel Amana French door, bottom freezer refrigerator in about October 2005, but it was not delivered to my new construction until about January or February 2006. It required it's first repair at about one year out and it's second about one year after that. On both occasions, the fan or blower (sorry, I'm not sure of the exact name of the part) had gone out. It was described as the fan that blows the cold air from the freezer up into the refrigerator. Both times, the freezer continued to work, but the 'fridge went completely warm.

I was searching the net for any signs of a class action suit or recall on these refrigerators as I seem to read nothing but bad reviews. I was searching today because both the freezer and refrigerator seemed to have gone out. The unit is actually still working - sort of - but taking a long time to recool. Once again, I have most of the food at my mother-in-laws and the rest in ice chests on the kitchen floor.

In addition to prone to shutting down randomly, this refrigerator is EXTREMELY noisy!! I mean really, really noisy!! As if two repairs in two years, with possibly another repair in the immediate future, isn't bad enough, the unit is constant clicking, vibrating, and humming loud enough for me to have to adjust my t.v. volume when it kicks on. It also makes a weird, loud knocking noise that the second repair man said was the ice machine telling the refrigerator to send more water - huh!?!?!

Resolved stove takes out electrical main

Turn on burner on 10 month old oven on a friday eve to make a grill cheese and all of a sudden Boom!! thundered threw the house.Here we were in pitch black.Our pets were barking like crazy.Smoke was filling the kitchen.Partner ran down stairs to check on the stove breaker> then he tried to turn the big main back on but it grounded out.Called the firefighters (2 trucks 10 guys) Remember this is spring time.With their fireman boots they tracked in all the mud and spring time dog poop from floor to floor. It was def electrical.They unplugged the stove.Called AMANA on monday as no emerg number on week ends.Worked my way up to what they call executive offices. Told sorry but see you in(2) two weeks!!
A month earlier had Amana Tech in for the head display that hardly ever worked.Said he had the part now and would be in immediatly.Told him what had happened during the weekend.He looked at the power supply cord that Amana had installed on the assembly line and inside the juction box the wires had all melted from arcking and some were non existant anymore.He sais he's be back with another plug cord.Been a week since. Basically as far as we are concerned he came in replaced the head display and took away the evidence never to be heard from again even after calls"WHERE IS THE NEW PLUG"
Don't know about the rest of you but we should not have to put up with this non performance from maufacturers anymore!!!
AMANA YOU MAY WELL HAVE PUT A FAMILLY IN JEAPORDY or lost our home and obviously could not care less. Yes we the consumer are just a pain in the &)@
Not to mention they sent us a letter entertaining the idea of buying extended warrantee as our 1 year is running out!!!


COME ON THEY COULD NOT EVEN INSTALL THE POWER SUPPLY CORD CORRECTLY ON THE ASSEMBLY LINE. DO I HAVE TO GO BUY MY OWN NOW and if I did and something goes wrong when I turn it on will my household insurance cover me in the event

  • Ga
    Gail Vargo Jan 22, 2011

    It seems like Amana is sub contracting to repair problems. The sub contractors don't seem to be very responsive as we waited for four hours for a call similar to yours. We called to find out what happened to the service call since it was a NO SHOW and they wanted to reschedule. AE Factory is charging $129.00 flat rate and cannot even make their original committment scheduled days in advance. It seems scary to have these electrical problems and Amana is not even taking responsibility!!! What goes around...comes around!

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Range electronics going bad

I have a smoothtop range, and for the last 4 years I had to have my repairman repair the electronics on it at least once a year, now I have been without a range for over 2 months. Repairman states the part is on backorder, Amana will only stand behind their own appliance by giving me a 15% rebate on my next purchase. WHY would I want to make another BAD purchase???? They refuse to replace the stove even with a lesser model. I spent over $1200 on this one. SO BE AWARE OF AMANA as they do not stand behiond their products once they have your money.

Too many repairs

I purchased this stove 4 years ago and for the last 3 years have had to have it repaired at least 2 to 3 times a year. The electronics go out, the repair people replace the console and senses all the time. Why does Amanan not have a recall on this type of repair as the repair people indicated to me that this happens a lot.

Incometent employees/RipOff

On June 3rd we had an A&E service tech come to our house to look at our Ice maker. It was no longer making...

