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AirBNBrental property

Ref HMSECJ24WA This property is not where it is advertised. The address does not match the photo and is not near the town or beaches as described on Airbnb. If we had known the true location of this property we would not have booked it.

It is not in Ouistreham. It is in St Aubin de Arquenay. It was described as being near the Normandy beaches . It is not. They are miles away.

It was described as a short walk into the town but is at least 2.25 miles away and is outside the radial area highlighted on Airbnb.

Neither is it at the address posted on Airbnb which is 1 Rue de Petit Bonheur. This the address that does actually fit the description given on Airbnb.

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    AirBNBairbnb double booking

    We are travelling to Kelowna for a week of work and vacation. We needed a unique place to stay, as we are taking our boat with us; so need water front with a slip. We booked a home to stay in and were charged $2600.00 on our Visa. We were informed the following day by the owner that her cottage was not available, that it is rented for the entire Summer, and that Airbnb was aware of it. We contacted our bank to reverse the charge on our Visa, and were told that if an Airbnb representative called them they would reverse the charge immediately. After several calls to Airbnb, several hang ups, long wait times on hold by both the owner and myself; Airbnb refused to call our bank to reverse the charge. That charge will now take up to 15 business days to reverse. Then out of desperation we booked another suite with Airbnb, paid another $1800.00 on our Visa, and 2 days later - one day before we travel to Kelowna; the owner of THAT suite called to say that hers was not available either, and is in fact booked for an entire year. We now have a $4400.00 charge on our Visa that we will not see returned for 15 business days; a week of business booked in Kelowna, and nowhere to stay. Airbnb is a horrible organization, with beyond dismal customer service. I am now waiting once again for a returned call from the customer service line. If they do not rectify this issue immediately we will be going to the media.

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      I would like to file a formal complaint against Airbnb. I booked a 1 month accommodation for international travel to Spain. The Airbnb was not as advertised, in addition to safety issues with respect to the front and back door being broken. I called Airbnb within 24 hours of check in to voice my complaints and request new accommodations. I called several times over 3 days, transferred to different case managers that were suppose to be handling my account, to then have to start from the very beginning of my story with each new case manager. After the 3rd day with no progress being made, it was evident that this was a strategy they use to fatigue the renter. I had to call my bank to reverse the charges and then move out and find other accomondations. I am really surprised that an international company would conduct business in this manner. I will absolutely never use their services again.

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        AirBNBshady, won't release my tax withheld

        Airbnb has withold my tax and won't release it. it is auguest 2018, for 8 months, I called every month, after being on hold forever, they came back with the same answer everytime, we are still "working" on it, and meanwhile, I am paying 5% each single day to IRS of the $9000 I owe to IRS.

        Now I got a last notice from IRS, called airbnb again, still b**shiing me around that they are still "working on it"...

        *I called airbnb multiple times regarding my tax withhold and 1099 form before I filed my tax, they all told me that they will MAIL it to me, they never did. Later on I found out that they emailed a link for me to fill out my information...I was never advised this step, I have always been told that they will MAIL me the 1099 form. I have set up an email just for aibnb because they constantly sent you emails, easily 10-15 a day, as a normal person who has a job, I couldn't just sit there and look through all the emails...after many phone calls, many representatives and months later, finally one person had the knowledge and I filled out my information, she told me, should checked your email...

        I am researching websites that I can file complaints and finding a lawyer.

        One hell of an Airbnb horrior ...

        I am not the only one who is feed up with airbnb, the friend who introduce me to airbnb left early this year.

        I am selling my brother's rental house end of the month, so he won't have to deal with airbnb anymore.

        My boyfriend who has been superhost for the last 4.5 years is going to stop as soon as I sell his house.

        The next will be my parents rentals...we are so done with airbnb

        There are a few good websites(airbnb competitors) you can google it or reach out to me, I can send the link to you!

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          Jul 22, 2018

          AirBNB — account service fee charged wrong

          Have been waoting over a week and after sending 3 mails via AirBnB website before "Mark" without surname...

