Albertsonspharmacy #0130 hailey, idaho

R Aug 07, 2018

I am writing in response to the service I received from the Savon Pharmacy located in the Albertsons, Hailey, Idaho. My doctors office faxed in a prescription refill on 7/31/2018, attached is a copy of the fax confirmation report from my doctors office. There were 2 prescriptions requested. When I got to the pharmacy later that day, I was told they didn't have 1 of 2 refills. They did not have record of receiving Lorazapam refill, copy attached. I was told to try back the next day. I came back the next day and they said it had not been received yet. I told them there must be a mistake, I have a email from my doctor saying both were requested at the same time. I was told there was nothing they could do without the doctors prescription. I checked again with my doctor and they confirmed the refill, both refills, were sent. Back to the pharmacy, trip #3. No record of my refill, this is now Friday, August 3rd. I was visibly upset as this is a much needed prescription and by now I am completely out. I was pulled aside by a very nice pharmacy tech and she said I should switch pharmacies as she doesn't have hers filled by Savon because she has seen so many problems. Again, I was told to call my doctor, I did, they confirmed the prescription was sent 7/31. Trip #4 to the pharmacy on August 6, 2018, still they said they had no record of my refill. I was terribly upset and brushed away by the staff. I called my doctor and they confirmed that the refill was sent via fax on 7/31 and Verbally confirmed with Ellen Schulz (spelling), the pharmacist on duty on 7/31. I am attaching a copy of the fax confirmation report as it is the only hard evidence I have of the transaction being confirmed. I was told by my Doctor that I should switch pharmacies as this is not the first time they have had such complaints. As a matter of fact it has happened to me several times. One time I found out the pharmacy was out of fax paper as they later admitted after going thru the same run around. 8/6/2018 My doctor was very worried that I did not have my medication and suggested I call the manager at the pharmacy, Roy. I told him that my doctor spoke with Ellen on 7/31 and verbally confirmed the refill and he said, "this is their word against ours". I was dismissed and treated rudely by Roy and the staff at the pharmacy. I called my doctor and they sent me this fax confirmation to prove the legitimacy of my complaint. I will be switching pharmacies. The lack of respect and helpfulness from the staff will not be tolerated any longer by me. I will, as well, switch grocery stores and pay higher prices for both prescriptions and groceries in order to receive proper service.


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