AirTran flight #1rude stewardess


This incident occurred on Air Tran flight #1 traveling from Cancun (12:50pm) to BWI. I entered the flight after a long restful week vacation to have to deal with a very rude stewardess name Erika. Not only did she gave a very nasty disposition when i asked for cream and sugar for my husband's coffee, but she constantly walked up and down the aisle hitting my arm and shoulder (she is larger than the average stewardess, and instead of walking down the aisle sideways, she switch her humongous hips down the aisle hitting several passengers on the flight. I was sitting in a buck head seat. There was no reason for her to constantly hit my arm and shoulder but only to attempt to aggravate me. I am a handicap individual with a neck, shoulder, and arm injury. At no time this did this stewardess pardon and/or apologize, or even check to see if I was okay after she hit me.

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