          Cape Town

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          AirBNBunethical behaviour

          I had a really bad experience with Airbnb. On 2 July I went on their official website and found a villa in Majorca. I opened up the post and was able to see all the photos, reviews, etc. I then checked the red 'email host' button on their site and wrote to the host, who duly replied through what appeared to be the official Airbnb platform. After a couple of days of communicating via email, I was sent the invoice which looked exactly like the Airbnb one. I paid it and thought all was sorted. Two days later, I received another invoice and this started to ring alarm bells. I contacted the Airbnb customer service and they said that they would get their Trust and Safety people to look into the case and offer assistance. I did hear from them within 24 hours, but assistance was definitely missing! I was told that if I'd paid outside of their secure platform by bank transfer, they would be unable to offer compensation. After further correspondence with them they have now said that this is their final decision for my case and that this will be their final email about it.

          A couple of points to make here: 1) I found the house listing on their official (secure) website; 2) I went through all the proper procedures for Airbnb bookings (no phone calls and no private emails); 3) Invoice appeared to be generated by their site. How can Airbnb say that they have no responsibility when their site is not secure and they do not have any measures in place to ensure that this sort of thing doesn't happen? Also, how was I supposed to know that I was not on their secure platform when everything seemed genuine and coming from them?

          Airbnb is allowing fraud to blossom through its website and it needs to address the situation now.

          I would like to have a refund of the money I spent, EUR 2, 678 as I hold them entirely responsible.

          unethical behaviour
          unethical behaviour

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            AirBNBairbnb referral programme

            I am very upset and angry with the host referral programme. I have invited 4 hosts. And i have helped them to create their acoount. I gave a lot of time and effort. They have promised 250 for each hosts and gave only 86 euro for the first 2 by saying Airbnb has the right to change the amount of bonus anytime. And for the other 2 they told me the hosts i referred did not used the link i have sent while i am the one who clicked the links amd create the accounts to help them.. i really hope developers will create a new and ethical platform for hosts..

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              AirBNBana ingham/my three recent reservations in paris and poitiers? france have not been processed


              Recently (the last being this morning) During my searches for a holiday or short let accommodation in Paris and Poitiers in France, Airbnb encouraged me to make 3 reservations. They made me give my payments and newly updated credit card details. Although I recently updated my new card details and they sent me an email of confirmation, I suspect they have not able to register this new card. However, I filled all the required areas for my reservations and they led me to conclude that my reservation was complete. Yet three times (the last being today) after logging out I realized that none of my reservations was processed. I just wonder if another company is masquerading as Airbnb and ripping me off. I will get in touch with my bank as soon as I receive an explanation from you.
              Kind regards
              Ana Ingham

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                Jun 14, 2018

                AirBNB — refund

                I booked a room in Quebec for June 10-13 as part of my Birthday trip which is June 11th. It stated it wa...

                Jun 13, 2018

                AirBNB — my host stole from me

                I will like to report a fraud by my host. I had a agreement with the host prior to submit payment. The host...

                AirBNBterrible customer service

                This occurred on 6/3/2018

                I booked an Airbnb months in advance in Florida. I am a student who was interning, and I needed a place to stay without breaking the bank and I found the perfect place.

                A few days before I was set to start my internship, my host cancelled on me. Unfortunately, because I was abroad (as I am also an international student), I was not able to see the email that was sent out because I had no internet access at the time that the cancellation email was sent.

                Now, I understood that this part was not Airbnb's fault. However, I was still very stressed as I found out the day that I was supposed to arrive at the Airbnb in a city that was a couple of hours away from where my flight landed. I did look on the Airbnb website for more alternatives, but I figured I should call because they may be able to see things that I cannot.

                I called in, calmly, and told them my situation. They directed me to a case manager named Annie. This started my hellish experience with their customer service.

