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pathetic experience flying with air india

10 November 2008
A horrible experience, again for the same WORSE than worse airline "AIR INDIA"(AI). ([censored]g B*****ds) Please excuse my French.

Yesterday, my wife and my one year old child have traveled in Air India, from London-Ahmedabad and they had really felt the experience of how someone, presumably, is feeling while in hell.

The scheduled departure time from London Heathrow was 08:45 (GMT) and arrival at Ahmedabad at 02:40 (+05:30 GMT) but who cares about it. It was delayed for more than 5 hours and 30 mins waiting not in airport lounge but in the aircraft without a reason. (1St nightmare) There was series of nightmares.

Before that, at the check-in desk, they were told that AI will be giving a seat to my one year old child. My wife has booked the aisle seat online before hand. Once they have boarded the flight, air line crew informed my wife that they are not able to give a seat to my child and she was given not aisle seat but middle seat in a row of congested 4 seats. (2nd nightmare) Just imagine how she is going to carry one year old child in her lap for more than 12 hours’ journey. She has requested so many times to crew members but no mercy, by default.

This wasn’t enough; flight was then diverted to Mumbai before traveling to Ahmedabad for their so called technical reasons. When flight reached at Mumbai, they were again told that due to some technical problem they need to alight from the existing flight and board another flight (3rd nightmare).

When my wife asked for our Baby push chair (Pram) to return so that she can carry all hand and baby luggage with my son, they said they have already transferred our Pram to other flight via all other luggage (4th nightmare). My naïve wife has asked for some help from crew members but she got very rude reply. They said “It is your responsibility; you should not have carried all this baggage when you know that you are carrying a child”.

Now I am really worried about them as she got the return flight on 16th Jan 2009, and I don’t know what else is left to suffer when they will return back. I know if I complaint about this to AI, they will again reply with their stereotype letter and no action will be taken.

If possible, can somebody advise me, can we all file a legal suit against AI for all their mental and physical harassments towards huge number of passengers from all over the world? Surely we will get evidence from all the passengers who have faced so many problems from AI.

  • Ba
    Balinder Walia Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with Niraj's complaint. We have had awful experience dealing with AIR INDIA. It was not about money and push chairs but the way AIR INDIA deals with complaints. They don't bother reply to start with. They don't have the right attitude to communicate with customers. Instead of listening to our concerns the Asstt. Manager said oh! British Airways lost 75000 bags in three days so were not the only one who lost your baby push chair. First of all this is pathetic. Why compare with any other Air line. British Airways have also done what they could to resolve or find the bags and they communicated to the clients, apologized and did what they could. We know that no Air line is perfect, even no human being is perfect and we all make mistakes, but it really shows when there is a problem to do your best to resolve it. My argument is AIR INDIA staff doesn't take responsibility. And they are rude. They put the phone down on us many times. My wife works for largest telecom industry in service desk and she was surprise at the way AIR INDIA staff communicate. I have worked with large organizations with over 4500 employes and I never had anyone saying to me that you are uncivilized person. This what I got from AIR INDIA Asstt. Manager at Heathrow Airport.

    We got cheque from Air India today compensating the push chair and they have also paid our taxi fare now. Baby push chair costed us lot more but we are bothered to talk to them and explain them as they just won't get it. I have spent Rs. 5000-7000 worth of phone calls in India and plus called many times from here in UK and who is going to pay for it? Plus the time we have wasted on this stupid issue. I haven't got anymore time for this as better things to do with our time.

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  • At
    a talwar Jul 07, 2009

    i just read the whole story i m sorry but it is looking more like a story only.first of allnobody can promise you a seat till you have paid full money for it.if th flight is full, how can you expect a vacant seat for your 1 year child.moreover you are complaining even if you have not booked a seat for it.if a person is so desperate to have a seat he shoud book it.secondly nobody can tell you your seat no till you checkin at the airport.choice of seats you get when you arrive airport much in advance .its on first come first serve basis.pax who come on time, checkin frst get priority in seats.you coming late with minimum choice of seats and then complaining is not acceptable.if u r so desperate for a particular seat shoud come on time.cz later u jz cant blame crew for it.n mr nightmare come in world of reality.your stroller is taken at aircraft door n can be collected at luggage belt only.there is no provision to get it at aircraft door.and its not wiht air india.same rule apllies to all the airlines.and crew cant leave the aircraft before certain formalities are completed.people like you who dont want to pay for extra baggage come onboard with heavy bags n then look for the porters (crew).we(crew) are happy to help but cant take100% responsibility of your luggage.when your wife was travelling with a baby, that too alone she shoud have carried minimum baggage.you just cant blame crew for it.so stop complaining and just go through travel tips before u travel for the next time.otherwise you will end up cribbing again.