Resolved Bad refrigerator

Beware of Amana refrigerators. I bought one, had it installed by Maytag Store people, I've had to have it repaired three times, twice for the same thing, freezing food in the refrigerator. Amana tells me they stand behind their products, thats what the warranty is for. But now that the warranty is expiring, I'm on my own. $900 later, I'll be buying a new refrigerator and you can be sure it won't be Amana.

No replacement part

the glass broke in the door of our Amana oven. (purchased in 1999) We went to Sears to buy a replacement glass and they sold us the whole door and charged us $131. It was to be shipped to our home in one week. That was March 25, 2008. We still don't have any part so we called again (third time) and they say that we need to be patient. So my daughter went online and called Amana who informs us the part is no longer available. Wait a minute - the range is only 9 years old and the parts are already NOT AVAILABLE? So the lady on the phone (who was very nice) suggested we google obsolete parts. We have found nothing and some of the googled companies don't even carry obsolete parts anymore but failed to remove their ads that say they do. I am so frustrated. How can a company stop carrying replacement part after only 9 years of making a product?

AND - Sears finally called back and said they found that the part is unavailable. How long would we have had to wait to find that out from them if we hadn't pushed the issue? Sears is going under for a reason. That's too bad; it used to be a GREAT store.

Poor service

I have been without my year old refrigerator for over 6 weeks. After telling me the part was ordered the...

Repair work horrible!

I called Amana because my refrigerator stopped working. They sent me to A&E Factory Service. A&E sent out a technician. He told me my refrigerator should be replaced, it was old and I needed a new one.

I had been told my other Amana people in the past to keep my refrigerator. It was made of steel which is unusual today and the one I would replace it with would be plastic and wouldn't last more than 7 years. And if they broke they couldn't be repaired whereas a steel refrigerator without the computers could be easily repaired.

The technician who came out didn't want to fix the machine. He said the evaporator fan motor was broken and he didn't know the part number or where to get one. I called Amana and they gave me the part number. I called several parts companies until I found the part and had it shipped UPS.

I called A&E Factory Service back within an hour of the technician leaving to say I had the part, it was being shipped the next day and asked about rescheduling. I asked that the same technician not be sent because his attitude about old refrigerators was really bad.

They apologized, assured me that was unusual, they would send another technician, but I would have to wait until Monday - several days later since I called Wednesday. Monday the technician arrived after 3pm when I was told he would arrive between 8 and 4pm. The last time he came he arrived at 4pm after I saw all day waiting.

He took the refrigerator apart, claimed the evaporator fan motor I bought wasn't the right one. Said the company probably just threw the part number on any part and shipped it and the refrigerator had so many other problems he didn't think it worth fixing.

It is a beautiful refrigerator - it looks new and I had it repaired just two years earlier when another kind of fan broke and Amana sent someone to repair it by putting in a new fan. I had to find the part and they put in the fan. This technician claimed the fan - just installed two years ago - was so old he could hear problems with it and suggested it would go shortly. That was unbelievable.

He was quite argumentative and not very nice. I called the company to ask why I had the same technician when I specifically asked that he not be sent back because of the earlier problem. they had no record that I had made such a request.

they said they would send another technician but it was too late in the day and I couldn't get an appointment today because this technician would have to clear his record and that wouldn't happen until tomorrow morning. And tomorrow morning I would have to call again to reschedule another appointment and that might take a few days because they were backed up.

I was also told that their technician couldn't install a part that I had purchased, they could only install parts that the technician had ordered from the company.

I was flabbergaste. Especially since the technician claimed he didn't know the part number and couldn't find it on his computer. I called Amana and they gave me the part number. When I called A&E back I told them I had ordered the part needed and it was arriving the next day by UPS and I needed someone to install it. they scheduled this same technician to come back to install this part.

After this mess - and knowing the order I placed was one where I had the part - they now tell me they only install parts their technician orders. Why wasn't I told that when I placed the order for a technician to come out to install this part. I was very clear about what I needed.

After asking for a supervisor things went from bad to worse.

This is not a company I would suggest anyone use.

  • Pa
    Patrice Aug 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Has anyone had a problem with the Amana refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. I have had a serviceman out 6 times in the last two months. They have replaced numerous parts and the refrigerator will be okay for about a week and then stop cooling. The repair service said there is nothing else they can do. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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  • Ti
    Tim Barber Feb 01, 2009

    They are useless in the UK as well.

