Albertsonsthe carpinteria store manager

A Oct 29, 2018

I was shopping on 10/28/2018 in the Carpinteria Albertsons around 9-10 am. I had a hand basket which I ended up needing a cart because the groceries became too heavy. I set my basket down in the store with my motorcycle helmet next to the basket so that I could go outside to grab a cart and transfer my groceries into the cart. While I was grabbing the cart from outside I was approached an employee who got into my face and accused me of shoplifting. He started by asking "Hows it going?" And then repeatedly asked where all my items were. He said "Where did you put the stuff you had??" And I was very confused as to what he was referring to. I then realized what he was accusing me of when he was looking around the area where I was standing and continuing to ask me what I did with the things I had. It was a Sunday morning, so there were quite a few customers who heard this confrontation. It was extremely embarrassing and I felt very disrespected. He ended up following me back into the store after I got my cart, and i asked him "What are you accusing me of?". I approached my basket of items and he then realized I was just getting a cart. I requested to speak to his manager and he said "I am the manager, and what??". I told him he needed to do a better job, and he replied "Oh yeah??" As if he was trying to fight me or something, and he then threw his hands in the air as he walked away from me. I was in shock with the disrespect, but continued to shop for the rest of the items I had come there for. As I was in the checkout line, he continued to stare at me, and make me feel extremely uncomfortable. It was very wrong for him to judge an innocent paying customer and treat me with such disrespect

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