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lost baby push chair and cancellations

Note: This is a real story of our experiences with an airline which we beleive is the worse Airline in the world!

Facts: Story of a misplaced baby push chair and flight cancellation surprises

By: B S Walia - Unhappy Air India passenger!

19th June 2008 - Hemel Hempstead, UK

We were looking forward to our holidays to India as my brother was getting married during September 2008 in Bangalore, India. I was also excited as I'll be seeing my mum and rest of the family in India after good 4-5 years. We booked out flights via a travel agent and confirmed everything was ok months prior to flying. We booked and double checked our flight schedule and we were suppose to fly to Bangalore on 3rd Sept 2008 and return back to London on 19th Sept 2008.

We decided to fly with Air India because we wanted to fly back to London from Amritsar instead of Bangalore and Air India seemed be providing the flexible Air Travel to and from major cities within India.

26 August 2008 - London to Bangalore flight cancelled - 1st Surprise

Air India flight from London to Bangalore scheduled for 3rd Sept. had been cancelled. We understand flights get cancelled and we have to reasonable. But point is Air India neither informed us nor did they did Dialaflight - our travel agents. Dialaflight agent called us to inform us that there is a possible problem with your flight to Bangalore on 3rd so you should contact Air India and find out more about it. As Air India has taken over the booking already being so close to the flight date and time, Dialaflight were able to do much about it even if they were willing to help. Kindly enough the agent tried to sort the booking out but their system was not able to get response back from Air India's state of the art computer system.

In the meanwhile I have had many problems trying to print my booking confirmation from Air India website - www.airindia.in. In fact there website was not even working and every time we tried to fetch our booking website crashed. We called the Air India helpdesk and they have had the same problem. So I couldn't print the booking and e-ticket and was advised to get it from the Heathrow Airport prior to flying later on when I was on the phone with Air India.

We called Air India and asked what was going on with the flight on 3rd Sept.? Got an answer there is a problem with the flight on 3rd Sept. so you will have to travel some other day. Other available travel dates were offered. We would want to travel on that very day because it would require too many re-arrangements to fly on any other day. Work holidays, appointments, kids nursery holidays and commitments made earlier - everything will be effected. Air India could only offer us to fly on 6th Sept. As it didn't workout for us to fly on that day Air India operator said you can cancel your booking. We were surprised we booked our flights months ago and confirmed and now it is so close if we cancel the booking and find other flights it may cost lot more and we might not even get flights that early. Reluctantly we requested to talk to a duty manager but had no luck. Manager did manage to book us on a flight scheduled at 1st Sept. from London to Bangalore via Mumbai. We didn't have much choice called our work and everyone else and re-arranged everything reluctantly.

We also asked the Air India representative over the phone if we could take the push chair with us in the aeroplane as our baby is not guaranteed to get a baby basket. She may have to sit in the lap during the flight - Boy, have you got kids? Then you know what it is like. Anyway we were told “Yes” you can take the baby push chair in the aeroplane.

We got the information at the last minute and re-scheduled our travel dates that created it's own problems - I don't have time to explain them here right now.

Point is Air India did not inform us of any problems, It's because of Dialaflight agent we figured out that there is a problem.
We understand there is no perfect Airline in the world but if there is a problem, Airline is obliged to act on it and solve the issue soon.
Air India just ignored our complaints and queries for ages.
Air India staff over the phone has no idea what customer service means, they were rude to us and very incompetent in resolving customer issues.
Air India staff doesn't know what are the standard procedures to resolve any issue, they don't even know what to say to customers. They didn't even listen to us properly and were not able to understand our situation.
1st September 2008 - 2nd Surprise

