Albertsons Marketharassment and bullying on the job

T Nov 11, 2019

Good morning,

I am writing to your dept. because I have nowhere else to turn. I am a former employee that was put in a very harsh position by my superiors to suffer more bullying or quit the only job in my household and ultimately harm my family financially.

The store that I worked at is being ran by people who are totally clicked in with each other and covering for each other even all the way up to the HR Dept.there. I was totally and openly bullied by one of my superiors one day and even though this man made a public display of it right in the front end and right in front of customers and all... the company (or at least those in authority above myself) sided with this man and totally left me to fend for myself.

I ended up quitting my job because I just couldn't take the pressure anymore and no one cared and the harassment would not stop. I even made it very clear within that same day that I did not want to quit I just wanted this issue to stop.

But they did not care and moved very quickly to give me my last check and sent me on my way. I even caught some of the staff almost laughing but smiling from ear to ear, even the guy who harassed me had smiled and they were happy that I was gone.

I even spoke to the woman in their human resources dept and she was cold, a liar and totally uncaring and showed absolutely no concerned for me as a person. I am still getting over the sort of shock of it all at how corrupt this place really is.

Will you please find someone at the highest level of power within the company to forward this complaint to. And to please truly investigate this situation. This was grossly unfair to me and will now have an impact on myself and my family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this complaint and I hope you find someone who will be concerned and will at least look into this, there are so many factors to this situation and it really needs to be looked into.

Thank you.

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