                First of all, Annie was extremely rude right off the bat when I asked for some assistance in brainstorming other ideas and seeing if, on their end, they could help me find other places to stay for 3 months - even if I had to move around a little through different Airbnbs. I kept reiterating to her, politely, that I was just calling because Airbnb is a big corporation and I was positive something could be done, especially with their assistance, in a painless and easy way. I even told her, multiple times, that I was not trying to be rude to her, so if I sounded stressed, it was stress purely directed at my situation and not at Airbnb or her. Still, Annie still gave me very terse and exasperated tones and phrases.

                Secondly, she did not seem as if she was listening or if she understood me at all. I told her why I was unable to access the email and in a very skeptical and condescending tone, she said, "Well, where even were you? Why were you out of the country?" I found that to be extremely inappropriate of her to ask because I felt that she was insinuating that I was lying, but also the wording of her question seemed irrelevant to me. She asked those questions of me 2 or 3 times from what I can remember. All I was asking for were solutions, and she kept point out what I did wrong. Multiple times she said, "You should have checked your email every day for this email, " even when I explicitly told her multiple times as well that it was impossible because for the last week or so while I was abroad I was out of internet, and by the time I was able to check my email, I was flying and brainstorming other ideas.

                When it finally seemed as if she understood my plight, she said she would look into it. I told her that I needed the Airbnb to be located near where I work as I do not have a car here in the States. I gave her the listings I had seen but asked if there were others that potentially were on her end that I could not access, just to cover all my bases.

                Instead, she all the listings SHE gave me, where about 1-2 hours away from where I had originally asked for - by car. She asked me why "these options are not good enough for you?" even though I had already told her my criteria - EVEN THOUGH I gave her 2 other listings that were in the area that would work. I was really pushing also because she promised me a certain refund and compensation, so I was trying to make the most of that, which is why I asked her to do it on her end because she has all that information in her hands.

                Then, we hung up the phone and she assured me that it would be handled and she would call me within the hour. I was satisfied for now and I continued to search for other options in case I needed them.

                About 1 hour later, I was waiting and got no response. I messaged within the little staff chat box she had opened up. I waited another half hour before I called just to check in. I got a representative, and I told them my situation. They could not reach her at the time, so they sent her a message. Then when they did receive a message, they said that she told them she tried calling me, but I guess because I was on the phone with the rep, they were unable to call me. They told me to hang up, and Annie would call me right back. So I obliged and hung up, and waited for Annie's call. I received a message that she was calling me, but my phone was not ringing at all. I had my girlfriend call me to make sure my phone was receiving calls. I even restarted my phone. I did not receive any calls for 45 minutes, until I got upset and called back. Again, they told me the same thing - that she could not reach me. I even tried to give an alternative number, but nothing.

                This went on for a total of 4 hours. I waited and called and waited and called about 12 times. By this time, I was furious. Annie must have been lying to them about trying to call me, because nothing was showing on my phone and I triple checked that I was receiving phones. I asked for a different case manager 3 times but they always said Annie was taking care of it. Then they told me Annie was working with A DIFFERENT client... So was she really trying to call me? You tell me. Honestly, I wish she had just updated me so that I knew whether I had to make other arrangements, but she kept assuring me to stay by my phone and wait. Occasionally she would message me with leads that were FAR out of the scope that I asked her about. Even when I found one, I told her on our messaging that I honestly just wanted to talk about navigating costs and what not, and she did not come through with even a response to that - just alternatives that would not work at all.

                On the last call, call 13 or 14 to Airbnb, I demanded another case manager. I told them my situation for the umpteenth time, and in advanced, I apologized if I sounded rude to them, but I was just so frustrated. I did not get off the phone until they could find someone for me to talk to because it was ridiculous that I had to call that many times and wait that many times, when I was promised a quick solution by Annie.

                I felt bad for that last representative because she seemed a little frazzled by me and also it was clear that English was not her first language and I was pressuring her, but I really needed this done and I was out of patience. I tried to reassure her that I was in no way putting any blame on her, and I told her she was very nice, but I was so irritated with Airbnb. Then Annie told me she was clocking out at 5:30PM... our call was over 4 hours ago... That really infuriated me as well, because she did not even give any indication that she actually cared about her job. She did not help, she only caused stress and she was extremely rude, and now she was just leaving.