We went to Air India counter at Heathrow Airport and asked for a printout of my booking as I was unable to print from their website. We had a booking confirmation from Dialaflight. They printed the booking and found another problem. Our return flight was not showing on the booking in their system. Obviously I was not happy so I requested them to check it again and book return flight again. They said they can't do anything apparently. I was told when you are in India you can call Air India office and they will sort it out. We will come to know while in Bangalore that Air India doesn't fly from Amritsar and booking they have taken and confirmed months ago has been deleted. Air India flights are not originating from Amritsar and we have to fly from New Delhi instead. Amritsar to Delhi is about 550kms. That means me and my kids will miss the opportunity to see Golden Temple, Amritsar as per our plans. My wife won't be able to see her family and friends in Amritsar area. Nice, more about this when we get to Bangalore.

Check-in at Heathrow Airport, London - 3rd Surprise

We are at Air India check-in counter and about to take our flight and there was a problem with the check-in system. Agents were not able to print baggage tags. We have to wait and flight was delayed because of it. Apparently I heard someone saying they have upgraded to a new version of the system, which is not tested enough so no wonder there are problems. Great, that is the last thing we needed. Right. Wrong - we have had to deal with lot more problems - keep tuned in.

As mentioned earlier we called Air India few weeks prior to boarding the flight and asked whether it was possible to take the baby pushchair with us in the Aircraft. We were told yes we could take the pushchair with us in the Aircraft.

However just before we were about to board the Aircraft, we were advised that we couldn't take the pushchair in the Aircraft. The pushchair was taken from us and tagged by the flight staff on duty. We were advised to collect the pushchair at the Bangalore Airport. Please note we were not given the copy of the tag.

Reluctantly, we flew with Air India to Bangalore via Mumbai from London on 1st September 2008. Flight was delayed due to check computer errors so at Mumbai Airport we had to transist to Bangalore flight very quickly as Bangalore flight was boarding when we landed.

I asked a Air India staff the at the Mumbai Airport about the pushchair from Air India staff. I got a reply, "Don't worry about the pushchair and you should get it at Bangalore Airport in the same flight or next flight".

Reached Bangalore - 4th Surprise

When we reached Bangalore and found out the pushchair was missing - Great!. We made a complaint about it but after weeks and weeks of chasing there is no trace of the pushchair so far. Worse thing was Air India has shown no courtesy to call us and tell what was going on. Chasing up Air India from Bangalore apartment where stayed over the phone turned out very expensive. I made nearly Rs. 5000/- worth of phone calls to track down our push chair and trying to sort out our return flight. I have had to call Bombay Air India office as calling other offices kept making excuses - today is Ganpati day so we can't help you. Some Air India agents different numbers to call and if I call that number I was advised call another number.

I have made Rs. 5000/- worth of phone calls trying to track our pushchair but at most occasions Air India call centre was unable to resolve our queries properly. They did not seem to be aware of the correct procedures to be followed in case of missing luggage/property. They were rude. Someone said you can take a taxi from Amritsar to Delhi. Taxi from Amritsar to Delhi will atleast take 11-12 hrs. and travelling in taxi with kids was not a great idea. I resisted an requested to get a connecting flight Air India. Eventually call centre from Bombay said go to Air India Office in person and they wil help you.

I went to Air India office and manager was not available to help me so I was advised to come back on another day. I went to the office at the next opportunity and requested for a connecting flight from Amritsar to Delhi. A lady did try to help me but there was no connecting flights available on that day. Either we had to leave too early and spend days at New Delhi before getting flight back to London. Only choice was left to travel from Amritsar to Delhi by taxi. I got them write me a letter of Authorisation "To reimburse the taxi fare from Amritsar to Delhi". Please see attached copy of the letter below.

Please also see attached copy of the complaint made to Air India Luggage handling staff. It clearly says I customer not holding tag. But my argument is we were not given any tag. Air India staff has not followed the procedures at the time pushchair was taken from us.

Air India has the worse customer service and I would not recommend it to anyone. I am writing this story so that others can be made aware of Air India has a worse customer service before you decide to fly with them.