    I purchased an Amana Definition fridge/freezer at a cost of more than £3000 but did not realise that I was choosing to deal with a company that has absolutely no concern for product quality or after sales service. Despite purchasing what I believed to be a product at the higher end of the market, the quality has been more akin to that associated with the very bottom end. I have had a total of 6 service calls in just over 3 years, including two as a result of total losses of the freezer contents and consequential insurance claims.
    Whilst in warranty the fridge/freezer was replaced but the problems continue, whether it is was a matter of produce in the fridge freezing or items in the freezer defrosting.
    The most recent failure resulted in yet another total loss of the freezer contents, a repair cost of around £230, an insurance claim (again) and it didn't seem unreasonable to expect that Amana should contribute towards the cost of the repair.
    However, the response I have gained from Amana is nothing but insulting. Firstly they claimed that they had records for only one or two of my previous service calls, despite all having been booked through their offices and even when I produced records to demonstrate the problems experienced, they have remained totally dismissive of my courteous requests. I have previously received poor service in the same way that I have purchased products that didn’t reach my expectation but never been before have I been driven to seek out websites such as this one in order to expose incompetence and arrogance of this nature.
    I’ve no idea what the impact of this complaint will be but if it warns just one potential customer away from buying such appalling service I will feel suitably rewarded.

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Resolved A lemon by any other name... is still a lemon!

I have called two service technicians and noone could figure out the problem. I complained to Amana/Whirlpool/Maytag/Kitchenaid Consumer beware! These are all the same product ! A lemon by any other name... is still a lemon! The service at the store I purchase it at wasn't much better. After purchasing all my appliances there, he was rude to me when confronted by a problem and refused to take any responsibility. The store is called Morley's Appliances, in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada I would spend my money elsewhere. Once he had my money, he couldn't care less about me.

Back to the product. The Amana built in look Fridge with bottom freezer. At first it made strange noises turning off and on fan noise,then clicking sound, then an electrical buzzing sound. At first the vegetables would freeze at the lowest setting. I found myself needing to defrost a frostfree freezer. Then the freezer would defrost and refreeze again. I had to throw out all the food. The repair man could not see the problem so he couldn't fix it. I worked for a while after I defrosted it 2 months later again spontaneously defrosts. The layer below the tray under the freezer collapses and gets stuck to the floor because it is wet and made of cardboard ($2,500 for this...!)The technician can't do anything. Again the freezer refreezers and when the technician gets here he can't figure out what's wrong. The fridge is barely 6 years old MAY 30, 2001 purchase date. When I voice my complaint to Amana (Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid amalgamated, so it is the same company), after waiting more than an hour on line to get through to their 800 number, the tell me that they are not sure they can help me but can send a technician for a second opinion . Even if he manages to fix the product I still have to pay for labor, but she'll do me a favour and not charge me again for his service call ( his drive to my house) since my warranty from my last service call was less than 30 days ago to their factory authorized dealer recommended by them. The customer service agent assured me that the technician knew what he was doing except he doesn't know how to fix compressors, but his diagnosis is that it is the compressor. Furthermore their warranty is only for 5 years, but my booklet indicates a warranty of up to 10 years on sealed parts such as compressors. It is so frustrating, especially when all she can tell me is that we are upfront about our products, the warranty is for 5 years only," things break down she tells me, I know you are disappointed...".

Is that the understatement of the year... I have 3 kids, I had to throw out the food and Even the second opinion is not come till some time tomorrow between 8-4:00 pm.

I live in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. I will update you. Even if they fix the product estimated $600, warranty is only good for 3 months.

  • Gr
    Greg Farris Sep 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have e-mailed you about what seems to be similar problem that we are experiencing but I thought I should comment openly.

    The problem started about 2 weeks ago with our Kenmore bottom freezer fridge (AKA Amana). The starting relay will buzz trying to start the compressor, the buzzing will last about 5 seconds and then click off leaving the cooling fan running. It was doing this 4 -5 times and then on the sixth time the compressor would start and run normally. I replaced the starting relay on the side of the compressor on the advice of a technician. This has had no impact on the problem at all. Yesterday the compressor would not even start, just buzzing and clicking. When I got home from work I put my hand on the compressor to feel the temperature and it was extremely hot. We unplugged it for the night concerned about the heat being generated and this morning plugged it back in and it started and ran as normal. Unfortunately the problem has returned and our food is softening as we speak. My gut feeling is that the compressor is failing/failed and is possibly seized or seizing?

    Our fridge is only two years old and out of warranty. My understanding is that the compressor has a 10 year warranty and all other sealed items like the cooling lines are 5 years.