                Eventually, I was able to speak to a different case manager. By the point, I demanded more monetary compensation because I felt like Annie was so rude and wasted so much of my time that I deserved some compensation for that incompetent worker. At first they said they could ONLY do $200 more on top of a full refund... I kept insisting that I needed more because what Annie and the previous staff did was unacceptable. Then they said they could do $300, to which I replied, "So did you lie to me that $200 was the most you could do? You said ONLY $200..." The poor woman was more frazzled, but I was already on a roll.

                Why did the case managers have to call me back? Why could I just not be transferred? I've worked in a call center before so either their system is wonky, or these call center workers are outsourced, which at that point is fine, but if all their case managers were like Annie, then no wonder Airbnb has such low customer service reviews.

                Eventually, I was able to talk to a higher up manager who offered me a way better deal at $700. I wanted to push more, but the manager was so much better and nicer that I backed down. After I solidified that deal, I told that particular manager that, honestly, if Annie hadn't been so rude to me and made me wait 6 hours for her to tell me she was clocking out without having helped me with ANYTHING, I would've taken the first deal and their center wouldn't be out $700 extra on top of a full refund/paying the different...

                Overall, this was the absolute WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I have talked to dozens and dozens of other customer service representatives from so many companies, and I have gotten a few bad ones, but Annie and most of the Airbnb people I talked to were absolutely horrendous. I hope I never have to deal with her ever again, and I hope they do some extra training on her, because I pray that nobody ever has to experience that.

                Reason of review: Poor customer service.

                Monetary Loss: $1500.

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                  May 23, 2018

                  AirBNB — "account deactivated"

                  Dears I was surprised yesterday when I received an email that Airbnb had desactivated my account under the...


                  AirBNBunethical behaviour, lazy, possible scam

                  Both of these incidents occurred in the past two weeks, both San Francisco...
                  Firstly got cancelled by host from Homeaway after being booked in for months !
                  SO, go with the professionals I said, AIRBNB I said ...
                  Sorry I no longer have the ref. number...but!
                  One is Christopher...AMAZING view from Russian Hill, paid with Paypal
                  gets an email that he doesn't have anyone to let me into the apartment ???
                  So no go

                  Next was Charles...Best location in North Beach with Balcony !!!
                  I booked from July 3rd to 12th...THIS Year (for both)
                  Email returned that date was too far away ??? thought I had typed 2019 by mistake
                  BUT no, had the correct dates in...TOO FAR AWAY ???

                  Almost ruined the holiday(and the marriage) but managed to get an hotel at double
                  the price I may add(for the same location of course

                  Obvious question is of course WHY are these people even allowed to be in this business?? and yes it is a business when they are charging for it
                  You advertise, so your selling, I bought (twice) with NO product to show...
                  NOT ON !!

                  unethical behaviour, lazy, possible scam
                  unethical behaviour, lazy, possible scam

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                    • Updated by Jim McLean · May 11, 2018

                      Christopher had the cheek to email me (after 6 days I might add ) to ask if I could change my dates, does he think
                      Australia's in the next State ??

                    The worst customer service of airbnbbad experience of airbnb customer service. no one replied for the extenuating circumstance judgement anymore.

                    Keep to no feedback from Airbnb support, just keep to ask waiting their judgement for extenuating circumstance.
                    However, we have wait long time already and no more feedback to us.
                    Also, we haven't confirm the cancellation buy CS cancel my reservation and just refund 50% payment to me just in few minutes.
                    Really bad experience and will not try airbnb anymore.

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                      Apr 25, 2018

                      AirBNB — unauthorized credit card charges

                      re Booking: HMZX3YHQHX I have tried to use your website to complain that my credit card was charged THREE...