I do have insurance but of no use because Air India have not responded
My insurance company were ready to compensate but we needed a proof for the claim from Air India. Air India have not provided us with any information and we have had 31 days to make insurance claim. So we are without a push chair and have not been reimbursed for the taxi fare from Amritsar to New Delhi. So it is fair to say "Air India is once of the worst Air lines in the World."
29 Oct. 2008
We have had no response from Air India except the same story "We are looking into this matter". When we were at Bangalore made complaint they suggested to take the matter to Air India Office in London. And London office has referred the matter to Bangalore Office. Going in circles.
Since we have come back we have send letters to Air India and made several complaints but have had no outcome. In fact now the Air India staff here in London office have started to put the phone down on us. Mr. Prashant so called manager has told me several times I am very uncivilized so he is not interested to talk to me.

Air India staff have put the phone down on us many times. My wife is really upset and it is hard to believe a genuine customer with a problem have to face this attitude.

I spoke to Dialaflight agent as well and he said his boss was also fuming on the phone while we were away in India and he was getting no where. He also suggested to me next time pay extra money but fly with better Airline. Lesson learnt - Air India is a the worst company to deal with.

Note: Air India is the first Airline to be highlighted on worseairlines.com, In fact I have registered this domain just because of the above incidents. Me and wife spend so much time chasing up for the these issues to be resolved and it very frustrating. It is very embarrasing for me being an Indian and shameful for me that my country's Airline is one of the worst Air line in the world. In my experience anyway...

Air India Baggage handling department in London, Bangalore and Mumbai were really incompetent in their jobs. Every time we called them they tell you different story. For example one person on the other end will say you can have refund and next one will say you can't have refund. They are not aware of the standard procedures to follow in case of a customer query or issue. We want world to know about Air India and our experience with Air India. How long does it take to find out whether missing luggage is in Bangalore or Mumbai? If not compensate it and close the call.

  • Ma
    Manoj Tadhani Jun 18, 2009

    Hi Mr Walia,

    Thanks for sharing your detailed experience with us.

    Had I red this experience befoe, I'd have nver booked my Mother in laws ticket in Airindia flight.
    She also experience similar problem and was denied to issue the boarding pass because their system was not showing my MIL's travel record.
    She suffered a lot but the againt the pain what you guys had to suffer, it's nothing.

    I hope people reading this thread learn a lesson.

    M. Tadhani

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non provision of accommodation, transport and meals

1. I had booked through Air India and traveled as per following details:-

SerFlight NoFromToDateRemarks
(a)AI 6745DelhiMauritius24 Feb 08
(b)HM054MauritiusSeychelles25 Feb 08
(c)EK 708SeychellesDubai01 Mar 08
(d)IC 746DubaiDelhi01 Mar 08

2. On the onward journey no accommodation, transport and meals were provided inspite of the halt being more than 08 hours and also the fact that bookings were made in 'Y' category. It was intimated to us that 'Air Mauritius' has refused to provide the same due to some change in the agreement.

3. I had booked through 'Air India' and as I understand the laid down norms and rules, it is the 'Air India' responsibility to make the arrangements and provide the accommodation, transport and meals. It is not understood why Air India did not take on this responsibility.

4. Air india should take appropriate action as well as provide compensation for the above halt to include accommodation, transport and meals.

denied boarding compensation claim

I was supposed to travel from Mumbai to Newark on an Air India flight (AI 191) on Jan 6, 2008. This flight was overbooked by about 50 odd passengers, so unfortunate passengers like me were asked to board the plane the next day. I was given a “Denied Boarding Compensation” letter and informed that an amount of $400 would be given to me as compensation on reaching my destination.

As per the instructions in the letter, I sent the AI Office (on 570 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY) the original compensation letter, the original boarding pass and a copy of the ticket jacket.

It has been over 4 months now and I have still not heard from them. I tried calling several people in the AI Office but no one in the office ever seems to pick up the phone and if they do, they always have an excuse (such as: this is not the right number and they give me another number to dial, at least 6-8 more weeks would be needed to process the request, the manager who can provide the status information on my claim is on vacation).

It has been a frustrating experience with Air India. This would be my first and last trip with Air India. I hope the other stranded passengers had better luck with the compensation claims.

  • Ta
    T A Stone May 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are entitled to more than $400 but alas, if you cash the check, you are sunk. Assuming your flight was international, you are entitled to all expenses for your delay, including out of pockets, lost hotel room, hotel room as place of departure, and phone calls to family and friends. In New York one is also entitled to a claim for embarrassment and inconvenience. thatcher-stone-legal.com

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unfair treatment!