    Like you, we are awaiting a technician tomorrow sometime between 8 and 4.

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Inferior product and service!

Amana gas range, Model No. ACF 3325AW, worked well until-- 5 years after purchase--we tried the self-cleaning feature... disaster. Trim on the top of the door melted, which was easily fixable, and the igniter apparently shorted out. Service man essentially claimed the cost to fix and susceptibility to future failure made purchase of a new stove to best choice. Whirlpool (aka Maytag, Amana, and probably other brands) would make no concession (oh, out of warranty. so sorry) even though they recalled other stoves in the 3315 and 3335 model series for the exact same problem-- overheating in the self-cleaning mode.

The Whirlpool company makes junk and won't acknowledge defective design/products unless forced to by Consumer Product Safety Commission. I can hardly wait until our major appliance industry goes through what the U.S. automobile industry went through-- they made an inferior product and provided inferior service until foreign companies successfully addressed both those issues... and at the same time providing better value.

Poor quality refrigerator!

My 2-year-old refrigerator stopped working on a Saturday morning. We have an extended warranty on it. We called the company. They said to call back on Monday. On Monday, they said they do not service Amana products but gave us a different number to call. We called and they gave us Friday for repair. After complaining, they came out on Tuesday. We needed a compressor and it was ordered on the spot. It came by ground on the following Monday (now almost 1 1/2 weeks down). We called for service and they told us they are booked until Friday. We lost all of the food that had to be refrigerated and keep buying ice for a cooler for drinks. Amana is a huge disappointment to us. We will never buy another product from them and will discourage others in any way we can.

  • De
    Denise Jun 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had an Amana refrigerator and also found it was of poor quality. I also had an Aman washer and dryer and they had poor quality also. I vowed I would never buy Amana again.


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Non ending repairs on refrigerator

I bought the Amana refrigerator in 2002, July. One year later the product broke down. June24, 2003, Maytag replaced [protected] valve and12541902 valves. In Jan. 2004, the refrigerator was freezing everything, the repairman unfroze the reservoir adjusted the cold controls. Feb. 2004, he restricted air flow to chiller drawers. Aug. 2005 the refrigerator was freezing and ice not dispensing. The repairman replaced the extension knob, damper control and control fz temp. Jan.21,2005, not dispensing water. October6, 2005, freezer was not freezing, ice not dispensing, making a humming noise , popping sound. Repairman replaced timer/clock/defroster. Nov. 3 ,2005 the unit was still making a humming noise the repairman replaced the compressor. July 2, 2006 the unot was not cooling on either sides. The repairman replaced the timer defrost assembly. April6, 2007 the refrigerator was freezing everything, the repairman replaced the damper control. April 11,2007 the refrigerator was still freezing on the refrigerator side. The repairman adjusted the air flow/damper which did not solve the problem. On April 16, 2007 the refrigerator was still freezing the repairman told me to remove some the foods from the freezer in order to breathe. I did as he said and guess what it was still freezing. I then realized that Maytag repairmen were incompetent or didn't know what they were doing. I inquired about the lemon law they said that I didn't qualify. At this moment my frustration was at high peak. I called a repairman not affiliated with Maytag. They repaired the refrigerator and as of today it is working great. I think Maytag should live up to their commercials and reputation about the lemon law. Surely I have a lemon and I also think my refrigerator should be replaced or the least prorated on a new one. Feel free to contact me at [protected] or leave a message.

Leeora Mixon.

  • Gr
    gracenobody Nov 12, 2009

    Bought Amana Refrigerator in 05, broke down in 08, the fan on the freezer part was not working, paid for an extender warranty. Broke down again in 09, the compressor this time, after a week to get a repair guy out here, he installed the NEW compressor only to find out that it was faulty and it came from the company. He will need to order another one and come back. I will never buy another Amana-Maytag again, if you do have one, get the extended warranty on it, cause it will brake down!!!

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Warranty not honored!