                      AirBNBrefund "policy"

                      This policy seems to be to refuse any refunds despite evidence/information provided to justify a refund. Airbnb ensure the perimeters surrounding an application for a refund are so restricted and unreasonable to make it virtually impossible to succeed with this. Very limited time frames and very unreasonable and biased staff back this up, i.e. it is almost impossible to secure an intelligent conversation and gain any form of refund no matter how small. Bad company to engage with and there are far better alternatives available in this massive marketplace - suggest you try any others.

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                        AirBNBhosting on airbnb

                        Airbnb does everything they can to misguide you as a host. Their policies are not clear. They tell you their assurance protects guests in your home but they don't tell you that they protect items missing or damaged. When you come back and file a claim, if it's not within 14 days of the checkout or before someone else checks in, they don't cover it. What's the point?
                        I have missing technology someone stole from my home, bleached towels and sheets that someone ruined worth over $1000 and nothing is recoverable.
                        Airbnb doesn't give a crap about you as a host or you as a guest. They are especially dishonest and unethical to hosts .
                        Here is an email I got recently:
                        "Please be advised that, per our Terms of Service, Airbnb reserves the right to make the final determination with regard to these disputes. We are unable to reconsider the decision made in this case we've issued our final decision and will uphold it accordingly.
                        As further communication will not change the outcome of this case, we must respectfully disengage from further discussion."
                        Airbnb is more concerned with getting you to just roll over and get over their bs than actually helping you resolve the issue.
                        Does this seem fair to you?
                        If you are looking to host your place with Airbnb, don't.
                        If you are a guest with Airbnb, be kind to the home owners and don't expect a hotel experience. If you want a hotel for 10 guests, go rent 5 rooms and pay what that is worth instead of giving hosts crap.

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                          AirBNBfarce: airbnb promotion invite a friend & get $45 off &$25off

                          I introduced a friend annekoh20 @gmail.com following the promotion steps provided, and she followed the steps provided to order her 1st airbnb perth stay worth more than $2k.
                          but she didn't get the $45 credit and I didn't get the $25 credit too.

                          Felt cheated. Promotion is a farce.

                          Felt Airbnb is not sincere and make unnecessary lengthy steps to confuse users.

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                            • Re
                              Refer W Apr 19, 2018

                              Yes. No way to complain directly to Airbnb. Support is suck? Airbnb is just interested to push sales and get the commissions quickly.

                              0 Votes

                            AirBNBunfair refund policies

                            I cancelled my Airbnb booking 16 days prior to the check-in date. The host had a "strict" refund policy which only entitled me to 50% refund on the entire booking. This refund policy does not compare to what other accomodation providers offer in their refund policies. I urge all Airbnb users to read the refund policies carefully before booking as it could lead to a huge loss of money if you have to make any changes.

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                              AirBNBrefund shortfal

                              I booked at place at Airbnb website on March 9, 18 at around 10 pm. I am a Canadian resident and my visa card is in Canadian dollar currency. I paid $1, 234 US dollars equivalent to CAN$1, 633.
                              The day after, I received an unapologetic text from the host stating that she had "forgotten" that the property was already rented and so a refund would be issued. I received a refund of $1, 234 US Dollars. However, when converted to Canadian Dollars I had a shortfall of CAN$92. Presumably, the credit card company used a different exchange rate for the refund generating the shortfall.
                              I e-mailed the host and she said that was not her issue. I then called Airbnb. After waiting on hold for about 20 mins, the customer service representative explained that they had no control over the exchange rate and that there was nothing that they could do. She suggested I contacted my bank as the shortfall was not their issue. I understood that Airbnb had no control over the exchange rate. However, I did explain that their host's negligence in cancelling the reservation for no reason had caused me to lose money. Had their host not canceled, I would have not lost the money.
                              As their Airbnb's wrongdoing caused me to suffer damages, I indicated that I should be compensated the CAN$92. They laughed it off and repeatedly denied that they had anything to do with my loss.
                              I asked whether there was an official complaint process so I could be compensated and they said they did not. No solution was offered, no one sympathized with my situation and no responsibility or assumed.

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