While traveling thru India on our honeymoon, my wife and I booked a domestic flight from Calicut to New Delhi with a connection in Mumbai on makemytrip.com for December 17th, 2007. Our flight from Calicut to Mumbai was with Indian Airlines. Our connection flight from Mumbai to New Delhi was with Go Air.

We arrived at the airport to learn that our flight from Calicut to Mumbai with Indian Airlines was severely delayed and we would not make it to Mumbai in time for our Go Air connection flight to continue on to New Delhi. Indian Airlines decided to re-route us through Chennai in an attempt to get us to Mumbai in time for our connection. However, this flight was late and we still did not make it to Mumbai in time for our Go Air flight to New Delhi. Indian Airlines insisted that they had done all that they could and would not help us in any further way. Go Air claimed that we were “no-shows” for our flight and forced us to purchase new tickets for $190.

This whole situation is completely unacceptable. I understand that flights get delayed, canceled, and run late as a matter of course. But I should certainly not have to purchase new tickets because Indian Airlines did not get me to Bombay in time for my connecting flight. The blame for this incident lays squarely on the shoulders of Indian Airlines. I would like to be compensated for the new $190 Go Air ticket that I had to purchase to get to New Delhi.

I am trying every means available to get Indian Airlines to compensate me.

I am a frequent traveler, a good customer, and a reasonable person, and I have been treated unfairly by Indian Airlines.

  • Sa
    Sanjay Vyas Mar 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello sir,

    This is to inform that I am very depressed with your services. as i[including my family and relative] am a regular passenger of your airline, but this time I am going to terminate and switch to some other airline.


    on march 8, I was travelling from jammu to mumbai through go air airline at 12:15 and expected to reached mumbai at 15:50 and moreover I had a connected flight to nagpur through india airline at 18:40.[more than enough time gap].

    Due to reason of delay of go air airline, reached mumbai at 18:30 [excluding bagage receviing time], I missed my india airline flight.

    Earlier samething happened with spicejet, I had request spicejet attendents, they understood my problem and refund me whole amount instantly.

    But go air attendents were not atleast trying to understood my problem, they just neglected me. this result I had spent whole night in outside airport.

    Really I am very dissappointed with your services. I [and my near ones] will not using go air airline from today onwards if you will not refund my money soon.

    Flight details :

    Using makemytrips...

    Flt id : flt1352235
    Airlines departure arrival pnr no booking date travel date e-ticket status
    Go air jammu mumbai confirmed fri 07 mar sat 08 mar not allowed

    Indian airlines mumbai nagpur rcfjmf fri 07 mar sat 08 mar not allowed

    Sanjay vyas


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  • Santanu Saha Mar 26, 2009

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am sorry to inform you that one of your cabin crews, her name is ms. sutapa saha, had misbhaved with me on floor of netaji subhash international airport, kolkata on 25th marth, 2009 which is not done. I am a regular customer of indian airlines and I atleast expect a good behaviour from your staffs. I asked a question regarding the flight but in reply she used a slang which was not expeceted. please take immediate action and do inform me through e-mail. I don't want to see that girl any more in this airline. thanking you.

    Thanx and regards,
    Santanu saha

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  • Ak
    A.K.Chaubey Sep 18, 2009

    Dear sir,
    Your service is very poor because my parcel booked from bhopal to patna via delhi & parcel hold in delhi from 03 days. so please look into this matter seriously.
    Air waybill no: 058 - 49418751.

    A. k. chaubey,
    Cell: +91-9433075491.

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worst service

I was on a trip from hong kong to sri lanka, it was a peak travel season and was unable to get tickets in other route so decided to take an air india flight from hong kong to mumbai and then a sri lankan air flight from mumbai to colombo. I had approximately 4 hrs of time available for the connection to sri lankan with my previous experiences on air india i thought this should be sufficient!. However, this time they air india staff made sincere efforts to prove that they can only be the worst airline in this world.

The chain of delay happened like this.
90 mins delay in boarding the flight at hong kong
30 mins delay for take off from hong kong
45 mins delay due to congestion in mumbai airport and the worst
1 hour delay for finding a parking space in mumbai airport!!

