Air Canadadelayed flight ac1917 sept. 29, 2019

Flight number 1917 departing from Lisbon, Portugal to Toronto on Sept 29, 2019 sat on the tarmac for close to 5 hours. Boarding began at 11:50 am for a 12:50 departure. The flight was OVERSOLD, which I understand to be a regular practice however the removal of bags off the plane took an inordinate amount of time. Over 4 hours. We did not leave Portugal until 5:10 pm.
To make matters worse, the wifi which allows for 'entertainment' was not working throughout the entire trip AND I was charged for wine. Really?

When travelling in the past I have never hesitated in booking with Air Canada - after our last trip - I am afraid that that may no longer be true.

Under the Right to Compensation as outlined in Article 7 of the Regulation(EC)261/2004, I am requesting compensation of 600Euros.

Mohna Scrivens
6 Maberley Cres.
Toronto, ON M1C 3K8

Oct 02, 2019

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