I purchased a amana washing machine with a exstended warranty. Four and a half weeks ago i called matag dependability plus. The name is a joke. They told me my claim would be turned over to a local dealer for repair and that i would hear from them in a couple of days. A week went by and i called them back. They said they turned it over to az appliance, i called them. They told me they would call back with appointment. They didn't i called them. They finally sent someone out. He said they had to order parts. Another week went by. I called maytag dependable plus they told me they never received a work order. Az appliance told me they faxed one. I called the warranty company back. They disconnected me twice. When i did get them they told me they had no order. I called beach sales where i made the purchase. They called me back and told me the warranty company would call me. No call was ever received. I filed a claim with the mass. Attorney generals office. Several days later we got a call from the warranty company saying it would be two more days. They had to order the parts. Three days later i called their office and left two messages for them to call me. They have not returned my call. I called an independent dealer who informed me, it would cost $225.00 to repair the washing machine. We've been without the machine for going on five weeks. My wife has been going to the laundromat every week. I have no choice, but to spend the money and have the washer repaired. I intend to pursue this matter in court.

Bad product and service

About five weeks after I bought my Amana refrigerator (Model AF12538AEQ), the refrigerator stopped working. I called the manufacturer's customer service line and was given an appointment with A&E Service Co... for two days later.

A very uncommunicative technician showed up and, after 10 minutes, brusquely told me the parts had to be ordered, and he would return a week later. Now, I am without a refrigerator for 9 days.

Today, no service person shows. The manufacturer says the service company claims I had no appointment. Also, they now tell me the parts are being sent via UPS to me but have no tracking number. Oh, by the way, one part is on back order and won't arrive until May 4.

Since that would leave me three weeks with no refrigerator, I point out that is unacceptable. Too bad, customer service, says, there is nothing they can do.

Bottom line: Don't buy Whirlpool, Amana or Maytag if you want to look forward to decent customer service. And, never use A&E for service.

  • Jo
    John F. Cassidy Jun 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have the exact same problem going on now. We have been without a frig for almost two weeks. Same story--sorry, we can't make it any faster since the part had to be ordered. There are people ahead of you. I will never, never, never, never buy an Amana product again and will make sure friends and family do not either!!!

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  • Ku
    Kuhn Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Everyone,
    Frankly Kitchenaid along with A&E----SUCK!!!
    I have commercial grade kitchenaid appliances and I have had the same problem. To make a long story short-- After using my oven for only one year and cleaning two times it busted. I was blessed with the presence of an A&E representative. Of course they had to order the part for the repair. I was forced to go without an oven what turned into a six week ordeal leaving me without an oven during the winter months, with a family of six.. A&E claimed they had to order the parts.and when the man from A&E returned he found the wrong part was ordered yet installed it anyway. Needless to say that evening the oven broke again . When I complained to A&E they were rude and I was hung up on from customer service. I complained to Kitchenaid they were a little more compassionate but still not much help. After waiting out the six weeks where I was forced to dine out with my family many evenings I felt I deserved some compensation--however Kitchenaid did not agree. Deeply frustrated I decided to send letters to CT Attorney General and both companies CEO--I never heard from anyone at A&E. Kitchenaid had a representative contact me but all she gave me was an additional two years on my insurance policy--wow a whole $126 bucks--compared to $1000+ it cost me. A&E & KITCHENAID POOOOOOOOOOOR CUSTOMER SERVICE--they are a perfect example of you get what you paid for--oddly enough between my oven, dishwasher and microwave I spent $6000+, not small potatoes yet apparently not enough --should have gone with Wolf or one of the commercial appliance companies who not only give you quality but stand by their equipment!!! BUYER BEWARE WHIRLPOOL, KITCHENAID, MAYTAG, AMANA ARE ALL OWNED BY THE SAME COMPANY SO WHAT YOU GET WITH ONE YOUR SURE TO GET WITH ANY OF THE OTHERS.

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  • La
    Laura Anderson Sep 11, 2010

    We had a KitchenAid Superba Dishwasher (1973) that was fantastic. It finally began to rust, so we replaced it with the same Superba and replaced the stove with a KitchenAid (also top of the line) in 1999. The repair bills have been unbelievable. The dishwasher computer boards have been replaced twice - one technician broke the housing for the screws that attach the door from the inside by using the drill that screws them in quickly automatically. The old stacking system was wonderful. I could stack a complete dinner for eight in the dishwasher. In this new one, I have to struggle to fit the dishes in. I have used the cleaning control on the stove twice and the ignition that lights the oven burned up. The repairman was surprised it lasted this long. Also, the grills that go over the gas jets are so high that a lot of the heat is disbursed into the kitchen between the gas jets and the bottom of the pot. We have no children - there are just two of us. I do a lot of hand washing because of the difficulty of stacking the dishwasher. If we still had a family to cook/wash for, I would probably have given up cooking.

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