And no one was available at the airport to arrange immediate transfer or even to respond to my queries and even strange… the crew mentioned that they only know about in-flight arrangements and they can not talk to ground staff regarding other connections. The ground staff had a very different version as i finally missed the flight. They said they are not responsible to make any arrangements for me as it’s a different airline in which i need to make my connection flight, also they said i can not access the lounge in air port nor will be given any hotel accommodation till next connection. On the other hand they threatened that if i don’t leave the airport immediately the immigration will not allow me to leave airport after 1 hour of the arrival of flight as they will close the counter for all passenger arrived by ai flight from hk!. I decided to wait in the airport as i wanted to talk this with some senior officers when the office opens in the morning (It was already 1 am in the morning!). But no one was available in the morning and the worst.. The staff on the morning shift/duty doesn’t even know that the flight was late or they just acted as if they are ignorant!

The way the staff treat passengers was with a clear attitude which shows their arrogance. I know i can not change anything with air india but i decided for myself and my family that we will never ever fly air india in our life.

  • Ag
    Agneee Aug 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Indian Airlines Cargo SIN No: 058-6405-3485
    42 Inches LCD was broken by Air India (Indian Airlines) Cargo
    I am Nirmal Agnihotri.I have recently shifted my base from Singapore to India Due to my new assignment in Dubai and hence i had a need to transfer all my personnel luggage to my home town that is Lucknow.I booked the Cargo and paid a huge amount to the Cargo Service Provider in Singapore(Superior Cargo).
    The Consignment I had booked consisted of two of my huge luggage and one LCD of 42 Inches. The Cargo Service provider (Superior Cargo near Mustafa) had booked my cargo through the INDIAN AIRLINES(AIR INDIA).
    I paid the custom that was even a heavy duty and lots of painful process and middleman asking for money just thinking that an expat earns all his day in day out to pay them who are sitting back home guarding the gate just to beg for instead of getting paid by the government. They have not inspected the goods properly and they were more inclined to squeeze my pocket for all the money I had.
    As my Father was sick finally I decided to give all whatever they have asked for just to get rid of the delay I was not even given the 25K relaxation which is mentioned at the custom site.
    When I reached home and opened my LCD I was surprise to find that it was broken and beyond repairing. The damage was done by the renowned INDIAN AIRLINES(AIR INDIA).So I went to the Cargo Manager for air India in Lucknow (Devender).
    The Government office was usual nobody had reached the office accept one clearing boy and it was 11 A.M.After 3 hours of waiting I met him but I was not welcomed and they were thinking that they cant process the claim because i have cleared my goods which were not yet cleared and when i insisted they informed me that the Cargo was poorly packed.I did not have time to fight with them they I informed that one day after I had a flight to dubai and I wont be able to come he told me no sir we can only talk on Monday when Airport manager will be in office.When I asked where is he gone today he told me he did not know it.People are not even at their desk even on working days and working hours.
    I paid a huge amount for that and i was surprised that how Indian airlines handles the fragile item they have literally smashed my LCD which is beyond repair now.
    By looking at the LCD it can be easily identified that it was poorly managed even after charging a huge amount of money specially to handle the fragile item.
    The most important part is that the they were not even willing to take the responsibility or even show their empathy.
    Now Presently i am in Dubai and in My hometown no one is there to manage the situation because my father is old and he just got discharged from hospital.
    I dont want to trouble him because I myself have seen how welcoming and how attentive is Indian Airlines staff for customers for the service they have rendered. Its more of a Government organization where the employee thinks that nothing can be done to them and they have all the rights (right & wrong both)
    I have paid the handling and delivery charges to Indian airlines and customs. All in all i lost around 2 lakh Indian Rupees for the negligence and poorly managed cargo service by Indian Airlines.
    Even in the rule on the backside of the clearance form for cargo it has been mentioned as rule number 12 that the damage which is reported within 14 days of the cargo clearance will be processed by the airlines as claim. As per that rule I have submitted the application but nothing has happened to it and now I can’t follow it from Dubai now.

    I was helpless so I decided to put this it in an online forum. Please take this as a testimony for Indian Airlines (Air India) to what I have felt and experienced .
    I can’t mention my experience in hard words. I have all the documents and relevant people’s name if required as verification to what I have wrote here.
    Also it doesn’t matter with whom you book your cargo from please make sure that you happen to check the cargo before getting out of the custom. According to their rule Number 12 they have to entertain the claim within 14 days of the clearance but in my case they even ignored that.
    Please take a note that if you happen to book your cargo through Indian Airlines you are surely going to experience this or some of it I can promise with my and my friends experience.They are the most lousy, careless and irresponsible service providers for your valuable goods even the people they employ are all almost illiterate and ill mannered.
    My experience is burdened with almost 2 and half lakh Rupees Loss I think nothing can better explain this.
    This was my moral responsibility to share my experience to save some one’s loss before that has occurred.
    If you need more details please free to email me.
    I am leaving it to you.You help me you help yourself.
    With regret and sorrow


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  • Sa
    savita Mar 19, 2009

    My name is savita I was travelling with AIR India flight 191. service is worse. i will never travel with Air india.

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  • Sa
    savita Mar 19, 2009

    i alredy done

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  • Ni
    nithan Aug 15, 2009

    Ther is no air line can provide the worse service like Air India, Staff are so rude, they dont want to answer you're questions. The some time ignore you. We had so many trouble, because of that we did't have good holyday, the agument kept in our mind over the whole holyday period. My advice to the reader is DONt Dont choose Air india even if ther cheap, they may be cheap but the service provide you may be better off going for the fare which bit expensive than Air India, unless ther are more than £200 cheap, this is the rate i would give for this airline.

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  • Ya
    yanjinjuan Sep 11, 2015

    yes, the worst service i ever met in my life, i will never take the air india flight again in my life.

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I was traveling bhx-atq with air india flight AI188 and i had an issue with your security manager, who is utterly rude and without respect and just a man who thinks he can not be wrong, well all i have to say is that if this is your management than god help the passengers. On the day i had my name misspelled on my boarding card to my ticket and passport, the lady at the gate called Mr wani to clarify it, he started shouting at me as if it was my fault, in fact it was your agent who issued the boarding pass he made remarks like are you mad that i didn't see it when i got my boarding card' well not all people can read and write specially older people and that is why asians travel with air india thinking that there will be some one to help them.

issuing wrong ticket!

I'm currently in uk. I came here with air india flight my ticket number [protected] and pnr number is j12mp. this ticket I have booked from air india agent name udaan, chandavarkar road, borivli (w), mumbai-92, tel no.-[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], fax-[protected].

I would like to make a formal complaint about his services and promises he made for air india ticket. when I booked I told him to keep the ticket open ended so that I can fly back to india when I want to. he promised me that the ticket is surely be open and I can fly back on this ticket on any date just I will have to confirm a couple of days before. when I got the ticket in my hand it was having a date of return which is 5th october 2007. I asked him why the date is there he said he has to keep one date but still I can do onne change free of cost.

now today on 20th of july when I called up to change the ticket air india and udaan both are saying the ticket is not changeable and there is a change for the change. I have to pay for that as I do not have any choice. but this has made me very annoyed and made me thinking about the commitments of air india and udaan. this might be happening to others as well but not sure.

I would like to make these both companies understand that they should not sell tickets just by telling lies.

Roop kishore garg.

excess fair charged for stretcher

A complain has been made to general manager commercial kolkata, two tickets were booked ticket no [protected] and [protected] from Bagdogra to Chennai datd 02 Dec06 by fight noIC722 AND IC765. I would like to bring to your notice that:

1. I did not get the stretcher facilities for which the fair was charged.

2. My ailing wife Neelam jaiswal was given separate single sit no14A and 13B sit was alloted to me. It is not understood that the facilities were not availed as doctor had mentioned that the patient was fit to travel in seating condition. The air lines as refused t refund the excess amount charged.
I request that the case is long over due and the indian airlines office at siliguri nor at kolkata want to refund the amount as it is felt that the travel agent Shankar Ghosh siliguri in league with the airline staff are not willing to do anything on my application.

Thank you,
omprakash jaiswal.

flight missed due to indian airlines staff and ticket cost not refunded

I have booked ticket form self and family vide pnr no. reih7y (in the name of jha binay mr) and rhtqwq (in...

compensation problem

We want to inform you our disatisfaction with Air India regarding the compensation due to the cancelled...

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